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3 Weeks Pregnant

The third embryonic week of pregnancy is characterized by the fact that the first noticeable symptoms appear. Women at this time most often learn about their situation. The future new status scares and panics many, especially if it was unplanned.

You can determine your position both with the help of a sensitive test and with the help of analysis for hCG. Among the bright symptoms at this time, a characteristic metallic taste appears that cannot be confused with anything. Experienced mothers without any tests understand that they are in a position.

Pregnancy and the birth of a child are very reverent and important moments in the life of every woman. It is better to be prepared for such an event in advance.

3 Weeks Baby Development

The fertilized egg is firmly attached to the wall of the uterus by the 3rd week of pregnancy. Now comes the embryonic period of fetal development. This period will continue until the 8th week. Now the beginning of organogenesis has been laid – an important stage in the formation of organs and systems.

The health and development of the unborn child depend on the general condition of the mother. Particular attention should be paid to nutrition and lifestyle. They directly affect the future fate of the baby. The parameters of fetal development at 3 weeks are difficult to assess since the embryo is still very small.

What Size is it?

Now the embryo is smaller than a poppy seed. It is extremely difficult to see something on ultrasound and talk about specific parameters too.

Noticeable sizes will be closer to 10 weeks. You can only indirectly confirm the fact of pregnancy.

2nd week of pregnancy size

How Heavy is it?

It is even approximately extremely difficult to determine the weight of the embryo at this time.

Presumably, it is less than 1 gram. No one can give exact indicators, since there are no such measurement methods.

test image 3

Your Baby is
Super Tiny

The parameters of the embryo are slightly different from the 2 weeks. Its diameter is not more than 0.1–0.2 mm.

Inside it, there are already more than 200 cells that are constantly dividing.

3 week of pregnancy lenght

There is a period of organogenesis. Axial structures and nervous and circulatory systems are laid. The heart, adrenal cortex, muscle tissue, and internal organs begin to form. The basis of the spinal cord and brain is formed – the neural tube.

Now the umbilical cord and the rudiments of the genitourinary system appear. This is a complex and very painstaking process that lasts quite a long time, but the pace of formation of organs and systems is intensive.

Now it is a full-fledged organism striving for growth and development and not just a ball with scattered cells inside. It is very important at this stage to provide the body growing at a high speed with nutrients.

It is too early to speak and describe specific parts of the body and their development. The embryo is still extremely small, so it is difficult to trace how the formation and development of specific organs and body parts are going.

It is only known that the beginnings of the development of the chord, heart, skeleton, skin, and all vital systems are underway. Growth rates are rapidly increasing and soon it will be possible to accurately assess the scale of development of organs and systems.

The placenta continues to form, which will subsequently provide nutrition and protection to the fetus. While the embryo is nourished through the mother’s blood through the chorionic villi.

3 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Women most often learn about their position at the 3rd embryonic week. The feeling changes and specific symptoms appear. The expectant mother notices all the changes immediately when the pregnancy is long-awaited, because she carefully monitors her condition, is observed by the doctor, and does regular tests.

Symptoms in the 3rd week of pregnancy are already brighter and have specific differences.

Missed Period The first and most obvious sign of pregnancy is the absence of menstruation. Especially when unprotected intercourse has passed. It is better to play it safe right away and do a test if the cycle was previously regular and there were no delays in menstruation.

This symptom is quite obvious when there are no health problems. There can be many reasons for the delay in menstruation, but with normal initial ones, without pathologies and diseases, most often it will be pregnancy.

Positive Test You can find a huge number of sensitive pregnancy tests in pharmacies. Some of them can show results even before the expected delay in menstruation.

If you have done one test and it turned out to be positive, it is better to do it again to be completely sure of the result. 2-3 positive tests from different companies will prove that the result is correct.

Sore breasts The breasts can visibly swell and hurt in early pregnancy. She becomes heavy and very sensitive. The mammary glands are enlarged and cause discomfort.
Such a symptom may be a sign of ovulation, but by the 3rd week, it should already pass.

This is a clear sign of a successful conception. An increase in the mammary glands can remain throughout the entire gestation.

Metallic Taste A very specific and iconic symptom in the 3rd week of pregnancy can be a metallic taste in the mouth. This sign cannot be confused with anything.

It is so unpleasant and incomparable to anything that a woman can immediately identify him. The taste in the mouth can last for a long time, dragging into toxicosis and complicating it.

Nausea At this time, nausea increases due to a particularly heightened sense of smell. It doesn’t need to overtake you exactly in the 3rd week of pregnancy, but often nausea begins precisely at this time.

Sometimes a woman does not tolerate very unusual smells and she immediately feels sick. For example, the smell of hot metal or the smell of paper. This symptom is also very obvious and its cause is clear to experienced women who have already given birth.

Bloating and gas The work of the intestines is severely disturbed for 3 weeks. A woman is often tormented by bloating, belching, and heartburn. The work of the intestines is disturbed because the whole organism is being restructured inside. Constant urination and bloating are constant companions of all pregnant women.

