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28 Weeks Pregnant

It’s the last trimester of pregnancy. How long it will last is hard to say. Someone bears a child until the 36th week, and someone can stretch until the 41st. Everything is very individual, as are most of the features of gestation.

The most powerful stage of preparation for the upcoming birth begins from the 28th week. This happens both with the fetus and with the mother’s body. Organs and systems work in an enhanced training mode. This applies to the digestive, excretory, and respiratory systems and their organs.

The volumes of the expectant mother are growing almost every day. The baby can no longer maneuver so actively inside the uterus because it has grown a lot.

28 Weeks Baby Development

There is an active set of muscle mass and an increase in the fat layer. The size of the fetus grows significantly. His movements inside the mother become strong but less varied. Hiccups appear, which sometimes frightens a woman. It is perfectly felt inside the abdomen in the form of repetitive sharp movements. Fetal growth parameters increase at the most uniform pace.

It's The Size of Cauliflower

The fetus in size at the 28th week is comparable to a cauliflower. This is a significant breakthrough since conception.

Only 7 months have passed from a small cell to a full-fledged and viable organism.


How Heavy is it? 2.25 Lb or 1 Kg

The weight of the baby is steadily growing every month, adding about 10% of weight. The weight at this time is 1000 grams or 2 LB.

This figure will reach a mark of at least 3000 grams or 6.5 pounds by the time of delivery.

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Your Baby is 14.6 inch or 37 cm

The length of the baby at 28 weeks is 37 cm or 14.6 inches. This indicator changes steadily every week by 2–3 %.

The body length from crown to heels at such a rate for childbirth will be approximately 52 cm or 20 inches.

Lenght week 28

The appearance of the fetus at the 28th week already completely repeats the infant. This is exactly what the child will be at birth, apart from a significant increase in height and weight.

Now the baby has a well-developed constitution. He has proportional and quite harmonious parts of the body. The upper limbs are slightly better developed than the lower ones, which is associated with the peculiarities of blood circulation. This trend will continue after birth.

The fetus is still very tightly dependent on the mother’s body. The fetus-placenta-mother system is a strong and actively functioning connection. A close interlacing of vessels goes at the place of attachment of the umbilical cord. The placenta should already have a high degree of maturity.

The main systems of the fetus are working in full mode. The rest are still in preparation and not complete.

Development features:

EyesThe organ of vision has long been developed but is not yet fully functional. The pupillary membrane disappears from the eyeballs. Now the baby will be more sensitive to light. Lacrimal ducts are formed.

SkinThe hypodermis is actively developing at the 28th week. This is the layer of skin that lies deeper than the surface. Subcutaneous adipose tissue is formed. The baby is visibly smoothed and ceases to be translucent.

LimbsThe arms are slightly better developed than the legs. This is the result of special blood circulation that better supplies blood to the upper body. The baby can suck his finger, unbend and bend his arms at the joints, grab the umbilical cord, and touch his face. Explores his neighbor in the womb if he is not alone.

FaceThe external features of the baby are already close to the infant. Eyes, mouth, nose, and chin are formed. The face is noticeably smoother. More and more facial expressions are being trained: the child frowns, smiles reflexively, squints sometimes opens his eyelids.

LungsThe surfactant continues to be produced. It is designed to provide breathing to the newborn. Developed bronchial tree. There is an active contraction of the respiratory muscles as a preparation for future breathing in the external environment.

Other organs  – The brain continues to develop actively during this period. The rudiments of milk and even molars are formed. Muscles grow and bones get stronger. The adrenal glands and pancreas continue to work.

28 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The third trimester is mostly calm. Sometimes late toxicosis may occur. This is by no means a must. The number and duration of symptoms at the 28th week will depend on the genetic features, as well as on the presence of pregnancy complications.

Many of the symptoms have long been familiar to a woman. They are repeated and therefore do not cause concern in a pregnant woman.

Brixton hicks contractions Not every woman experiences it. Training fights are similar to ordinary ones and this can greatly frighten a woman who is not aware of such a phenomenon.

The occurrence of Braxton-Hicks contractions does not entail the opening of the cervix and delivery. It's like a kind of preparation of the female body for future childbirth.

Heartburn If at the beginning of pregnancy the cause of heartburn was hormonal problems, now it is rather functional. The fetus grows intensively and increases in size along with the uterus. This puts pressure on the internal organs, in particular on the stomach.

The unpleasant burning sensation can reduce appetite. It is better to resort to some harmless means of help. The simplest is milk. It significantly reduces symptoms and normalizes well-being.

Headaches This symptom can haunt a woman in both the first and third trimesters. The nature of the pains is very diverse: pressing, squeezing, aching, throbbing, tension pains.

The causes of such conditions may be problems with pressure and blood circulation in the cervical region. There is also weather dependence. Most of the tablets are contraindicated during the gestation period. You can take a relaxing shower by directing a jet of water on the crown or neck. It also helps sleep and walks in the fresh air.

Dizziness The head may spin with a sharp change in position, a long stay in static, in a stuffy room, or under the scorching sun. The blood rushes to her head and the woman loses her balance.

You should always be careful in your movements and also always carry water with you. Sometimes dizziness can be related to vitamin deficiencies, poor nutrition, or dehydration.

Baby kicks The fetus at the 28th week has grown enough and got stronger. His movements are already less maneuverable but stronger. There is little space for active coups, so the child begins to actively stretch by bending and unbending the limbs. He pushes off the walls of the uterus and rests against them with his head or booty.

The baby's pushes become more tangible and justified. He can react to the wrong position of a woman, a sharp sound, or eating.

Leaky breasts This symptom is optional. Sometimes women do not experience strong structural changes in the mammary glands before childbirth. It happens that colostrum can already appear in the breast.

