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23 Weeks Pregnant

There are less than 4 obstetric months left before the birth of a child at the 23rd week from conception. The fetus is steadily gaining weight and growth. All vital organs are formed. Increased activity and variety of movements. The baby practices his coordination with different actions that are well felt by the mother.

The movements get worse every week. They already have a pronounced biorhythmic character. There is a certain time of sleep and wakefulness. The body of mother and child is increasingly synchronized.

The general health of the pregnant woman at the 23rd week is good. You can see the stomach and other external changes. The mother’s body is gradually preparing for future childbirth. The first false contractions appear the pelvis expands, the colostrum is released.

23 Weeks Baby Development

This week there is no strong change in the growth and development of the child. Everything is going relatively smoothly and calmly. The baby is gaining muscle mass. The strength of the bone apparatus increases. All parts of the body increase according to the proportions of the body.

The current organism has increased hundreds of thousands of times since conception. A full-fledged person has developed from a small cell and is almost completely ready to enter the outside world.

It's The Size of Rutabaga

The dimensions of the fetus at this time are comparable to rutabaga. The baby needs more and more space for activity.

The uterus expands in rhythm with the growth of the fetus. More and more moving internal organs.


How Heavy is it? 1 lb or 450 gr

The fetus gained a slight weight gain at the turn of 22 and 23 weeks. Now, this parameter is 450 grams or 1 lb. Weight since last week has increased by only 7%.

test image 3

Your Baby is 11.5 inch or 29 cm

The growth of the baby for 23 weeks is approximately 29 cm or 11.5 inches. 

This parameter is measured from the crown to the heels of the baby. The growth of the child by the time of birth will reach approximately 52–55 cm or 20-21 inches.

Lenght week 23

All parts of the body of the future newborn are developed. It is well balanced and proportionate. The limbs have grown enough to carry out confident movements. The baby can push off the walls of the uterus, roll over, bend, and unbend his legs and arms. The upper parts of the body are slightly better developed due to the peculiarities of blood circulation.

The head acquires its harmonious parameters. It no longer seems so huge in comparison with the body. The abdominal cavity is slightly enlarged and there is a close interlacing of the intestine with the umbilical cord.

The baby’s facial features are visible. He has been training facial expressions for a long time, performing reflex muscle contractions. It will be possible to see all the grimaces of the future newborn on 3D ultrasound. He winces, smiles, frowns, yawns, and squints.

Highlights of fetal development at week 23:

FaceThe eyes are covered for centuries. They blink reflexively. Visible eyelashes and eyebrows. The kid can frown on his forehead, open his mouth, and smile. These are all spontaneous muscle contractions. Well-formed lips, nose, jaws.

BodyThe entire surface of the body is covered with a special primordial lubricant. It serves as additional protection against possible infections. There is a small hairline that will disappear closer to childbirth.

LungsThis is one of the main organs that will change its principle of operation after birth. Now there is a process of formation of alveoli. A surfactant is produced that accumulates and will be activated at the first breath during childbirth.

HeartThe circulatory and cardiovascular systems work well. The four-chambered heart contracts and pumps blood. The heart rate at this stage of development is normally 140–160 beats per minute.

LiverThe baby’s liver works normally after half the gestation period. There is a process of preparation for extrauterine functioning and bile is secreted.

Skin – You may notice that the baby is no longer so thin on an ultrasound of the fetus at 23 weeks. There is an increase in adipose tissue. The skin ceases to be transparent and wrinkled. Limbs are rounded, cheeks, stomach, and healthier facial features appear.

23 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

This gestation period is characterized by minor symptoms. Serious manifestations of pregnancy are not observed. There is only a possible mild malaise expressed in digestive problems. Violations of water-salt metabolism and the appearance of edema are not excluded. Sometimes there is a pain in the lower back and legs.

All possible symptoms depend on the initial predispositions of the woman’s body and her preparation for bearing. Many women do not complain of symptoms at all until childbirth.

Swollen ankles and feet Fluid stagnation can accompany a pregnant woman for the entire gestation period. This is the most common symptom. Most swelling occurs in the ankles, and feet, and less often in the arms.

