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24 Weeks Pregnant

The second trimester of pregnancy is about to end. Now the 24th week is a period of calm and stability. The fetus at 24 weeks looks like a small baby. It is already quite large and requires a lot of space for its activity. The baby’s maneuvers become a little calmer, as his intrauterine space is very limited.

Now the movements of the baby will be noticeable not only to the mother. Anyone who touches the stomach will be able to feel the jolts. They become stronger and are the source of the most positive emotions of parents.

The baby sleeps most of the time. His biorhythms are already synchronized with his mother’s, so nighttime somersaults are already rare.

24 Weeks Baby Development

The fetus at 24 embryonic weeks intensively builds muscle mass. This is noticeable by taking into account the weight parameters. The body of the baby is rounded and he no longer looks very thin. Mobility and constant training inside the uterus help the fetus develop physically. It repels from the walls of the uterus, turns over, flexes, and unbends the limbs.

It's The Size of Grapefruit

Now the baby is close in size to a grapefruit. This is colossal progress in development from a small cell to a whole organism.

The fetus has reached parameters that allow more accurate ultrasound.


How Heavy is it? 1.25 Lb or 550 gr

The fruit this week added as much as 12% – 15%. His current weight is 550 grams or 1.25 lb. The main set is observed due to an increase in the muscle frame and the formation of a fatty layer.

test image 3

Your Baby is 12 inch or 30 cm

The length of the fetus from crown to heels at the 24th week is 30 cm or 12 inches. This figure may vary.

It all depends on the genetics and nutrition of the mother. The growth of the baby sometimes by the time of birth can be only 48–49 cm or exceed 55 cm.

Lenght week 24

The body of the fetus at the 24th week strives for perfection. All parts of the body are developed and function to their fullest. The vitality of the baby is now at a high level. The baby will live if a premature birth occurs with proper medical equipment.

Baby at 24 weeks is well built. All parts of the body are proportional and harmonious. The head is large but commensurate with the body in the proper parameters. The abdomen is slightly enlarged at the place of attachment of the umbilical cord. The arms and legs are rounded and strengthened.

Most of all body systems are functioning. Developed network of blood vessels. The digestive and respiratory systems work in a training mode.

Some moments of fetal development at the 24th week:

Facial featuresEyes covered with eyelids with eyelashes stand out well. Brow ridges, nose, lips, chin, and forehead are visible. Some believe that even now it is possible to understand who the future newborn looks like.

SkinThe skin has already become thicker. A layer of fat formed which made the skin less transparent. Vessels are not translucent. The entire surface of the body is covered with a special lubricant that protects the body from infection.

Hair and nailsThe whole body on the 24th week is covered with a gentle fluff, which will disappear closer to childbirth. Hair on the head is especially with a genetic predisposition to good density and growth. On the fingers are thin and long nails that continue to grow.

Respiratory systemThe bronchi are already formed. The lungs are not yet fully functional making training contractions. A surfactant is formed – a surfactant that does not allow the lungs to dry out.

Sense organsThe eyes are well developed, and the optic nerve works, but the baby does not see yet. He can only react to bright light. The rumor is getting better. The fetus can hear strong vibrations, the mother’s heartbeat, and her voice. The baby reacts to touch by sharply changing its position.

Endocrine systemIn the 24th week, the organs responsible for the production of hormones work well: the thyroid gland, pancreas, and adrenal glands. The pituitary gland secretes growth hormones.

24 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The list of symptoms at the 24th week of pregnancy is in many ways similar to the previous terms. The second trimester is the most positive period of gestation. The likelihood of serious symptoms is minimal. Most of the manifestations this week are neutral.

The degree of intensity and severity of symptoms will depend on hereditary factors and the readiness of the woman’s body forbearing. The course of pregnancy proceeds safely in the absence of chronic diseases.

Swollen ankles and feet The formation of fluid stagnation occurs due to hormonal disruptions in the body of a woman. Edema also appears with excess fluid. The limbs are the most affected. They swell in the ankles and feet. This is most often aggravated by prolonged walking.

Raising your legs for a while will help relieve swelling. Relieve the symptom of lotion and cool baths.

Linea nigra This symptom begins to appear at an earlier date. Now the dark stripe from the navel to the pubis is more pronounced. The appearance of such a band is due to a large amount of melanin. This is the pigment that determines the color of the skin.

The dark stripe on the belly will disappear after the baby is born. Many women do not have this symptom.

Leg cramps Leg cramps may appear with a significant lack of trace elements in the mother’s body. These are such unpleasant spasms that overcome in the evening or at night. They are mainly the result of a deficiency of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron.

Dealing with this disease is not easy. There is no quick help, you can only drink a course of vitamins or microelements separately. Cramps are usually short-lived and go away on their own.

Constipation One of the most common symptoms during pregnancy is constipation. It can appear both at the beginning and the end of pregnancy. The cause of intestinal obstruction can be a lack of water, a small number of enzymes, poor bile function, and malnutrition.

It is enough to normalize your diet to eliminate such a symptom by enriching it with plant foods rich in fiber. It is also worth drinking as much clean water as possible.

Stretch marks There is tension and rupture of the integument of the skin with a sharp set of body weight. Scars form at the site of ruptures, which are almost impossible to fight.

The best way is prevention. Increase the elasticity of the skin by lubricating it with special creams, oils, and other means. Filling your diet with saturated omega acids.

Backache The fetus at the 24th week has grown significantly. The uterus enlarged, displacing the internal organs. The spine flexes slightly at the waist to provide a place for the child to grow. There is a shift in the center of gravity and incorrect distribution of the load.

