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16 Weeks Pregnant

The expectant mother at the 16th week of pregnancy feels great. It blooms, filled with energy and positive. Toxicosis has passed, a good appetite has appeared, and no negative symptoms are tormented. The second trimester is in full swing and soon you will be able to feel the most magical thing that can happen during the gestation period – the baby moving.

Particularly sensitive women notice the first movements of their unborn child from the 16th fetal week. They are compared to the effect of fluttering butterflies. Feelings are specific and cannot be confused with something else. Most doctors believe that movements can be felt no earlier than 20 weeks. The fetus is now very well-formed and leads its active intrauterine life.

16 Weeks Baby Development

Almost half of the way has already been covered. A little more and you will constantly feel the movements of your baby. They will become so active that they can even interfere with the mother’s sleep. The child will protest the wrong position of the body or the heat, giving you signals with kicks.

The fruit is strong enough. Its parameters are visible on ultrasound. Significant progress in development is noticeable, which suggests that everything is going stably and without deviations.

It's The Size of Orange

The future baby at week 16 grew more significantly than in the past. Now its parameters are commensurate with an orange.

The uterus has grown significantly and has already moved into the abdominal cavity. The belly becomes visible.


How Heavy is it? 3.5 oz or 100 gr

Mom starts eating more. The fruit grows with noticeable intensity. The weight of the baby now is about 100 grams or 3.5 ounces.

This is 30 percent more than last week. Weight gain in future periods will be as stable as possible.

test image 3

Your Baby is 4.5 inch or 12 cm

The fetus has increased in length compared to the past slight growth inhibition. Now the length of the baby is 12 cm or 4.5 inches.

The body movements of the fetus are taking place more and more actively, which every week are more noticeable to the mother.

Lenght week 16

A well-developed and significantly grown fetus conducts active motor activity inside the womb. He moves his arms and legs, moves his body, and his head, and pushes off the walls of the placenta.

All parts of the baby’s body are quite developed: fingers with prints and nails are formed. You can see the feet, shoulders, neck, forehead, and chin stand out well. Facial features resemble those of a human. This is a full-fledged baby only a small size.

All active processes of vital activity pass inside the body of this little person. The main organs are working: liver, kidneys, heart, pancreas, etc. Vital systems are running: cardiovascular, nervous, excretory, digestive, and others.

BloodThe composition of the blood is drawn up, which includes: erythrocytes, lymphocytes, leukocytes, platelets, etc. There is “fetal” hemoglobin. It is possible to determine the blood group and Rhesus.

MusclesThe muscle system is improving every week. The kid moves and trains a lot. The muscles are getting stronger and the child can raise his head well, squeeze his arms, and move his legs. The facial muscles also work. The child grimaces and frowns, which can be easily seen on ultrasound.

IntestinesThe peristalsis of the intestine begins to work. It is formed, has a constant length, and the rectum and small intestine are developed. The first stool produced is meconium. It consists of intestinal epithelial cells and amniotic fluid.

GenitalsThe internal genital organs are formed. Outdoor already has differences in male and female types. It becomes easier to determine the sex on an ultrasound, provided that the baby does not hide it.

FaceFacial features become more prominent. Clear lines are visible between the nose, brow ridges, lips, and jaw. Reflex facial expressions and grimaces appear. The baby starts blinking. He can’t see anything yet, but the optic nerve responds well to light.

LimbsThe arms and legs of the child become more proportional to the body. The head no longer seems abnormally large. Appearance is transformed into a more human and harmonious one.

16 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Symptoms of the 16th week of pregnancy do not have a bright negative color. These are rather neutral symptoms of an interesting position of a woman.

The second trimester is characterized by a calm and stable course. The expectant mother fully enjoys her position and continues to lead her usual life. Sometimes there may be no symptoms at all that a woman could notice.

Breasts grow A woman's breasts are being prepared for lactation. Structural and external deformations of the mammary glands occur. In rare cases, there is a discharge from the chest similar to future colostrum. The chest is filled and remains sensitive.

