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20 Weeks Pregnant

Every day you will notice how the stomach grows. The woman’s body weight will also begin to grow. A woman by the 20th week can gain 5-6 kg of additional weight.

The 20th week is a significant period of the “equator” of gestation. The formation of all organs and systems has been completed. There is a process of growth and preparation of the body for interaction with the external environment. The baby is completely similar to a newborn.

The tremors in the stomach become more palpable every day. Now you can’t confuse them with anything. Motor activity does not yet have a daily pattern. The baby sleeps most of the time and is awake 5-6 hours a day.

20 Weeks Baby Development

The beginning of the 20th week is accompanied by a noticeable spurt in the growth of the fetus according to the ultrasound examination. This is a kind of turning point when all the parameters of the baby’s development are rapidly increasing.

The strengthening of the skeleton and muscular frame continues. The arms and legs get a little fatter and become stronger. The baby is already able to push off from the walls of the uterus.

It's The Size of Bell Pepper

Now the fetus is commensurate in size with large bell pepper. This is already noticeable outwardly in the enlarged belly of the expectant mother.

All parts of the body grow proportionally and the baby looks more and more like a newborn.

Bell pepper

How Heavy is it? 10 oz or 280 gr

Now the baby weighs 280 grams or 10 ounces on average. All parts of the body are gradually rounded a little.

The fatty layer is compacted. Weight gain can be significantly higher. It all depends on the correctness and dosage of the mother’s nutrition.

test image 3

Your Baby is 10 inch or 25 cm

There is a significant leap forward due to formation of body parts. The baby has grown by 60% compared to the 19th week.

This is the most impressive jerk for the entire period of gestation. Sometimes such a jump can cause discomfort in the stomach of a woman.

Lenght week 20

The baby in the womb is already fully consistent with the appearance of the baby. All parts of the body are formed: head, torso, legs, and arms. Facial features stand out in relief: eyes, superciliary arches, forehead, nose, chin, lips, jaws, and ears are visible.

Internal organs took their permanent places in the abdominal cavity. The heart does not bulge outward and distills the blood well. A dense network of blood vessels is formed. There is an active process of building muscle mass. Strengthens the skeleton and bones of the skull.

The process of improving the work of the main body systems continues: digestive, respiratory, excretory, cardiovascular, and endocrine. Their interaction reaches a high level. Almost everything is ready for future adaptation in the external environment.

SkinThe skin is still thin but less transparent. The epidermis has 4 layers of cells. You can see the unique pattern on the heels and fingers of the baby. Increasingly dense fatty tissue is formed. The surface of the body is covered with a protective primordial lubricant.

HeartThe main organ of the cardiovascular system is well developed. The heart is four-chambered and actively contracting. It provides organs and tissues with oxygen and nutrients.

LungsThe respiratory system works in a training intrauterine mode. The lungs are already formed and all the accompanying organs too. The work of the circulatory system will be redistributed and the lungs will begin to function to the fullest as soon as the child takes his first breath.

LimbsThe upper body of the fetus is slightly more developed due to the peculiarities of fetal circulation. This will continue after birth. The head, neck, Аand arms will remain more active. The legs will begin to fully function only closer to the first year of life.

BrainThe brain grows and develops inside the skull. All major departments work. The parts of the brain responsible for vision, hearing, smell and taste complete their formation.

Sense organsAll sense organs are formed externally. The fetus does not yet see but reacts to light. The baby perceives sound vibrations. He hears the beating of his mother’s heart and loud noises from outside. There is an assumption that the baby feels the taste of amniotic fluid.

20 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The expectant mother has already adapted quite well to her position. All the main internal processes of restructuring the body are completed. Now the pregnant woman is much calmer and better. She does not suffer from bouts of nausea and vomiting. No aversion to smells and tastes. The appetite improves and the belly grows.

There may be some symptoms that do not cause severe discomfort in women. They will not necessarily be present only in the 20th week. There is a possibility of repetition of some of them or their complete absence.