Peristalsis will recover a little later. The intestines will continue to get worse. The baby will begin to grow and he will need a lot of space in his mother’s stomach.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

All the symptoms of the 3rd week of pregnancy are so obvious that it is impossible to confuse them with something else. They are slightly negative, but not for those mothers who have long dreamed of getting pregnant. You will notice them if you are waiting for signs of pregnancy.

Any first manifestations of pregnancy indicate the beginning of the restructuring of the body. You must be prepared for the fact that there will be toxicosis next, which does not always go away easily.

“The symptoms of pregnancy will not stay with you forever. All these moments will soon pass, and you will not even remember them, especially after the birth of the baby. “

3 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound or 3d

Doctors in most countries perform the first pregnancy scan between 8 and 14 weeks. Ultrasound is not prescribed unless it is necessary. Most ultrasound devices will not even be able to show a fetal egg. It is still too small and requires considerable experience and high-precision equipment to determine it.

Few things can be determined by ultrasound in such a short time. The exact details of the pregnancy are yet to be seen. There are only a few points that allow us to conclude the condition of a woman. Ultrasound is prescribed if a woman had complaints of well-being, poor discharge, or pain.

Based on the results of the examination, the doctor can determine:


  • Fertilized egg
  • The state of the endometrium of the uterus
  • Absence of ectopic pregnancy
  • Absence of pathologies in the uterus

It is not yet possible to give any more precise details regarding the development of the fetus. Examination by ultrasound at this time is unjustified.

3 week pregnancy ultrasound

Your Body

Serious changes in the body of a woman are not visually observed. The belly is still missing, but some notice that there are some differences. For example, the lower abdomen becomes slightly firmer. The uterus begins to grow at a slightly more accelerated pace. Such a symptom is quite possible.

A woman’s outward appearance practically does not change. There is no severe toxicosis in which a noticeable weight loss is often observed. There is also no weight gain. Hormones inside are raging and all processes are aimed at the correct formation of the environment for the development of the embryo.

Sometimes women in position notice swelling of the lips, a blush on the cheeks, and a noticeable shine in the hair and eyes. Blood circulation is enhanced and tissues are maximally saturated with oxygen. Such changes make a woman more attractive.

The chest is slightly enlarged and painful. Swelling may sometimes occur, but this is rather an individual feature of the woman.

Belly size & Health Conditions

The size of the abdomen at the 3rd embryonic week does not change yet. There is no noticeable growth of the uterus and outwardly it is impossible to understand that the woman is in position.

Constant bowel problems and frequent bloating can slightly enlarge the stomach, but this will pass with time. It seems to many women that the stomach is already visible, that it has become heavy and hard. These symptoms are also observed and are not so rare.

Many women in this period are already beginning to experience most of the “charms” of toxicosis. They are very sick, they are sensitive to smells, and sometimes even vomiting is noted.

Many pregnant women in this period note very frequent urination, constipation, and heartburn. There are complaints about general well-being: shortness of breath, fatigue, irritability, and drowsiness.

3 Weeks is How Many Months?

The 3rd embryonic week of pregnancy is already the 5th obstetric week. It’s too early to count the time in months. The next week will be the first month of pregnancy. Only 21 days from conception.

This is a very short period when an embryo develops inside the uterus. It is not yet called a fetus, but the development process is extremely intensive. Soon it will be possible to see a real person on an ultrasound.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

A woman must do everything to keep the pregnancy if the fact of fertilization has already been confirmed. This refers to the desired pregnancy. Doctors are required to prescribe folic acid and vitamins for proper growth and development. They prescribe additional drugs containing progesterone if necessary. But their use is controversial.

Immediately see a doctor – It is better to find a doctor and get a proper examination as soon as you realize that you are pregnant. It is worth passing all the necessary tests and becoming registered. Rh-negative women should be especially careful.

More Water – Drink plenty of clean water. High-quality water contains a large number of minerals. It is necessary to support the growth and development of the fetus. Dry mouth is often observed during pregnancy.

Pass all tests – The doctor will issue a huge number of tests. It is advisable to submit everything. Mandatory analysis for STDs, TORCH infections, blood type, and Rh.

Complete Nutrition – 50% of the diet is vegetables and fruits. Less allergenic foods and fatty foods. Eliminate simple carbohydrates and sweets. Plentiful drink, freshly prepared meals, and proper diet.

Vitamin Complex – It is advisable to drink vitamins before pregnancy. If this is not possible, then take vitamins as soon as you find out about your situation. We recommend choosing proven companies with high-quality raw materials used.

Eliminate anxiety and stress – The health of the mother, including the psychological one, directly affects the development of the fetus. Rid yourself of situations in which it is possible to experience stress. Take care of your nerves and do not enter into any conflicts.

Get enough sleep – You will notice your body’s need for extra afternoon sleep as early as week 3. You simply will not have enough strength, because a new life is growing in you. Sleep during the day if possible.

Important Checklist

  • Take a vitamin complex
  • Don’t forget folic acid
  • Pass all the necessary tests
  • Keep a pregnancy diary
  • Don’t overburden yourself with work
  • Eliminate bad habits

You need to go to the end if you have made a responsible decision to keep the pregnancy. Bearing is a very complex and serious process. Everything depends entirely on the mother, her health, and her well-being. Stay vigilant and take care of your health.

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