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13 Weeks Pregnant

The second trimester of pregnancy has begun. The uterus has already moved beyond the pelvis. It can be felt in the abdominal cavity. Initial volumes have increased markedly. Now the uterus is comparable in size to a large grapefruit. The belly is already visible, it sticks out and becomes denser.

A woman at the 13th embryonic week has already felt all the symptoms of toxicosis and is starting to recover little by little. Feeling better, mood improves, appetite returns to normal. The woman ceases to be highly sensitive to smells and tastes and morning sickness disappears.

The development of the fetus does not stop. There is a continuous process of formation of all organs and systems. Tissues and muscles are structured and strengthened. The fetus becomes more and more human.

13 Weeks Baby Development

A difficult period of gestation has passed when the risks of losing a child were high. The second trimester is more stable. The fetus is much stronger and has gained weight. He begins to move and develop actively. All organs are formed and function confidently.

You can see the parts of the child and evaluate its parameters using ultrasound. The fetus has increased tens of thousands of times since conception.

It's The Size of Kiwi

The size of the fetus at the 13th week is similar to a kiwi. This is a significant leap forward compared to previous weeks.

Now you can see what the future baby looks like. Consider his arms and legs, head, and even eyes.

13 Week size

How Heavy is it? 0.8 oz or 25 gr

The fruit grows stronger, grows, and gains weight. The future baby added 40% of weight at the 13th week.

Now it weighs 25 grams or 0.8 ounces. Weight gain is always uneven. It depends on the lifestyle and nutrition of the mother.

test image 3

Your Baby is 3 inch or 8 cm

The fetus is now 8 cm or approximately 3 inches long. This size allows you to see the baby well.

Fingers, nose, and mouth are visible and it progressively starts to develop.

Lenght week 13

Most of the organs of the unborn baby are formed at 13 weeks of gestation. The heart works, the liver begins to secrete bile, the kidneys produce urine, and the thyroid gland produces hormones.

All systems are improving and continue to improve. Blood is distilled through the vessels, the nervous system works, the skeleton is strengthened, and the brain continues to form.

The appearance of the fetus is completely human. Only a slight disproportion remains. The head is slightly larger, but now its growth will slow down. The trunk and limbs begin to grow faster. This gradually harmonizes the appearance of the fetus. He no longer looks like a tadpole and completely repeats all the features of a baby.

Let us consider in more detail some moments of fetal development at the 13th week:

Blood circulationThe heart is already four-chambered. It circulates blood well. The frequency of contractions is within 160 beats per minute. A hole is preserved in the atria, which will be tightened in the future. Vessels are well developed and functioning.

Nervous systemThe fetus is mobile at 13 weeks. His reflexes work well: sucking, swallowing, and grasping. Developed receptors and taste buds on the tongue. It is believed that the baby can already determine the taste of amniotic fluid.

SkinThe skin is very thin and translucent. Vessels are visible through it. It already has the beginnings of sweat and sebaceous glands. Fingerprints are drawn on the fingers.

BonesThe skeletal system will gradually harden and strengthen. Bones have to grow until they are more like cartilage. Mothers need good nutrition and a complex of vitamins containing calcium.

Respiratory systemFormed lungs, bronchi, and trachea. The respiratory muscle is developed and reduced. The glottis is closed so the amniotic fluid does not get inside.

Other organs and systemsDeveloped immune system. Immunoglobulins are synthesized in the blood. There is a process of improving the work of the digestive organs: enzymes are synthesized, the liver secretes bile and forms bilirubin, and gastric juice appears. The endocrine system is developing: the pancreas produces insulin, and the thyroid gland produces thyroxine.

13 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

In most pregnant women, toxicosis passes by the beginning of the second trimester. You feel a new surge of strength and energy. All hateful symptoms gradually disappear and appetite appears.

The psycho-emotional state of the pregnant woman also improves. There are no such dramatic mood swings. The woman ceases to be whiny and hysterical. The psyche is stabilized and the nerves are balanced. Some symptoms of toxicosis may persist, but their severity has already been significantly reduced.

Food Cravings Appetite improves significantly upon completion of toxicosis. Many pregnant women could not eat at all during the period of nausea. Most of the products disgusted them. Now the situation is completely changing. The woman wants to eat more and more.

Appetite gradually increases and the woman begins to gain weight well. Pregnant women lose several kilograms during the period of toxicosis, but they quickly return upon its completion.

Constipation Some expectant mothers suffer from constipation at 13 weeks. This is due to disruption of the digestive tract. The gallbladder cannot always cope with new conditions and changes in the body.

A new diet can also provoke constipation. A woman is drawn to simple carbohydrates: buns, sweets, and other confectionery. Useful fiber is consumed. The woman is not drinking enough water.

Visible veins A genetic predisposition to thrombosis and vascular weakness leads to varicose veins. Vessels swell significantly and are drawn visually. Spider veins and vein nodules may appear on the legs.

It is worth taking care of the health of your feet: take herbal baths, and make cooling compresses with essential oils. You can use ointments. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and remove heels.

Heartburn Heartburn may persist at 13 weeks. This hateful burning sensation in the sternum provokes spicy and sour food. Skipping meals and replacing them with snacks adversely affect this symptom. It is necessary to eat the first courses and not to skip dinners.

Milk helps with heartburn. It significantly reduces the manifestation of symptoms and gently relieves the burning sensation.

Headaches Many women report headaches. They are similar to those observed during periods of high blood pressure.

Pain can occur with sudden changes in air temperature. Meteorological dependence is a common symptom of pregnancy. It is difficult to deal with this feature. Tablets are contraindicated and improvised means are ineffective. We can only advise you to walk more, sleep during the day, and not stay in one position for a long time.

