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Pregnancy Romance

The candy-bouquet period in a relationship is marked by the most colorful positive emotions. Each the couple tries to make the most pleasant impression on the partner. Surprises, unexpected gifts, affectionate gifts – all this is enough in excess. Even the most gloomy people are prone to romantic acts, although they do not strive to show such a character trait.

People show their feelings in different ways at different stages of family formation. Youthful enthusiasm and romantic deeds in rare cases persist throughout life. Usually, the scale of romance goes down over time. Events such as pregnancy can take the romance out of a relationship.

How Does Pregnancy Affect Romance in Relationship?

The news of the imminent appearance of a child radically changes the psychological state of the couple. Especially if the news is a surprise. We should expect changes in the emotional background in relationships and during a planned pregnancy.

This will affect the intimacy of partners and other aspects of life together. Pregnancy romance will completely dissolve into everyday routine. There are several reasons for the decline in romance during pregnancy.

1. Household worries

Preparations are in full swing even before the birth of a child for several months. Home improvement takes a lot of physical and moral strength. Small disagreements between the spouses arise because of various trifles: the color of the walls for the children’s room, the style of the crib and other furniture, and others. In such a rhythm it is difficult to find time for a romantic evening.

Physical fatigue also affects the decline in a romantic mood. Future dads work harder to save money. The child must be provided with the best. Strength for romance may not remain after constant overtime shifts. Future mothers also do not sit still. They need to personally visit many children’s stores. A woman gets tired in the evening and her main desire is sleep.

2. Conscious rejection of romance

Couples often consciously refuse excessive tenderness in communication during pregnancy. If one of the spouses tries to bring romance back into the relationship, this can be stopped by the partner. Usually, ignorance comes from a man, but women also sacrifice the charms of romance for the sake of simple relaxation.

3. Changes in appearance

Men love with their eyes and expectant mothers should not forget about this. Pregnancy is indirectly displayed in other elements of appearance in addition to a growing belly. A change of image can significantly reduce a man’s sexual desire and this will be reflected in his behavior.

Women often do not take care of their nails, skin, etc. during pregnancy. Tasteless clothes or an ugly hairstyle can easily discourage a partner’s desire for intimacy. Men usually fall in love with the original image. Try to maintain your elegant image to the last to maintain romance during pregnancy.

4. Lack of variety

Many couples avoid sexual intercourse completely during pregnancy. You should not be so categorical in the first months. It is enough to be a little more careful and women constantly consult with a specialist. Sex during pregnancy is a great opportunity to try different positions and new sensations. Everyday worries and lack of intimacy build an emotional wall between partners.

5. Limited in finance

Women are pleased when boyfriends indulge in surprises. Lush bouquets, trips to cozy restaurants, donated jewelry for no reason. Few men can afford such elements of attention all the time.

The news of the birth of a child involuntarily pushes the family to save it. It is necessary to make repairs to the children’s room and purchase new furniture. Some children’s things are not cheap, while others need to be bought constantly. The family budget is being rebuilt and does not include the cost of romantic gatherings for the benefit of the future comfort of the baby.

Do all Couples Struggle With Romance During Pregnancy?

The emotional state of a woman during pregnancy is a topic for a separate dissertation. It changes every minute and without visible external factors. Sometimes it is very difficult to please the whims of the expectant mother. It is problematic to arrange a romantic evening in such a situation. There is no certainty that the pregnant woman will not throw out another whim and nullify all the efforts of her partner.

Some couples manage not only to maintain romantic relationships during pregnancy but also to strengthen them. The catalyst is precisely the news about the future appearance of the child. The husband begins to show even greater concern for his chosen one. This comes from the realization of all the responsibility that rests on him. A woman tries to get her husband fewer whims and feels full support and love.

How to Keep Pregnancy Romance Going?

Couples tend to experience a certain crisis in relationships during the first pregnancy. Ahead of them is waiting for something new and unknown – to be caring parents. Own relationships fade into the background a bit. Women are usually more prepared for this mentally despite hormonal changes. She cannot do without the support of a partner.

Maintaining romance during pregnancy should not fall entirely on the shoulders of one of the spouses. This is a connection between two people and both should equally maintain this connection, making every effort. We offer some tips for young couples who want to not lose their romantic enthusiasm while waiting for their first child.

Sometimes dedicate an entire day to yourself

It is difficult to imagine that you can get the thought of the upcoming birth out of your head. Try it – it will benefit you emotionally. It doesn’t matter how you spend a day. The main thing is that the partners think only about each other. Plan a small picnic outside the city. Nothing distracts from the daily hustle and bustle like nature. Picturesque landscapes will contribute to a romantic mood.

Arrange a romantic mood at home if there is no way to get out into nature. A great way to keep yourself busy all day is to cook some culinary masterpieces together. Home, comfort, and constant support of a partner – a romantic mood is guaranteed.

Shop together more often

The husband is usually at work. He runs errands for his wife to buy the right things on the way home. The expectant mother in her free time visits many children’s stores and therefore only orders from the online store can be from joint purchases.

Try to go together to buy things for the baby and combine it with a walk around the city. Do not be ashamed of emotions and delight from the things you see when choosing toys or clothes in the store. Share this joy with a partner. Imagine a child’s joy at a new toy or how new clothes will look on him. Such playful imaginations bring partners very close.

Have a romantic dinner

How can you think about a date when soon giving birth? This is the whole point – to remember the time before pregnancy. You don’t have to go to an expensive restaurant. Dinner by candlelight, and watching a movie about love is a simple algorithm of how to once again feel a surge of tenderness for each other.

Such events should sometimes be carried out after childbirth. This will allow you to feel the closeness of the partner again and relieve physical and emotional fatigue. There will be a special effect if such a date comes as a surprise for one of the spouses.

Don’t give up physical intimacy

Many superstitious couples refuse sexual intercourse during pregnancy. Prolonged lack of physical intimacy between spouses does not contribute to strengthening their relationship. Sex will help relieve emotional tension and awaken a passion for a partner.

There are other methods if you should refuse sexual relations during this period, according to the recommendations of doctors. Erotic massage relaxes and at the same time charges with passion. Regular massage treatments or taking a relaxing bath together will help you not lose physical attraction to each other.

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