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22 Weeks Pregnant

Week 22 is still the second trimester of pregnancy. There is a beginning of the 6th month of gestation. The baby is growing steadily in the womb and its viability is increasing every week.

The expectant mother notices how her appearance is transformed. The belly is already decently visible and you can’t hide it from prying eyes. The gait and general activity of a woman are changing. Her movements become more fluid and calculated. Instincts for the preservation of the fetus are included, which help gestation.

Now the gestational age already allows you to plan childbirth. It is worth choosing a doctor for childbirth in parallel visiting him at least once a month. This applies to those who do not want to give birth to their gynecologist.

22 Weeks Baby Development

The parameters of the fetus at the 22nd week do not change much. The trend of growth and development continues. There are no sharp jumps and failures in the increase of all indicators. The buildup of muscle mass and strengthening of the skeleton continues.

The growth rate of the fetus must be stable. They may vary slightly but should comply with general standards.

It's The Size of Mango

A baby at 22 weeks is about the size of a mango. These are impressive dimensions that have increased tens of thousands of times since conception.

Together with the fetus, the uterus also grows, freeing up space for the further development of the baby.


How Heavy is it? 15 oz or 420 gr

Weight gain compared to last week is over 20%. Now the fetus weighs 420 grams or 15 ounces.

Indicators can be either more or slightly less. It all depends on the diet and lifestyle of the mother.

test image 3

Your Baby is 11 inch or 28 cm

The growth of the baby at this stage of pregnancy is measured from the crown of the head to the heels.

This parameter at 22 weeks is 28 cm or 11 inches. The fetus will increase by 8% on average every week until delivery.

Lenght week 22

All organs and systems of the baby at the 22nd week are prepared for autonomous existence outside the womb. The embryonic, digestive, and respiratory systems continue to improve. They will change their principle of work after birth.

All parts of the baby’s body are fully formed: arms, legs, torso, neck, and head. The child improves the coordination of all his movements at this stage of development. He can grab the umbilical cord, rollover, and push off the walls of the uterus.

The brain continues to develop, which is expressed in a more conscious behavior of the baby. He begins to adapt to the mother’s biorhythms and no longer torments her with evening and night activity.

Let us consider in more detail some points in the development of the fetus:

EyesThe optic nerve is developed, but the baby does not see yet. He can react to light as a stimulus. Vision will continue to improve even after birth.

Umbilical cordThe risk of cord entanglement at this time is high. This process must be under control. The situation can change both for the better and the worse. The length of the umbilical cord is significant and the baby spins and touches it all the time.

Nervous systemThe work of the nervous system is improved. The number of neural connections is growing. All movements become more conscious and less reflexive. The tone of the limbs decreases. The brain works well.

LungsThe respiratory organs work in a preparatory mode. The lungs are developing. They are filled with fetal lung fluid that helps with training breathing.

SkinThe skin has a capillary network. Pigment cells begin to produce melanin. The skin is no longer so transparent and a layer of subcutaneous fat is formed.

Digestive systemThe baby involuntarily swallows amniotic fluid. This allows him to train the excretory and digestive systems. Formed primordial feces – meconium. It will completely come out after the baby is born.

22 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Symptoms at week 22 may be similar to previous weeks of pregnancy. The entire period of gestation will be noticeable at least some manifestations. Sometimes a woman complains about certain symptoms and sometimes ignores them because of the weakness of the manifestation.

The number and duration of symptoms can vary significantly among women. We will note only a few of the main manifestations that most often occur at this time.

Belly button The belly button may protrude starting from the 22nd week. This external sign overtakes not every woman. It is believed that most often this occurs with repeated pregnancies. The abdomen grows strongly, muscle tone decreases and the skin is stretched. This causes the navel to be pulled outward.

Sometimes the belly button can greatly increase in size and such a defect is already difficult to correct after childbirth.

Lower back pain The uterus grows along with the fetus. There is a strong load on the internal organs. The musculoskeletal system also suffers. There is a redistribution of the center of gravity.

The spine is slightly bent and there is a risk of lordosis.
A strong deflection of the spine in the lumbar region can cause pain. If such a symptom appears, then most likely it will accompany you until the end of the entire gestation period.

Swollen hands and Feet Stagnation of fluid in the tissues is observed mainly in the extremities. Most often, the legs swell: in the area of the ankles and feet. Hands swell less often, it is especially noticeable on the fingers. Many pregnant women stop wearing rings that previously fit.

Edema often appears in a hot period after a long walk. You can alleviate the condition with a cool foot bath or lotions.

Vaginal discharge Some women experience increased vaginal discharge closer to childbirth. Wet discharge is the norm at the 22nd week and should be transparent and mucous. Moderate abundance remains. Unacceptable is blood-stained or completely bloody, brownish or yellowish discharge, thick white, and very profuse discharge.

Unpleasant discharge, accompanied by itching, may indicate the presence of infectious diseases. The most common is thrush.

Shortness of breath Shortness of breath may appear at 22 weeks. Its cause will be an increase in pressure in the abdominal cavity. As a result, the diaphragm moves upward. The range of respiratory movements decreases. The heart is displaced and this leads to a feeling of lack of air.

Shortness of breath will be more noticeable in late pregnancy when the abdomen increases significantly and there is a strong displacement of the internal organs.

Stretch marks The appearance of stretch marks is due to a sharp change in body weight, in which the skin is stretched and torn, forming scars. They cause an ugly defect of the skin with which it is almost impossible to fight.

The best way to deal with stretch marks is early prevention. You should begin to prepare the skin more carefully long before the growth of the abdomen. Do scrubs after a shower and lubricate the skin with special creams or cocoa butter.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

The presence or absence of any symptoms is a purely hereditary phenomenon. There is a certain predisposition of the body to the appearance of stretch marks, and the occurrence of edema or varicose veins.

