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Can Twins Sleep in The Same Crib?

The expectant mother should be fully prepared for the birth of the baby. Imagine a situation when a mother, even prepared for pregnancy and motherhood, finds out that she will have twins. Panic will seize not only her but all her relatives. There is no way around this without help.

“Limited space at home can lead to twins sleeping in the same crib – but is it safe?.”

One of the most pressing problems for parents after the birth of a child is the lack of sleep. And if there are twins or triplets in the family, then the question of can twins sleep in the same crib is very important.

4 Benefits of Sleeping in The Same Crib

One question most of twin mothers have is whether to put them to sleep in the same crib? No one gives a definite answer to this question. You can only focus on the experience of other mothers and the advice of pediatricians.

In many respects, it depends on how the children were born. After all, they can be completely different in temperament, health status, biological rhythms. On the other hand, it’s not worth separating babies for the first months of life, because they were together for 9 months.

1. Reduces stress after birth

The baby experiences a lot of stress during childbirth. In the womb, in favorable conditions, hearing the beating of the mother’s heart, the baby feels safe. The process of childbirth, an aggressive external environment, completely new living conditions – require reactive adaptation from the child.

If there are two newborns, then it is doubly difficult for them. Always feeling a partner in the womb, they cannot immediately get used to the fact that they are no longer two and they are not around. Therefore, to reduce the stress of newborns, it is better to put them together.

2. Haptic connection soothes

The twins, being inside the mother all the time, interact with each other. It is habitual and vital for them. They do not separate each other, feeling like a single whole. When born, children will look for their brother or sister. And if they do not find it, then their anxiety increases.

Many neonatologists even recommend breastfeeding twins at the same time. So that they come into contact with arms, legs, contact as best they can, and calm down. The same applies to sleep.

3. Together is warmer

There are many reasons for restless sleep in newborns. The simplest of them is not enough heat. Accustomed to warm amniotic fluid, babies require a special temperature regime even after birth. In twins, this can be solved by co-sleeping. Kids, cuddling up to each other, will not only calm down but also warm up.

4. Much easier for mom

When the children are in the same room and sleep in the same bed, it is much more convenient for the mother of the babies to take care of them.

Constant awakenings at night bring especially a lot of cottons. Feeding, changing diapers and other cares are much more convenient to carry out if the children are nearby. There is a certain system of courtship.

And during the day, it is easier for parents to monitor newborns if they lie together. The concerns are the same for everyone, attention must be paid equally. Therefore, the first months are easier and more correct to put the twins together.

4 Disadvantages of sleeping in the same crib

There are a lot of supporters of joint sleep of mother and child, as well as opponents. And if we are talking about the joint sleep of twins in the same bed, then there are no fewer disputes.

It cannot be categorically said that only joint sleep is useful for babies and nothing else. Many mothers are against this and believe that babies should be separated as early as possible.

To understand this issue, you need to know about the shortcomings of this method to assess the situation for yourself. Co-sleeping causes several problems that you need to be aware of.

The main disadvantages of twins co-sleeping:

1. Interfere with each other

Even twins, despite such closeness to each other, are born completely different. It would seem that gestation took place in the same womb, and the children are so dissimilar in temperament.

One of the twins may be born more active and noisy, the other is calmer. As a result, they will simply greatly excite each other during sleep. More active and restless will constantly wake up his brother or sister.

This disadvantage is extremely significant for a mother tired of worries and lack of sleep.

2. Not enough space

If the first months after birth, the babies are still a little mobile and not so active, then after just three months, keeping them in the same bed will bring a lot of trouble.

Lullaby space is not always provided for co-sleeping. And if one of the twins was also born a little larger and more active, then he will simply dominate the other. Everyone needs space to be active. If you do not swaddle children, then they will simply constantly touch each other with arms and legs.

3. Accidents

As in the case of co-sleeping with a mom, sleeping babies in the same bed can lead to the most unfortunate consequences.

Situations of injury or even suffocation among babies are not uncommon. Gemini during the period of increased activity does not give an account of their actions. An inaccurate coup can lead to the fact that one child will block the breath of the second.

4. Overheat

If you poorly monitor the temperature in the room and do not control heat transfer, then you can easily overheat your kids.

During the joint sleep, the twins warm each other well and this should be taken into account when choosing clothes and blankets for newborns.

Ensure Safety for Twins Sleeping in Same Crib

Watching a newborn baby should be done with special care. And if you have a chance to give birth to twins, then you cannot do without certain skills and abilities. First of all, it is worth ensuring safe sleep, especially if you decide to make it joint.

Spacious crib

Every month the kids will actively grow and develop. Their physical fitness will be higher and higher. With growth and development, they will begin to interact more and interfere with each other. They will need as much space as possible. Always be on the alert, especially when children grow up and can get out of the crib.

Comfort temperature

Control the temperature in the children’s room. Babies sleep much warmer together than alone, so don’t dress them too warm. It is better not to use a blanket, especially one for two. Babies can get tangled in it or overheat.

Daily regime

It is worth adjusting the feeding and sleeping schedule so that the children are tied to the same conditions. It is much more convenient and safer if children sleep and wake up at the same time.

Disease control

If one of the twins is sick, then for some time it is better to separate him from his brother or sister. So there is a chance that the second one will remain healthy and it will be easier for the mother to take care of the children.

At What Age Twins Sleep Together

Before deciding for yourself can twins sleep in the same crib, you need to weigh the pros and cons. There is nothing wrong with toddlers sleeping together, but up to a certain age. Most often, twins sleep together until 3-4 months of age.

Given the rapid growth of babies, it is worth thinking about separating them from the age of 3 months. It is at this age that they become more active than they were before. From 4 months after birth, babies may try to roll over. And this process is very traumatic when there is more than one baby in the crib.

Another question is whether they should be divided into rooms? Of course not! Moreover, separate cribs should be as close as possible to reduce the stress of separation. Twins need to see each other, feel and interact. Joint communication will be vital for them for a very long time.

Approximately from 4-5 months, gradually separate the twins into different sleeping places. Buy beds that allow children to see each other. Make them side by side and systematically, gently teach them to sleep apart.

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