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1 Week Pregnant

There are no symptoms of pregnancy in the first embryonic week. An experienced mother who is familiar with extremely rare signs of pregnancy at such an early date can notice her situation. A woman should prepare for her position and look forward to it if the pregnancy is planned.

It is worth distinguishing between the first embryonic and obstetric weeks of pregnancy. Obstetric begins on the 1st day of the last menstruation. Embryonic from the first day of fertilization of the egg.

Changes in a woman’s body begin from the moment of conception. You may not notice them right away, but should be prepared for this. Conscious motherhood is always better than sudden and unplanned.


It is impossible to talk about the presence of a fetus in the first embryonic week of pregnancy. Embryo implantation takes place. This is an important stage that is difficult to diagnose and observe.

It is impossible to determine pregnancy in the first week through ultrasound or other examinations. A delay in menstruation for a couple of days can also occur in non-pregnant women. It is possible to say with accuracy about the onset of the long-awaited situation only when analysis for hCG is possible.

What Size is it?

No technology in the world could determine the size of an embryo at such an early stage. There is nothing to measure yet.

The parameters of the embryo during its implantation do not have clear indicators

1st week of pregnant size

How Heavy is it?

The embryo at this stage goes through its path of implantation. Weight is calculated in milligrams.

Now, this parameter is not as important as a successful fertilization process.

test image 3

What is its Length?

Since it is still too early to talk about the fetus, it is also about its length.

It is much more important to observe favorable conditions for implantation and further development of the embryo at this stage.

Size week 10

The embryo from a group of disparate blastomeres turns into a ball in the first week of pregnancy. Its outer shell is further transformed into the placenta. The inner cells of the ball will become the embryo. The embryo needs to attach to the endometrium of the uterus for subsequent development.

The size of the embryo at this stage of development is immeasurably small. It is too early to talk about the development of some rudiments of body parts. The doctor with the help of an ultrasound can only confirm that ovulation has begun.

The term “fetus” in the first week of pregnancy is not used. The embryo continues its movement through the fallopian tube and its main task is to implant correctly.

– The implantation should be in the endometrium of the uterus to prevent an ectopic pregnancy and not in the fallopian tube.

– It takes about 5 days for a fertilized egg to move through the fallopian tube to the uterus. The process of development of the umbilical cord and placenta begins after the cell has strengthened in the uterus.

– Fetal organs are formed from the internal cells of a fertilized egg. It is too early to talk about it in the first week of pregnancy.

– The uterus during this period becomes soft and its neck is denser. A mucous plug is formed that protects the fetus from infections.

– It is impossible to detect an embryo in the first week. The doctor can only determine the dominant follicle and its approximate parameters using ultrasound.

– In the first embryonic week of pregnancy, it is inappropriate to discuss the size, parameters, and development of the body parts of the fetus. It does not yet exist and there are no parameters under study.

1 Week Pregnant Symptoms

The first week of pregnancy is the least noticeable for the expectant mother. Many women do not observe their condition at all and do not notice changes. It is worth starting to monitor your condition long before conception. This period is the first and most important in the life of the unborn child.

Most of the possible symptoms in the first obstetric week of pregnancy are the same as during menstruation. Consider the main symptoms that in no way accurately confirm the onset of pregnancy:

Vagina Bleeding This symptom refers exclusively to the first obstetric week of pregnancy. All the usual symptoms of menstruation are observed, including the usual vaginal bleeding. The woman's body continues its cycle and prepares for the next ovulation.

The abundance and duration of vaginal bleeding are always individual. Each woman has her indicators. The approximate interval of heavy bleeding is from 3 to 7 days.

Headaches This symptom is not mandatory in the first week of pregnancy. You can’t escape from it in the obstetric week of pregnancy if such a problem has always accompanied menstruation.

Pain can be prolonged or short-term. Sometimes they are absent altogether. Each woman has her own set of symptoms in the first week. It depends on heredity and the tendency to heavy menstruation.

Mood Swings The beginning of the cycle is always marked by hormonal surges. Mood swings in women can be observed throughout the cycle. How strong these “swings” will depend only on the individual characteristics of each woman.

Tearfulness, irritability, excessive sensitivity increase during this period. Mood swings significantly worsen the general well-being of a woman. She wants a period of rest to come as soon as possible and it will come.

Increased Cervical Mucus Cervical mucus fills the cervical canal of the cervix and forms a plug in it. The viscosity and abundance of mucus will depend on the level of production of sex hormones by a woman. The amount of this mucus increases significantly during ovulation.

This contributes to the promotion of spermatozoa and further fertilization. The flow of mucus to the outside contributes to the "filtration" of spermatozoa. An increase in cervical mucus in the first obstetric week of pregnancy is a completely reasonable and natural process.

Temperature Spikes There may be a slight increase in basal body temperature in the first embryonic week of pregnancy. This is usually seen in the morning. The reason for these changes may be an increase in progesterone levels. It begins to be actively produced after conception.

A slight increase in body temperature throughout pregnancy is considered quite normal. This is not recognized as a deviation from the norm and is not perceived as a disease.

Lower Abdomen Pain This is a common symptom of the onset of any menses. He accompanies almost every woman at this stage. Everyone has their pain intensity. The pain threshold is different for every woman. The duration of pain is also impossible to predict.

As a rule, the most severe pain is observed on the first day of the cycle. Sometimes the pain can also radiate to the back. This significantly affects the condition of the woman in this case.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

It must be understood that there should be no symptoms in the first week of pregnancy. They only largely coincide with the symptoms of menstruation. It is worth consulting a doctor if you observe signs that were not previously characteristic of this period.

