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25 Weeks Pregnant

The second trimester is coming to an end soon. A new stage in the development of the child and preparation for childbirth will begin.

The 25th week is characterized by stability. The baby grows and significantly increases its body weight. This is the main thing that is happening to the fetus now. Muscle mass increases and the child’s body is rounded. It becomes more crowded in the womb, so maneuverability is slightly reduced.

The expectant mother grows in the abdomen, changing her appearance. The shape of a woman will become larger after 6 months of pregnancy. She will begin to walk more slowly and more carefully, waddling a little from side to side. This “pregnant” gait is due to a shift in the center of gravity.

25 Weeks Baby Development

The growth of all fetal parameters is proceeding at a measured pace. The increase in indicators depends on the genetically incorporated rates and nutrition of the expectant mother. Sometimes the growth rate is high and the baby may exceed developmental standards.

The main changes that occur with the fetus at the 25th week are recorded on ultrasound and at the doctor’s appointment. Maternal weight and abdominal circumference are measured regularly.

It's The Size of Dragon Fruit

The fetus at the 25th week is commensurate in terms of parameters with dragon fruit. The uterus increases at the rate of fetal growth, pushing the internal organs apart.

This displacement changes the appearance of a woman’s abdomen.

Dragon Fruit

How Heavy is it? 1.5 Lb or 700 gr

The baby has gained over 10% weight again during this week. Now his weight is 700 grams or 1.5 lb.

This makes the appearance of the fetus more rounded and less lean.

test image 3

Your Baby is 13 inch or 33 cm

The length of the fetus from crown to heel is now 33 cm or 13 inches.

The growth of the baby at birth will be approximately 52 cm or over 20 inches. This figure may differ significantly from the accepted norms.

Lenght week 25

All parts of the baby’s body have long been formed. Now there is an active build-up of muscle mass and the fetus is noticeably rounded. The arms no longer look very thin, and the stomach, buttocks, and cheeks are getting fatter. A denser subcutaneous fat layer appears.

Most of the fetal body systems are already functioning. They prepare for the future birth of the baby by performing their tasks. There are training processes in the work of the digestive and respiratory systems. They will dramatically change the principles of their functioning after the child goes outside, adapting to the external environment.

The fetus at the 25th week is harmoniously developed, proportionate, and well built. It already fully corresponds to the appearance of a small person. A little more and the baby will get stronger so that it will be fully viable for existence outside the womb.

Highlights of fetal development at week 25:

Bone marrowIn the 25th week, the bone marrow is included in the process of hematopoiesis. This function was previously performed by the liver and spleen. The work of the body is increasingly approaching the standards of life outside the mother.

BonesThere is a gradual and stable increase in the length of all bones. Calcium accumulates inside the bone tissue. This greatly strengthens the skeleton. It is worth paying special attention to nutrition, especially foods containing calcium.

MusclesThere is an increasing build-up of muscle mass. Muscles get stronger and increase in size. Their constant training takes place: the baby bends the arms and legs, pushes off, and rolls over.

Sense organsGradually develops a sense of smell, hearing, and vision. The baby actively reacts to light. New curls appear in the auricles. The ear becomes more sensitive to vibrations. Tactile senses also develop.

FaceAll facial features are well defined. Mimic activity is growing: the baby frowns his forehead, raises his eyebrows, smiles reflexively, wrinkles his nose, and yawns.

Respiratory systemThe lungs and bronchi are still filled with amniotic fluid. The number of surfactants increases, which is designed to help the lung tissue straighten and breathe when it enters the external environment. Training contractions of the pulmonary muscle continue.

25 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

At the 25th week of pregnancy, new symptoms that have not previously manifested may appear. They will not be the norm for a given period, but only a probability.

Most of the possible symptoms will be similar to the previous gestation periods. It all depends on the woman’s compliance with proper nutrition and lifestyle. The genetic factor is also important, as is the initial state of the mother’s health.

Carpal tunnel This is not the most common but quite likely symptom of the 25th week of pregnancy. Carpal tunnel syndrome is considered a neurological disease in which tissues in the carpal tunnel swell and press on the median nerve. This causes pain and a feeling of numbness in the palm of your hand.

The symptom is extremely unpleasant. Its main reasons are heredity, heavy load on the hands, lack of B vitamins, and so on.

Heartburn The more the belly of a pregnant woman grows, the more the internal organs are displaced. There is a violation of their work, which leads to the appearance of various symptoms. Heartburn is a common result of pressure on the stomach. The burning sensation in the sternum is so unbearable that it causes great discomfort.

Special preparations will help to cope with heartburn if they are not contraindicated during pregnancy. Milk copes well with this symptom.

Fast-growing hair The rate of hair growth by the beginning of the third trimester increases significantly. This is due to high levels of the hormone estrogen.

Not only does the intensity of hair growth change, but also their quality. They fall out less and look more well-groomed, smooth, and silky. All this is an absolute plus for the external transformation of the expectant mother.

Frequent urination The urge to urinate increases as the abdomen grows. The work of the bladder is complicated by the constant pressure of the uterus. It cannot fill and needs to be emptied more frequently.

Do not ignore the urge and immediately go to the toilet. Stagnation of urine is extremely harmful to the body of a woman. It provokes the development of infectious diseases.

Problems sleeping Sometimes there is such a symptom as a sleep disorder. This is also not the most common manifestation of the 25th week of pregnancy.
A woman in position can fall asleep badly and for a long time, wake up often and remain drowsy during the day.

There may be several reasons for this condition: fatigue, genetics, problems with hormones, strong fetal activity, and fear of putting pressure on the stomach.

Hemorrhoids This is a very frequent companion of all pregnant women. Hemorrhoid is a disease that is associated with overcrowding of blood in the venous plexuses in the anus.

