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32 Weeks Pregnant

The due date is getting closer every week. There is great excitement and anxiety. It’s time to fight it. The baby will live at the 32nd week, even with the development of a preterm birth scenario. Modern medicine is very strong in the practice of caring for premature babies.

The body of a woman at this time goes through a stubborn course in preparation for childbirth. Requires moral and physiological readiness. Think only positively. Practice breathing exercises. Gradually collect things in the hospital.

The baby is also getting ready to go out. All systems operate in enhanced preparatory mode. This is especially true of the digestive and respiratory systems.

32 Weeks Baby Development

The fetus is gaining weight well at 32 weeks. It grows quite quickly proportionally increasing all parts of the body. There is a set of the fat layer, which is extremely important for subsequent thermoregulation.

Fetal parameters are monitored by ultrasound. Compliance with the norms speaks of the correct development. Some deviations may be abnormal.

It's The Size of Coconut

The fetus at 32 weeks is about the size of a coconut. He already has very little space in the womb and he moves less actively but regularly.

The jolts become very strong, so much so that sometimes you can even see protruding parts of the body through the stomach.


How Heavy is it? 3.75 Lb or 1.7 Kg

There is an active set of muscle and fat body mass. The fetus weighs 1700 grams at this stage or somewhat around 3.75 pounds.

This is 12% more than last week. A baby with such a pace by the time of birth will weigh 3–3.5 kg.

test image 3

Your Baby is 16.5 inch or 42 cm

The growth of the fetus at 32 weeks is 42 cm or 16.5 inches. The length increases by approximately the same number of indicators every week.

The length of the baby for childbirth reaches at least 50 cm.

Lenght week 32

The degree of maturation of the placenta by the 32nd week is one. This is a good indicator, the norm of which must be maintained until childbirth. Exceeding the degree of maturity will indicate the aging of the placenta.

The baby is now completely identical to the newborn. He has well-formed all parts of the body. The head is in proportion to the body. It is covered with hair, which gives the baby a more mature look. Now the fetus is in its prenatal position. Normally it will be upside down.

All internal organs have taken their permanent places and work in the usual intrauterine mode.

Preparations are underway to enter the external environment. It is especially active in the lungs and digestive organs. While they are not fully functional.

Fetal development at the 32nd week:

Immune systemThere is an active preparation of the immune system. She is completely dependent on her mother. Antibodies that will protect the baby after childbirth are produced gradually. The baby will receive antibodies from the mother through breast milk.

Nervous systemThere is a healthy functioning of the nervous system with good nutrition and replenishment of folic acid. It is believed that now the baby is already able to strongly respond to the emotions of the mother. He can feel pain, hear, and partially see.

SkeletonThe bones of the skeleton grow and get stronger. The skull remains soft. This is necessary for the passage of the birth canal. The fusion of the bones of the skull occurs much later. The fontanel is preserved, which will remain after childbirth.

Skin – The skin is smoothed and acquires a natural shade. The process of accumulation of subcutaneous fat continues. The skin is covered with an original lubricant that creates a protective layer.

Limbs – The arms and legs move well. A slight tone is preserved, which will be after childbirth. There are thin nails on the fingers. They will grow significantly by the time of birth. The limbs are no longer as thin as before.

Respiratory systemFormed lungs, bronchi, trachea. These organs do not yet perform their direct function. Surfactant builds up to help the lungs expand and function outside of the womb. The chest makes movements similar to breathing.

32 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Most of the symptoms are very uniform in the third trimester. The woman gets used to them and practically does not talk about complaints.

Any manifestations of pregnancy at the 32nd week should be kept under the control of the pregnant woman and the doctor. It is worth immediately seeking help if suspicious symptoms occur. Now it is extremely important to hold on to a favorable period of 36 weeks. The baby will be considered full-term during this period.

Leaky breasts The closer to childbirth, the more likely the appearance of colostrum. It has the appearance of a cloudy liquid that is released from the nipple when pressed or voluntarily. Colostrum production in most women begins immediately after childbirth. Sometimes it happens much earlier.

Colostrum soaks the bra and leaves streaks. A few drops may come out per day. The discharge increases when the nipple is pressed.

Shortness of breath Feeling short of breath can occur when walking fast, climbing stairs, exercising, or swimming. This is due to the increased load on the internal organs. The uterus and fetus put pressure on the heart and diaphragm, preventing them from functioning normally. A sharp contraction of the diaphragm and shortness of breath begins at the slightest increase in load.

This symptom often appears in the first and third trimesters.

Baby kicks Compared to the previously chaotic and very diverse fetal movements, at the 32nd week, they become more reasonable. The baby can kick mom if she stoops and presses on the uterus by bending her back. He changes the position of the body when mom touches her stomach with her palm.

