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29 Weeks Pregnant

The baby is almost completely ready for life outside the womb at the 29th week from the moment of conception. The only thing left is to gain weight and grow a little. It will take another 10 weeks and he will be considered fully full-term. Babies with premature birth at this time are nursed in special boxes and they are gaining strength already in maternity hospitals.

Planned preparations for the upcoming birth continue. Changes occur both in the body of the mother and in the body of the fetus. The uterus grows and frees up space for the growth of the fetus. The width of the woman’s hips increases. There is a set of body weights.

The training work of the digestive and respiratory systems continues. The nervous and endocrine systems mature. There are some transformations taking place inside the brain.

29 Weeks Baby Development

The process of building up the subcutaneous fat layer is still going on. Increases muscle mass and strengthens the skeleton. All baby growth parameters change at a stable pace. The proportions of all parts of the body are observed.

The fetus has grown significantly, therefore it no longer moves so diversely inside the abdomen. He does not have enough space for the previous activity. Pushing is already noticeably stronger and justified by objective reasons.

It's The Size of Pomelo

The fruit in general terms is now comparable to a pomelo. Less and less space remains inside the uterus so that the baby moves actively.

The size of the reproductive organ is not unlimited.


How Heavy is it? 2.5 Lb or 1.2 Kg

The baby this week will gain about 20% in weight. Its total weight will eventually be about 1.2 kg or 2.5 lb.

Weight gain is stable and will depend on the mother’s nutrition as well as her adherence to the right lifestyle.

test image 3

Your Baby is 15 inch or 38 cm

Your baby’s height is measured from head to toe. Now the body length is 38 cm or 15 inches.

This indicator can be either more or less than the accepted norms. It all depends on the genetically incorporated growth rates.

Lenght week 29

The main task of the fetus at the 29th week of pregnancy is to accumulate subcutaneous fat. This is necessary for future thermoregulation because it is not so warm outside the womb.

All proportions of the body are approaching more familiar to us. The head no longer seems too big compared to the body. The limbs have grown sufficiently and are no longer pressed in a strong tone to the body. The baby is outwardly very harmoniously complex and does not differ from the baby in anything except the size.

The fetus is getting stronger every week. This leads to increased pushing, which the mother feels much more than in the early stages.

LiverThis body continues its development. There are preparatory processes for the production of bile. It will be critical in the digestion of food, especially fats.

PancreasThe development of the pancreas continues. In the future, it will produce enzymes vital for the breakdown of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. The pancreas performs the function of producing insulin.

SkinDeeper subcutaneous layers and adipose tissue are formed. The color of the skin changes and its transparency disappears. There is a small hairline. The original lubrication of the body is preserved, which protects well from infections.

BonesThe skeleton is growing stronger and stronger. The skeletal system stores calcium daily. The baby consumes it from the mother’s body. It is very important to replenish your daily diet with calcium-containing foods.

EyesDeveloped organs of vision. The baby can periodically blink reflexively and even keep his eyes open. The eyelids are covered with cilia. The reaction to light becomes more sensitive. The optic nerve is developed. Further improvement of vision will occur after birth.

NoseThe nasal bone at the 29th week is well developed with no deviations. The nostrils at this time are freed from mucous plugs. The sense of smell of the fetus is enhanced. Nasal congestion will continue after the baby is born.

29 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

A woman is already familiar with most of the possible symptoms by the 29th week of pregnancy. Many of them have become permanent and habitual so that they do not attract any attention to themselves at all.

The third trimester, like the second, will be relatively prosperous. Some symptoms are negative, but not everyone gets them. Some women do not experience many of the symptoms.

Hemorrhoids This symptom is mainly associated with physiological changes in the body of a woman. The muscle tone of the vascular wall is weakened. The enlarged uterus exerts pressure on the internal organs. The venous pressure rises. Large knots are formed that deliver a lot of unpleasant and painful sensations during bowel movements.

Advanced hemorrhoids are treated surgically if traditional methods have not helped. Prevention is the physical activity of a woman.

Constipation This is a very common symptom for pregnant women. The reason for its appearance is a complex of factors: a change in hormonal levels, poor nutrition, lack of water, and low mobility.

Try to drink enough water, eat as many fiber foods as possible and keep moving. Do not eat foods that provoke constipation: dairy, flour, rice, and sweets.

Lightheadedness Women in positions often experience lightheadedness. This is due to hormonal changes, lack of oxygen in a stuffy room, stay in hot weather in the open sun. A disturbance in the sense of balance can appear with a sharp rise or tilt of the head.
Try to observe smooth movements and basic precautions.

Do not stay long in a small room without free access to oxygen. Carry a water bottle with you.

Pregnancy brain Weak activity of the brain is observed during the period of gestation. Women become forgetful, slightly distracted, and not assiduous. Any information is poorly absorbed and not remembered. Studying during this period brings a lot of inconveniences.

The reason for this effect is considered to be a lack of gray matter in the brain during the gestation period. There is a clear focus of the brain exclusively on internal physiological processes. The cognitive activity of the brain in this case becomes less significant.

Frequent urination The enlargement of the uterus leads to increased pressure on nearby organs. The bladder is significantly pressed and almost the entire period of pregnancy there is frequent urination. Urges become much more frequent as the filling of the bladder is reduced.

In no case should you tolerate and delay the withdrawal of urine. This can provoke an infection.

Headaches Pain in the head can appear at any stage of pregnancy. Its character will be different: aching, pulsating, pressing, fettering. The causes of headaches can be pressure, circulatory disorders, and osteochondrosis.

