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Night Time Routine for Baby

The child is difficult to put to sleep in the evening. He is very nervous or hyperactive during the day and sleeps poorly at night. This situation is faced by parents of children of different ages. Night time routine for baby will help relieve a sleep pattern.

Children love a certain routine and quickly get used to it. Compliance with the regime gives a sense of peace and security to the child.

Some parents do not understand why bedtime rituals are needed. Sleep for a newborn is separation from his mother. Activities that are repeated every day soothe the child. They convince the baby that in the morning mom will be there. This is a step towards establishing an emotional bond between parents and baby.

Best Night Time Routine for Baby

It is important how much a child sleeps and when he goes to bed for normal physical and mental development. Doctors recommend putting the baby to bed no later than 21.00. Melatonin is actively produced at night. It is extremely important hormone for the body.

The earlier you put the baby in, the more melatonin is produced. The body begins to produce cortisol if the process of laying begins after 21:00. It provokes nervous excitement. Make a certain sequence of actions that will be repeated every evening. The evening routine will change as the child grows, but the basics will remain the same.

Infants from birth to 6 months. Evening rituals can be very simple for babies from birth to 6 months. It usually includes bathing, feeding, and cradle. You can use white noise and calm music. You can choose a favorite toy with which the child will fall asleep.

Infants from 6 to 18 months. Set a time for an evening swim. Change baby’s clothes and do a light massage. Turn on the nightlight and sing a lullaby. Mom’s voice calms the child even if you have no ear for music. Kiss the baby and put him to bed. Frequent repetition of all these actions will allow him to understand that he needs to sleep in a crib at night.

Children from 18 months to 3 years. Children want to participate in evening rituals. This is a great time for “sleepy” books where animals and children go to bed. The main thing is interesting pictures and not text. You can put the toys to bed and wish them good night. You can read a book to the child instead of singing. Hug baby after the reading, kiss, and wish him good sleep.

Children from 3 to 6 years old. Calm games allow the child to calm down before going to bed. In no case should you turn on different gadgets (smartphone, tablet) at this time. Tell the child something interesting after bathing and changing into pajamas.

Choose calm books that do not cause a lot of emotions. You will get the opposite effect if choose a scary or difficult story. The child will worry about the heroes of the book and will not be able to fall asleep quickly. Ask your child how his day went. What impressed him pleasantly and what upset him. Hug and kiss the child, tell him that he is special to you and that love him very much.

Great Tips for Bedtime Routine

Establishing a sleep schedule may take some time, but the result is worth it. You need to be patient and wait a bit.

1. Set clear rules

For example, in the evening we read one fairy tale and not two or three. Do not break the rules under any circumstances.

2. Do not be lazy to perform evening rituals

Teething, colds, snot, colic – all this can affect the quality of a night’s sleep and its duration. Try to maintain the usual nighttime sleep pattern even in such conditions. Put baby to bed at the usual time.

3. Let your baby fall asleep on his own if he wakes up at night

Do not turn on bright lights, do not speak loudly, and do not play with it. Keep the atmosphere as comfortable as possible so that the child quickly returns to sleep. The child will understand that at night needs sleep.

4. Active games – in the morning

Emotional overload is the most common cause of sleep disturbance. It is very difficult to put a very tired or overexcited child to bed.

The child will get used to falling asleep in the crib through a certain routine. He will remember that such an environment is safe at the subconscious level. The child will not cry when waking up at night.

Importance of Baby Bedtime Routine

Strict observance of the night routine strengthens the baby’s sleep. Allows the nervous system to more easily withstand different loads. It is also an important element of discipline. Sleep disruption leads to reduced physical activity or may cause hyperactive behavior.

The body produces the correct ratio of ghrelin and leptin to regulate appetite if the child follows a sleep schedule. Compliance with the sleep regimen is the prevention of obesity and the key to proper metabolism. You will forget about overwork and irritability after getting better sleep and will be able to better plan time and do more.

Keeping an evening routine helps to maintain sleep patterns. Regular bedtime routines make it easier to transition from activity to rest. The child feels more confident and knows what to expect in the evening. Bedtime rituals help develop proper sleep habits and discipline the child.

You have to be patient and persistent to see real results. All rituals must be completed. Do not allow the child to go back to the kitchen to have a snack after reading a fairy tale and turning on the nightlight. This applies to reading and games. It is better to organize all this in advance.

When to Start Night Time Routine for Baby

An evening routine can be introduced from birth. This will help your baby sleep better. He will not be disturbed by nightmares. It is important to follow the chosen algorithm of actions daily. The repetition of simple actions allows the child to relax and fall asleep faster.

Many babies have trouble falling asleep after four months. They wake up more often at night. This should be taken into account during the evening routine. Water procedures can have an exciting effect on a child. It is important to observe the baby and adjust the routine before bedtime in time.

Create the right sleeping conditions. Do not use those associations that require the participation of parents – rocking the baby, falling asleep on the chest, or with a bottle.

Listen to the child, observe him, and experiment. This will allow developing those rituals that are right for the baby.

How to Get into Bedtime Routine?

All children are different and there is no one universal rule. Following certain rules and recommendations will help the child better adapt to a particular sleep pattern. It takes consistency and patience if want to introduce bedtime rituals.

– Put baby to bed at the same time. The child will become calmer and will know what to expect. Try to follow this rule on weekends as well.

– Finish active games and put away gadgets two hours before bedtime. This time will be enough for the child to emotionally relax.

– Rituals should be performed every evening in the same order. The key to success in your evening routine is consistency. Going to bed at the same time is the best assistant to fall asleep quickly. In 2-3 weeks will see positive changes.

Listen to intuition and do not ignore the needs of the child, be patient and you will succeed!

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