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30 Weeks Pregnant

It’s been 7.5 months since conception. The baby in the womb is well developed, gained weight, grew, and got stronger. He moves more and more, hiccups and protests against the uncomfortable position of the mother’s body. A real person has formed inside the woman. His viability is high and in case of premature birth, he will survive.

The woman’s body is changing. There is serious preparation for the upcoming birth. There is very little time left and the born baby will be considered full-term. Then he will not need additional help and artificial life support.

The final processes of preparation for birth in the child’s body are taking place. The work of the main systems and organs matures, muscle mass is gained, and a subcutaneous fat layer is formed.

30 Weeks Baby Development

The increase in the main parameters of the fetus comes with a certain interval. Specific indicators may differ for different women, but approximate recruitment rates per week remain.

The baby grows in proportion. All parts of the body increase harmoniously and in proportion to the constitution. If there are no deviations, then by the 30th week there is a fully formed little person in the womb.

It's The Size of Patisson

The increase in the size of the baby is stable. The fetus at the 30th week is commensurate in size with the patisson.

The size of the baby will depend on the genetic programs, the nutrition of the woman, and her lifestyle.


How Heavy is it? 3 Lb or 1.4 Kg

The weight of the fetus has increased by exactly the same amount as week #29. Now its total weight is 1400 grams or 3 pounds.

Weight gain is associated with growth and increased muscle strength.

test image 3

Your Baby is 15.5 inch or 40 cm

The baby’s height is now 40 cm or 15.5 inches. There is a stable weekly increase in height by 2–4 %.

A baby at this rate will be 50–55 cm or 20-21 inch in length by birth.

Lenght week 30

The baby looks more and more like a newborn. A proportional body is developed and outwardly does not differ from the accepted norms of appearance. There is a head, neck, torso, legs, and arms. Everything is formed and functions for a long time.

The fetus at the 30th week is noticeably rounded. The folds are smoothed out, the subcutaneous fat layer is replenished, and constrictions are formed. The cheeks are round, the lips are plump – everything is as laid down by nature. The cuteness and charm of the baby are aimed at ensuring that he is given increased attention and care.

The internal organs go through the final stages of preparation for extrauterine functioning. The digestive and respiratory systems are already almost fully capable of working outside the mother’s body.

Main points of fetal development:

Skin – The layer of subcutaneous fat increases more and more. The hypodermis is formed. All skin folds are smoothed out. It ceases to be transparent. Fluffy hair is coming through. The surface of the body is covered with an original lubricant that performs the function of protection.

Brain – The development of the brain continues. New convolutions and grooves appear, as well as the cerebral cortex appears at 30 weeks. The temporal lobes are developed. Some experts believe that now the fetus is forming long-term memory.

HearingThe ears are shaped both outside and inside. The baby hears all sounds from the inside muffled. A hearing will improve significantly after birth.

LungsThe alveoli of the lungs develop. The bronchial tree is fully formed. There are training breathing movements that prepare the lungs for the future absorption of oxygen. The lungs help the heart pump blood.

PlacentaThe degree of maturity of the placenta in the norm by the 30th week is one. Aging occurs if the indicator is higher and this is fraught with premature birth and complications. The thickness of this organ is now approximately 30 mm.

EyesThe optic nerve is well developed. The child reacts to light. The eyes are fully formed but functionally not yet perfect. Sometimes the baby can reflexively open the eyelids for a short period.             

30 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

A woman at the 30th week of pregnancy already pays little attention to background symptoms. She thinks more and more about the upcoming birth, the nesting instinct turns on. Only serious symptoms that deviate from the norm can greatly reduce the level of her current life. For example, nausea or vomiting. Everything else is taken lightly.

The third trimester for most women passes quite measuredly and safely. A woman has long been accustomed to most of the possible symptoms. Some of them appear not for the first time.

Swollen feet and ankles Fluid stasis occurs most often in the legs. The most common swelling is in the feet and ankles. This is due to excess fluid in the mother’s body and hormonal disruptions. Edema is aggravated after a long walk, because of uncomfortable shoes, or when static is maintained for a long time.

The swelling is difficult to remove. Raising the legs or cool baths sometimes helps.

Heartburn This symptom appears in the third trimester very often. Especially closer to 8 months. This is due to an increase in the uterus and compression of the stomach and other digestive organs. The acidic contents of the stomach enter the esophagus, which causes a very strong and unpleasant burning sensation.

It is worth fighting heartburn as soon as it appears. You can pick up some medications without contraindications for pregnancy.

Problems sleeping Difficulty falling asleep can occur in the third trimester. The cause can be both hormonal disorders and a banal increase in anxiety. A woman is often overcome by the fear of childbirth, especially if this is her first pregnancy.

Another cause of sleep disturbances is nightmares. They overtake many women in the third trimester. Restless dreams are most often associated with the upcoming birth of a baby and the strong fears of a woman.

Shortness of breath The load on the body of a woman in the third trimester reaches a maximum. The growing uterus and fetus put pressure on nearby organs, including the diaphragm. There is a condition in which it seems that there is not enough air.

Shortness of breath often occurs when walking. It is worth stopping, sitting down, and resting to get rid of the symptom. Drink water, catch your breath, and then keep moving.

Fatigue The body of the expectant mother works to the fullest and for two. All organs and systems experience enormous loads that require unimaginable energy costs. A woman in a position always feels tired.

She wants to sit down and sometimes lie down to rest. Do not ignore this symptom because it is a signal from your body about the need to restore strength.

Mood swings Hormonal disruptions may reappear closer to childbirth. Jumps in the level of female hormones can cause a state of emotional instability. This is expressed in a sharp change in mood, increased irritability, and tearfulness.