This effect directly provokes the appearance of pain in the lumbar region. The symptom is slightly relieved by a light massage and regular gymnastics.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

Whatever the symptoms of the 24th week of pregnancy – this should not overshadow your situation. Take advantage of the fact that you are in such a magical state. The second trimester is the quietest period of gestation. Now is the time to think about how and where you plan to give birth, deal with organizational issues, and the choice of a doctor.

There is a tremendous opportunity for freedom in choosing the place of birth. This should be the most prosperous and competent institution with all the spectrum of emergency care for mother and child.

“A person is growing inside you who will soon be your greatest love!”

24 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Ultrasound examination at the 24th week of pregnancy is rarely prescribed. There must be some evidence for this: multiple pregnancy, suspicion of entanglement with the umbilical cord, fetal growth retardation, and a sharp decrease in fetal activity. Ultrasound at this time may be scheduled if you missed the mandatory second screening.

Norms of long bones

Femur 40–48 mm

Humerus 36–44 mm

Forearm bones 31–39 mm

The lower leg bones 36–44 mm.

Study of the umbilical cord

The umbilical artery is examined. Examine the place of attachment of the umbilical cord to the fetus. The structure of the placenta is being assessed. It should normally be homogeneous. The degree of maturity is not less than 1.


On ultrasound at 24 weeks, they can once again check the sex of the child if necessary. Good doctors always do this without even asking their parents.

Now the gender is a little easier to determine, although there are still errors. No one can give you a 100% guarantee.

24 week pregnancy ultrasound

On ultrasound control, the tone of the uterus and the condition of the cervix are assessed. This is very important to avoid possible complications. Do not react negatively to the results of the ultrasound. They are not a diagnosis. Additional testing is required if questions arise.

Your Body

Hormonal and physiological changes in the mother’s body occur throughout the entire period of gestation. Now half of the entire path has been completed, but changes and deformations continue.

The belly is growing more and more, sticking out so much that it can no longer be hidden from others. There is a set of weights that normally should not exceed 7-8 kg. It is worth more carefully controlling your diet and not leaning on harmful high-calorie foods.

A sudden change in weight and a strong increase in it can provoke the appearance of stretch marks. The tendency to this symptom is often hereditary but can occur with a decrease in the level of collagen and elastin.

The hips become wider, the waist disappears, and the spine sags. All this noticeably changes the way a woman walks. She starts to waddle around a bit. Pregnant women significantly slow down in their activity.

Belly size & Health Conditions

The parameters of the growth of the abdomen for each woman are different. It all depends on the source data. Thinner women will be significantly larger in circumference. All these data are monitored at every doctor’s appointment. The parameters and their dynamics are recorded.

The belly of a pregnant woman at the 24th week can be of different shapes. This is due to both the genetics and physiology of a woman. The abdomen can be round or oval, strongly lowered or raised. Most women in the second trimester feel very good. Probable symptoms are mild and sometimes completely absent.

A pregnant woman for 24 weeks is in a positive mood. There are no mood swings and the psyche is emotionally stable. There are no health problems during this period if chronic diseases have not worsened. A woman should be healthy and full of energy.

24 Weeks is How Many Months?

The 24th embryonic week corresponds to 6 months of pregnancy from the moment of conception. Now there is the 26th week of pregnancy according to obstetric terms. This corresponds to 6 months and 2 weeks of pregnancy from the date of the last menstrual period.

The gynecologist keeps a record from the date of the last menstruation. An ultrasound doctor writes a term based on the parameters of fetal development. You can consider it from the intended conception. In any case, you will not miss the moment of childbirth.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

Inexperienced mothers use the Internet in search of various information about pregnancy. The most requested questions are related to tips and tricks in certain situations. It is best to get advice directly from a specialist and use trusted sources of information.

Our advice to expectant mothers:

Control your weightNow the propensity to a strong set of body weight is probable. Try to control your food intake and analyze the contents of your plate. Avoid fast food places. Cut down on sweets and pastries. Especially if there is a dynamic of excess weight gain.

Get plenty of restTry to control the mode of work and rest. Don’t overwork yourself. Save strength and energy. Sleep whenever possible during the day and less burden yourself with everyday problems.

Maintain oral hygieneCaries and bleeding gums can cause a large accumulation of harmful bacteria, especially staphylococcus aureus. It is extremely harmful to the fetus and the mother’s heart. Pay special attention to oral hygiene by visiting the dentist on time.

Sleep on your side with a pillowA pregnancy pillow is a lifeline that will help unload your legs, and back and sleep peacefully. Place it on your side under your legs and neck. This will be comfortable for you and your baby.

Don’t be immobileTry not to stay in one position for a long time. This leads to impaired circulation. Listen to your child. Most likely he will push you if you have taken a position that is not very convenient for him.

Keep your toneVisit the pool especially if you have problems with back or leg pain. It is much easier to exercise in the water. Practice yoga and various breathing techniques. This will help in future births.


Monitor your mental health. Everything should be stable now. The closer to the date of birth, the more anxious the woman becomes. Don’t panic ahead of time. Now all your emotions are subtly felt and experienced by the baby. You are one with him and this connection will remain even when you are physically separated.

Important Checklist

  • Use a pregnancy pillow while sleeping
  • Do not allow long static
  • Maintain oral hygiene
  • Eat more vitamin meals
  • Keep your body in good shape
  • Watch for emotional stability

You are already more than halfway through. Soon you will meet your baby. It will be the most unforgettable moment in your life. Be prepared for the fact that there will be many difficult sleepless nights and worries.

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