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2 Weeks Pregnant

The first two weeks of pregnancy are the least noticeable for women. You can suspect your new condition only after a delay in menstruation. A woman does not feel her position in the second week of pregnancy. There are no noticeable symptoms. Many future mothers do not even assume that life is born in them.

There are obstetric terms for pregnancy and embryonic. Depending on what report you will keep, you can talk about the state of pregnancy. Now there is a fixation of the fetal egg in the uterus and the beginning of the development of the embryo if we talk about the second embryonic week.

The first trimester of pregnancy is the most responsible and important. The health status of a woman and her lifestyle directly affect the development of the fetus.

2 Weeks Baby Development

We can already talk about the appearance of the embryo at this time. The fertilized egg has developed from a zygote into a blastocyst. It is initially attached to the mucous layer of the uterus and then implanted into it. This process can take up to 40 hours. The blastocyst is gradually overgrown with a layer of the endometrium.

The embryo in the second week of pregnancy looks like a bulge in the uterine cavity. Precisely determining pregnancy is still difficult.

What Size is it?

The embryo is still very small. You can’t see it on an ultrasound. This method of examination will be appropriate after some time.

We can only say about the successful start of ovulation and possible fertilization.

2nd week of pregnancy size

How Heavy is it?

It is currently impossible to determine the weight of the embryo. It is much less than 1 g.

Such parameters have not yet been studied. A little more time will pass and the size of the embryo will become perceptible for an ultrasound examination.

test image 3

Your Baby is
Super Tiny

The embryo is still too small to measure its length. It is only known that the diameter of the fetal egg is less than 1 mm.

The size of the embryo may be less than 0.1–0.2 mm.

2nd week of pregnancy lenght

It is too early to talk about the development of any parts of the body of the unborn child. The fertilized egg is now a ball. Its internal content is the embryoblast. It is he who will give rise to the development of the child.

Now the rudiments of important systems are being laid: the chorion, the primary yolk sac, the amnion, and the amniotic leg are formed.

The most complex cell perturbations occur in the second week of pregnancy. There is a diligent preparation for the further development of the fetus. All cells are not only building material. They also carry a lot of informational cargo and also have functional significance. Some of them will later turn into organs and others into the placenta.

The embryo is still in the Graafian bladder. It hasn’t changed much yet. Formed extra-embryonic organs: chorion, amnion, yolk sac. All these are vital parts of the further development of the embryo.

Cell nuclei and cytoplasm are formed in the second week. The egg becomes fully mature. It has a nucleus, cytoplasm, transparent membrane, and epithelial cells.

The shell helps protect this microscopic organism from damage and performs several life-sustaining functions.

It is not yet possible to examine the embryo on ultrasound, as well as to trace the rudiments of the development of the organs of the unborn child.

2 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The general condition of a woman in the second embryonic week of pregnancy is practically no different from the first. There are no severe symptoms. There may be only some signs that indirectly confirm pregnancy.

Possible symptoms are very similar to those during ovulation. Most women who are not planning a pregnancy do not pay attention to them.

Increased Sex Drive A healthy woman during the period of ovulation always has an increased libido. This is due to hormonal changes aimed at increasing the chances of conception. The process is quite natural and justified.

Women of reproductive age may notice that they become a little more attractive in addition to an increased libido. Nature is so arranged that everything is directed to the most successful path to the earliest possible conception.

Tender Breasts Hormonal changes during ovulation can cause a slight swelling of the breast. It becomes poured, heavy and painful. Any touch causes aversion to sensation. The breast increases significantly in size and becomes very sensitive.

Slight swelling at ovulation disappears if pregnancy does not occur. In many women, this symptom persists for a long time in the event of a successful conception.

Increased Cervical Mucus There is an increase in cervical mucus in early pregnancy. This is due to increased blood flow to the vagina and high levels of estrogen. The appearance of abundant secretions is associated with the formation of a mucous plug. Its remnants can be partially excreted from the vagina.

The mucus is copious, viscous, almost transparent, and odorless. It does not cause itching or irritation.

Cervical Changes Some physiological changes occur in the cervix during the first weeks of pregnancy. There may be a color change that becomes more bluish. This suggests that there is an active blood supply and an abundant vascular network is observed.

The cervix becomes softer under the influence of estriol and progesterone. The cervical glands expand and branch. Sometimes pathological or borderline changes may occur. The most common is erosion.

Temperature Spikes You may notice a slight increase in body temperature in the second week of pregnancy. There is a powerful restructuring of the whole body of a woman. This leads to similar phenomena.

Slightly elevated body temperature can persist throughout the entire period of pregnancy. This is not considered a problem or pathology. Subfebrile body temperature does not affect the course of pregnancy and fetal development.

Slight pain in the abdomen and back Women can sometimes experience pulling pains in the abdomen during ovulation and conception. They are very similar to the sensations during menstruation, so few people pay attention to them.

Pain should not be acute. They will be slightly pressing, aching, and muffled. Sometimes these sensations flow into the lumbar region and pelvis. It should not go beyond unbearable pain.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

You will not feel any obvious symptoms indicating pregnancy in the first and second weeks. Signs of ovulation will make themselves felt immediately. Symptoms will be similar if conception occurred during this period.

