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31 Weeks Pregnant

There is an active preparation of the woman’s body for childbirth in the third trimester. Weight gain continues, the pelvis expands, and the hormonal background changes. The baby should be in its prenatal position by the 31st week. The fetus is most often located upside down. 90% of children are born precisely from such a presentation.

Do not worry if an ultrasound notices a different position, there is still time to change it. The baby already has high vitality. All of its organs are fully formed and able to function outside the womb. The lungs are a little unprepared, but in modern medicine, there are ways to help premature babies. It is worth making every effort to bear the child at least until the 36th week.

31 Weeks Baby Development

The recruitment of the subcutaneous fat layer continues at the 31st week of pregnancy. Increases body weight. The muscle frame grows. The child loses its former thinness and becomes stronger.

All baby growth parameters are monitored by ultrasound. Their compliance with the norms contributes to the harmonious development of the fetus. The proportionality of all parts of the body indicates the absence of anomalies.

It's The Size of Broccoli

The fetus in the 31st embryonic week is the size of broccoli. All parts of the body are rounded.

Any push is felt with greater force. The movements become less varied but stronger.


How Heavy is it? 3.25 Lb or 1.5 Kg

Now the baby weighs about 1.5 kg or 3. 25 pounds. Weight gain is going on at its own pace.

Most newborns are born weighing about 3 kg or just over 6 pounds. There are also higher rates.

test image 3

Your Baby is 16 inch or 41 cm

The height of the baby or the length of his body is measured from the crown of the head to the heels.

This figure for the 31st week is 41 cm or 16 inches. Growth can be from 50 to 55 cm by the time of birth.

Lenght week 31

The appearance of the baby at the 31st week completely coincides with the infant. He is well built, strong, and has a store of subcutaneous fat, which continues to grow. It will be easier for the child to regulate heat exchange due to a sufficient layer of fat.

The limbs of the fetus are well developed. The upper ones are more active and are in less tone. This is due to the peculiarities of blood circulation, which supplies blood only to the upper part of the body.

All parts of the body grow proportionally. The head no longer looks huge. The baby is noticeably rounded and takes on the appearance of a small person.

The internal organs are well developed. Most of them are completely ready to work outside the womb. Some continue training to function.

Brain – There is an intensive development of the brain. Protective membranes appear and the cerebral cortex is formed. The transmission of nerve impulses is accelerated.

Liver – This body has already undergone quite a long preparation. Now he produces bile. The liver is ready to cleanse the blood of toxins on its own.

Pancreas – This body is also fully formed and begins its full functioning. Insulin is produced to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Eyes – All parts of the visual organ are formed. The nerve is working. The eyes react to light by pupil constriction. The eyelids are reflexively close and open. The color of the iris is blue, but after birth, it changes to a genetically determined one.

Skin – The skin tone on the 31st week improves and it evens out. This is due to the formation of subcutaneous fat. The surface of the body is no longer covered with thick fluff.

Ears – It is already possible to identify a well-formed auricle on an ultrasound examination, a tragus, and an auditory canal. Well-developed inner ear. Hearing improves and will continue to develop after birth.

31 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

A woman at the 31st week is still quite easy with her stomach. It does not reach very large sizes while maintaining the motor activity of the pregnant woman. The well-being of the expectant mother in the third trimester should be consistently good. Sometimes there are unpleasant symptoms: false contractions, back pain, and weakness.

Many symptoms have already become commonplace and familiar to women. Some she felt for the first time.

Backaches The appearance of this symptom depends on a large number of factors. Among them: are the age of the woman, her preparation for pregnancy, the presence of chronic diseases, and the size of the abdomen. Pain mainly occurs with a very strong load on the spine. Sometimes there is a pinched nerve or circulatory problem.

The shape of the spine changes under the load of the growing uterus and the forced displacement of the internal organs. It bends in the lower back, which often causes unpleasant pain.

Frequent urination A rapidly growing baby requires space inside the mother. There is a synchronous growth of the uterus which presses on the bladder. As a result, it can no longer fill and needs to be emptied more frequently. There is an increased urge to urinate.

Do not ignore the need to go to the toilet. Stagnation of urine is extremely harmful to the health of the genitourinary system. This can increase the risk of infectious diseases.

Braxton Hicks contractions These contractions should be short, intermittent, and mild, unlike normal contractions before childbirth. Braxton-Hick contractions do not dilate the cervix and cause amniotic fluid to pass.

Possible contractions last up to 1 minute. Then they pass and sometimes can be repeated after 5 hours. There are pulling pains of low intensity in the lower abdomen.

Nail changes This is a very individual symptom. It can be both positive and negative. Most likely, the nails will become stronger, and more elastic and will grow intensively if all the elements are enough in the mother’s body.

The appearance of the nails will deteriorate significantly with a significant lack of nutrients, calcium, and vitamin D. They will become brittle and begin to exfoliate and the nail plate will become thinner.

Breasts leaking Colostrum is formed in women by the third trimester. This can cause slight leakage of the mammary glands. The breast completes the main preparation for future lactation. It is enlarged and heavy. Not everyone produces colostrum.

If this process has occurred, then it will be active. Up to a few large drops per day may be released. It will be noticeable on the bra.

Shortness of breath This symptom is expressed in a feeling of lack of oxygen. The woman cannot breathe and the impression of squeezing the chest is created.

