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17 Weeks Pregnant

A relative decrease in the rate of fetal development at the 17th week is characteristic. All organs are formed and function to a certain extent. There is no process of formation of new organs. The growth of the fetus is slightly slowed down. Body weight is steadily growing by 30-40 grams every week.

Almost half of the entire pregnancy has already passed. The belly is growing every day more and more. Some mothers can feel the movements of the fetus. His motor activity is increasing at an unprecedented pace.

The woman feels good. The second trimester is quite calm and stable. The emotional balance of the pregnant woman is restored. Strong physiological changes compared to previous weeks have not yet been observed.

17 Weeks Baby Development

The 17th week is characterized by a certain slowdown in fetal growth, stable weight gain, and an increase in muscle mass. Muscles get stronger and become more active. The baby moves his arms and legs and turns his head. Development is progressing at a moderate pace. There is no significant breakthrough in this period.

The work of all systems and organs is systematically improved. The fetus grows stronger and trains its physical activity more and more.

It's The Size of Avocado

The fetus at the 17th week is comparable in its parameters to a large avocado. The future baby is gaining in size at a moderate rate.

A little more and its viability will reach a maximum for the external environment.


How Heavy is it? 5 oz or 140 gr

Weight gain at 17 weeks is stable. Every week the fetus adds 30-40 grams. Now the weight of the baby is 140 grams or 5 ounces.

Soon the weight will reach an acceptable norm for life outside the womb.

test image 3

Your Baby is 5 inch or 13 cm

The fetus has grown 1 cm compared to last week. Now its length is 13 cm or 5 inches. This is already an impressive size compared to the first month.

The fetus grew tens of thousands of times. Further, the increase in its size will continue.

Lenght week 17

The fetus at 17 weeks has the appearance of a very small baby. The body acquires more and more harmonious proportions. The neck straightens a little, the head becomes a little smaller in comparison with the body. This change is due to the growth of the limbs. The arms and legs are fully formed and in proportion.

On the hands of 5 fingers with prints and already formed nails. The nails will grow and after childbirth, you can see how big they have become. Many babies are born with very long nails because there is no one to cut them in the womb. All organs and systems continue to function. Structural changes take place in the brain.

Jaws and teethAt 17 weeks the jaws are well-formed. The rudiments of molars appear under the milk teeth. A woman needs to provide her body with sufficient calcium intake.

SkinThe entire surface of the skin is covered with very fine fluff. A specific lubricant appears on the body that performs a protective function. This lubrication can persist after the birth of the baby. It has an extremely pleasant and very specific smell incomparable with anything else.

BrainAreas responsible for the perception of taste, sounds, and touch are formed in the brain. The departments responsible for vision are maturing. A baby at 17 weeks can respond to loud and sharp sounds. He begins to recognize his mother’s voice and hear her heartbeat.

Fat layerA thin layer of fat appears under the transparent skin of the fetus. It is very important for regulating heat transfer. The skin ceases to be transparent due to this layer of fat. Vessels are no longer translucent.

PlacentaWell-formed placenta. It has a thickness of at least 30 mm and is permeated with a dense network of blood vessels. The placenta supplies important nutrients and removes waste products.

MusclesThe most obvious change by the 17th week of pregnancy is an increase in the muscle mass of the fetus. The muscles of the back and neck, as well as the limbs, have become much stronger. The arms are usually slightly more active than the legs.

17 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Most of the likely symptoms of the 17th week of pregnancy are not pronounced negative. Women feel good and do not complain about their condition. The stability of the second trimester of pregnancy is its main advantage.

The appearance of this or that symptomatology at a given time will depend on the degree of the well-being of gestation. Everything should be normal if the process is not burdened with chronic or other diseases.

Pregnancy dreams Women in positions very often begin to have pregnancy dreams. They see themselves with a big belly and feel movements. Sometimes they have dreams in which they have already given birth and are feeding their baby. Dreams are mostly very vivid. Often with tactile and other impressions.

Many women during this period may have nightmares. This is due to the increased anxiety of the woman and her concern for the future.

Morning sickness Morning sickness may persist at 17 weeks. It appears immediately after waking up. Sometimes it can persist throughout the day. This symptom provokes severe hunger, stuffiness, and overeating.

Try to always carry a snack with you. The process of chewing relieves the feeling of nausea. Drink plenty of water and don’t stay indoors for long periods. Have breakfast on time.

Heartburn Burning in the sternum is a common occurrence during the gestation period. It is caused by changes in the mother’s body that put pressure on the stomach. Heartburn can also occur due to hormonal imbalances.

Suppression of symptoms of heartburn should be special harmless drugs. Regular milk works well. It significantly reduces the manifestation of symptoms and alleviates the condition of the woman.

Fatigue Pregnant women often and very quickly get tired despite the general uplift of the “fighting” spirit. Recovery will be difficult if you do not sleep during the day. Any kind of activity is very tiring for a woman. It is difficult for her to perform even the most ordinary daily rituals: make the bed, and cook dinner.

Severe fatigue is associated with a significant increase in energy costs. Eat as varied as possible with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Stretch marks Stretch marks are breaks in the skin that form scars. Experts cite hormonal imbalance and stretching of the skin as the main causes of stretch marks. The best way to deal with this cosmetic defect is prevention.

Strictly control weight gain. It is a sharp jump in body weight that causes a strong tension in the skin and its ruptures. Always lubricate the skin with special creams and oils. Cocoa butter and coconut oil are the most effective.

Backache Back pain can appear on the 17th week. This is due to the beginning of the shift of the center of gravity. The uterus is enlarged and displaced into the abdominal cavity. The internal organs change their position and the spine slightly bends. All these changes provoke pain.

