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10 Weeks Pregnant

As pregnancy progresses to week 10, brain finally switches and mothers fully aware of another person starting to grow inside of them. Although symptoms have been going for weeks now, this is the first week of baby’s significant growth comparing to everything before.

From now on you will be starting to look pregnant with belly expending every week if not day. People won’t be able to tell yet, but the bump will be seen soon without clothes.

Start trying on baggy clothes and be prepared to body change. Mental state during pregnancy is extremely important. Confident mothers do way better with what is about to happen.


At this stage in pregnancy, baby is transforming from embryo to fetus. From now on baby will be taking shape of human being and develop more every week.

10 Weeks pregnant is a huge milestone for mothers and babies. Development of brain, hardening of jaw bones and intestines are the main changes in baby at this point in time.

It's The Size of
a Strawberry

Based on length and size of a baby at 10 weeks pregnancy we can compare it to strawberry.

It does not feel like anything yet inside your belly, but structure is there and soon enough it will grow big.

10 Week Baby Size

How Heavy is it?
0.15 oz ~ 4 gr

Bone structure and enlargement of head has made our baby at least to double in weight between week 9 and 10.

Slowly growing baby fetus is now at 4 grams or 0.15 ounces. Keep in mind that every baby weight during pregnancy is slightly different.

test image 3

Your Baby is
3.2 CM or 1.25 Inch

It’s hard to measure baby inside your belly during such early development stage.

Overall night is just above one inch or 3 cm. The baby is not measured head to toe yet as it is in round position.

Size week 10

Baby grows rapidly in size and its development progresses every week. Just imagine tiny seed that is impossible to see grows into a size of a water melon within just 9 month.

We figured some parents might be interested in knowing how baby develops inside their body during week 10 pregnancy. Raising Tot made it possible to see how baby develops every week of pregnancy.

All our information has been checked with reliable information sources as well as health practitioners. Some pregnancies are off the track from average process; therefore it may not perfectly match points on our website.

Brain – Forehead is increased in size and it indicates that baby’s brain is starting grow. At this point head takes up half of entire body, but very soon it will all be proportional.

Scull /Teeth – Jaw bones expand and we can start seeing little tooth buds. Formation of jaw is synchronized with development of other fetus body bones inside of you.

Bones and Ligaments – We cannot see fingers yet, but hands and feet have developed quite will. Ankles and elbows are growing with ligaments getting stronger every week.

Organs – Finally on week 10 your baby fetus develops organs that cooperate together. Body is working a mechanism, but biggest changes are yet to come.

Body Parts – Although baby’s head is more than half of entire fetus, all body parts are starting to take shape. That includes facial structure as well (nose, eyes and mouth).

Digesting – Urine flow is increased with growth of digestive tract. Stomach is now producing juices and everything works together with kidney at first time.

10 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

You have been doing a great job and with our help, every mother can be educated on occurring symptoms throughout pregnancy. Although we list and explain only 6 most common pregnancy symptoms during 10th week, please take a look at other symptoms in adjacent weeks.

Main purpose of Raising Tot is to educate parents and feel confident while body of pregnant woman is constantly changing. Our guide helps reacting to changes in calm manner and reduces stress level.

Soar Breasts Right about now breasts are starting to change shape and increase in size. Soon enough they will start produce milk and your body is preparing for it ahead of time.

It is ok to feel tenderness and slight discomfort while breasts are growing during 10th week of pregnancy, but if sharp pain appears consult with a doctor about it.

Vaginal Discharge During pregnancy we expect increased flow of blood towards vagina. It helps generate extra discharge that is odorless and translucent. Do not panic when you see discharge of unfamiliar substance.

In case of discomfort and pain in vagina area when discharge is accumulated, contact a physician. This is a common pregnancy symptom and it may appear several times during period of carrying a baby.

Bloating and Gas With relaxation process of your muscles during pregnancy, similar happens to gastrointestinal tract. This further leads to release of gasses from intestines.

To avoid excess gas and bloating follow suggested diets, but don’t limit yourself when craving specific foods. Raising Tot has a list of foods are better to avoid during pregnancy.

Excess Saliva Just like many other symptoms, excessive saliva is caused by change or hormones. Some doctors claim it is due to increased appetite and heightened sense of smell.

For some women it seems almost normal, but others have hard time swallowing excess saliva. For that we recommend drinking more water or chewing a gum.

Morning Sickness With increased hormone in body of pregnant woman there will be what we call morning sickness. It is called morning but nausea and vomiting can appear any time of day.

Check blood sugar and follow appropriate diet to reduce chances or severity of morning sickness during pregnancy. There is slight chance that woman may have little or no sickness symptoms.

Dizziness Your body wants to increase the flow of blood to developing body of the baby. Therefore your blood vessels and enlarged for faster flow, which causes dizziness and fainting.

