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Can Babies Have Raspberries?

Delicious and fragrant raspberries are loved by both children and adults. It is best to consume fresh berries during the season to get the most benefit. Frozen raspberries also retain many vitamins.

Raspberries are used for baking, desserts and compotes. The berry has a rich color and often causes an allergic reaction in children. So can babies have raspberries? Yes, but introducing it into the diet of babies should be very careful.

At what Age should Babies be introduced to Raspberries

It is recommended to introduce raspberries into the diet of a breastfed baby after 7th month of life. If the baby is bottle-fed you can start at 6 months. Do not use frozen berries for complementary foods. This is best done during the season, which lasts from July to early September.

How to give raspberries to a child

For the first feeding choose well-ripened fruits. They are washed and ground into a puree using a sieve or blender. At first, it can be half a teaspoon. Repeat the same volume on the second day if there is no negative reaction to the product during the day. Increase the amount of puree up to 100 g per day.

Gradually give whole berries as the child adapts to grated raspberries. Start with only half of one berry for the first time. It is not recommended to give the child other fruits for the period of introducing raspberries into complementary foods. Puree should be monocomponent. You can add other fruits only after the child’s body gets used to raspberries.

How to choose berries

Pay special attention to the quality of the berries if you choose them for a child. It is better to give raspberries from the garden or buy from trusted sellers. Inspect the berries and choose ripe ones with bright colors and a pleasant aroma.

Use raspberries for filling pies, muffins after introducing raspberries into complementary foods. Add it to cocktails, cereals, yogurts, compotes, jellies.

Raspberries Nutrients And Minerals

Raspberries are a real storehouse of nutrients. It is best to consume it fresh to get the maximum benefit. The berries perfectly retain their beneficial properties even when frozen. You can make preparations for the winter in the summer.

Per 100g of fresh raspberries will get:

Vitamin C26,2mg
Vitamin К7,8mcg
Vitamin В30,6mg
Vitamin В60,1mg
Folic acid21mcg

Development and Body Benefits of Raspberries for Babies?

Raspberries are delicious and very healthy berries. It is recommended to regularly include in the diet of the child. Let’s take a closer look at the main beneficial properties of raspberries.

Strengthening blood vessels. Raspberries are rich in oxidants that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Berries with richer colors contain more antioxidants. Most antioxidants in black raspberries.

Prevention of anemia. Raspberries improve blood circulation and blood clotting processes. It is recommended for those who suffer from anemia.

Normalization of digestion. Raspberry has a positive effect on the functioning of the digestive system, improves appetite. The berry promotes regular stools due to its high fiber content.

Strengthening immunity. Frequent consumption of raspberries is the best prevention of colds. Raspberry has an analgesic and diaphoretic effect due to the high content of organic acids.

Antipyretic action. The berry contains salicylic acid. It has an antipyretic effect. People often call it “natural aspirin”. Raspberries do not irritate the gastric mucosa, unlike medicines. Remember that raspberries do not replace the treatment prescribed by a doctor.

Prevention of obesity. Raspberries are a great sugar substitute. Feel full for a long time thanks to the combination of water and fiber.

Baby Raspberry Allergies

Raspberries contain many nutrients but often cause allergic reactions. It is necessary to introduce berries into the diet of the baby very carefully. The most common allergic reaction is skin rash, redness, itching. There may be swelling, diarrhea, vomiting and convulsions.

The reaction of the body can be very serious, such as swelling of the larynx. There may be breathing problems, convulsions, or even loss of consciousness. You need to call an ambulance as soon as possible in this case. Sometimes babies develop diaper rash due to the increased acidity in the berries.

Talk to pediatrician if baby has signs of an allergy after eating raspberries.

Those who suffer from diseases of the digestive tract are advised not to consume fresh raspberries due to their high fiber content. Very carefully you need to introduce raspberries if the baby suffers from kidney disease. Consultation with a pediatrician before eating berries is required if the baby is prone to allergies.

Baby Popular Dishes with Raspberries

The next portion does not cause joy if the baby has eaten fresh berries. It’s time to prepare delicious and healthy desserts with raspberries.

Smoothie with raspberries and cheese

Raspberries go well with different products and their benefits are only increasing. Smoothies with yogurt, milk, or cheese are a great idea for a delicious snack. Dessert turns out to be useful because cheese contains a lot of protein. The dish turns out nutritious, satisfies hunger for a long time. The kid will ask for more!


  • Fresh raspberries – 1 glass;
  • Sour-milk cheese (fat content may be different) – 100g;
  • Sour cream or yogurt – 0.5 cups;
  • Honey or sugar – optional.

Use frozen raspberries for this recipe. Defrost raspberries before cooking. Place all ingredients in a blender bowl and grind. This is a great breakfast for the baby and a delicious snack.

Jelly with raspberries

Cooking jelly is very simple and the dish turns out fragrant and tasty.


  • Raspberry – 400g;
  • Sugar – 1 tbsp;
  • Potato starch – 60g;
  • Water – 1 liter.

Rinse the berries and grind through a sieve. You will get about 1 cup of raspberry puree. Pour water into a saucepan and put on a small fire. When it boils, add sugar and grated raspberries.

Stir starch (half a glass) in cold water. Hot water should not be used. The starch will quickly curdle and you won’t be able to stir it well. Pour in the starch carefully and mix thoroughly. Cook for 10 more minutes until thickened. The finished dish can be poured into portioned bowls and left for an hour in the fridge.

Raspberry soufflé

A delicious dessert that even an inexperienced hostess can cook at home. Soufflé can be prepared in glasses for convenience.


  • Fresh raspberries – 200g;
  • Sugar – 3 tbsp;
  • Water – 150 ml;
  • Mix for jelly – 100g.

Pour the washed raspberries with water, put on fire, and boil for several minutes. The mass must be carefully rubbed through a sieve when the berries are boiled soft. Pour the thick juice into a saucepan and add the jelly mixture. Place on fire, stirring thoroughly. Remove the mass from the heat if all the grains of gelatin have dissolved.

Wait for the mixture to cool to room temperature. Beat with a mixer for 7-10 minutes so that the mixture turns into a stable foam. Pour the mixture into individual molds and fridge for a few hours to set.

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