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Things Moms Say

The birth of children completely changes the lives of parents. Now you can only remember about the usual life. This does not mean that fatherhood must necessarily bring negative changes. Spending time with children is remembered by common games, holidays, and rituals.

Communication between children and parents in every family is special. Often funny children’s words and phrases are remembered for a lifetime. Mothers are also not far behind their children. The “crown” remarks of the parents form the basis of every family vocabulary. Sometimes mothers repeat phrases that their parents used to say (and swore not to repeat to their children).

Children do not always understand what is said, but they remember it. Mom’s vocabulary over the years is gaining new meaning. Adult children are nostalgic for childhood remembering funny things moms say. People over the years understand that sometimes annoying remarks from their parents were a manifestation of love and care.

12 Things Mom Say to kids with Sarcasm?

Humor helps you get through tough times. The life of a woman who looks after tomboys turn into a constant test. No wonder moms can laugh at themselves. In the arsenal of women often appear sarcastic expressions.

This is a way to point out to the child his shortcomings without shouting. Sarcasm acts as a means of protection for mothers from the misbehavior of children. Sarcastic phrases become a way to soften direct criticism of the child. It is difficult to find a mother who would not use such statements:

«Eggs teach chicken» Adults consider themselves much smarter and more experienced than children. Not all parents are ready to admit the correctness of their children if they put forward good ideas.

«I get news about you not from you but the Internet» With the advent of the World Wide Web, billions of people on the planet have become its users. It seems that even babies know how to use the Internet. It is not surprising that parents draw information about their children from their statuses and photos on social networks.

«And how did we grow up without the Internet?!» Parents use this catchphrase when their children pick up a smartphone to find out information or have fun.

«Show yourself to the sun» Modern children love gadgets and computer games. Parents do not understand how the virtual world can replace outdoor games for a child.

«Why do you need ahead? Just to wear a hat?» A traditional cue to children who forget to do something.

«Why not break. We are millionaires!» You rarely meet a child who is kind to toys and personal items. Moms say goodbye to the family budget with the help of these sayings.

«Next Christmas I will ask for patience for my children» Unfortunately, Santa cannot bring this gift.

«Homework only for you not assigned?» Children sometimes forget that their mothers also went to school. Adults know that homework still exists.

«We will also divide the assessment into two?» Mom often acts as a free tutor. It is fair to expect praise for your work.

«As soon as I change the TV channel, you remember that there is a cartoon» There is nothing more important than cartoons for kids. Even if the TV is on in another room.

«My kids show up when Wi-Fi stops working» A broken Wi-Fi reminds children that the real world still exists.

«The hungriest child is the one who has to go to bed» It is not easy to put children to sleep. They immediately remember a bunch of unfinished business and are even ready to have dinner.

7 Logical Mom Sayings to Kids?

Mothers teach children to know themselves and the world around them and explain the rules of communication and behavior. Children see the personal example of their parents and inherit it. Kids learn from moms about the basics of logical thinking. Parents’ statements are based on confirmed facts and true judgments. Sometimes children do not understand them at all, but let the statements through themselves.

«First we think, then we act» Parents are trying to protect their children with this phrase from rash decisions that they can regret.

«You are doing this not for me, but for yourself» Cleaning the room, lessons, and household chores children perceive with hostility. Only mothers understand how important personal experience is in life.

«Search where you left» Sometimes even a detective will not be able to find things in a children’s room. Moms “hit back” to teenagers with this phrase who always forget to clean up.

«Go to bed, otherwise you won’t get up tomorrow» Children of different ages are almost impossible to put on time. Mom turns into an enemy in the morning because you have to wake up the child.

«Do you want to be blinded by your phone?» Abuse of gadgets negatively affects vision. Who knows about this if not mom.

«Grow up and do what you want» This classic parenting promise rarely comes true.

«You will understand when you become a parent»  Children cannot understand for a long time why mothers control everything and prohibit many things.

14 Safety and Precautionary Things Moms Say

Caring for the safety of the child becomes the main job of the mother. Sometimes kids get nervous about being reminded about hygiene and how to talk to strangers. Moms are reminded to take precautions on every occasion. Questions such as “did you eat?” or “are you wearing a hat?” became a symbol of motherhood.

Caution statements become a manifestation of maternal care. Rarely, a child did not hear in childhood:

«And if everyone jumps off a cliff, will you jump down too?» This is a classic of maternal arguments to the words “everyone did it.” Moms thus show that it is important to have an opinion on every occasion.

«Did you wash your hands?» This phrase is heard by children all over the world several times a day. Until they understand how important hygiene is.

«Don’t pick your nose or you won’t pull your fingers out» Not a single child was left with fingers in his nose. Mothers with such a remark teach children good manners and prevent the occurrence of injuries to the mucous membrane.

«Then you will thank» Many rules are not liked by children. They learn with age that limits are useful.

«You won’t live long on sandwiches» Children should receive a lot of proteins, vegetable fats, and complex carbohydrates for full development.

«Lunch first, then games!» Children often forget about everything in the world during games, even about lunch.

«Don’t go into the water after eating» Moms remember about safety rules, unlike fidgets.

«Scream if a stranger talks to you!» A good way to attract the attention of passers-by in an unusual situation.

«Get out of the water, otherwise you will put down roots» Moms do not want to see blue skin in babies due to hypothermia.

«Do you want to take pills?» Parents remind their children of this rhetorical question of the importance of dressing for the weather.

«Don’t rock in your chair» Mothers want to prevent domestic injuries.

«This music will blow my mind» Loud noises can affect a child’s hearing. Teenagers don’t get it.

«Do exercises or the bones will grow together» It is necessary to be reminded of the importance of exercise when the child’s world revolves around the computer.

«Who is next to you?» A mother needs to be aware of her child’s environment.

Random Mom Phrases with No Logic

Working as a mother does not include days off. This is constant employment and a state of anxiety for the kids. A woman’s brain is overloaded with information about doctor visits, school holidays, and homework. It is difficult to maintain unshakable calmness in such a regime.

Often mothers speak out about the behavior, clothes, and mood of children, using funny expressions. They do it without malicious intent. It is a reaction to new stimuli or stress. Sometimes the expressions are ridiculous but become a nostalgic memory for children. From beloved mothers you can hear the following:

  • Most of all I love my children when they sleep
  • I have three children and only a cat can listen
  • Ask the kids to clean up if you want to be alone
  • You have a dad too
  • I only dream about sleep
  • I thought you do
  • Yes, your parents are your inveterate enemies
  • I wasn’t like that when I was a kid
  • And from whom do you have these qualities

Motherhood is a difficult and wonderful period in life. It is difficult to pass his tests without a sense of humor, sarcasm, and teachings. Parental statements sometimes become the subject of quotations. It is important to choose expressions and address children so as not to hurt them.

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