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Creating Baby Safe Play Area

For every child is important to have their own space. This is necessary to give the baby some kind of autonomy so that he gets used to such an environment. In this case, the child is less likely to disturb his parents and less likely to cry at night. A properly organized children’s play area serves not only as entertainment, but can also contribute to physical and mental development.

“Prioritize safety for child where they spend most of the time playing.”

Before you start planning the arrangement of the play area, you need to consider several important factors. Many parents, fearful of leaving their child unattended, make the room as safe as possible. At the same time, adults often do not notice various inconspicuous threats. Creating a playground for children requires a lot more care.

How Dangerous are Play Areas for Babies?

The room can be fraught with many dangers for a small child. Some threats may have a long-term impact. Pollution of the room, humidity, or temperature, the influence of which is not immediately noticeable. Others are dangerous in the current moment (sharp, flammable objects or various acids). Parents should consider them all.

In the early stages, the child is at an age when curiosity makes him taste all things. Almost all small and inedible objects are dangerous. Still, torn wallpapers can be attributed to them, inside which harmful substances, crumbling plaster, or tiles can accumulate.

Electrical appliances and sockets are also a serious hazard. Do not forget about toys that run on electricity. Batteries or accumulators may contain hazardous liquid inside.

Do not forget about the threat of falling from different heights, or because of a slippery surface. We can name the threats associated with the presence of piercing or cutting objects, various household chemicals (children’s hygiene products). As you can see, the number of dangers is enough to approach the issue of arranging a room more seriously.

How to Create Baby Safe Play Area

The foundation for creating a safe playground is a clean and harmless room. No matter how safe the conditions are, the presence of mold or fungus makes all the efforts of parents meaningless. Only after making sure that the room is suitable, you can proceed to the following steps.

First, let’s start with the obvious threats. For example, lock windows, or restrict access to them. Next, tackle the lesser hazards. To create a secure environment, you can take the following steps:


First of all, you need to isolate electrical appliances from the child. You can start by blocking access to sockets using special lockable nozzles. You can also protect them with some large objects (for example, a bedside table). Also, you can use one large adapter to which all devices will be connected. With one touch of a button on it, you can completely turn off all electrical appliances. It is good if the adapter is outside the room.

Also, vases with water, standing next to the TV or with an outlet – should not be in the children’s room. When in contact with water, various short circuits can occur. Therefore, water for a child should be exclusively in a sealed baby bottle. Cables should be hidden under the baseboard or in other inaccessible places.


This item includes the elimination of all dangerous sharp corners. Also, it is worth inspecting bedside tables and cabinets for stability. If they are easy to tip over under the weight of the baby, then you need to fix the furniture. Door handles must also be securely screwed on.

After, it is necessary to lock all the drawers in the nightstand, through which the child can climb up. This also applies to cabinet doors. It all comes down to one principle – the child should not be able to climb onto furniture, hit a corner, or break off any part of it. For this, retractable doors without handles are best suited. On top of that, it is worth blocking access to other rooms.


Get rid of toys that have small and easily detachable parts. For example, in a toy car, a child can easily break off a wheel. The designer should consist of the largest possible parts. The LEGO constructor is not suitable for small children.

The safest are large, strong, and integral toys. Soft plush toys, large sizes, are suitable for all age children. Any devices that shoot water, soap bubbles, or bullets should be avoided.


Parents often leave various books with bright and colorful pictures with their children. Even flipping through encyclopedias for images of animals and other things, the content of which the child does not understand, has a positive effect on mental development. It is also worth following the minimum recommendations here.

Children’s books should be with round corners. Also, at first, you should avoid offset paper. It is better to use coated, which is difficult to chew and does not tear so easily, besides, it is more durable. Its corners should not be sharp. The child will not be able to bite off a piece of it, chew it or swallow it.

Remove Other Dangerous Items

In baby, a safe play area should not be present with several sharp materials. For example, young children should avoid sharp, sharpened pencils. Felt pens and stuff are better for older children. Although there are safe children’s paints made from natural materials. Also, any springs, needles, etc. should be absent from the room.

It is better to protect the baby from flammable objects. Everything that can harm the baby in any way, leave a cut, burn, or injection should be “liquidated”.

Get Rid of Plants

In addition to the dangerous cacti, you should pay attention to other plants. All of them should be inaccessible to the baby. Some common ornamental species can be poisonous. It is not uncommon for cases when it turns out that some of its parts are poisonous in a safe plant. Only roots or only fruits.

Many of them can cause allergic reactions. The presence of plants brings certain benefits, their selection and placement should be approached with the utmost care. Well-known sweet daylily has poisonous roots, poisoning which causes difficulty in breathing and problems with the kidneys.

Clean the room

Start cleaning the baby safe play area, if necessary, install a humidifier, remove all dust.

Check for the presence of various insects, such as ants. This is more true for private houses. Formic acid can cause swelling of the respiratory tract and other negative reactions. Ants in the house cause problems for children – quite rarely.

Is it Safe for Baby to Play Without Supervision?

All of the above threats can cause serious fear in parents. According to statistics, if elementary safety requirements are observed, children do not get any injuries very often. Even if superficial requirements are met, the probability of a negative outcome is much less than it seems.

You should worry about the safety of children, but often, parents wind themselves up much more than they need to. To eliminate feelings, you can secretly watch the baby make sure that the anxiety is groundless. Parents should take a sober look at things and not deprive the child of personal space due to unreasonable anxiety.

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