Carefully monitor your condition, which should not reach critical. Normally, there may be small bleeding that quickly passes. Seek immediate medical attention if bleeding is heavy.

Be attentive to yourself and your condition. The health of your unborn child depends on your vigilance. “

2 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Ultrasound is not prescribed in the first two weeks of pregnancy. Even if a woman planned her position and very much wants to know about it as soon as possible. This examination during this period is completely meaningless. At least for the fact of determining pregnancy.

A doctor can prescribe an ultrasound scan only if a woman is worried about unpleasant and frightening symptoms: bleeding, severe pain, or unusual discharge. These may be signs of an ectopic pregnancy.


  • Conclusion about the presence or absence of pathologies
  • Determine the state of the endometrium
  • Exclude ectopic pregnancy
  • Determine the exact dates of the onset of ovulation
  • Determine the dominant follicle
2 week pregnancy ultrasound

It is impossible to determine any more detailed and specific data on the state of the embryo in the second week of pregnancy by ultrasound. Even modern equipment will not give you any results. The embryo at such times is practically not noticeable.

There are many hypersensitive tests to determine the fact of pregnancy. They can be bought at a pharmacy.

HCG analysis is acceptable in the second week of pregnancy. It is at this time that the amount of the hormone increases and it can be determined. This method will be the most accurate and justified for confirming pregnancy.

Your Body

A woman will not notice significant changes in appearance as in the first week of pregnancy. The stomach does not grow yet, the figure does not change, and the weight does not increase. Significant changes in the body and body of the mother will be observed a little later. Now the whole organism worked for the successful conception and further development of the embryo.

A woman during the period of ovulation and the alleged conception can only notice the symptoms that were before. They do not affect the appearance and changes in the body.

Sometimes there is some deterioration in the condition of the skin of the face. This is due to the production of large amounts of progesterone. It doesn’t happen often and is not for everyone. People around notice an improvement in the appearance of a woman. Lips become pinker and swollen. There is a blush on the cheeks and a sparkle in the eyes.

Belly size & Health Conditions

If a successful conception occurred during the period of ovulation, then the woman will not yet determine this on her own. Not every doctor will be able to immediately confirm pregnancy. HCG must accumulate and its concentration makes it possible to understand that the situation has come.

The embryo has just been implanted in the uterus in the second week of pregnancy and has not yet begun to grow strongly. Uterine growth is not observed. The belly of a woman does not change externally. Permissible violations of the intestines at these times. This can lead to an increase in gas production.

The general health of a woman during the second week of pregnancy is good. There are no serious and painful symptoms. Sometimes it can be traced: to increased urination, slight fatigue, drowsiness, and breast enlargement. Women often experience emotional instability.

2 Weeks is How Many Months?

It is too early to count the gestational age in months. Now only 14 days of the embryonic period have passed. This is only half a month from the moment of conception. You are now at the start of incredible changes in your body. The process of growth and development of the fetus will go on by leaps and bounds.

Two more weeks are added if we talk about the obstetric period. This will be 4 weeks pregnant. Some doctors count the time from the first date of the last menstruation.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

Pregnancy is the most responsible and significant period in the life of every woman. A woman of reproductive age should understand that conception can occur even if there is no child in the plans yet. It is better to always take care of your health and monitor your condition.

Do Not ignore the planned examination –You should visit a gynecologist at least once a year. So you will exclude possible pathologies in advance and will be ready for pregnancy. It is better to plan pregnancy together with your doctor and follow his recommendations.

Proper Nutrition – Start eating right early. The body must accumulate the necessary amount of trace elements and vitamins. Give preference to fruits and vegetables as soon as you know about your condition. Their amount in your diet should be at least 60%.

Healthy Lifestyle – You should take care of your health during pregnancy. Walk outdoors more. Do not prohibit sports if there are no contraindications. Introduce naps for relaxation.

Give Up Bad Habits – Forget about alcohol and smoking. These are bad companions of any pregnancy. They cause terrible pathologies and deviations in the development of the child. Passive smoking is even more dangerous than active smoking.

Always be in touch with your doctor – Visits to the doctor should become regular from the first days of a confirmed pregnancy. It is better to immediately exchange phone numbers with your gynecologist and control your well-being together.

Stay Calm – Women during pregnancy are the most vulnerable and sensitive. Emotional “swings” haunt the expectant mother and everyone around her. Rest assured this won’t always be the case. Try to eliminate as many irritants as possible.

Don’t overwork – It is better to reduce the degree of responsibility if you work. Become a little calmer about your duties. Do not overwork, do not take extra work, and report your situation.

When you are ready for pregnancy and you know that it has come, then it’s time to think about what to do next. Get yourself a notebook with a to-do list. Read the relevant literature. Start preparing for motherhood. This wonderful time will come very soon and it is full of worries and pleasant moments.

The new status will soon bring a lot of positive emotions and change your life. Accept your position as early as possible and prepare for it in advance.

Important Checklist

  • Always be prepared for pregnancy
  • Don’t skip doctor visits
  • Control your well-being
  • Keep a notebook of pleasant things for the future
  • Watch the stages of development of the baby in the womb
  • Radiate positivity

Being a mom is hard at any age. It is better to prepare for this status in advance and consciously. Make pregnancy desirable if it is unexpected for you. Enjoy the process as much as possible. Look for the positives in everything and get rid of the negatives.

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