The cause of edema is considered to be an increase in the amount of fluid in the woman’s body and a high level of progesterone. The manifestation of edema is harmless and can be well removed by simple tricks. First of all, you need to keep your legs upright more often as a morning exercise. Another way to relieve swelling is cooling baths and lotions.

Bleeding gums Dental and gum problems are best treated in preparation for pregnancy. If this has not been decided in advance, then you can contact the dentist. The use of anesthesia and antibiotics during the gestation period is contraindicated.

The cause of bleeding gums can be tartar, caries, poor hygiene, and lack of vitamins. It is better to immediately eliminate all possible provoking factors and monitor oral hygiene more carefully.

Food cravings A strong craving for food occurs almost immediately after the end of toxicosis. This may increase significantly in later periods. The child grows and takes a lot of strength from the mother. Her body requires rapid replenishment of energy reserves. This leads to an increase in appetite.

There are also cravings for certain foods. For example, sweet or salty, to processed meat products and other products. Try to satisfy your cravings with healthier foods.

Frequent urination The fetus at the 23rd week is already quite large. The uterus is also enlarged. The baby needs more and more space in the womb. There is a more intense displacement of the internal organs. The intestines, stomach, and bladder are most affected.

Pressure on the bladder leads to a frequent urge to urinate. You can’t stand the urge to go to the toilet. You need to empty your bladder immediately. Urinary retention provokes the occurrence of infectious diseases in the genitourinary system.

Backaches An enlarged belly shifts the center of gravity. The spine has to bend to maintain physiological balance. Sometimes this arch becomes too strong in the lumbar region and this causes back pain.

The cause of the pain may be a sharp jump in the growth of the baby. Pain can also spread to the back when the ligaments holding the uterus are strongly stretched. Pain is most often associated with an increased load on the musculoskeletal system.

Varicose veins The expansion of the veins is manifested in women who were initially predisposed to such a disease. Most of these symptoms appear after childbirth. Veins in the 23rd week may swell significantly. Vein nodules will be more visible and highlighted. This is due to the increased load on the legs and the circulatory system.

It is difficult to deal with varicose veins during the gestation period. You can use no prohibited ointments or lotions with essential oils. Wear the most comfortable shoes and try not to cut off blood circulation in the limbs.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

The second trimester is considered the calmest in terms of emerging symptoms. Their number and intensity of manifestation will depend on the individual characteristics of the woman’s body.

The best way to reduce symptoms during pregnancy is to prepare for pregnancy. Then there is a preliminary examination of the whole organism. The issue of dental health is resolved and the situation with chronic diseases is normalized. It is also important to prepare the body for bearing: strengthening the back, training muscle elasticity, and pumping up the press.

“Maintain as much muscle tone as possible during the gestation period. Do not lead a passive lifestyle. Go to the pool or do yoga.”

23 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Ultrasound at the 23rd week with a successful pregnancy is not prescribed. An additional examination is prescribed for women with multiple pregnancies. The reason for the appointment for ultrasound may be the presence of some symptoms: a sharp decrease in fetal activity, severe abdominal pain, bleeding, and other symptoms.

Sizes of long bones

Femur 37–45 mm,

Humerus 34–42 mm,

Forearm bones 29–37 mm,

The lower leg bones 34–42 mm.

Definition of Rhesus conflict

The first signs of an Rh conflict can be seen at the 23rd week of pregnancy: an increase in the thickness of the placenta, hydrocephalus, and fluid accumulation in the abdomen or chest. Violations of the uteroplacental blood flow are visible.


You can well determine the sex of the child using an ultrasound scan at 23 weeks in addition to the exact data described above.

The main thing is that the baby should occupy a favorable position for research, but mistakes are still acceptable.

23 week pregnancy ultrasound

The heartbeat will be audible and the structure of the heart can be seen. Possible defects and violations in its work can be identified.

Sometimes an additional examination of the internal organs of the mother is required: monitoring the condition of the uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, kidneys, and other organs. Early detection of health problems will help keep the pregnancy going.