Sometimes pinched nerves can occur. This is also an unpleasant symptom expressed in pain. Try to lead an active lifestyle. Go to the pool or do yoga for pregnant women.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

Keep a close eye on your symptoms throughout the gestation period. They must not go beyond what is permitted. Normally, there are no such symptoms: bleeding, very severe pain in the abdomen, vomiting, lack of appetite, or the presence of severe bruises on the body.

Any ambiguous manifestations during the gestation period should be alarming. It is worth playing it safe and consulting with a doctor. A woman in such a situation is most often sent to the hospital for preservation.

“Completely trust your doctor who manages the pregnancy. Start looking for an obstetrician-gynecologist with whom you will give birth.”

17 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Scheduled ultrasound at 17 weeks is not provided. Other dates may be scheduled if the timing of this examination has gone astray. An ultrasound examination allows you to assess how much the baby has grown, how it has changed in appearance, and in what condition it is.

Measurement of fetal parameters

Fetometry of the fetus: BPR (32–42 mm), LZ (41–49 mm), OG (112–136 mm), OB (121–149 mm).

The femur (20–28 mm), humerus (15–21 m), forearm bones (15–18 mm), and lower leg bones (15–21 mm).

Work of the heart

The heart rate should not exceed 160 beats per minute.

Examination of the placenta and amniotic fluid

Examine the placenta, its location, and its thickness. The volume of amniotic fluid should be at least 100 ml.


You can determine the gender of the child in addition to all of the above parameters. Now the primary sexual characteristics are well developed. The external genitalia is formed.

If the baby inside the mother does not squeeze the legs, then you can easily determine who is to be expected: a boy or a girl.

17 week pregnancy ultrasound

Keep in mind that you may have your ultrasound plan. It will depend on the characteristics of the course of pregnancy. There are mandatory norms and there are additional examinations. Ultrasound results are not an accurate diagnosis. It is necessary to conduct additional examinations and take tests to confirm the results.

Your Body

The woman has already passed the main path of internal transformations. Now is the time for external transformation. There is a gradual but already noticeable increase in the abdomen. Significantly increases the weight of a woman. All shapes are rounded: legs, arms, reeds, cheeks.

Pregnant women at this time are already significantly changing visually. Others will ask questions about appearance because it is difficult not to notice the transformation. The face becomes clearer and more radiant. Acne disappears as it was before. Sometimes there may be some foci of pigmentation.

Hair is significantly transformed and becomes elastic, shiny, and silky. Hair growth accelerates during gestation. Significantly increased length. The width of the pelvis becomes larger. The usual wardrobe is no longer suitable. You can also notice the thickening of the fingers. Pregnant women often stop wearing rings because they are too small for them.

Belly size & Health Conditions

The parameters of the growth of the abdomen will be monitored by the doctor at the appointment each time. These data are extremely individual because initially, all women come with their specific weight. There are no clear norms for the growth of the abdomen.

The shape of the abdominal cavity changes. The health of the expectant mother at the 17th week of pregnancy should be good. There is no reason to feel bad. There are only a few likely symptoms: back pain, heartburn, and fatigue.

Normally, there should be no other negative manifestations. Mental health is also stable. A woman in high spirits, she is mostly calm and balanced.

17 Weeks is How Many Months?

The period under consideration corresponds to the 19th obstetric week of pregnancy. This is the 17th embryonic week. By simple calculations, now 4 months and 1 week of pregnancy.

The term future births are most often counted from the day of the last menstruation. Ultrasound will help to slightly adjust the estimated date. The doctor will give a more accurate date on the parameters of the development and growth of the fetus. Keep your pregnancy diary, note the symptoms and your impressions there.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

General recommendations for pregnant women at the 17th week are almost the same as in the past. It is also worth paying special attention to nutrition, physical activity, and emotional state. The main principle of all recommendations is not to harm yourself and the child. It is better to give up extreme sports.

Some tips from us:

Be flexibleGradually accustom yourself to smooth movements. Caution never hurt anyone. Try not to sit down or stand up abruptly. Walk more slowly and be more measured in everything.

Comfortable shoesTake care of your health and buy comfortable shoes. It should not compress and press down the vessels so that good blood circulation remains. This will significantly reduce the risk of varicose veins.

Natural cosmeticsStay beautiful and give preference to natural cosmetics. It is better to choose mineral-based powder and blush if there is no allergy to organic components in the composition. Use oils instead of creams.

More fiberEat plenty of fruits and cereals to normalize digestion. This will help reduce the risk of constipation and other digestive disorders. Keep track of the ratio of healthy and unhealthy food. The first should be as prevalent as possible.

Physical activityWhile the size of the abdomen allows you to do exercises, stretches, and light exercises. Visit the pool if possible. Physical activity will help keep the body in good shape, which will facilitate the process of childbirth.

No bad habitsIt is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol. It is better to quit smoking forever. The harm from nicotine is comparable to the harm from drugs. Avoid fast food and other junk food. Get enough sleep and control your rest schedule.

Do not take advice as the truth in the first instance. They should not push you into the scope of duties. It is always a free and personal choice. Many recommendations may not be suitable for health reasons or other principles. Learn to dose the advice received and filter out those that do not suit you personally.

Important Checklist

  • Be careful
  • Do not forget about proper nutrition
  • Maintain hygiene and limit chemicals
  • Keep your body in good shape
  • Take care of the health of your feet and skin
  • Drink enough water

Your position should always take precedence. Work, family affairs, and other troubles should not come first. Remember that you are now responsible not only for yourself but also for the future baby.

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