The shape of the nipples and their color change. Halos darken and increase in size. The breast acquires more feminine features. There is an active preparation for feeding the unborn baby.

Glowing skin There could be problems with the skin of the face with previously observed hormonal surges. Now the situation is stabilizing. The face is clear and radiant. A beautiful blush appears good moisture and elasticity are noticeable.

Acne, peeling and other possible problems pass. The woman begins to look very attractive.

Baby kicks Particularly sensitive women may notice the first movements of the baby. They are barely perceptible but already quite frequent. It is believed that the mother can fix the movement of the baby not earlier than 20 weeks, but this is not always the case. The fact is that all children have their parameters of growth and development. Many are ahead of the generally accepted standards.

Each woman has her tactile sensitivity. She may well recognize the specific sensations of a "fluttering butterfly" as early as 15-16 weeks.

Shortness of breath Women at the 16th week of pregnancy with hurried walking feel severe shortness of breath. This symptom is likely to be present in everyone. There is a huge load on the cardiovascular system of the mother. Shortness of breath is a common manifestation in the second trimester.

It is recommended that when such a symptom appears, slow down a little, stop, and it is better to sit down. It is worth drinking water, catching your breath, and continuing moving at a more moderate pace.

Constipation Problems with the digestive system will accompany the pregnant woman for the entire gestation period. This is because there is a constant displacement of the internal organs, in which the intestines and stomach suffer the most.

The most common causes of constipation are malnutrition, poor bile function, exacerbation of previously existing chronic diseases of the digestive tract, and low water intake. Drink as much pure water as possible and eat right with plenty of fiber.

Forgetfulness The work of the brain of a pregnant woman is significantly reduced during the period of gestation. This is a scientifically proven fact. The decrease in the cognitive functions of expectant mothers is associated with a decrease in the amount of gray matter in the brain. All the work of the body is mostly tuned to bodily transformations.

Pregnant women often forget everything, remember information poorly, get confused, and become a little distracted and less assiduous.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

Many pregnancy symptoms make a woman even more attractive. A youthful blush on the cheeks, puffy lips, a slight weight gain, a certain clumsiness – all this gives a special charm. It is peculiar only to expectant mothers. There is something especially magical and very attractive in this.

The overall attractiveness of a woman grows hundreds of times with the appearance of a noticeable belly. You will watch as if everyone around wants to take care of you. It seems to happen on an instinctive level.

“Be prepared for your body to change a lot. These transformations should in no way affect your self-esteem.”

16 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Each pregnant woman will have her plan of examinations and tests. Inspection for ultrasound can be prescribed at 16 weeks of pregnancy. Most often, its mandatory period is 18 weeks.

Ultrasound examination is very informative in this period. Many deviations and pathologies can be identified.

Determining the condition and location of the placenta

The maturity of the placenta, its thickness, and fetal presentation are assessed. The work of the fetus-placenta-mother system is controlled.

Determination of fetal parameters

The circumference of the head, chest, and pelvis is recorded. The length of the shoulder and hip is measured.

Condition of the uterus

The cervix is examined, its condition and size (normally at least 30 mm). The internal os must be closed.

Sex determination

At 16 weeks, you can determine with maximum accuracy who you are expecting: a boy or a girl.


Whatever the data on ultrasound, they can be challenged. Never be upset in advance if you have been given a preliminary diagnosis. It can be canceled at a later inspection.

This is especially true for such diagnoses as placenta previa, impaired blood flow, lack of oxygen, IGR, or incorrect position of the fetus.

16 week pregnancy ultrasound

Do not panic and go to extremes. Everything has its solutions. Modern medicine has come a long way. Consult with your doctor, and if necessary, connect with other specialists. Pass all the necessary tests and do additional examinations.

