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11 Weeks Pregnant

The period of psychological adaptation takes place during the 11th embryonic week of pregnancy. The woman fully accepts her position. Gradually comes peace and confidence. The first trimester will soon be over and it will be possible to feel that the fetus is completely safe.

The physical adaptation of the woman’s body is still underway. Some symptoms of early toxicosis persist. Many women have not yet felt toxicosis. This is a very common occurrence when the most unpleasant symptoms appear only after the 12th week of pregnancy.

The baby inside the mother already looks like a little person. Soon it will be possible to see it well at the first mandatory screening. Almost 3 months have passed since conception. The embryo has increased tens of thousands of times and is now called a fetus.

11 Weeks Baby Development

Now the future baby is called a fetus. He passed the embryonic stage of development. Its size has increased disproportionately compared to the first week.

The fetus at the moment is an almost perfect and formed organism. Systems and some organs function. The parameters of the fetus are already significant enough to consider parts of the body.

It's The Size of Fig

The fetus at the 11th embryonic week is commensurate with figs. This size requires more space in the uterus.

Its space expands and more space is released for the development of the fetus.

11 Week size

How Heavy is it? 0.25 oz or 7 gr

The weight of the fetus this week can reach up to 7 grams. Its further increase will proceed at a genetically predisposed pace.

The weight gain of the fetus depends on the lifestyle and nutrition of the pregnant woman.

test image 3

Your Baby is 1.5 inch or 3.8 cm

The growth of the unborn child is a hereditary indicator. The rate of its increase retains its stability until childbirth. The length of the fetus for 11 weeks is approximately 3.8 cm or 1.5 inches.

This allows you to see it well on ultrasound and notice reflex movements.

Lenght week 11

Now the placenta is well developed, which provides the fetus with oxygen and nutrients. The main systems of the body are developed: cardiovascular, circulatory, digestive, respiratory, nervous, etc. The final stages of development of some organs are underway: intestines, kidneys, ureters, bronchi, lungs, etc. A full-fledged living organism grows inside a woman.

Let’s take a closer look at some aspects of fetal development at week 11:

HeartThe cardiovascular system is well developed. The four-chambered heart pumps blood. You can catch the heart rate. They are 140-160 beats per minute.

Reproductive systemThe genitals of the baby are formed. Boys develop a prostate gland. There is a differentiation of the ovaries in girls. Sex cells appear. Primary external sexual characteristics begin to emerge.

EyesThe eyes of the fetus are well developed. They are covered with eyelashes. The iris of the eye develops. Future eye color is already genetically determined.

LimbsThe hands and feet of the fetus have a completely human appearance. They are still disproportionate to the body but already well developed. All limbs are bent at the joints and strongly pressed to the body. A strong tone is maintained.

IntestinesThe abdominal cavity is enlarged. The intestine grows and develops. It has grown considerably in length. The rectum is forming. The intestines are closely intertwined with the umbilical cord.

Nervous systemThe first simple reflexes occur at 11 weeks. The fetus exhibits sucking, swallowing, and grasping reflexes. Motor activity is still weak but is growing rapidly.

11 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The number and intensity of symptoms for each woman are different. Someone has already felt all the manifestations of toxicosis, and someone is just starting this path.

If there was early toxicosis, then by 11 weeks it should already be over. The woman ceases to feel nausea in the morning and malaise. Psycho-emotional symptoms may persist, expressed in unstable mood and tearfulness.

Headaches Many women experience pressure issues throughout their pregnancy. There is a strong load on the heart and blood vessels. A new living organism grows inside the woman. The outflow of blood to the brain increases. This causes severe headaches. Especially those who initially tended to such symptoms suffer from this.

You can’t fight headaches with pills. Better not to use them anyway. A warm shower, regular walks in the fresh air, and permissible exercises can help during pregnancy.

Mood Swings A woman may be disturbed by emotional “swings”. A woman wanders from good to bad mood throughout the day. A sharp drop in feelings and emotions covers her so much that it is simply impossible to cope with it on her own. The closest people who are always there suffer.

Try to avoid irritants, and do not watch dramatic films, or news. Stay away from quarrels and conflict situations. Try to meditate.

Dizziness Dizziness may occur due to increased work of the circulatory system. Any careless movement, tilt or turn causes a feeling of loss of balance. The degree of dizziness can be either mild or severe.

Try not to go anywhere on your own with such symptoms. Especially in winter, when it is dangerous because of the slippery road.

Fatigue A woman needs a huge amount of strength and energy to grow a whole living organism inside herself. The cost of this work is so great that it leads to severe fatigue. Pregnant women constantly feel tired. They are always looking for somewhere to sit down and relax.

The abdomen is not visible but it is already difficult to walk for a long time. The body is under heavy stress and needs more time to recover. Try to sleep during the day. Take vitamins and eat well. This will help support the body.

Bloating and gas The size of the uterus increases every week. There is a complete restructuring of all organs and systems. The hormonal system is in full swing. This leads to disruption of the digestive system. Intestinal peristalsis suffers the most. There is increased gas production.

Bloating is noticeable even visually. It is better to reduce it with special decoctions of dill or harmless preparations. An increased gas formation can cause severe discomfort and even pain in the abdomen.

Frequent urination A person grows in the womb of a future mother. He needs a lot of space. A large space for growth and development is obtained due to the shift of organs adjacent to the uterus. The bladder is the first to suffer. He begins to give the urge to urinate much more often than before, as he is not able to fill up completely.