When dizziness is felt, try to relax and sit on the ground. Breathing calmly can get you back control of situation and avoid fainting completely. This symptom leads to falls and is very dangerous for mother or baby.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

If your pregnancy symptoms are more severe and cause pain – contact doctor immediately. Keep in mind that symptoms from previous or next weeks can be shifted.

Previous week discomfort may not go away for some time. Proper diet and exercise play a big role in how body reacts to transformation. Staying mentally stable and reducing level of stress is beneficial for mother and baby’s development.

“Body change is normal during pregnancy. You are giving nutrients and resources as baby develops inside of you. “



Only few weeks ago we could only confirm by ultrasound that you are pregnant and now we can see of a child that starts developing. Don’t wait any longer and book next available appointment for ultrasound at nearest location.


During this week on ultrasound image we can see first formation as baby becomes a fetus. Doctors can show sometimes even show arms and legs if positioning is right.

10th week ultrasound is very emotional for parents because now they start seeing tiny object developing into human. Don’t expect too much – images will not become clear yet. Bones are in forming stage and show only first outline of body parts.

10 week pregnancy ultrasound

After consultation with doctor on ultrasound images you have an option to complete a genetic test. It can show potential genetic mutations, RNA analysis and probability of disorders. This test is not mandatory, but more and more women chose to complete it to know possible risks.

A copy of 10th week pregnancy ultrasound image can be used to reveal exiting news to family and friends. You may also keep it for memories or comparison with further ultrasound images as baby develops inside of womb.

Your Body

Although it is a quarter of entire pregnancy, the body has not gone through major changes yet. In fact women are barely feeling first wave of side effects, internal and external body changes.

Metal state is by far number one priority during 10th week. A lot of planning ahead and uncertainty can make any woman panic. For this specific reason we want to educate more parents and get them prepared for what is to come.

From now on belly and breasts will grow exponentially. It is ok to put on some weight and make sure baby has enough nutrients. Veins are arteries enlarge to allow blood flow towards baby. Small skin rash and tiredness can occur, but overall you should feel close to “normal state”.

Belly Size & Health Conditions

Going into week 10 of pregnancy, belly size starts to increase in lower abdomen area. Technically you are just starting to show and this is when close people may notice these changes.

The baby is only 1 inch big, but the bump around it has grown bigger. Clothes that used to be regular are now taking a separate place in a closet. Stretchy pants and loose shirts are on the horizon.

Starting from this week symptoms and starting to be severe and it is very important to stay healthy. Understand that everything you do now is going to affect your baby and it’s health. Critical mistakes can lead to miscarriage, which mostly occurs within first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

10 Weeks is How Many Month?

To be exact, 10 weeks pregnancy is 70 days and slightly above 2 month and 1 week. Many doctors, pregnancy apps and informational centers say that 10 weeks equals to two and a half month, but that is slightly misleading.

It may seem like only beginning, but you have actually passed quarter of the full path of pregnancy. Hang in there as most of body transformations and tough symptoms are yet to come.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

From Week 10 it starts to get worse. There is not much you can do about avoiding most of symptoms. Your best weapon in pregnancy is preparation and knowledge.

We understand frustration and anxiety every mother goes through and want to help with tips and highlights for each week of pregnancy.

Get ready to try on bigger clothes – You may not have yet experienced the growth of belly and significant weight increase, but it’s around the corner. Few months from now regular clothes won’t fit and be extra careful with winter season.

Learn upcoming symptoms and get ready – There is only defense to tackle pregnancy and learning all facts is your number one priority right now. Raising Tot proves all information about weekly and monthly pregnancy symptoms.

Eat healthy food starting from breakfast – Your child and you need nutrients for development and growth. Even daily mood with level of tiredness depends on food you eat. Keep on eating healthy and everything will be fine.

Don’t forget vitamins – Unfortunately nowadays food does not give us enough vitamins required. Regular over counter supplements can be used to compensate lack of vitamins in our body.

Prepare to reveal big news – If you haven’t done so already, prepare to tell relatives and friends that you are pregnant. As belly grows, people will notice and start asking if you are actually pregnant.

Share and agree on pregnancy responsibilities – Taking care of the baby should start during pregnancy. Going through 9 month of hell becomes much easier with help of partner.

Keep a look out for unusual symptoms and extreme pains and never hesitate to consult with a doctor. Try to stay calm and note every symptom that appears.

Gradually everything should fall into one big plate and soon enough you will be a mother. Planners can help document and schedule routines, diets, fitness, symptoms and other events through pregnancy.

Important Checklist
  • Start taking pictures of belly
  • Talk to doctor about unusual symptoms
  • Plan sleeping routine and bed attributes
  • Exercise and stay in good shape mentally
  • Follow diet plan and don’t forget vitamins

Thinking ahead of time can help in a long run. There are hundreds of things new parents can do before baby arrives. Follow our daily posts and learn how to be a great parent.

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