Nausea Nausea may persist at this time. It is no longer so pronounced and mostly comes in the morning or when hunger is felt. Symptoms of nausea are well removed by snacking. Carry nuts, crackers, cookies, and seeds with you.

Vomiting no longer occurs and most of the provoking factors do not work. The sense of smell is not so sharpened. The aversion to food is gone.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

The second trimester is considered the easiest period of gestation. The stomach at this stage has not yet grown much. There is no discomfort in movement and during sleep. Most of the symptoms of toxicosis disappear and the woman feels a new surge of strength. You can just enjoy your position and start preparing for motherhood.

“Keep enjoying your position! Take pictures of the belly, pick up a new wardrobe for yourself and your baby, and look for a crib and other accessories.”

13 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Identification of deviations in development

It is now possible to diagnose Down syndrome or Edwards syndrome. Heart problems are detected: defects, tachycardia, and so on.

Assessment of the condition of the uterus and placenta

The length of the uterus is about 12 cm and the width is 7 cm. The bottom reaches the upper border of the womb. Determined tone and blood flow. The placenta is formed and functioning.

Estimated due date

The date of birth is set according to the level of development of internal organs, the maturation of the nervous system, the formation of sexual characteristics, etc.


If a woman has already managed to register with a doctor, then she should have undergone a mandatory first screening. It is prescribed at 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Ultrasound during this period is a fairly informative method of examination. It allows you to predict a lot and evaluate the development of the fetus.

13 week pregnancy ultrasound

Any diagnoses that the doctor tells you about may not be confirmed later. Don’t panic and get depressed. Placenta previa, impaired blood flow, lack of oxygen, fetal growth retardation, abnormal fetal position – all of these can be temporary.

Many gynecologists give such diagnoses to play it safe and put the pregnant woman into preservation. More serious ultrasound diagnoses are likely to be more unambiguous. Significant anomalies are difficult to dispute.

Your Body

Weight gain may be observed as a result of stabilization of well-being and normalization of appetite in the second trimester. The woman is noticeably rounded, the stomach is visualized, and the hips are expanding. The old wardrobe is no longer relevant. Favorite jeans do not fasten and shoes become cramped.

The breast changes its size and appearance. The mammary glands are enlarged and very sensitive. The nipples change their shape and color, becoming rougher and darker.

The skin on the abdomen is slightly stretched. It is worth starting to take care of her future appearance. Use creams with coconut oil. After a shower and scrub, care products are applied to the steamed skin with massaging movements. This will reduce the risk of stretch marks.

Pigmentation may appear on the face. This is a common symptom during pregnancy. Often increased hair on the body. Especially on the limbs.

Belly size & Health Conditions

The size of the abdomen begins to increase. There are no specific rules in this case. Every woman has her parameters. The belly will be more noticeable in initially thin women. Pregnant women with a more dense physique will still be able to hide their position for some time.

There is a noticeable stripe on the abdomen from the navel to the pubis. This is a specific sign of pregnancy. The navel is slightly modified. The general health and well-being of a pregnant woman at the 13th week should be good. Toxicosis mostly passed and all its unpleasant symptoms too. The woman feels much better.

The emotional stability of the expectant mother is being established. There are no such strong hormonal surges and there are no mood swings. Immunity is now not as much reduced as in the first trimester. The risk of getting sick is greatly reduced.

13 Weeks is How Many Months?

Embryonic week 13 is approximately 3 months and 1 week of pregnancy. Now it’s already 15 weeks of obstetric terms. The expected date of delivery will be counted by your doctor according to the obstetric period from the moment of the last menstruation.

The fetus grows and develops rapidly. He is no longer in danger in the second trimester. A well-formed placenta that reliably protects your baby.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

The life of a pregnant woman is getting better at the beginning of the second trimester. The body is already well adapted to its position. Major transformations within the body have taken place. Now you need to tune in to the positive and enjoy your status. You can start to solve some household and work issues.

Some tips for 13th week:

Start changing your wardrobeWe recommend getting things that can be worn after childbirth: wide T-shirts, oversized sweaters, stretch leggings. It is not necessary to go to a maternity store and buy specialized outfits. They are not very attractive and expensive.

Change shoesGive preference to soft leather shoes without a heel. This will keep your feet healthy and unload the veins. Avoid artificial leather and lacquer.

Don’t dye your hair and cut down on makeupHair coloring is a very toxic process. It is better to postpone it for the period after childbirth if it is not critical. Don’t wear a ton of makeup on yourself. Reduce the number of interactions with household products.

Regulate the water-salt balanceDrinking water during pregnancy should be plentiful. Drink at least 1.5 liters of pure water per day. Reduce your intake of pickled foods and other salty foods.

Eat fresh foodTry to eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. Do not eat foods with questionable expiration dates. Cook every day without leaving dinner for tomorrow. Remember that reheated food is dead food.

Stay positiveThe difficult period of gestation is over. The second trimester is the easiest. Now we need to stay positive as much as possible. This will certainly have a positive effect on the development of your baby.

There are tons of new tips and advice during pregnancy. But no one except you will understand what exactly is important now.

Your well-being should not be burdened by any external influences. Now is the time to do it if you haven’t managed to avoid toxic people yet. Surround yourself with people who think positively and are optimistic. Pregnant women need support from loved ones and not in condemnation, squabbles, and conflicts.

Important Checklist

  • Change your wardrobe and shoes
  • Take care of skin health
  • Eat right and varied
  • Drink more pure water
  • Relax and enjoy the position
  • Avoid negativity and stress

The health and proper development of the unborn child depend entirely on you. Now the baby reacts to any emotional outbursts of the mother. He can hear screams and react sensitively to stress. Take care of yourself and thus you will save your child.

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