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19 Weeks Pregnant

Almost half of the entire gestation period has passed. Now is a fairly calm time when a woman feels good, is not limited physically, and is cheerful in spirit. The belly is not yet very large and the pregnant woman is not constrained in her movements and choice of activities.

The unborn child grows at a moderate pace and develops according to the natural genetic plan. He is already very mobile and active. Biorhythms are not yet synchronized with the mother’s and often the baby practices his movements at night. Sometimes it interferes with the expectant mother’s sleep.

The baby’s pushes will gradually become more noticeable and it will be possible to track his condition by activity. A little more time will pass and you can feel the movements of the child and his hiccups.

19 Weeks Baby Development

A miles jump in growth and changes in parameters at the turn of 18-19 weeks of pregnancy are not observed. The fetus increases gradually in the usual rhythm.

The strengthening of the muscular frame and skeleton continues. The internal organs are formed and slowly grow with the baby.

The work of all vital systems is being established. The fetus is very well seen on ultrasound, which allows you to control its growth and development.

It's The Size of Sweet Potato

The fetus at the 19th week is commensurate with a sweet potato. These are already significant dimensions that are well felt by the mother.

A woman feels a slight “flutter” inside herself with every turn or push. Sometimes it’s even ticklish.

Sweet Potato

How Heavy is it? 8 oz or 225 gr

The future baby has gained a lot of weight over the past week. Now, this parameter is 225 grams or 8 ounces.

This is over 20% more than it was at the 19th week of pregnancy.

test image 3

Your Baby is 6 inch or 15 cm

The total length of the fetus at the 19th week is 15 cm or 6 inches. This parameter has steadily increased by 1 cm or 0.5 inch.

Then there will be a small growth spurt and then again there will be constancy in the increase in length.

Lenght week 19

Strong changes in the development of parts of the child’s body have not yet been observed. Everything is about the same level as it was in the 18th week.

All parts of the body grow proportionally. The ratio of the sizes of the head, torso, and limbs is as harmonious as possible. There is a set of mass mainly due to muscle growth. The baby is growing stronger and rapidly developing on the way to adaptation to the outside world.

All internal organs are formed. They function in the usual intrauterine rhythm. There is a gradual preparation for their full-fledged work.

The establishment of interconnections of all systems and organs at this stage of development continues. The circulatory, nervous, excretory, and digestive systems work well. The process of the endocrine system is launched.

IntestinesThe digestive system is completing its formation. Meconium is formed in the intestines. It will completely come out at the birth of the child.

SkinEvery week the skin becomes stronger. A fatty layer appears and transparency disappears. Now the surface of the body is covered with a specific lubricant that protects the baby’s body from infections.

LungsThere is an active development of the lung even though it is too early for the baby to breathe oxygen. Bronchioles form. These are the smallest branches in the bronchi.

BrainThe parts of the brain that are responsible for touch, taste, and smell develop. Now the baby can taste amniotic fluid, and respond to loud sounds and bright lights.

Bones and musclesThe bone apparatus and muscles continue to develop at week 19. There is a process of mineralization of milk teeth and laying of permanent ones. The need for calcium is increasing.

Hair and nailsHair can actively grow on the baby’s head if there are genetic prerequisites for this. Density and growth are hereditary indicators. A child can be born with almost no hair or already with very long hair. Nails are formed and grow at their own pace.

19 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Soon there will be an “equator” of gestation. This suggests that the main stages of adaptation of the female body to its position have passed. There is no hormonal imbalance and unpleasant symptoms. The general health of the pregnant woman should be very good. No breakdown was present in the early stages.

The 19th week may be accompanied by some symptoms that pregnant women often complain about. Their list is not a mandatory norm of this period. These manifestations may not be felt by a woman.

Leg cramps Manifestations of muscle spasms can be at any period of gestation. Seizures most often begin at night. This is a very unpleasant symptom that is difficult to deal with.

The main reason for this phenomenon is the lack of trace elements in the mother’s body. The deficient elements include potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron. Doctors prescribe a complex of vitamins or specific trace elements as a food supplement.

Lower back and abdominal pain The abdomen at the 19th week was quite rounded. Pain in the lower back and lower abdomen may be felt. The cause of such pain is the tension of the ligaments that support the growing uterus. These sensations will be especially intense during the growth spurt.

There is no point in fighting such pain because it will soon pass. Most painkillers are contraindicated during pregnancy.

Dizziness Dizziness may occur with sudden and careless movements. They are most often associated with a strong rush of blood to the brain. The woman feels she is losing her balance at this moment. There is a risk of falling, so you should immediately sit down and drink water.

You should not be left alone to ensure dizziness. Always go somewhere with an escort. Do not make sudden ups and downs.

High appetite The growth and development of the child in the womb are going at an unprecedented pace. This takes a lot of resources. More often there is a feeling of hunger and the woman’s appetite increases. A pregnant woman absorbs food in very large portions. This can lead to unwanted weight gain.

It is worth approaching food intake rationally. The main thing is not the amount of food consumed, but its qualitative composition. Eat fractionally dosing each meal. Do not consume empty calories in the form of fast food and sweets.

Changes of skin Pigmentation may increase under the action of hormones at 19 weeks. The dark stripe on the abdomen becomes more and more distinct. Separate foci of pigmentation on the face may appear. They are difficult to eliminate. It is worth waiting a bit and after giving birth to visit a beautician. Aggressive methods of dealing with pigmentation can harm during the gestation stage.

Some women notice an improvement in their skin condition. She becomes clean and radiant.