Your Body

Every week it becomes more difficult to hide the visual signs of pregnancy. The uterus has already significantly increased in size and moved into the abdominal cavity. The belly starts to bulge and looser clothing will have to be worn to hide the pregnancy.

There may be a clear weight gain due to a significant increase in appetite. A woman’s body is rounded, her cheeks bulge and there are problems with the wardrobe.

Sometimes the legs may swell. This happens more often in the summer with long walks. This symptom leads to the need to wear wider shoes, perhaps even a size larger.

The appearance of a woman is changing mainly for the better. Hair becomes thicker, it looks more well-groomed, shiny, and elastic. The skin of the face is radiant and a pleasant blush appears. The lips are slightly enlarged and there is a sparkle in the eyes. The chest is still enlarged and it is noticeable to others.

Belly size & Health Conditions

The abdomen at week 16 is noticeably rounded. The uterus is located between the navel and the pubis. Expansion and compaction of this particular part of the abdomen are observed. If earlier gases could be considered the cause of some increase in the abdominal cavity, now it is a baby growing inside.

Your old clothes may no longer fit. It will be difficult to fasten the jeans on the stomach. I’ll have to change my wardrobe with an increase in hips.

The general health of the woman should be very good. Toxicosis has already passed. No nausea and vomiting. Painful sensations in the uterus should not be normal. There may still be some aching feelings. They are associated with the growth of the uterus and should not cause severe discomfort.

Pregnant women do not complain about health during the second trimester. The risk of infectious and viral diseases is reduced because immunity is normalized.

16 Weeks is How Many Months?

The term currently corresponds to 4 months of pregnancy. This is almost half of the way. A little more and you will look like an undeniable expectant mother. Now it’s the 16th week since conception. This is the embryonic period. This is the 18th week of the obstetric period.

You probably know the estimated date of birth, which may differ from the ultrasound data. You can keep your pregnancy calendar to keep track of the development of the fetus and the timing of childbirth.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

All tips and tricks in the 16th week remain the same. This period is almost the same as the previous and several subsequent ones. The most important thing is to never forget about proper nutrition and maintaining emotional stability. Your future baby feels everything that you feel.

List of tips and tricks:

Control your weight gainGood nutrition should not go beyond. No overeating. This threatens an abnormal increase in body weight. Regulate your weight. Its increase should be gradual. This will preserve the health of the fetus and the integrity of your skin.

Do some fun thingsGet ready for the birth of your baby. Look for a comfortable stroller and crib. Plan the interior of the children’s room. Choose bed linen and wardrobe for the newborn.

Skip hot showers and bathsTaking a hot bath is strictly prohibited. This may cause a miscarriage. Give preference to warm water and be careful with hygiene products.

Reduce the number of chemicals you useReduce chemical procedures: peels, perms, hair coloring, and the use of other chemicals. Temporarily remove household chemicals, especially those containing chlorine. The use of such drugs can adversely affect the fetus.

Start changing your wardrobeChoose your underwear carefully. It should be cotton and preferably without internal seams. Don’t buy lacy underwear and put your thongs in a long drawer. Their wearing is bad for the microflora of the vagina.

Keep movingLight exercise every day will help maintain body tone and prepare for future childbirth. Give preference to regular walks, swimming, and yoga. Keep your muscles active by constantly moving.

You can still be quite agile at 16 weeks pregnant as long as your belly doesn’t stick out too much. Organize this period in such a way as to fulfill all your plans as much as possible. Then you will constantly need someone’s help. There will come a time when you can’t even put on socks and shoes on your own.

Important Checklist

  • Keep a good frame of mind
  • Watch your weight gain
  • Do not skip meals
  • Drink enough water
  • Organize leisure time for a pregnant woman
  • Choose comfortable shoes and underwear
  • Keep your body in good shape

Every week you are getting closer to the birth of your baby. Try to prepare yourself for this event in advance. Attend courses on breastfeeding or caring for your baby. Get thematic literature and read articles on the Internet.

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