Your Body

The body of a pregnant woman undergoes constant changes. The most reactive and strong transformations occur in the first and last months of gestation. Now everything is more or less stable. The abdomen at the 23rd week sticks out well. The spine bends slightly in the lumbar region.

The individual pace is a set of body weights. The total weight by the 23rd week may increase by 6-7 kg. This is not the “gold standard” but the accepted norm. A significant part of pregnant women is gaining a significantly larger number of kilograms by this time.

The breast of the woman in position is increased. It fills up and becomes heavy. There may be a discharge of colostrum, which the baby will eat for the first days after birth. The woman’s body is noticeably rounded, and a pleasant “pregnant fullness” appears. This creates a special charm for a woman in the position. Improves the condition of hair and nails. There may be problems with teeth and gums.

Belly size & Health Conditions

Each woman has her rate of increase in the size of the belly during pregnancy. There are such options when at 6 months the belly is practically not noticeable. It can be as big as it is already the 9th month of pregnancy in some cases.

The uterus at the 23rd week is at the level of the navel. It often bulges out. The navel will return to its original position after the baby is born.

You can no longer sleep on your belly. It is better to purchase a special pillow for pregnant women.

The woman’s health at the 23rd week of pregnancy is good. The likelihood of negative symptoms is low. Only small unpleasant manifestations are possible: indigestion, swelling, back pain, bleeding gums.

Health with a successful course of pregnancy is not disturbed. The risk of infectious and viral diseases is low. The immune system is working normally.

23 Weeks is How Many Months?

The period under consideration corresponds to the 23rd embryonic week of pregnancy. This is already the 25th week of obstetric terms.

Now 5 months and 3 weeks of pregnancy from the moment of conception. There are only 4 months left before the expected date of birth. It makes sense to start preparing for the upcoming birth, at least mentally.

The specific date of the expected birth is set by your obstetrician-gynecologist based on the recorded date of the last menstruation. More accurate ultrasound data can slightly adjust the date of birth.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

As soon as everyone around learns about the interesting position of a woman, advisers begin to appear. There will be a lot of them, from mothers on both sides to strangers. Don’t be influenced by society. All advice and specific recommendations are best received from a doctor and trusted information sources.

Key tips and tricks from us:

Lead the Right LifestyleDo not drink alcohol even if you want to. This happens during pregnancy. Stay away from people who smoke. Do not communicate with potentially infectious. Move more and keep your body in good shape.

Be filled with informationLearn about nutrition during lactation and feeding habits. Accumulate knowledge of postnatal care and other information.

Move slowlyTry not to make sudden movements. All your actions should be smooth and accurate. Don’t get up or sit down quickly. Walk slowly using the most comfortable shoes. Be especially careful in winter.

Psychological safetyAvoid negative environments. Follow the information diet: stop watching and reading the news and criminal programs. Move away from conflicts. Your psychological safety is primarily the safety of the child.

Buy a pregnancy pillowThere is a strong load on the muscles and joints with the growth of the abdomen. It does not stop even during sleep. You will be able to distribute the weight correctly and sleep peacefully without pain and discomfort with the help of a pillow.

Do something funEnjoy every process. Start planning your baby’s wardrobe. Gradually pack your bag for the hospital. Find the right crib and stroller for your newborn. It should be only pleasant and very entertaining chores.


Nothing negative happens at 23 weeks of gestation. The symptoms are mild and the general health of the woman is good. It is worth preparing for childbirth and the birth of a baby. You can sign up for special courses that will help you gain experience in caring for a newborn. This is a very important and difficult point that requires attention.

Important Checklist

  • Avoid a negative environment
  • Get a pillow for pregnant women
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Maintain body tone
  • Eat rationally and thoughtfully
  • Remove all bad habits
  • Get ready for the birth of your baby

Do not think that some superstitions will help you more than preparation for the birth of a baby. Hasty purchases, lack of organization, and lack of a plan are the worst enemies of the expectant mother’s peace of mind. At 8 months, the “nesting” syndrome will occur. Instinctively, you will begin to establish a life and prepare for the appearance of a baby in the house.

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