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27 Weeks Pregnant

The third trimester of pregnancy starts from the 27th week. It will be the final period before childbirth. The last stages of preparation for the exit from the womb and life in the external environment will pass.

The 27th embryonic week continues the measured path of development and growth of the fetus. All organs function and vital systems work in their mode. The baby is getting stronger every day. Now his pushing is felt by his mother as very strong. They have a period of activity and rest.

A woman in the 27th week is noticeably rounded and transformed. The closer to childbirth, the larger her belly will be and the slower her lifestyle. It’s time for maternity leave.

27 Weeks Baby Development

The fetus is looking more and more like a baby. He is gaining a lot of weight. The skin becomes smooth and opaque. All parts of the body increase proportionally. The baby gets stronger physically by gaining muscle mass.

All growth parameters increase systematically at a genetically determined pace. The uterus is also growing steadily to give space for the activity of the fetus. Movement within the uterus is no less important than general development.

It's The Size of Eggplant

At the 27th week, the fetus is commensurate with an eggplant. Now you can feel each new maneuver of the baby.

He is strong and active. All his movements are clear and well perceptible.

How Heavy is it? 2 Lb or 900 gr

Weight gain is stable. Almost every week the fetus gains 100 grams. Now his weight is 900 grams or 2 pounds.

The baby can reach 3-3.5 kg by the time of birth.

test image 3

Your Baby is 14.3 inch or 36 cm

The total length of the fetus at the 27th week is 36 cm or 14.3 inches. This is only 3 % more than last week.

Measurements are taken from the crown of the head to the heels of the fetus. Growth in the future will have constant dynamics, increasing by 2–4 %.

Lenght week 27

The fetus at the 27th week weighs almost 1 kg. Sometimes this figure is slightly higher. Each has its growth rate. The kid is strong, formed, and harmoniously developed. All proportions of the body are observed. The head is commensurate with the body and grows in parallel with the general increase in all parameters.

All vital organs have been formed for a long time. They also grow along with an increase in body parameters. The functioning of each depends on the intrauterine needs of the body. The lungs are more involved in circulation than respiration. They help push out the blood with their contractions.

The facial features of the baby no longer look like a little old man. The skin is smoothed and the eyes, nose, and mouth are well defined.

Development features:

Heart – The heart is four-chambered but the foramen ovale is open and there is a ductal ductus. This leads to the fact that the blood circulates in a large circle, bypassing the small one.

Lungs – Until the lungs are open. The baby receives oxygen from the mother’s blood. Breathing movements promote blood circulation, not breathing. Due to the contraction of the lungs, amniotic fluid enters the bronchial tree. This prepares the breathing apparatus for functioning in the external environment.

Endocrine systemIncreases the concentration of oxytocin. The thyroid gland produces hormones that are important for intrauterine growth and development. The pancreas produces insulin.

Metabolism – The fetus grows rapidly from the 27th week due to rapid protein metabolism. Some fatty acids are synthesized within the body. The baby receives vitamins and nutrients from the mother along with the blood.

Kidneys – The baby’s kidneys remain immature until birth. They are not yet fully operational. Urine may be present in the bladder. It is excreted into the amniotic fluid.

Limbs – The upper part of the body is better developed than the lower part due to the peculiarities of intrauterine circulation. The relative weakness of the lower extremities can be observed in comparison with the developed arms and head.

27 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The third trimester is slightly different in terms of possible symptoms from the second. He is in the prevailing majority relatively calm.

Some symptoms may be complicated by late toxicosis that has appeared. This is an infrequent phenomenon that has a basis for some reasons. Among them may be heredity, hypertension, anemia, Rhesus conflict, multiple pregnancy, and so on.

Restless legs This symptom appears mainly in the evening and at night. It is characterized by the presence of specific unpleasant feelings inside the legs. They do not give rest and do not allow to remain still. Anxious feelings are akin to aching pains, goosebumps, or convulsions, but are distinguished by their inconstancy.

The main cause of this symptom is a violation of blood circulation. The syndrome may not be in pregnant women.

Leg cramps Another symptom in the lower extremities is associated with a lack of trace elements such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron. Convulsions are expressed in severe spasms of the legs when it is impossible to stop the process.

This moment lasts for some time and then passes. You can try to take an additional complex of trace elements. This will help normalize the situation.

Abdominal pain Normally, there may be a pain in the abdomen at this time. Some of the reasons are a sharp jump in the growth of the uterus, causing a strong tension of the ligaments, or increased gas formation and wandering gases.

Other reasons are less positive: serious circulatory disorders, pathology of fetal development, and premature birth.

Mood swings Some problems of an emotional nature can be observed in the 27th week. They are expressed in mental instability and mood swings.

This may be due to hormonal surges or simply increased anxiety before the upcoming birth. Emotional swings at this time are not so serious but may appear periodically.

Round ligament pain This is not a typical symptom for the 27th week of pregnancy. Most often this appears in the second trimester and quickly passes. The symptom is felt as a sharp pain in the lower abdomen and the groin area. It may increase with physical activity or walking and then subside after the woman lies down.

Tolerable and short-term pain in the round ligament is within the normal range. You don’t need to fight them. You just need to relax and change your position.

High blood pressure This symptom is more likely to be characteristic of those who were prone to such problems before pregnancy. Blood pressure is measured at every appointment with the gynecologist. Initially, you tell your doctor the normal blood pressure that you live with. It can be much higher than acceptable standards.

You should immediately consult a doctor if high blood pressure appeared in the third trimester. This may not be a pleasant symptom.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

The woman is already accustomed to many symptoms by the third trimester. She ignores most of the possible manifestations and has adapted to co-existence with them. Pregnant women take everything calmly.