The problem is very unpleasant and difficult to treat, especially in advanced form.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

It is necessary to maintain body tone to minimize the appearance of negative symptoms at the 25th week of pregnancy. Try to walk a lot and often in the fresh air. Go to the pool or special classes for pregnant women. Yoga and stretching help a lot.

The best way to avoid many problems during gestation is through systematic preparation. There is nothing more correct than a conscious and planned pregnancy when you can patch up all the “problems” in advance.

“Now your body will experience significant transformations for which you need to prepare in advance. All changes must be taken calmly.”

25 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Ultrasound at the 25th week of pregnancy is not performed in the absence of urgent indications. A good reason for the appointment of this examination may be the following reasons: complaints of a pregnant woman for pain, the presence of bloody discharge.

Ultrasound control is also done if there is a stop of fetal movements, multiple pregnancy, or suspicion of entanglement with the umbilical cord.

Sizes of long bones

Femur 42–50 mm

Humerus 39–47 mm

Forearm bones 33–41 mm

Lower leg bones 38–46 mm

Condition and amount of amniotic fluid

The amount of amniotic fluid is estimated. Water areas are being measured. According to a special formula, the amniotic fluid index is calculated.


An additional ultrasound examination at the 25th week of pregnancy can give an objective assessment of the condition of the fetus.

The state of health of the expectant mother is monitored. The work of the kidneys, which experience a significant load during this period, is recorded.

25 week pregnancy ultrasound

Ultrasound control can finally confirm the sex of the baby if this could not be determined earlier. The state of the uterus, weight, and height of the child is assessed, the heartbeat is determined, and all kinds of defects are revealed. Ultrasound provides a lot of information, but its results are not the final diagnosis.

Your Body

The growth of the belly increases markedly after the 6th month of pregnancy. There is a general weight gain. A woman by the 25th week can gain from 7 to 9 kg. Often these figures are much higher. Some women gain 20 kg for the entire period of gestation. Abnormal weight gain can adversely affect delivery and the condition of the fetus.

The general rounding of the woman’s forms is noticeable. Increased waist, hips, chest. The breast is filled and prepared for future lactation. There is frequent swelling of the limbs, which visually significantly increases them. This is especially noticeable in the ankles, feet, and hands.

The spine undergoes pressure and flexes slightly in the lumbar region. This changes the posture and gait of a woman. The center of gravity shifts and this significantly affects the musculoskeletal system.

Belly size & Health Conditions

The circumference of the abdomen of a pregnant woman is measured at each appointment with a gynecologist. The growth rate and weight control of the expectant mother are kept. Many doctors recommend going on a diet. Leading experts warn women against dietary restrictions. This is extremely dangerous for the fetus. Nutrient deficiencies can disrupt development.

Remember that the scale may be high due to puffiness. Do not resort to strict diets or fasting. The growth of the abdomen is subjective. There are no accepted standards in size. The state of health of the pregnant woman should be good. You should beware of potentially virally infectious people and public places. The closer to the expected date of birth, the weaker the female immunity.

The well-being of a pregnant woman at the 25th week can only be complicated by probable symptoms: weakness, heartburn, back pain, and hemorrhoid.

25 Weeks is How Many Months?

The 25th week from the moment of conception is 6 months and 1 week of pregnancy. Now it is already the 27th week of obstetric miscalculations from the first day of the last menstruation.

From the 36th week, the baby will already be full-term and viable. There is very little left before this date. The expected date of delivery is set at the beginning of pregnancy. Sometimes it changes after clarification of the results of the ultrasound.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

All possible advice should fit into the framework of the correct lifestyle for a pregnant woman. This includes the main principles of nutrition, light physical activity, and the absence of bad habits. Compliance with the recommendations prescribed by the doctor is mandatory. Tips can be determined by a woman on her own based on existing problems.

Attend Pregnancy CoursesDo not ignore courses for expectant mothers. They help to learn a lot of new and useful things about newborn care and breastfeeding. First-hand information is perceived much more effectively.

Stay mobileAvoid prolonged static position. Move and exercise your body. Go to the pool, do yoga, and do light exercises. This will prevent the appearance of many unpleasant symptoms and prepare the body for childbirth.

Change your wardrobeIf until the 6th month you have managed to use the existing things, now you will have to acquire new ones. The abdomen has already grown significantly, body weight has increased. The usual wardrobe is no longer suitable.

Take care of your feetMany problems can arise with the lower extremities during pregnancy: from varicose veins to edema. Try to switch to the most comfortable and natural shoes. Don’t wear heels. Raise your legs if swelling occurs.

Follow your doctor’s adviceVisit your gynecologist regularly. Carry out all basic and additional examinations and analyses. Don’t ignore lifestyle and nutritional advice.

Regulate your sleepSleep problems need to be addressed as soon as they occur. Try to remove all gadgets an hour before bedtime. Drink herbal decoctions that relax the nervous system. Don’t overwork. Observe the regime of work and rest.


A woman in a position in the middle of the road already understands a lot and can determine what exactly she needs now. She has a list of tips that work. She has been using many of them for a long time.

The most important thing when carrying is not to harm the child. This is easy to do if you do not realize the importance of your position. Many factors can greatly harm the fetus despite the general safety. This is a wrong lifestyle, poor diet, or the use of drugs.

Important Checklist

  • Take care of your energy and nerves
  • Take care of the skin of the body
  • Wear only natural and comfortable underwear
  • Observe body and oral hygiene
  • Eat only fresh and high-quality food
  • Normalize sleep and regulate rest

Very soon your first meeting with the baby will take place. It will become the most unforgettable event of your whole life. Be prepared for the fact that it will take a huge amount of time and effort to care for a child. Ask for help in advance and don’t be afraid to appear weak and helpless. Caring for a newborn is a lot of work!

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