Pay special attention to the presence of such possible symptoms as profuse and prolonged bleeding, nausea, vomiting, unbearable and sharp pains in the abdomen.

“The best assistant for a successful pregnancy is mindfulness. “


An ultrasound examination is a very exciting and long-awaited moment for all parents. It is not always advisable to use this method. In the first embryonic week of pregnancy, ultrasound cannot show the presence of an embryo or 100% confirm pregnancy.

Ultrasound in the first week of pregnancy can only confirm the onset of ovulation. It is impossible to obtain any exact details on this method of examination. Too short a period to draw specific conclusions.


  • The doctor can confirm the start of ovulation
  • Determine the state of the endometrium of the uterus
  • Exclude pathology
  • Rule out ectopic pregnancy
  • Determine the dominant follicle

Doctors usually do not prescribe any serious examinations of a woman’s body in the first embryonic week. 

1 week pregnancy

It is possible to determine an accidental pregnancy using ultrasound at a later date. A woman will want to be examined as soon as possible if she was preparing for it. But in this period, ultrasound is an irrational and useless method.

It is especially pointless to use ultrasound to determine the fact of pregnancy. It is worth waiting for some time when it will be rational to apply the analysis for hCG.

Ultrasound in the first week of pregnancy can be prescribed by a doctor in extremely rare cases not related to the intended pregnancy.

Your Body

The appearance of a woman in the first week of pregnancy does not change in any way. It is impossible to notice any signs of an interesting situation. There is still a long way to go before the enlargement of the belly.

Slight discomfort in the body can only create indirect symptoms of pregnancy. For example, bloating provokes a slight increase. This phenomenon is short-term and easy to deal with. Breast enlargement or hardening also appears later in pregnancy.

Some women and their entourage notice the presence of a slight blush on the face associated with increased blood circulation. It is often noted that the expectant mother has become much more attractive.

Sometimes pregnant women in the early stages are faced with the problem of acne. This is directly related to the serious hormonal changes in the body. Such a side cosmetic defect can accompany a pregnant woman for all 9 months.

Belly Size & Health Conditions

A woman’s belly remains unchanged in the first few weeks of pregnancy. The uterus only begins to grow in the first days after conception and does not change in size at all. Be prepared that soon your belly will become a little hard and will begin to increase significantly.

The belly may appear slightly enlarged in the first weeks due to the increased accumulation of gas. There is a complete restructuring of the entire body of a woman, including the digestive system. This leads to slight disturbances in the functioning of the intestines.

The general health of a woman in the first fetal week of pregnancy is quite good. There may be some signs of psycho-emotional disorders. They are more often expressed in emotional instability, tearfulness, increased sensitivity to stimuli.

Your back and stomach may hurt a little in the first week. This is an atypical sign of pregnancy and health conditions.

1 Week is How Many Month?

If the beginning of pregnancy is considered the first day of the last menstruation, then this is already two obstetric weeks. Just half a month of long-awaited pregnancy.

The term embryonic pregnancy is exactly one week from the moment of conception. That is only 7 days of pregnancy. So hang in there, this is just the beginning!

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

The most important thing during pregnancy is to take care of health. Remember that now you are responsible not only for yourself but also for another life! Any tips and advice for expectant mothers are general and suitable for everyone. In exceptional cases, there should be specific advice from the doctor.

Get rid of all bad habits – It is worth stopping smoking if did it before you found out about the pregnancy. This is very detrimental to the fetus. In the case of pregnancy planning, it is necessary to remove smoking, alcohol, and other bad habits much earlier, in a few months.

Remove or change medication – Be sure to consult the doctor if you cannot stop taking medication for health reasons. Try to find more suitable medications or eliminate them during pregnancy.

No unnecessary examinations – Exclude the x-ray, it is unacceptable during pregnancy. Talk to the gynecologist about examining in a gynecological chair. This procedure can adversely affect the embryo in the first weeks of pregnancy.

Avoid stressful situations – Nerves should turn to iron as soon as you find out about the pregnancy. Stress must be eliminated. Use the decree earlier if the job requires stress resistance. Move away from conflicts and avoid annoying people.

More vitamins – Change your diet by filling it with fruits and vegetables. Immunity is stronger when it receives the necessary elements. Getting sick in the first 8-10 weeks of pregnancy is extremely dangerous for the fetus. Take care of your health.

Eliminate the risk of viral infection – Do not attend mass events and crowded places. Communicate less with small children. They are a source of cytomegaloviruses and herpes. Avoid close contact with pets as much as possible.

Don’t ignore tests – All necessary and safe examination methods should be done on time. An STD test is required. If have not been tested for TORCH infection in advance, you can take it in the first week of pregnancy.

Remember that now you are the guardian of the life of a little person. His health, well-being, and development depend on you.

Do not stop monitoring your condition from the first day when found out about the pregnancy. This control can significantly reduce the risk of complications. Be always vigilant and you need to listen to the opinion of the doctor if he recommends preservation.

Important Checklist
  • Accept pregnancy status as early as possible
  • Keep a pregnancy diary
  • Stay in touch with your doctor
  • Get enough sleep and introduce daytime sleep
  • Review your diet
  • Enjoy your position

Pregnancy is great happiness. Remember that many women can only dream of having children. Take care of your health in advance. There is nothing better than a planned pregnancy. Conscious motherhood is the path to the development of a successful and happy personality.

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