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What Should a Newborn Wear to Sleep?

The sleep of a newborn is always vulnerable and depends on a large number of factors.

Healthy sleep is the key to proper physical and mental development. The child will be calm during the day and will have a good appetite. Daytime sleep also depends on a good night’s sleep and it is so important for mom.

With regular temperature in room newborn should wear to sleep:

  • Diaper
  • Light onesie
  • Swaddle

The skin of the child in the first months is very vulnerable. It is prone to rashes, irritations and is prone to numerous infections. Night sleep is the longest and most important. It is worth taking care of what your baby will sleep in.

Best Baby Night Clothes for Summer or Hot Weather

To decide how to dress a child for the night in the summer first deciding whether you will swaddle him? If you are a supporter of swaddling stock up on light cotton swaddles. They must be breathable and always clean. Swaddling a baby just on a diaper is not worth it.

Babies often get cold even if it’s summertime, but overheating can’t be allowed. Always be guided by the temperature regime in the room. If you open the window, put on a bodysuit or sleep under the swaddle.

More and more modern doctors think that it is better not to swaddle newborns. If you agree with this and want to give freedom of movement to the baby, then should dress him a little warmer.

For an ordinary summer night you can wear a short-sleeved bodysuit over the diaper, and a light slip with a sleeve on top. This will not allow the baby to overheat and will not freeze. During extreme heat simply remove one of the layers of clothing. In the first months we recommend wearing a baby cap. This will eliminate possible irritation of the scalp and prevent heat loss. Light socks can also be worn on the child.

Best Baby Night Clothes for Winter or Cold Weather

In winter or during cool nights, it is necessary to think over the baby’s wardrobe. In case you plan to swaddle make sure they are warm enough. They can definitely prevent hypothermia if there is not enough heat in the house.

In maternity hospitals young mothers are taught to swaddle in steps:

  • Check the diaper
  • Wear short-sleeve bodysuit
  • Thin cotton swaddle
  • Warm swaddle on top

Every situation is very individual and depends on how high the temperature in your house is.

Always be guided by the thermometer, which should be near the baby’s crib. Overheating is extremely dangerous for a baby. Even in winter do not wear fleece pajamas for your child. They are suitable only for street winter walks under overalls.

Young mothers use sleeping bags instead of swaddles. They have the same principle, only the child feels a little more freedom in movements. You should also wear a bodysuit under it. The top layer should never come into direct contact with the skin.

If you do not swaddle your baby, the principle of wardrobe for a night’s sleep is the same. A bodysuit with a short sleeve is put on the diaper and a slip with a long sleeve is put on top. The top slip is better to choose with a double cotton layer for a little more warmth.

If the temperature in the room is low and there is no way to adjust it, wear a hat and additionally warm socks. Baby’s head and legs always lose a lot of heat. Since the mechanisms of thermoregulation in the baby are not yet fully formed, hypothermia or overheating should thought of as major concern.

Idea Material And Clothes for Comfort Baby Sleep

The choice of materials and clothing for a night’s sleep must be approached responsibly. Due to the instability of sweating, large heat losses, and possible overheating, it is difficult for a child to protect himself.

Take care of the choice of fabrics as they must be natural and breathable. For a night’s sleep every child must be dressed in specially designated clothes. These are not the clothes in which he slept or was awake during the day. Keep your night wardrobe in a separate drawer.

When choosing materials for a night’s sleep, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Naturalness (cotton and linen products)
  • Without rough seams
  • Cleanliness (regular washing without allergenic powders)

In addition to the highest quality fabrics take care of convenience. Newborns move their arms and legs very actively and chosen clothes should not hinder the baby’s movements.

It is very important to choose clothes according to size. If the slip or bodysuit is too small in length, child will take the wrong position of the legs and potentially wake up.

In the first months after birth give preference to slips. They minimally constrain the movements of the child and do not squeeze skin. By 4–5 months switch to blouses and sliders with an elastic band.

Slips, bodysuits, pajamas, and sliders made of natural fabrics absorb moisture well and retain heat. They do not electrify and do not cause allergic reactions. Baby’s skin breathe freely with natural fabric materials.

Is All Clothing Safe to Wear at Night?

Manufacturers of sleep products do not always prioritize the health of babies. Many are only interested in mass production and devote minimum amount of time to the quality of the product.

The abundance of third country mass production goods in our markets leads not only to great competition but also to the difficulty of choice for mom.

Pay special attention to the seams. They should be either internal or as light as possible, closed and not tactilely perceptible.

If there is a label inside with the size and composition of the fabric – remove it immediately. In high-quality products for babies there are no internal seams and labels.

For additional safety exclude clothes with decorative ornaments from the wardrobe. Remove things with bows, large stripes, rough inseam and large buttons.

Do not use clothes with ties, which can always come loose and get tangled. Choose slips and bodysuits with buttons or zippers.

How Does Night Clothing Change with Age?

Slips and bodysuits are quite versatile clothing that is suitable for both night sleep and waking during the day. These types of clothing are intended for the baby only for a limited time.

While a child develops, he needs for more freedom of movement at night. At 4-5 months children begin to actively rollover. By 6 – 8 months they already sit down. All of that can happen during night while half asleep.

Changing diapers at night is no fun when you have to completely undress a baby. It becomes much more convenient to use rompers and t-shirts.

The child is growing and many mothers have been trying to get away from diapers for nine months, accustoming the child to the potty. The child’s clothes change and underwear appear in the wardrobe.

2 – 3 years old child can go to the potty on its own at night and pajamas are best for clothes. Boys are better off with pants in winter and shorts in summer. Girls can wear pajamas in the form of dresses in summer and pants during winter season.

Checklist for Newborn Night Sleep

For child to have comfortable sleep and wake up less during night we recommend setting ideal conditions and monitoring progress.

For a child’s sleep to be good at night several rules must be followed:

  • Room temperature
  • Humidity level
  • Comfortable mattress
  • High quality linen
  • Complete silence
  • Prosperous
  • Baby clothes during sleep

Unfortunately some babies are what we call colicky and nothing will help from crying and waking themselves up.

Parents just have to toughen up and go through tough development stage when baby cries all the time and doesn’t get enough rest.

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