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You are going to Be a Grandpa

A woman, first of all, informs the future father of the child about her pregnancy. Then the news is reported to the closest relatives. The expectant mother informs her parents and together with her husband of his relatives. The parents of the newlyweds are waiting for this news in the first months after the wedding, but the news comes as a surprise.

Consider standard and original ways to notify parents of your pregnancy. We will also throw in a few ideas about preparing gifts for them on this wonderful occasion. This non-trivial event should be accompanied by a festive atmosphere!

Announcing Pregnancy – You are going to be a Grandpa

Do not postpone the news indefinitely. Parents will be happy with this information. You will feel their love and support. Many future grandfathers will immediately offer their help in everyday matters. Do not neglect parental advice. Mom and dad are interested in their grandchildren getting the best.

Sometimes a pregnant woman hesitates to break the news to her parents because of her unstable relationship with them. Future grandparents can find out about the imminent birth of grandchildren at the last moment. Sometimes your friends can tell them the news. Such moments only increase the degree of alienation between relatives, so it is better to report them personally.

How Do Grandparents React?

The future woman in labor notifies her mother. A pregnant woman needs emotional support and the mom is best able to provide it. Warm words of joy and reassurance, advice for the future – this is exactly what the girl expects to hear from her future grandmother. It is easier for the future grandfather to communicate the news with her and soften his “shock”.

Many couples announce the birth of a child to all parents at the same time. This enhances the effect. Grandchildren are loved more than children, so the news causes indescribable delight in relatives. There is also a feeling of nostalgia. Parents will begin to remember how they were waiting for your birth, how they broke the news to their parents.

5 Ways to Announce – “You are going to Be a Grandpa”

Wives try to inform their husbands as romantically as possible that they will soon become a dad. There are a lot of different ideas. Parents can also be notified originally about the imminent birth of a grandson or granddaughter.

It is not always possible to confess pregnancy to mom or dad in a personal conversation. Parents can live in another city or temporarily stay in another country. The news of the birth of a baby is a good reason to pay an unexpected visit to the parents. Use other methods of communication if this is not possible.

1. Traditional way

Tell parents about the pregnancy in person at the meeting. It will be easier for you to find the necessary words in a relaxed atmosphere, and it will be easier for parents to perceive the information.

Make a video call if your parents are hundreds of miles away. So you can feel the notes of joy in the voice of relatives and see their smiles. You can send a colorful postcard to the messenger or announce the situation on one of the social networks. Attach ultrasound pictures to the news if you have already gone for the procedure.

2. Report at a family holiday

An ideal option can be considered an announcement of news at a family dinner where the parents of both spouses will be present. Dinner can be organized specifically to report the news but invite relatives under a different pretext. The atmosphere will become even more festive after the solemn announcement of the news.

Announce information at the beginning of a family event or the end. Be creative with this. Come up with a beautiful story or compose a solemn poem. Find ideas on the Internet and adapt them for yourself.

3. Send a formal letter or parcel

Our parents at one time actively used postcards for various congratulations. Now, this attribute is rarely used. That is why parents will be doubly pleased to receive such a mail notification.

Creativity is also welcome in this case. A message can be sent on behalf of a grandson/granddaughter with a visit notification in N months (indicate an approximate date). The “sender” can be a stork that will bring grandchildren. Send a parcel in the form of a gift box. Hide a symbolic baby thing inside or attach a copy of the ultrasound image.

4. Announce on the radio

This step can be taken if you know your parents’ favorite radio station. Pick a time when they will listen to this particular radio station. Send a message of congratulations to the order program. The second option is to try to go live and congratulate the parents on the future birth of a grandson or granddaughter. Don’t forget to order a song that matches your mood.

5. Send a message

There are several ways to enclose a message with a note about pregnancy. Here are some examples:

– Send to family a delicious gift. It can be pizza, cake, or other culinary masterpieces. The message can be written on the box or on the product itself. The inscription “You are going to be a grandpa” can easily fit on the surface of the cake.

– Attach a note to the bottom of the plate. Use transparent dishes and attach the paper with the text from below with adhesive tape. Serve the dish to your relatives and watch their reaction!

– Use pet to send a message. For example, tell the dog to give a colorful envelope to his parents. You can attach a note to the cat’s collar with the text “You will become a grandfather.”

– Prepare a special scratch card. This is a leaflet with a special layer that can be erased with a coin like on vouchers or lottery tickets. Disguise the phrase “You will become a grandfather.” You can order such a postcard in any gift shop or on online services.

Gifts That Say “You are going to Be a Grandpa” 

Finding out that they will soon become a grandfather or grandmother – they want to keep a special moment and positive emotions for a longer time. This is easy to do if you give your parents a small special present with good news. This gift will remind them of their new upcoming role as grandparents.

The presentation should be taken care of in advance. In the souvenir shop, you can buy an item with a ready-made inscription or order production according to the author’s layout. You know parents better than anyone and you can choose what they like best.

Cup with the inscription

Dad will be pleased to receive such a gift. It can be used both at home and put in the workplace. The present every day will remind him of his grandson. He will break into a smile looking at the inscription on the cup every time during tea drinking. A commemorative inscription can be applied to a spoon, plate, or ashtray.

T-shirt with slogan/picture

The element of clothing also combines two functions – originality and practicality. A soon-to-be-grandfather t-shirt can be worn on fishing trips, going to the supermarket, or during a family dinner. It is not shameful to brag about such an attribute in front of colleagues. Place a picture of a laughing child or real photos from the ultrasound on clothes. Print a photo of your father with the caption “Happy Grandpa”.

Balloons or postcard

Dishes or clothes are subject to wear and tear with constant use, but you can give something for decoration. Such an item will serve as a decoration for the room and remind him of a memorable moment for a long time. It can be a colorful postcard with news and wishes.

Write text on the balloon. Make an inscription with your hand for more sentimentality. Tie a card to a helium balloon with a bright ribbon. So the postcard will float in the air and can be placed anywhere in the room.

Special diploma

This original souvenir can be given to parents at a dinner party for the announcement of a pregnancy. Prepare a copy for each of the parents – “Future Grandpa” and “Future Grandmother.” Solemnly list the “merits” for which the recipient received a diploma. An analog of a diploma can be a commemorative medal, and “merits” can simply be listed aloud when rewarding guests.

Car sticker

Pick up one of the standard stickers or have it printed with your text. The news that your dad will become a grandfather will soon be known to everyone riding behind him. The news “I will soon become a grandfather” can be placed on license plates for cars. It will be impossible to use them for their intended purpose, but it will be a souvenir.

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