Increased energy We can notice a significant positive attitude as the general condition of the woman is improving. There is a surge of additional energy. There is more positivity and good spirits. It is primarily related to good health.

The absence of hormonal imbalance significantly normalizes the emotional sphere. There are no sudden and frequent mood swings. The woman is calm and balanced.

Gaining Weight A normal woman can gain from 5.5 to 8.5 kg until the 26th week. Approximately by the 20th week gain 5-6 kg of additional weight. All these figures are very relative. Each woman eats differently and has an individual initial weight. Many women lose 2-4 kg during the period of toxicosis and then weight gain is much slower.

You should eat moderately and fractionally so that there are no strong weight jumps. Eat only wholesome food without empty calories.

Edema Fluid retention is a very common symptom in pregnant women. Edema occurs as a result of the accumulation of fluid in the tissues. Most often they are observed in the limbs: in the ankles, feet, and hands.

Edema is getting worse by the 3rd trimester. Sometimes you can even notice them on the face, especially in the morning.

Leg cramps Leg cramps often accompany women in position. Cramps will disturb in the evening and at night. They are expressed by strong and sharp pains that are of different intensities. Stopping the process is problematic. Sometimes a light massage can help.

The cause of muscle cramps is a lack of trace elements: calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron. The doctor may prescribe the intake of vitamin complexes or individual minerals.

Heartburn and indigestion There is still a possibility of heartburn. It usually marks the first and last months of pregnancy. A burning sensation in the chest can occur with an exacerbation of chronic diseases, a hormonal surge, or a significant increase in the abdomen.
Some indigestion may appear in the 20th week. The digestive organs are still being rebuilt. The uterus presses on the intestines and stomach, disrupting their work.

Itchy skin Skin itching is an infrequent symptom of pregnancy. The cause of its occurrence is a violation of the production and outflow of bile in the liver. As a result, there is a general increase in bilirubin in the blood.

Itchy skin sometimes occurs due to hormonal imbalances. For example, if there is a problem in the synthesis of estrogens. Itching may be caused by fetal pressure on the mother’s bile ducts.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

Any symptomatology during pregnancy is the result of your genetic and individual predisposition. All symptoms may appear brighter when a mother is expecting several children.

There is a hypothesis that the symptoms are slightly stronger when bearing boys. The reason for this is called the fact that a male grows inside the female body, with its hormonal system, alien to the female. This hypothesis has no clear scientific justification.

“Now is the time to plan and prepare for childbirth. Choose a doctor with whom you will give birth and go to see him.”

20 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

It is believed that the second mandatory screening can be done from the 18th to the 20th week of pregnancy. So if you haven’t done it yet, do it.

Ultrasound at this time is a fairly informative method. You can determine the basic data of fetometry, the size of the bones of the pod, and possible pathologies of development.

Sizes of long bones

Femur 29–37 mm

Humerus 26–34 mm

Forearm bones 22–29 mm

Lower leg bones 26–34 mm

Control of the development of internal organs

The kidneys are examined, and the expansion of the pelvis is excluded. Other organs are also examined: intestines, lungs, liver, blood vessels, etc.


In addition to the fetus, the mother’s body is also examined. Transvaginal ultrasound is prescribed if necessary.

The doctor looks at the condition of the uterus, its epithelium, and growth dynamics. The presence of fibroids and other anomalies is excluded.

20 week pregnancy ultrasound

The condition of the kidneys and heart of a woman in position is being diagnosed. The number of prescribed examinations is significantly expanded with the introductory presence of chronic diseases in the expectant mother.

Don’t be afraid to get an ultrasound. This method is safe for the child’s body. You don’t have to assign it to yourself. This requires a good reason.

Your Body

The bodily changes in the 20th week of pregnancy will be more noticeable than in the past. The fetus made a significant breakthrough in growth and development. The uterus is now enlarged and it is already very noticeable externally.

The belly begins to grow and every week it is visible more and more. There is a risk of lordosis due to a change in the center of gravity and initial problems with the spine. This is due to an increase in deflection in the lumbar region. Such an external defect may be accompanied by pain.

