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21 Weeks Pregnant

The development of the child has reached a milestone after which experts consider it to be quite viable outside the womb. The child will survive in specially preserved conditions in case of emergency removal of the baby from the mother’s body. This indicates a very high level of development at this stage.

The 21st week is not significantly different from the 20th. All organs of the child are formed and improve their work. Muscle mass increases and bones become stronger. Now the fetal activity is starting to become a little more conscious. There is synchronization with the biorhythms of the mother.

Modern medicine has all the means to accept premature birth. It is better to do everything possible to extend the gestation period. The best option is to go to the hospital for preservation.

21 Weeks Baby Development

Half of the entire gestation period has passed. The baby has turned from a small cell into a full-fledged, viable, and developed organism from the moment of conception. This happened in just 5 months. The complexity and coherence of this process go beyond simple understanding.

All parameters of the fetus at 21 weeks increased by tens or even hundreds of thousands of times. Each fetus has its rate of growth and development.

It's The Size of Artichoke

The size of the fruit at the beginning of the 6th month is comparable to that of an artichoke.

All parts of the body gradually grow and become stronger. Their proportional ratio is observed.


How Heavy is it? 12.5 oz or 350 gr

The baby will gain about 70 grams or 2.5 ounces of weight since last week. Now, this parameter will be about 350 grams or over 12 ounces.

The main increase in mass is associated with muscle growth.

test image 3

Your Baby is 10.5 inch or 27 cm

The length of the fetus from the crown to the heels is 27 cm or just over 10 inches. The approximate growth rate in the subsequent periods will be stable from now.

The baby will be approximately 52 cm or 20 inches tall at the time of birth.

Lenght week 21

The high viability of a developed fetus indicates that all organs and systems are ready for extrauterine functioning. A baby at 21 weeks looks like a full-fledged baby, only a small size. He is active, mobile, and capable of life outside the mother’s womb. Now he needs to get stronger and grow significantly.

Now all parts of the body of the fetus are well developed. Head, torso, arms, legs – everything has a human appearance. A face with clear features: lips, nose, forehead, eyes, ears, and chin are formed. Reflex and very diverse facial expressions appear. Muscle contractions become more frequent and on ultrasound, you can see how the baby grimace.

Highlights of development in the 21st week:

SkinThe child’s body is still covered with a lot of folds. The skin is still a little transparent, but the amount of subcutaneous fat increases. The original lubricant protects the skin from infection.

BonesThe bone system is getting stronger and continues to grow. Bone length is monitored at each ultrasound session. This is an important indicator of the correct development of the fetus.

BrainThe continuous process of the formation of new brain cells and the structuring of departments is going according to plan. The formation of new neural connections leads to more conscious movements. He sucks his thumb, rubs his eyes, and hides from the ultrasound sensor.

LungsThe respiratory organs are formed but still work according to the intrauterine plan. There is muscle contraction, but only as training for the future oxygen capture. Now the baby breathes at the expense of the mother’s blood.

Inner earThe development of the inner ear helps to improve the orientation of the fetus in space. The fetus maintains its balance in the amniotic fluid thanks to the inner ear.

Sense organsThere is a development of the sense organs due to the formation of all parts of the brain. The baby is sensitive to light and sound. He is not yet able to recognize words, but he captures vibrations and intonations well.

21 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The closer to childbirth, the more varied the symptoms of pregnancy. They are already significantly different from those that were in the first trimester. Some of them can be very scary, while others you won’t even really notice.

The set of symptoms will be different in each case. Their list remains relative. It is worth knowing about the possible appearance and features of specific symptoms of this period.

Brixton hicks contractions This symptom may appear in a pregnant woman after the 20th week. Not every woman experiences it. Training fights are similar to ordinary ones and this can greatly frighten a woman who is not aware of such a phenomenon.

The occurrence of Braxton-Hicks contractions does not entail the opening of the cervix and delivery. It’s like a kind of preparation of the female body for future childbirth.

Heartburn and indigestion Digestive problems may still show up at 21 weeks. The abdomen enlarges and presses on the internal organs, including the stomach. Heartburn and indigestion may occur. These symptoms are not the most pleasant.

Heartburn is expressed in an unbearable burning sensation inside the sternum, which intensifies after eating. Indigestion can be expressed in discomfort, heaviness, and pain in the stomach.

Gas The intestinal microflora is under heavy stress. Violation of the work of peristalsis is associated both with a possible hormonal imbalance and with the pressure exerted on the intestines.

The stomach grows every day, displacing the internal organs from their usual places. This entails significant disruption of the work of most of the internal organs. The intestines do not work well, a large amount of gas is released and this causes discomfort. Try to eat fractionally, do not overeat, and relieve peristalsis.

Growing Nails A significant increase in hair and nail growth is associated mainly with high levels of estrogen. The quality of these dead cells is also improved. Hair becomes thicker and more elastic. Nails are stronger and have a pleasant shine.

Many women let go of their hair without cutting it until after childbirth. It is better not to let go of the nails, as they accumulate a lot of dirt. They will still have to be cut off after the birth of the baby.

Breasts Leaking Some women notice a discharge from the breast after the 20th week. This indicates that the breast has begun to produce colostrum. Every day it can be allocated 1 drop. The intensity of the discharge will increase if you press on the nipple.

The mammary glands are carried away and their structural changes are aimed at the future process of feeding the child. Such selections should not be intimidating.

Weight gain Many women managed to gain a few extra pounds by the 21st week. Normal weight gain at this time does not exceed 6 kg. This is a very individual parameter that largely depends on the observance of a balanced diet.

