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18 Weeks Pregnant

A woman at the 18th week already feels the presence of the baby well. His movements are becoming more active every day. The unborn child grows and develops gradually gaining body weight. The larger the baby becomes, the more clearly it is felt by the mother.

The state of health of a pregnant woman at this time is excellent. There are no unpleasant or painful symptoms. The state of the nervous system is balanced. There is a rise in mood and a surge of energy. The belly is already growing and quite noticeable but does not yet interfere with the woman’s activity. She copes with a large number of domestic problems on her own.

Behind the first symptoms, toxicosis and many experienced emotions. Ahead of the active growth of the baby, his first strong shocks, a 3D image, and childbirth.

18 Weeks Baby Development

The development and growth of the fetus at the 18th week are stable. Strong jumps are not observed. The parameters of the baby increase gradually observing a certain interval.

Muscles and bones get stronger. Motor activity increases and soon the movements will become an integral part of the mother’s life. All organs and systems work in the same rhythm as last week. The most vital mechanisms are being improved.

It's The Size of Beet

The fetus at the 18th week looks like a large beet. The uterus grows at the same rate as the baby grows.

Sufficient space must be provided for him to move and change position.


How Heavy is it? 6.5 oz or 170 gr

Stable and proper nutrition of the mother provides the fetus with all the necessary substances.

It is important not to overdo it with pastries, sweets, and fatty foods. It provokes abnormal weight gain. Now the weight of the fetus is 170 grams or 6.5 ounces.

test image 3

Your Baby is 5.5 inch or 14 cm

The fetus has grown a little compared to last week. Now its length is 14 cm or 5.5 inches.

This is 5% more than at the 17th week. All parameters are relative and are not a strict norm.

Lenght week 18

The baby has well-developed all parts of the body at the 18th week. They are proportionate and harmoniously built. The limbs are no longer in such a strong tone. Gaining strength of the muscular frame. The movements of the baby are becoming more diverse and active. The arms and legs are not pressed against the body and perform many actions.

The head is well proportioned. It gradually increases in size naturally corresponding to the growth of the body. The neck is visible, it is slightly elongated and the fetus can move its head well. All facial features of the baby are drawn. Eyes, ears, nose, chin, and forehead are visible. The unborn child has acquired a fully human appearance.

GenitalsAll the genital organs of the unborn child are fully formed. Inside are the uterus or prostate gland. Sex cells are formed. All primary sexual characteristics are formalized externally. The genitals are visible and the sex of the child can be determined.

Brain – The volume of the head is growing. Structural changes occur in the brain. The development of the departments responsible for vision, hearing, memory, and emotions begins.

EyesWhile the baby does not see, the eyes are already formed. They are covered with eyelids on which eyelashes are visible. The optic nerve is developing and the fetus can already respond to light. Reflex blinking occurs.

ThymusIt is on the 18th week that the period of morphological maturity of the thymus gland, the thymus, begins. This is a very important organ that provides communication between the endocrine and immune systems. The thymus is very important in fighting viruses and infections.

Digestive systemThe organs of the gastrointestinal tract are developed and function in utero. The gallbladder already produces bile and enzymes are secreted in the pancreas. Peristalsis is developing. The baby sometimes opens its mouth and swallows amniotic fluid. It trains the digestive and excretory systems.

SkinThe integuments of the skin are still thin and strewn with fine fluff. A fatty layer appears. It allows for regulating heat transfer and makes the skin less transparent.

18 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The general health of the mother at the 18th week of pregnancy is quite good. There are no negative symptoms that would cause severe discomfort. Some possible manifestations at this time are not mandatory. Most pregnant women do not complain about sympathy at all.

Now is the most prosperous time if gestation is not burdened by exacerbated chronic diseases. All unusual and very striking symptoms should be discussed with the doctor at the appointment.

Problems sleeping Sometimes women at this time begin to sleep worse. They go to bed late and wake up often. The most common cause of such disorders is fetal movement. The biorhythms of mother and child are not synchronized, the motor activity of the fetus is constant and does not depend on the time of day.

The baby may be too active at night, which wakes the woman up. The second likely cause of sleep disturbances may be nightmares.

Edema Fluid stagnation is most often observed in the legs: the area of the ankles and feet. Sometimes you may notice that the hands swell, especially the fingers. Rarely appear morning swelling on the face.

Especially strong fluid stagnation is manifested in the hot period after long walks. Old shoes can become tight due to constantly swollen feet. Regulate water-salt metabolism and do relaxing foot baths.

Leg cramps Muscle cramps can appear at any stage of pregnancy, and the 18th week is no exception. Seizures occur most often in the evening or at night. They appear on the legs.

The main cause of seizures is the lack of essential trace elements in the body. These include calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron. Balance your diet and take a vitamin complex.

Blood pressure A common symptom during the gestation period is hypertension. This manifestation most often occurs in those who were initially prone to high blood pressure.

Pressure control is carried out at each appointment with a doctor. You need to know exactly what indicators are the norm for you so that the doctor does not make an incorrect diagnosis.

Headaches The appearance of headaches can be triggered by pressure or other reasons. There may be a violation of blood flow or a pinched nerve.
Sometimes a sedentary lifestyle and stagnation of blood can cause pain in the head. Medication intake during pregnancy is limited, so you should try harmless methods: sleep, shower, and walks.

Stretch marks Stretch marks are inevitable. They can be prevented or reduced as much as possible. Prevention in this case is the surest way to deal with a defect.

Provide your diet with omega fatty acids to minimize scarring. Lubricate the skin with cocoa butter or special creams. This should be done from the very beginning of pregnancy and regularly.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

Most women are only interested in external consequences and cosmetic defects after pregnancy. Be more relaxed about it. Changes in appearance are inevitable. Your body will change. Such are the sacrifices of the birth of a child. Those who did not control their diet during the gestation period will change especially strongly.