Shortness of breath appears when walking and does not stop until you rest. The cause of this symptom is increased pressure on the diaphragm and heart. The blood flow is disturbed and the effect of lack of air is created.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

The third trimester is relatively quiet. It is worth paying special attention to your well-being. It is better to immediately seek medical help when alarming symptoms appear. Especially if you had threats of miscarriage or other problems during pregnancy.

There should be no such symptoms: severe and prolonged pain in the abdomen, bleeding, burning during urination, incessant vomiting. Immediate medical attention is recommended when these symptoms appear.

“Remain mobile until delivery if your health allows it. Muscle tone is essential for a successful delivery.”

31 Weeks Pregnant 3D Image

If you have not done the third screening yet, then it can be scheduled now. Three-dimensional ultrasound is prescribed in case of urgent need. It is not mandatory but voluntary. Most mothers choose this diagnostic method to get a three-dimensional image or video of their baby.

Sizes of long bones

Femur 54–64 mm,

Humerus 50–60 mm,

Forearm bones 44–52 mm,

The lower leg bones 51–59 mm.

Diagnosis of heart defects

The examination allows you to evaluate the work of the heart in real-time and trace all the cycles of its work. Spatio-temporal image correlation is used for this type of diagnostics.

3D Image

There are many other possibilities of 3D ultrasound: to see the baby in real-time in full growth and a more accessible form.

There is an option to make a video of your baby, fixing all his movements: how he sucks his finger, rubs his eyes, touches his face, turns, squints, and so on.

31 week pregnancy ultrasound

3D ultrasound has several reconstruction functions: skeletal, superficial, and mixed. This allows you to examine the bones, and internal organs in more detail and identify possible developmental abnormalities.

Your Body

The body of a woman changes greatly throughout the entire period of gestation. The main changes in the third trimester are related to the preparation of the mother’s body for future childbirth. Now the belly is large but it will continue to grow as the fetus grows.

The woman’s body weight changes noticeably. There is an active weight gain. A woman can already add 10 kg to the total weight by the 31st week from the moment of conception. The indicators on the scales will be different for each pregnant woman, depending on the initial parameters.

Women have a pleasant roundness of the body. Cheeks become bigger and lips appear plumper. The face is sensitive to sunlight and pigmentation may occur. The limbs often swell due to stagnant fluid. This is most noticeable on the ankles and feet. Veins may appear on the legs. Varicose veins are complicated by the state of pregnancy.

Belly size & Health Conditions

The abdominal circumference of a pregnant woman at the 31st week reaches 87 cm with an initial standard body build. These data can be much larger if the woman was larger and denser. Every pregnant woman has her belly shape. It may be round or oval. The size and shape of the abdomen are completely different if the pregnancy is multiple.

The navel increases in size closer to childbirth and protrudes outward. This also doesn’t happen to everyone. It is believed that such a manifestation is characteristic of the second and more births.

The woman’s health status at the 31st week remains stable. Background symptoms do not cause severe discomfort. The woman is full of strength and energy. The emotional state is still stable. There should be no health issues. Everything proceeds calmly and systematically with successful gestation.

31 Weeks is How Many Months?

Now the 31st week of pregnancy is according to the embryonic period. It is 7 months and 3 weeks of the total period. Enough time has passed since conception for the formation of a viable fetus. According to obstetric terms, now is the 33rd week. This corresponds to 8 months and 1 week of pregnancy.

Gynecologists keep a record of the last menstruation. This was accepted as such because it is difficult to accurately determine the date of conception. Sometimes the results of ultrasound control help to more accurately understand how long the embryo is in development.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

A pregnant woman should always watch her lifestyle and diet. Any careless actions can harm the fetus. Stay alert to everything that happens to you and around you. Follow your doctor’s advice and recommendations.

Tips from Raising Tot:

Don’t wear tight shoes and clothesClothes and shoes that do not fit can provoke circulatory disorders and the appearance of edema. Water stagnation occurs and the likelihood of complications increases. Wear larger shoes, even if they were too big for you before.

Wear a bandageThere is a huge load on the spine if the belly is too large. Start using the bandage. It will help support the back and reduce the load on the skeleton. Do not use a bandage with a pelvic location of the fetus.

Eat wellThis tip should be used throughout pregnancy. The table of a woman in position should be rich in vitamins, trace elements, and fatty acids. You need a lot of protein and complex carbohydrates. Most of the plates should be filled with plant foods.

Regular walksWalking is useful for enriching the body with oxygen, and maintaining immunity and body tone. This will keep your back healthy, improve blood flow and help lift your spirits.

Don’t give up on intimacySometimes there is a decline in a woman’s sexual activity in the third trimester. You don’t have to give up sex entirely. This activity is extremely useful for stimulating the cervix. It is believed that those who are sexually active during the gestation period have an easier time giving birth.

Stay positiveDon’t worry about the upcoming birth. Start preparing for the upcoming event now. This will significantly reduce the degree of anxiety.

Very soon after childbirth and you should start to think over this process. Decide on anesthesia if you don’t mind it. Ask your doctor in detail about the operation for a planned C-section. Study the features of the postpartum period so that nothing comes as an unpleasant surprise for you. Stock up on patience and courage.

Important Checklist

  • Wear a bandage in the absence of contraindications
  • Stay mobile throughout the day
  • Do not attend mass events
  • Plan your birth and keep in touch with your doctor
  • Have sex and enjoy intimacy
  • Prepare your bag for the hospital

Consider partnerships ahead of the upcoming birth of your baby. This will help you feel more relaxed and secure during the process. The birth partner does not have to be the husband. It can be any person closest to you whom you trust.

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