The chest is enlarged. It becomes heavy and it is already uncomfortable to wear the old underwear. You need to get a new wardrobe. Buy a bra that fits you, preferably with wide straps and no foam. The skin is now extremely vulnerable. Her condition will depend entirely on genetics and care. Try to lubricate the skin with special creams and oils to reduce the number of tears.

Belly size & Health Conditions

Now the bottom of the uterus is 4 cm below the navel. Its dimensions are increased and it is visible externally. The belly of the pregnant woman is rounded and the press is no longer visible at all. The most noticeable increase in the abdomen will be in initially thin women.

A dark stripe appears in the middle of the abdomen. Sometimes with a strong weight gain, stretch marks can appear. Unfortunately, they cannot be avoided if there is a tendency to such defects. A woman’s health should be good. There are only a few symptoms that can give a slightly negative connotation at this time. These are such as possible cramps, lower back pain, itchy skin, and digestive disorders.

The immunity of the pregnant woman is still normal. Some decrease in the protective functions of the body is observed closer to childbirth. Serious health disorders are normal at the 20th week of pregnancy and should not be.

20 Weeks is How Many Months?

Half of the entire gestation period has passed. Week 20 is 5 months pregnant. Now the 22nd week or 5 months and 2 weeks of pregnancy according to obstetric terms. Getting closer to the expected date of birth. It is determined by your gynecologist. He will most likely be guided by obstetric terms, from the date of the last menstruation.

Ultrasound examinations help to clarify the date of birth according to the level of fetal development and compliance with the parameters.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

Recommendations and possible advice for 20 weeks correspond to the general principles of a good lifestyle. This includes the rules of rational nutrition. Relevant recommendations for physical activity. The main thing to understand is a responsible attitude to your position.

Tips & Tricks:

Quality nutritionTry to eat as live foods as possible: fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, juices, and non-reheated foods. 60% of your plate should be plant-based. Eat quality proteins, vegetable fats, and saturated acids.

Light exerciseWalk outdoors more. Visit the pool – swimming is very useful for maintaining the overall tone of the body and back. Do yoga for pregnant women or gymnastics. All exercises and activities must be agreed upon with the doctor.

Feel free to restGo to sleep if you are tired or feel unwell. There is nothing reprehensible in this. You are in a position where it takes a lot of strength to restore energy. Pregnant women have every right to rest more often than usual.

Take care of your feetThe lower extremities are under heavy load. Try to take care of your legs: do cooling baths, relaxing massages, and lotions with essential oils in places where the veins are dilated. Wear only comfortable shoes.

Balance everythingThis applies to all areas: work, leisure, everyday problems, personal life, development, and other things. Do not allow any area to sag heavily. Do not go on maternity leave early if your health permits. Spend your leisure time with loved ones and stay a woman.

Follow the information dietYour nervous system should not be overloaded with negativity. Do your best to watch the news as little as possible, and read different publics on the Internet about world events. Your empathy should go down. Any experience affects the health of the baby.

Don’t stop taking care of yourselfDo not use a lot of cosmetics. Focus on care products. Keep a neat appearance and pamper yourself with new outfits and beauty purchases. Your self-esteem and appearance should not suffer.

Remember that the period of pregnancy is not the term of imprisonment. You don’t have to drastically change your life. Keep restrictions to a minimum. Life should continue to be filled with pleasant events and impressions. Your position is not a sentence, but only the allotted time for the birth of a new life.

Do everything that allows you to do a small tummy. Your activity will decrease slightly over time for obvious physiological reasons.

Important Checklist

  • Continue a fulfilling life
  • Wear comfortable underwear
  • Shoes only without heels
  • Eat live food
  • Don’t seek leadership at work
  • Get some rest
  • Keep your body in good shape

The gestation period will seem very short to you. You will completely forget how the pregnancy went when the baby is born. All unpleasant symptoms will seem harmless. Enjoy your position right now.

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