Frequent urination should not be accompanied by pain and burning. You should consult a doctor if you have these symptoms. This may be a symptom of an infectious disease.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

Some symptoms characteristic of the 11th week of pregnancy may accompany a woman for the entire period of gestation. These include fatigue, drowsiness, frequent urination, and breast enlargement.

Most of the most negatively colored symptoms will pass by the end of the first trimester. Nausea will soon stop bothering you, vomiting will pass, and life will sparkle with completely different colors. You will begin to enjoy your position and enjoy it.

“The gestation period will pass very quickly. Try to fully enjoy this magical time without getting hung up on the symptoms of toxicosis.”

11 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound


An ultrasound may be ordered depending on how your doctor manages the pregnancy. Now the term corresponds to the 13th obstetric week. Some gynecologists already prescribe the first screening, which is a mandatory examination.

Ultrasound data at this time will be more advanced. The size of the fetus allows you to assess its development.

11 week pregnancy ultrasound

Precise ultrasonic details

The size of the fetal egg

A fetal egg at week 11 can be up to 65 mm in size. The total length from crown to tailbone can be 80 mm.

Detection of anomalies and pathologies

The risks of chromosomal abnormalities are assessed. Down syndrome, Patau, or Edwards syndrome is determined. Other abnormalities are detected: intrauterine infection, hypoxia, heart disease, etc.

Condition of the placenta and blood flow

The placenta is formed and fetal presentation is observed. Ultrasound can assess blood flow.

You should be prepared for the fact that the ultrasound examination will become a regular procedure at the end of the first trimester. Every time you will see your baby, hear his heartbeat, and observe the first intrauterine movements. These are very pleasant and most striking moments during the gestation period.

A little more time will pass and you will be able to find out the gender of the unborn child. This happens at 18 weeks. Sometimes the doctor can determine the sex at an earlier date, but the result is erroneous. Do not rush to start buying a wardrobe for your unborn child.

Your Body

The woman’s body is now at the final stage of adaptation to its position. There is a hormonal restructuring and displacement of organs that will continue throughout the entire pregnancy. Many changes are reflected in the appearance of a woman. The uterus is significantly enlarged, so the woman will notice a rounded tummy. The width of the hips may increase slightly.

The woman’s appetite should increase if the toxicosis has passed. This can cause noticeable weight gain. Cheeks are rounded, and lips swell, which makes a woman noticeably more attractive. Pregnant women notice that their legs swell a lot when walking for a long time. This symptom is most often characteristic of later periods of gestation.

Pigmentation and other skin problems may occur. Hair becomes thicker and shinier. This is due to an increase in progesterone levels. Varicose and spider veins may appear with a genetic predisposition.

Belly size & Health Conditions

The size of the uterus at 11 weeks is commensurate with a grapefruit. The tummy is slightly rounded from the navel to the pubis and becomes denser.

Favorite jeans may no longer fasten on the stomach. Tight dresses allow you to see a rounded belly. It is also possible to hide your position by wearing loose clothing.

Many pregnant women experience symptoms of toxicosis at 11 weeks.

A woman will feel much better if the toxicosis has passed. Only neutral symptoms of pregnancy will remain fatigued, increased fatigue, slight irritability, and frequent urination.

Serious health problems should not be, but there are many risks associated with reduced immunity. The body is now vulnerable to viruses and infectious diseases. Avoid public places and large crowds.

11 Weeks is How Many Months?

Approximately 77 days have passed since conception. This is almost a third of the entire gestation period. 11 weeks correspond to 2 months and 3 weeks of pregnancy.

Gynecologists often start from obstetric terms. The prognosis of future births is counted from the moment of the last menstruation. You can calculate the time yourself or use a special application that can be downloaded to your phone. Knowing your due date is good for your emotional well-being.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

You can find a lot of unnecessary advice for pregnant women on the Internet and in printed literature. Be able to filter all the knowledge gained and the advice heard. Focus on your feelings and experience. Always consult with the doctor who is managing your pregnancy.

Stay vigilant, because you are responsible for everything that will happen to the future baby.

Some tips and advice from us:

A varied dietIt is believed that the more varied the pregnant woman’s table, the less likely the future child will have food allergies. You need to eat everything and a little bit. Do not completely remove potentially allergenic foods.

No extremesYou should not play sports diligently if you were inactive before pregnancy. Do morning exercises but without heavy loads. Keep the lifestyle you had before pregnancy as much as possible.

Sexual activityDoctors most often do not recommend having sex in the first trimester. This is usually not contraindicated at 11 weeks if there is no bleeding or pain.

Avoid emotional stressDo not enter into conflicts, beware of stress and anxiety. Be careful what you watch on TV or the Internet. This may affect the development of the future baby.

Sleep during the dayDo not consider daytime sleep a strong whim. This is what you need to replenish your energy and good mood. Hormonal imbalance is adjusted and strength is restored during sleep.

Keep Taking Your VitaminsTake prenatal vitamins if possible. They are especially useful in the first trimester. Even if you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, this will not save you from a lack of vitamins.

Get used to the fact that a large number of advisers will gather around you. They will be happy to “help” you with toxicosis and preparation for childbirth. You need to be careful and not take anything for the truth in the first instance. Remember that this is your body and your unborn child. Always be guided by your preferences and attitudes.

Important Checklist

  • Remain vigilant in all matters
  • Control emotions and communication
  • Avoid irritants and toxic people
  • Eat a healthy but varied diet
  • Extend your outdoor walks

No one can understand better than you what exactly is needed right now. Rest if you want to rest. Eat if you want to eat before bed. Do not tolerate it if you want to have sex. Your desires now are not a whim, but a need that the body signals.

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