The main thing is that there are no other symptoms that can harm the fetus. These include severe and sharp pain, poor discharge, bleeding, viruses, and infections. Everything else is of absolutely no importance.

“Be prepared mentally for the fact that your body will change a lot. This will help to more calmly survive all the deformations.”

18 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

It’s time for the second mandatory screening. Perhaps by the 18th week, you have already done not 2 but more ultrasound examinations. All this is impossible to predict. Each doctor himself determines the need for this method.

You can see a lot of things and make very important conclusions about the development of this period on ultrasound.

Data on fetal parameters

BPR (37–47 mm), LZ (49–59 mm), OG (131–161 mm.), OZH (104 -144 mm.). The femur (23–31 mm), humerus (15–21 mm), forearm bones (17–23 mm), and lower leg bones (23–31 mm).

Fixation of physical activity

The child rubs his eyes, yawns, and twitches his limbs. The mimic muscles of the fetus are actively working.

Condition of the placenta

The placenta reaches the first degree of maturity. Its thickness is not less than 30 mm.


Ultrasound is not a dangerous procedure for the fetus. Without a serious need, it is better not to go through it, especially in the early stages of pregnancy.

You can always refuse such a method if you consider it inappropriate at a certain period of your pregnancy. The same applies to examination on the gynecological chair. You have the right to refuse this event.

18 week pregnancy ultrasound

Any ultrasound results can be refuted or confirmed by additional examinations. Do not panic when you hear the diagnosis. There is time to soberly evaluate everything and visit another specialist to control it.

Your Body

You will notice major changes in your body from the middle of your pregnancy. Now the stomach sticks out not strongly but appreciably.

There was an increase of 4–5 kg compared to the initial body weight. These are relative indicators because everyone’s appetite is different, as is the diet. Some women by this time are gaining as much as 10 kg. Weight gain is monitored regularly at a doctor’s appointment. Too sharp changes in body weight will provoke the appearance of stretch marks.

The woman’s breasts are enlarged and have external differences. Nipples stretch a little and become rougher and darker. The load on the spine increases and the woman’s gait may change. There is a shift in the center of gravity. The uterus is located not in the small pelvis but the abdominal cavity. There is a displacement of all organs and pressure on the lumbar spine.

Belly size & Health Conditions

The volume of the abdomen is controlled at the appointment with the gynecologist at each new visit. The dynamics of an increase in the size of the abdomen should be carried out by a doctor based on reasonable considerations. The initial volumes of a woman’s abdomen can be large, and this should be taken into account in the assessment of new parameters.

The belly of each pregnant woman will have its forms. In some, it is more round and grows around the waist. In others, it increases from top to bottom, strongly propping up the woman’s stomach.

The state of health of a pregnant woman at the 18th week should be normal. There are no serious and unpleasant symptoms for a long time. Some possible manifestations may seem insignificant to a woman.

There is no hormonal imbalance. This contributes to the normalization of the emotional sphere. Immunity is not weakened and the risk of getting sick is significantly reduced. May occasionally appear: heartburn, headaches, pressure, and slight lack of sleep.

18 Weeks is How Many Months?

Now there is the 20th week of pregnancy according to obstetric terms. It is counted from the date of the last menstruation. In embryonic terms, this is the 18th week. It corresponds to 4 months and 2 weeks of pregnancy from the moment of conception.

The second mandatory screening may slightly adjust the estimated gestation period. Ultrasound data will show compliance with the growth and development of the baby. Then it will be more precisely clear how many months the fetus is.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

All possible advice and recommendations in 18 months correspond to the previously passed terms. This is proper nutrition, the absence of bad habits, and drinking plenty of water.

The only thing that can change at this time is the appearance of some unpleasant diagnosis. In such a situation, a clear plan and recommendations from a doctor are needed.

Key tips for expectant mothers:

Increase your knowledgeGet ready for the future of motherhood. Attend courses for pregnant women, and read special manuals and articles on the Internet. Replenish the information stock with new knowledge.

Watch your urinationGo to the toilet as soon as the urge arises. Avoid stagnant urine. It can provoke the development of an infection. Drink plenty of clean water. The kidneys are now working in an enhanced mode and they need help.

Caution in movementsTrain and prepare for the appearance of a big belly. Remain accurate and careful in your movements. Let them be smooth, not sharp and predictable. Sit down slowly, and get up slowly too. This will reduce blood flow to the head and prevent dizziness.

Sleep during the dayThe need for adequate sleep is increasing every day. Enter the rest time and do not be ashamed of the fact that you are tired. Daytime sleep will help restore strength and energy costs.

Carry on with your normal lifeYou don’t need to drastically change your lifestyle. Go to a meeting with friends. Don’t quit your job for early maternity leave. Walk and do household chores as long as your belly size allows.

Wear comfortable clothesBuy only comfortable clothes that will not restrict your movements. Choose your underwear carefully. It should not provoke violations of the microflora of the vagina. It is better to buy seamless underwear made of cotton fabric.

Advice to pregnant women at any time is only advisory. They may not be used as they are optional. Any woman in a position herself has the right to decide how to act in a given situation. We can think for a long time about what a pregnant woman should or should not do. The choice is always yours.

Important Checklist

  • Move smoothly and carefully
  • Eat as healthy as possible
  • Enjoy life
  • Wear comfortable underwear
  • Don’t skip doctor visits

Passed almost half of the entire path of pregnancy. Ahead is not the most difficult but significant stage. The belly will grow and your activity will decrease. Take advantage of what you can do on your own.

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