Much depends on the general condition of the woman before childbirth: the presence of exacerbated chronic diseases, allergies, circulatory problems, and so on. We always recommend preparing for pregnancy in advance to be able to treat everything.

“The best way to reduce possible unpleasant symptoms during pregnancy is preparation. Planned pregnancies are usually more peaceful.”

22 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

An ultrasound at the 22nd week is not prescribed if the pregnancy is going well and everything is within the normal range. There must be very good reasons for this. Reduced activity of the fetus, the presence of pain, discomfort inside the abdomen, or bleeding.

Length of bones

Femur 35–43 mm, Humerus 31–39 mm, Forearm bones 26–34 mm, Lower leg bones 31–39 mm.

The structures of the brain are studied

Particular attention is paid to the cerebellum. This is necessary to exclude a serious defect – Bad Chiari syndrome. Examine the ventricles for dilatation that may indicate hydrocephalus.


Remember that the results of ultrasound control are not a diagnosis. This is just one of the methods of examination that help to monitor the correct development of the baby.

Any preliminary diagnosis can be removed by another specialist or during subsequent examinations.

22 week pregnancy ultrasound

Do not be afraid of such conclusions as lack of oxygen, polyhydramnios, incorrect position of the fetus, and cord entanglement. Many of these forecasts can change dramatically for the better. We need to keep this issue under control but not panic. Be more attentive to your well-being. Keep in touch with your gynecologist.

Your Body

Pregnancy makes serious adjustments to a woman’s lifestyle. The body, its weight, and external parameters are changing. This leads to a shift in the center of gravity and an increase in the load on some parts of the spine.

The ankle ligament apparatus becomes more vulnerable and susceptible to injury. It is worth thinking about comfortable and safe shoes. A woman by the 22nd week should normally gain no more than 7 kg of weight. It is better to consult a doctor if these indicators differ significantly.

Possible swelling during pregnancy should normally go away. It is worth consulting a doctor if they persist constantly. The breast of a pregnant woman is enlarged at the 22nd week. The hips expand slightly in preparation for future birth. The waist disappears as the abdomen is noticeably enlarged. Improves the condition of hair and nails. The reason for this is the high level of estrogen.

Belly size & Health Conditions

The shape and size of the abdomen are purely individual indicators. They depend on the growth of the baby, its location in the uterus, and the physiology of the woman. The abdomen may be more round or oval.

The growth rate of the abdomen from the 22nd week will be more active. The woman will begin to grow before our eyes. A record of the circumference of the abdomen will be kept at each appointment with the doctor.

The state of health of a woman during the normal course of pregnancy should be good. General well-being is not burdened by negative symptoms. The pregnant woman is in a good mood and cheerful. There are no emotional swings and mental instability.

A woman is healthy if there are no exacerbated chronic diseases or complications. Immunity at this stage is not yet reduced, so the risk of infectious and viral diseases is minimal. Good health during the gestation period is the main marker of a successful pregnancy.

22 Weeks is How Many Months?

We are now at fetal week 22. 5 months and 2 weeks have passed since the alleged conception. Now it is already the 24th week of pregnancy if you keep a report on obstetric terms. This corresponds to 6 months from the date of the last menstruation.

It is easy to get confused about the timing of pregnancy. Especially if you don’t understand how they count. Sometimes pregnant women see several expected due dates. The endpoint in the gestational age is most often set by ultrasound, which shows the parameters of the fetus corresponding to a certain age.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

It is not easy for a future mother to follow the recommendations during pregnancy. Especially if they are very different from the usual way. It is not necessary to radically change the way of life. It is necessary to adhere to a more rational diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Consider the main tips for the 22nd week of pregnancy:

Take picturesWe hope you are already keeping a photo report of the growth of the abdomen. You can just organize a small photoshoot for memory. It will be very interesting for the unborn child to look at the mother in the position. This is a very happy and unforgettable period.

Change your wardrobe to a more comfortable oneIt is not necessary to purchase specialized clothes for pregnant women. These can be oversized models that will be acceptable to wear after childbirth. Such a maneuver will allow you to save a little and rationally think through your wardrobe.

Eat rightLet’s not forget for a moment about proper nutrition. 60% of your diet should be plant-based. Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and berries. Eliminate fast food, soda, and sweets.

Take care of the skinThe belly will grow more and more. There is a high risk of stretch marks. It is worth taking care of the skin of the body. Lubricate it every day with special means. Use natural oils: cocoa, coconut, jojoba.

Take care of your feetLegs are vulnerable like never before. Especially veins and ligaments. There are high risks of injury and aggravation of varicose veins. Change your shoes for more comfortable ones. Relax your feet with massages and baths. Apply special ointments.

Keep your toneYour activity decreases with each month of pregnancy. Try to keep the tone as long as possible. Go to the pool, take prenatal yoga classes, or just take regular walks.

All tips and recommendations are aimed at improving the well-being and general condition of the pregnant woman. Which of these tips is right for you will have to decide for yourself. No one but you can answer this question. Focus on your life and acceptable image.

No one has the right to tell you how to eat or what to do during the gestation period. All responsibility lies solely with you.

Important Checklist

  • Maintain body tone
  • Take pictures for memory more often
  • Go for leisurely walks
  • Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Take care of the health of your legs and back
  • Sleep with a pregnancy pillow
  • Do not overwork at work and home

More than half of the gestation period has passed. Your baby is already quite viable but still needs you. Be vigilant and at the slightest serious ailment immediately call an ambulance. It is better to play it safe even if the alarm is false. There is nothing more precious than someone’s life!

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