It is difficult to deal with this symptom. Most of the medicines are contraindicated. Helps a warm shower, sleep, and walks in the fresh air.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

Many symptoms have long become familiar to a pregnant woman. These are fatigue, drowsiness, fatigue, weakness, and irritability. They already work as a permanent background of the position of a woman. Most pregnant women do not complain of such manifestations.

A woman’s well-being in the third trimester should be good. It is necessary to immediately seek medical help if painful symptoms appear.

“Try not to think of anything bad. Women often have excessive anxiety in the run-up to childbirth, which can harm her well-being.”

29 Weeks Pregnant 3D Image

Women most often prefer a 3D ultrasound from the 29th week. Such an examination gives a three-dimensional picture. It is possible to make a 3D video and a photo of the future baby. The 3D survey is optional. This method is provided at the request and ability of parents.

Sizes of long bones

Femur 50-60mm,

Humerus 47-55mm,

Forearm bones 40-48mm,

The lower leg bones 47-55mm.

Determination of markers of chromosomal abnormalities

The 3D examination gives a more complete picture of body proportions. The possibility of a diagnostic error when measuring the neck fold is reduced. This is an important marker to check for possible chromosomal abnormalities. A more accurate picture of the condition of the nasal bone is given. The diagnostic accuracy of 3D is 30% higher than conventional ultrasound.

3D Image

The research value of the 3D method lies in faster access to information.

It also provides an opportunity to identify anomalies in the development of the limbs, skeletal defects, anterior abdominal wall, and external genital organs.

29 week pregnancy ultrasound

Absolutely all data obtained using a three-dimensional survey will be distinguished by an accelerated assessment. The reliability of the data obtained is much higher than conventional ultrasound. Many women ignore the 3D method, considering it superfluous. The diagnostic value of such an examination is very high. If possible, it is better to do a 3D ultrasound.

Your Body

The appearance of a woman by the third trimester completely changes. There is a noticeable roundness of all parts of the body. The volume of the chest, abdomen, and hips increases. The old clothes don’t fit at all. Even shoes become small because swelling of the limbs often occurs.

The condition of the skin of the body is changing. It stretches and scars may appear. They are most often localized in the abdomen, thighs, and chest.

The posture and gait of the expectant mother are noticeably changing. The abdomen grows, the uterus compresses the organs adjacent to it, and the spine is displaced. There is a deflection in the lumbar region. A woman may become slightly more stooped with a waddling gait due to a shift in the center of gravity.

There is active growth of hair and nails. There may be cosmetic problems in the form of increased pigmentation. The veins on the legs are strongly swollen and spider veins appear.

Belly size & Health Conditions

The belly grows at an individual pace determined genetically. It also depends on the diet and lifestyle of the pregnant woman. Growth parameters are always different for everyone. The main thing to consider is the rate of increase in volumes. They shouldn’t be too advanced.

The girth of the abdomen of a pregnant woman at the 29th week can reach 82–87 cm. This is taking into account the initially standard build of a woman. These figures may be significantly higher or lower than those indicated.

There are no major changes in a woman’s well-being at week 29. The situation is still stable. The pregnant woman feels quite well. There should be no nausea or pain. Possible symptoms of a negative orientation slightly complicate life. Hemorrhoids, constipation, or headaches reduce the quality of the position. Health should be good. The immune system is still strong. The risk of viral diseases is low.

29 Weeks is How Many Months?

Now there are 7 months and 1 week of pregnancy. This is 29 weeks from conception. This period is called embryonic. According to a different calculation based on the date of the last menstruation, now is the 31st week of pregnancy. This is 7 obstetric months and 3 weeks.

You will find out the expected date of delivery from your doctor. He will calculate it from the date of the last menstruation. Ultrasound results may provide a slightly different date based on the level of fetal development.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

A woman learns a huge amount of information with a conscious approach to pregnancy and future motherhood. There is so much information that it is difficult to filter out the essentials. We select the most important points in each paragraph to give a complete answer to the main questions.

Advice for the expectant mother at the 29th week:

Daily exercises and gymnasticsAttend special classes for pregnant women or do light workouts at home. All exercises should be based on well-being. There should be no pain, severe tension, or discomfort.

Relax during the daySleep during the day if possible. This will help you regain strength. The energy of a woman is no longer enough for the whole day. It takes a huge amount of effort and resources. Sleep is the best help for replenishing energy reserves.

Watch your baby moveNow it is very important to self-monitoring of fetal activity. You should see at least 10-12 strong activities during the day. Movements should be regular and with the same intensity. It is worth consulting a doctor in case of deviations from the usual norms.

Treat negative symptoms promptlyPossible symptoms such as hemorrhoids or constipation should be treated immediately during pregnancy. They are extremely unpleasant and can adversely affect the baby. Ask your doctor to prescribe you suppositories or ointments for hemorrhoids. Change your diet and drinking regimen to prevent constipation.

Attend training coursesIt is useful to attend several courses in preparation for childbirth and newborn care. It is better if this is organized in your maternity hospital. This will prepare you as much as possible for the upcoming birth.


All possible advice comes down to the general observance of the correct lifestyle. Do not forget about rational nutrition. Your plate should be 60% plant-based. Drink vitamins if necessary. Eat fractionally 5-6 times a day. And keep your body toned.

Important Checklist

  • Attend childbirth preparation courses
  • Start building your baby’s wardrobe
  • Pack a bag for the hospital
  • Eat properly and moderately
  • Drink enough water
  • Stay as active as possible until the birth
  • Radiate positivity and stay calm

There is very little time left before meeting with your baby. Soon you will take him in your arms and experience the closest contact during breastfeeding. These feelings cannot be repeated or projected. They are indispensable and not available to every woman. Appreciate the gift given to you.

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