Stuffy nose Rhinitis in pregnant women can appear at any time. Mucosal edema is not associated with infectious or viral diseases. The woman has difficulty breathing and cannot help herself in the usual ways.

Vasoconstrictor drugs are banned and harmless nasal lavage will only aggravate the situation. The cause of such nasal congestion may be hormonal surges.

All Pregnancy Symptoms   

If for some reason you didn’t get screened at week 18, you can do it now. There will be no significant changes.

Ultrasound at this time is designed to determine possible anomalies or pathologies of fetal development. The main measurements of growth parameters are made and the stages of development of the baby are traced.

Bone Options

Femur 26–34 mm, Humerus 23–31 mm, Forearm bones 20–26 mm, Lower leg bones 23–31 mm.

Exclusion of possible pathologies

The presence or absence of CNS pathologies is diagnosed: fetal hydrocephalus, and spina bifida.

Examination of the placenta

Determine the thickness, location, and structure of the placenta.


The data obtained after the examination will be sent to your doctor.

The gynecologist will decide on hospitalization, or an additional examination if there are any questions.

Many pre-set diagnoses often turn out to be erroneous.

19 week pregnancy ultrasound

Do not panic in advance when you see the results of an ultrasound. Possible negative forecasts may not be confirmed by additional examinations. Follow your doctor’s recommendations. Consult with another specialist if necessary.

Your Body

Every week you will notice how the body changes. Gradual weight gain is normal. There should not be strong jumps. Women increase their weight by about 5–6 kg by the 19th week of pregnancy. These figures can vary significantly. Some manage to gain as much as 10 kg or only 3-4 kg.

A set of body weight is already very noticeable outwardly. Female features are rounded. Her cheeks appear, her arms grow fat, and her hips expand. Clothes become small and there is a need to change the wardrobe.

Increased swelling of the extremities is noticeable. Stagnation of fluid is observed in the ankles and feet. Sometimes the fingers are very swollen and it is impossible to wear a wedding or other rings. There is intense hair growth. They change visually, becoming thicker and more elastic. The chest is enlarged and the nipples are slightly elongated. Preparations are underway for future lactation.

Belly size & Health Conditions

The girth of the abdomen is controlled by the doctor at each appointment. A diary of pregnancy parameters is kept. These data will be completely individual for each woman. There are no established norms for the size of the abdomen. There are only norms of dynamics.

The belly is visually rounded and pregnancy can no longer be hidden. Everyone has their belly shape. The abdominal cavity becomes more rounded, and the stomach supports the stomach, increasing more towards the top.

The state of health of the woman at the 19th week is very good. She is cheerful and active. There are only a few symptoms that cause mild discomfort: possible cramps, short-term pain in the abdomen and back, and occasional dizziness.

The emotional state of the pregnant woman at this time is quite safe. There are no sudden mood swings, tearfulness, and irascibility. The woman arrives in a good mood and high spirits.

19 Weeks is How Many Months?

19 weeks have passed since the alleged conception. This is 4 months and 3 weeks pregnant. This period is called embryonic. Now it is already 21 weeks of pregnancy according to the obstetric term. It is from the moment of the last menstruation that doctors most often count the date of future births.

Many people confuse embryonic and obstetric terms. Ultrasound data will help to more accurately recognize the present term and adjust the expected date of birth.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

All the advice and recommendations that are given at this time practically do not differ from the past. It is still worth paying special attention to nutrition, adding to it a complex of vitamins and minerals. Do not thoughtlessly take any drugs because an excess of vitamins is also harmful.

Tips at 19 weeks pregnant:

Plan your baby’s wardrobeChoose the first clothes for the baby. Give preference to neutral shades. This will allow you not to depend on the sex of the future newborn. Go shopping and enjoy it.

Drink enough waterA bottle of water should be with you at all times. This is a lifeline for dizziness. It is necessary to stabilize water-salt metabolism and maintain balance in the body.

Change your wardrobe rationallyDo not buy a large number of specialized clothes for pregnant women. It is too expensive and may no longer be useful. Look for loose-fitting, stretchy, and comfortable clothing that you can wear after childbirth.

Be more measuredDon’t rush anywhere. Learn to walk slowly and make smooth movements. This will help to avoid unnecessary stress and unwanted injuries. Be careful and attentive on the road and at home.

Communicate with your babyStart building communication with your baby. He is already able to recognize sounds and even respond to your voice. Talk to him, stroke his stomach, turn on music for him, and look only at the beautiful.

Don’t OverworkTry not to burden yourself with unnecessary housework. Be sure to inform your employer about your situation if you have not yet gone on maternity leave. Do not strive for high achievements and processing. Be calm and a little more indifferent.

Be sure to sift through all the tips and tricks for your own needs. You should not persist if you understand that you are not able to follow the rules invented by someone. Always start from your own beliefs and well-being.

Remember that the main thing is not to harm your child! Everything you do now must be safe for both. This is uncompromising advice that will suit absolutely everyone!

Important Checklist

  • Get a pillow for pregnant women
  • Change your wardrobe rationally
  • Eat more fruits, vegetables, and berries
  • Don’t torture yourself with diets
  • Talk to the baby
  • Drink plenty of clean water

Almost halfway done. A woman feels the joy of future motherhood. A positive attitude is a guarantee of successful delivery. You can safely look for a doctor for childbirth and choose a wardrobe for the unborn child. All the fuss should be pleasant and not deliver negativity. Get ready for the long-awaited event in advance.

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