There are some normal symptoms and several unacceptable for this period. You need to be extremely careful and immediately seek medical help. Now it is very important to reach the term of 36 weeks when the baby will be as viable as possible.

“The third trimester is almost the finish line to the birth of a baby. Get ready for what’s to come.”

27 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Ultrasound examination at the 27th week is carried out for women with complaints. These are most often severe pain, the presence of unpleasant discharge, and a decrease in the intensity of movements. Additional ultrasounds are often prescribed if the pregnancy is multiple. Ultrasound is not prescribed without specific reasons.

Sizes of long bones

Femur 47-55mm,

Humerus 43-51mm,

Forearm bones 37-45mm,

The lower leg bones 43-51mm.

Control of other fetal parameters

Ultrasound provides data on the weight, height, and overall dimensions of the baby. You can determine the state of blood flow and the work of the fetus-placenta-mother’s body. There is control of the growth and development of individual brain structures. The sex of the child is determined or confirmed.


3D examinations will be accepted starting from the 28th week. It will give a picture of the fetus that is more acceptable to our eyes. You can see in detail his facial features.

It will be possible to make a video recording of the movements of the baby and his photo.

27 week pregnancy ultrasound

3D examinations will be accepted starting from the 28th week. It will give a picture of the fetus that is more acceptable to our eyes. You can see in detail his facial features. It will be possible to make a video recording of the movements of the baby and his photo.

At the moment, conventional ultrasound control is sufficient. It must be done strictly according to the relevant instructions. Any data obtained by ultrasound examination will not be a final diagnosis. All possible pathologies have more specific symptoms and a pronounced picture.

Your Body

Pregnant at the 27th week already significantly rounded. The stomach props up the ribs and it becomes difficult to sit for a long time. Women most often go on maternity leave during this period. Sitting at an office desk becomes problematic. The body is undergoing several changes that were noticeable in the past.

The woman’s weight is growing. Its increase may be beyond the norm. Most pregnant women gain 8–10 kg by the 27th week. These are very high figures, even taking into account weight loss with toxicosis. Some may gain as little as 6-7 kg during their entire pregnancy. It all depends on the initial data and proper nutrition.

The legs often swell and increase in size. Increasing hip width. Stretch marks may appear on the body and chest. The posture and gait of a woman are changing. The main reason is the shift in the center of gravity.

Belly size & Health Conditions

The circumference of the abdomen at the beginning of the third trimester can reach 78–82 cm. This is in the conditions of the initial standard woman’s build. These parameters can vary both larger and smaller.

The shape of the abdomen is a very individual sign. For some, the belly already props up the ribs, having a more elongated upward shape. Others have a belly that expands around the waist. There is a belief that the shape of the abdomen determines gender. These are just folk tales and nothing more.

A woman’s well-being can be determined by the presence or absence of symptoms. Most of the time it’s good. The woman is in high spirits and does not experience any ailments. Nausea and a general deterioration in well-being may occur with manifestations of late toxicosis. General health should be excellent if there are no chronic or viral diseases and other problems.

27 Weeks is How Many Months?

There are two stages of pregnancy: embryonic and obstetric. The first is counted from the moment of the alleged conception. The second – is from the date of the last menstruation.

Now there is the 27th week of pregnancy according to the embryonic period or 6 months and 3 weeks. According to obstetric terms, it is already the 29th week. This is 7 months and 1 week pregnant. Gynecologists use obstetric terms because they are easier to calculate. Ultrasound data give their estimated due dates.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

Most of the advice during the gestation period is aimed at maintaining the right lifestyle. There is an emphasis on rational nutrition, avoidance of bad habits, light physical activity, and rest. Week 27 is no exception. All the previous advice and recommendations apply to it.

Eat quality foodIt should be fresh food prepared on the day of admission. The table must be filled with plenty of vegetables and fruits. Drink juices if there is no indigestion. Eat berries and cereal cereals.

Don’t lean forwardThe stomach has already grown significantly and bending forward can provoke strong excesses and loss of balance. The shift in the center of gravity no longer allows you to freely dispose of your body.

Don’t OverworkFollow the regime of work and rest. Sleep during the day and do not overwork at work. The loss of strength has a bad effect on overall well-being.

Do yogaTry this type of exercise to keep your body toned. Yoga will help improve muscle condition and prepare the body for future childbirth in the absence of contraindications.

Get outsideWalking in the fresh air will enrich the body with oxygen, strengthen the muscles of the back, and giving mood. Oxygen soothes and heals the body, increasing immunity.

Avoid public placesThe closer to childbirth, the weaker the immune system. There is a high risk of virus infection. It is necessary to avoid places of a mass congestion of people and potentially infectious individuals.


We recommend starting a thorough preparation for childbirth in addition to general advice. It is better to do this gradually and slowly to eliminate unnecessary excitement. Start the process by collecting a bag for the maternity hospital. There is a huge list of everything you need. This event will take you more than one month. The gradual filling of the maternity hospital bag will remove a lot of nerves in the future.

Important Checklist

  • Avoid mass events
  • Observe the rules of personal hygiene
  • Eat only fresh and quality food
  • Engage in physical exercise
  • Prepare for childbirth in advance

The birth of a baby is an extremely responsible event. Connect the closest people to it. Ask your mother or sister to be nearby if the husband is against partner childbirth. The support must be real and helpful.

In extreme cases, there are specially trained people – doulas. They create all the most favorable conditions for childbirth and help in solving most of the problems.

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