This is noticeable in underwear. Droplets of colostrum leave stains on the bra. You can notice the active release of a white liquid when pressing on the nipple.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

In addition to these symptoms, there may be those that a woman has not paid attention to for a long time. These include general fatigue, easy fatigue, constant drowsiness, and irritability.

Some symptoms should alert a pregnant woman because they are not the norm. For example, severe and persistent pain in the abdomen, purulent or bloody discharge, burning during urination, severe vomiting, and so on. It is worth contacting a doctor immediately.

“Now there is an active preparation of the body for the upcoming birth. It’s time to start solving all everyday and organizational issues of this process.”

28 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

An ultrasound may be scheduled at this time, as this is the 30th obstetric week. It all depends on how long your doctor conducts pregnancy and prescribes examinations. Now ultrasound control is already very informative. You can have a good look at the fetus, all its parts of the body, internal organs, blood flow, and possible pathologies.

Normal sizes of long bones

Femur 49–57 mm,

Humerus 45–53 mm,

Forearm bones 39–47 mm,

The lower leg bones 45–53 mm.

Determining the position of the fetus

The position of the fetus can be head, transverse or pelvic. The baby normally occupies the head position. If the child is located booty down, then he will still change his position closer to childbirth.


Most mothers prefer to have a 3D examination on or after their 28th due date. It is more modern and visually informative.

Ultrasound examination allows timely detection of possible deviations from developmental norms, developmental delay, pathologies, and chromosomal abnormalities.

28 week pregnancy ultrasound

Many problems are found in the body of a woman. It is necessary to control its internal organs. Especially if there are unpleasant symptoms: uncontrolled urination, bleeding, or severe pain in the abdomen.

Your Body

The third trimester has started and the body of a woman in position should change at an even greater pace. The uterus grows, exerting pressure on all organs lying around. The spine is shifting more and more bending in the lower back.

All of these changes affect the posture, gait, and overall shape of the female body. There is an intensive weight gain. Now a woman can notice an increase of up to 10 kg. These indicators are very individual and depend on the observance of proper nutrition and a mobile lifestyle.

The density and elasticity of the hair change. They grow fast and look shiny. Hormones influence this. They also trigger increased nail growth.

The hips and buttocks increase in size. The old wardrobe is no longer useful to you. It’s worth thinking about upgrades. Feet often swell and increase in volume, which requires the replacement of shoes.

Belly size & Health Conditions

Abdominal growth parameters are very individual indicators. The girth of the abdominal cavity is measured every time at the reception at the gynecologist. It can be 80–85 cm. It all depends on the initial size of the woman and her nutrition during the gestation period.

A very subjective moment and the shape of the abdomen. It can be either more round or more oval and raised. This determines the general constitution of the woman’s body and the position of the fetus. A woman should feel great. Now there are no serious symptoms that could significantly reduce the standard of living of a pregnant woman.

The situation is radically opposite to probable late toxicosis. Nausea and sometimes even vomiting may occur. This is not common. The cause may be a multiple pregnancy, a Rhesus conflict, or any abnormalities.

28 Weeks is How Many Months?

It has been 28 weeks since conception. This is exactly 7 months of pregnancy. Already the 30th week according to obstetric terms or 7 months and 2 weeks of pregnancy. Your gynecologist will use obstetric terms because their definition has clear numbers – the date of the first day of the last menstruation. It is almost impossible to know on what day the conception occurred.

The estimated date of birth according to ultrasound often disagrees with the calculations of the gynecologist. As a result, pregnant women have several expected dates of birth.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

Pregnant women get a lot of advice from everyone around. Each of them has a good direction. You don’t have to blindly follow everything you’re told. Your child’s health is your area of responsibility. Use advice and recommendations based on your condition.

Move smoothlyNow it is very important to be careful. Sit down and get up slowly. Don’t lean forward. Walk smoothly and carefully. Be careful in public transport.

Keep your body tonedAttend yoga classes. Keep moving. Swim in the pool. Maintain muscle tone. This will help with childbirth and keep the back and legs healthy.

Eat smaller portionsDivide meals into 5-6 portions. This will reduce the risk of digestive problems. Do not pass in one meal. Now the stomach is strongly compressed by the growing uterus and it is difficult for him to cope with such a load.

Get positive emotionsProtect yourself from negativity, stress, and anxiety. Try to experience only positive emotions. Watch less TV and talk more with your friends. Go to cafes, to parks, and communicate with the same pregnant women.

Do something funStart planning your child’s room. Check out the stroller and crib. Consider the wardrobe for the future baby. Do everything to fully enjoy your condition and the upcoming event.

Sign up for courses for expectant mothersAttending courses will help to gather a lot of useful information about newborn care and breastfeeding. Be prepared for the fact that you will have to write more than one page. This training will be an extremely useful pastime.


Surround yourself with everything that gives you pleasure. Control your communication and information background. Try to lower your level of empathy for the events in the world and the situation in the country. Be indifferent to possible family troubles. Keep the general atmosphere around you as positive as possible.

The baby in the womb feels any anxiety, fear, and stress. This affects the development of his nervous system.

Important Checklist

  • Eat fractionally 5-6 times a day
  • Move smoothly and carefully
  • Sleep with a pregnancy pillow
  • Wear comfortable underwear made from natural fabrics
  • Control work and rest rationally
  • Maintain a positive atmosphere in the family

Just another ten weeks and you will be able to hold your baby in your arms. Know that it will be very difficult. You must start mentally preparing for these difficulties now. Immediately ask for support from loved ones and their direct help. You will need it very much. Caring for a newborn is an extremely complex process.

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