Not all women experience these symptoms. Their appearance is largely due to the genetic predisposition to hypersensitivity.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

It is very important to carefully monitor your well-being in the third trimester. Especially if there are training fights. Remember that they should be short-lived. Preparatory contractions of Braxton-Hicks cannot be accompanied by severe pain, discharge of water, mucous plug, or bleeding.

Any suspicious symptoms are immediately discussed with the doctor. Keep track of your baby’s activity. It must be stable and constant.

“Do self-preparation for the upcoming birth. Learn breathing techniques and pushing rules. This will help you in the difficult process ahead.”

30 Weeks Pregnant 3D Image

The time has come for the mandatory third screening. You can do a standard ultrasound or use an examination in three-dimensional space. It is more informative and faster. 3D ultrasound allows you to get a good picture of the fetus, and make videos and photos for memory. This examination is not mandatory but is sometimes recommended to confirm possible diagnoses.

Sizes of long bones

Femur 52–62 mm,

Humerus 49–57 mm,

Forearm bones 42–50 mm,

The lower leg bones 49–57 mm.

Diagnosis of anomalies of the central nervous system

It turns out to reconstruct the ventricles of the brain and exclude possible anomalies in the development of the central nervous system.

Diagnosis of facial anomalies

The development of the jaws and nasal bones is controlled. Pathology is determined: “cleft lip” or “cleft palate”.

3D Image

3D ultrasound has many advantages over 2D imaging. The main advantage of the three-dimensional method is the speed of data acquisition.

Many points on a conventional ultrasound are simply unrealistic to consider, and the diagnostic value of the data obtained is much higher. The degree of reliability of the obtained result is also high.

30 week pregnancy ultrasound

The three-dimensional examination method is more modern and progressive. The degree of its influence on the fetus and the mother’s body is minimal. This method is safe.

Your Body

The body of a woman in the 30th week has changed a lot. The mass has grown, and the volumes of all parts and limbs have increased. The abdomen is considerably rounded.

The entire wardrobe is high time to change because the size of the clothes has increased. The hips became much wider, the waist disappeared, and the volume of the chest and the breast increased. Thickened legs and arms. Fingers and feet often swell.

The woman’s gait is changing. She starts walking around a little. This is due to the increased load and a change in the center of gravity. Pregnant women closer to childbirth slow down a little and all their movements become smoother and more accurate.

The posture changes as there is some change in the shape of the spine under the increased load and heaviness of the abdomen. Hair and nails grow strongly, and stretch marks and age spots appear. Perhaps the formation of varicose veins or its aggravation during pregnancy.

Belly size & Health Conditions

All pregnant women have their indicators of abdominal growth. By the 30th week, the girth of the abdomen can be up to 87 cm with the initial standard build of a woman. These rules are not mandatory. Sometimes the stomach does not grow so intensively and the indicators by the 30th week will be much less.

The belly will almost double in size if the pregnancy is multiple. The abdomen is now very dense, large, and with a protruding navel. Visible pigmented vertical stripe. The state of health at this time should be stable. Normally, there are no severe symptoms that significantly reduce the quality of life.

Immunity begins to decline closer to childbirth. It is better to slightly limit attendance at public events to reduce the risk of virus infection. They are extremely dangerous for the fetus.

30 Weeks is How Many Months?

Now there is a 32 week of pregnancy in obstetric terms. It’s been 8 months since my last period. Embryonic age is now 30 weeks. This is 7 months and 2 weeks of pregnancy from the moment of the alleged conception.

The gynecologist determines the date of birth almost as soon as the fact of your pregnancy is confirmed. He calculates the term according to obstetric data. Some adjustments may be made after the first screening if the fetal development is higher or lower than predicted.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

All possible advice and recommendations for a future mother for 30 weeks will be aimed at prolonging gestation and maintaining health. The baby is already quite viable. Every effort must be made to bring it to at least the 36th week. At this time, it will get stronger as much as possible for the external environment.

Key Tips:

No sudden movementsAvoid sudden movements, shaking, incorrect posture, and other dangerous activities. Try to remain mobile but without harming your position. Move smoothly and measuredly.

No weightsNever lift or carry anything over 3 kg. Heavy weight can provoke the discharge of water ahead of time and disrupt the pregnancy. Don’t lean forward to pick something up if your belly is big enough.

Don’t OverworkWatch your work and rest schedule. Don’t overwork. Try not to overload yourself at work and home. Delegate household chores to loved ones. Rest more often and more fully.

Keep Tracking Your NutritionMany women take advantage of their position to eat everything that they could not afford before pregnancy. It is not right. Follow your diet. Eat only healthy and nutritious foods.

Don’t take a hot bathA hot bath is especially dangerous in the early months of pregnancy. It can cause miscarriage. Taking a hot bath during the third trimester can cause premature labor.

Have sexIt is recommended to have sex without protection. This will soften the cervix and prepare it for childbirth. Male seminal fluid favorably affects the female body. The process of making love normalizes the circulation and mood of a woman.


Be actively preparing for the postpartum period. You must understand that in the next few years your life will be completely different. The usual rhythm will change and will be completely different from the previous one. You must be mentally prepared for such changes so that it is easier to adapt.

Don’t hesitate to help. It will be very useful to you especially in the first month after the birth of the baby.

Important Checklist

  • Keep a calm rhythm of life
  • Do not lift weights
  • Keep calm and emotional balance
  • Prepare mentally for the upcoming changes
  • Try to avoid mass events
  • Eat moderately and rationally
  • Ask for help from loved ones

Week 30 is already a big part of the journey. Soon the finish line and the upcoming birth. Prepare for them ahead of time. Study the features of the postoperative period if there is a cesarean section. If natural childbirth, then prepares for them more carefully, because a lot depends on you.

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