Do not allow sudden jumps in bodyweight otherwise, there will be a large number of stretch marks. Excess weight always complicates the process of childbirth and the general well-being of a woman.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

Whatever the symptoms in the 21st week, do not treat them with negativity. Study the norms and features of the manifestation of training fights. This will help you to be calm and not panic when they appear.

Any symptoms should not affect your general well-being and lifestyle. All sensations are temporary and will soon pass. The main thing now is the health of your baby, which is completely in the hands of the mother.

“Now your body is preparing for childbirth. Calmly perceive the possible manifestations of this process.”

21 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Mandatory ultrasound of the fetus at the 21st week is not provided according to the screening plan. Sometimes there is a need for additional ultrasound control. For example, if the mother has a threat of premature birth or suspected miscarriage.

Sometimes an ultrasound at this time can be prescribed if the pregnancy is multiple.

Bone sizes

Femur 32–40 mm,

Humerus 29–37 mm,

Forearm bones 24–32 mm,

The lower leg bones are 29–37 mm.

Determination of possible cord entanglement

A possible entanglement with the umbilical cord is easily detected.

Detection of pathologies and anomalies

Possible pathologies are detected in time: heart disease, fetal hypoxia, chromosomal abnormalities, and more.


Ultrasound results with negative data should be supported by analyzes and other additional examinations. Do not panic ahead of time.

Diagnoses such as Down syndrome or Edwards syndrome are made much earlier than the 21st week. They are confirmed by additional tests.

21 week pregnancy ultrasound

The doctor also examines the condition of the internal organs of the mother in addition to determining possible pathologies and growth rates of the fetus. This allows you to diagnose possible diseases, tumors, or other disorders in time.

An additional ultrasound should be justified and must be prescribed by a doctor and not be a whim of a pregnant woman.

Your Body

A woman is becoming more and more a noticeable mother position. Her appearance is changing every month more and more. The weight increases significantly, the belly grows, and the gait changes. The shape of the spine is changing due to an increase in body weight and uterus. It becomes more curved and sometimes there may be discomfort in the lumbar region.

The body of a pregnant woman at the 21st week is noticeably rounded. The volume of the hips and legs increases, the arms grow fat, and the cheeks round. Sometimes there is some swelling of the lips. There are still risks of edema. The ankles and feet can become filled with fluid, making it difficult to wear previously comfortable shoes. Sometimes the fingers and a little face swell.

Hair is transformed for the better. They become long, shiny, and elastic. This is due to the high amount of estrogen. The chest is enlarged and slightly more sensitive.

Belly size & Health Conditions

Abdominal parameters are taken into account at each scheduled appointment with the doctor. There are norms for the dynamics of this increase. They should build on the original size of the woman. Now the stomach is very clearly visible visually and sticks out through the clothes. It may be more round or oblong towards the chest.

The well-being of a woman for 21 weeks should be good. No negative manifestations were found in the norm. Only unpleasant Braxton-Hicks contractions may occur. This is the most striking of the possible symptoms of this period.

The health of the future mother is good. A woman feels great if there is no exacerbation of chronic diseases. The immune system is now working stably, so the risks of getting the virus are reduced. It is not recommended to abuse attendance at mass events. Avoid staying in crowded places closer to childbirth. This will reduce the risk of contracting viral diseases.

21 Weeks is How Many Months?

This period corresponds to the 23rd obstetric week or 5 months and 3 weeks of pregnancy. It’s been 21 weeks since conception. This corresponds to 5 months and 1 week of pregnancy.

Your doctor will most likely keep a report on obstetric terms because it is difficult to establish the embryonic one. Ultrasound examination data can slightly adjust the timing based on the obtained parameters of fetal development.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

All recommendations for the 21st week of pregnancy are in line with common sense and the right way of life. They are general rules during pregnancy and are suitable for almost everyone. The most important thing is to monitor safety and proper nutrition. Listen to your doctor and go through all the examinations on time.

Key Tips for Pregnant on 21st Week:

Have a pleasant shopping experienceStart preparing for the arrival of your baby. Look after the stroller, crib, and interior details. Pleasant purchases give a positive attitude and a lot of positive energy.

Master breathing techniquesIt is worth learning breathing techniques in the presence of shortness of breath. They will help in the future in preparation for childbirth. Proper breathing calms, adjusts the heart rhythm, and properly adjusts the body of a woman.

Get ready for the birth of your babyRead a lot of information about childbirth, breastfeeding, and baby care. Prepare yourself for future motherhood. This will make your life much easier.

Drink enough waterPure water should be a constant companion of a pregnant woman. It helps reduce the risk of constipation, improves water-salt metabolism, and normalizes blood circulation.

More plant foodsMeals of a pregnant woman should be full of plant foods rich in fiber. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. This will favorably affect the functioning of the digestive tract, prevent constipation and enrich the body with vitamins.

Positive emotionsWe have the right to any emotions, but they should be as positive as possible during pregnancy. This will help eliminate possible disturbances during the development of the fetus and save your energy.

Use all advice rationally. Do not limit yourself in nutrition if you notice a strong weight gain. Revise the diet and remove all harmful components: fast food, sweet, floury, fatty. Drinking plenty of pure water does not mean absorbing 2-3 liters a day. Everything should be adequate to the norms of your total weight and needs. Approach advice rationally and balanced.

Important Checklist

  • Eat more fiber
  • Change your wardrobe to a more comfortable one
  • Maintain a balance between work and play
  • Experience positive emotions
  • Engage in pleasant chores in preparation for childbirth

A little more time will pass and you will meet with your baby. It is worth preparing for this moment in advance. Attend special courses in newborn care. Learn all the nuances of breastfeeding and baby hygiene. This will be a huge help after childbirth.

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