Now the movements have become much stronger but less maneuverable. The baby matures and grows to gain muscle and brain mass. All of his kicks become less reflexive.

Vaginal discharge Vaginal discharge in the third trimester can be mucus, thick, viscous, and runny. The main thing is that they are not accompanied by pain, itching, burning, or swelling of the labia. These symptoms may indicate an infectious disease.

It is important to control the color of the discharge. It should not go beyond yellow. Brownish, brilliant orange, and bloody discharge should be alarming. This is bleeding if you see a lot of drops of blood on your panty liner.

Pregnancy dreams Many women have dreams about pregnancy on the eve of childbirth. Often they are negative. Nightmares are associated with a woman’s increased anxiety.

Excessive worry that something might go wrong leads to disturbing dreams. This is how our brain works. Sometimes it is designed to calm us down and sometimes prepare us for any possible scenario. Women in the 32nd week may dream of breastfeeding, laying the baby down, swaddling it, and so on.

Heartburn The 32nd week is included in the high-risk zone for the appearance of such a symptom as heartburn. This is an unpleasant and sometimes unbearable burning sensation behind the sternum. It is provoked by the growth of the uterus which presses on the stomach. The acidic contents of the stomach enter the esophagus due to this pressure.

You can fight heartburn with medications that are not contraindicated for pregnant women. Also, you can use milk. This is the most effective folk method of dealing with heartburn.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

Many other neutral symptoms accompany a woman during the gestation period of 32 weeks. This is the appearance of the duck walk. It is observed as soon as the stomach has grown a lot.

Subtle symptoms: fatigue, drowsiness, harmfulness, pickiness, tearfulness. Often women take such symptoms for their characteristics, not considering them manifestations of their position.

“A woman in position has a special charm. Allow yourself to be picky and capricious because soon the baby will take over this role.”

32 Weeks Pregnant 3D Image

The third planned ultrasound can be done at the 32nd week of pregnancy. Most women do a two-dimensional examination. Modern methods allow for a 3D ultrasound. It is often chosen to get a bright and full-fledged photo or video of your unborn child.

Normal sizes of long bones

Femur 56–66 mm,

Humerus 52–62 mm,

Forearm bones 45–53 mm,

The lower leg bones 52–60 mm.

Examination of the eyes and other complex organs

The device will give a clear picture of the eye even with a closed eyelid: its internal structures, and the state of the optic nerve. Adrenal glands, ducts, vessels, etc. are examined.

3D Image

It is believed that 3D ultrasound is 30% more reliable than conventional. All results are obtained almost instantly.

The three-dimensional examination does not depend globally on the competence of the doctor. This greatly improves the diagnostic accuracy of this method.

32 week pregnancy ultrasound

The value of 3D examination is extremely high. The method has many optional features that are used in specific cases. For example, the reconstruction function is often used to detect bone anomalies and facial defects.

Your Body

The body weight of the expectant mother this week may increase by 10-13 kg from the moment of conception. Some get a lot less and some a lot more. Everything will directly depend on the characteristics of the diet and lifestyle of the woman.

All parts of the body of a pregnant woman at the 32nd week are noticeably rounded. The old wardrobe no longer fits. It’s time to get used to the fact that in the store you need to forget about sizes S and M. Take as comfortable and natural clothes as possible.

The same goes for shoes. The legs swell significantly and are therefore enlarged in size. It is worth giving preference to wide and soft sports shoes. Hair grows very fast. They are thick, strong, and shiny. There are no problems with tooth loss, hair loss, and nail condition if the diet is balanced.

Belly size & Health Conditions

The circumference of the abdomen at the 32nd week can reach 90 cm. This is taking into account the initially standard build of a woman. With other inputs, the size of the abdomen may be larger or smaller. Volumes will be completely different if the pregnancy is multiple. You will be monitored for abdominal growth parameters every time at the doctor’s appointment.

The shape of the abdomen can be expanded at the waist or raised to the chest. The state of health of the expectant mother at the 32nd week is very good. The immune system is strong enough. The risk of viral diseases is low.

General health is stable. Sometimes unpleasant symptoms of late toxicosis may occur as nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. Sometimes the hormonal background jumps. This can lead to emotional instability and increased anxiety.

32 Weeks is How Many Months?

Now, exactly 8 months pregnant by embryonic count. This corresponds to the 32nd week from the date of the alleged conception. In the calculations of the gynecologist, a period of 34 weeks of pregnancy will be indicated. This equals 8 months and 2 weeks. This is the so-called obstetric period. It is calculated from the date of the last menstruation.

You can keep your calculation of the future due date. You can use applications for this or write data in a diary in an old-fashioned way.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

The lifestyle of a pregnant woman is significantly close to ideal. A healthy lifestyle should become your life credo, at least for the period of gestation. It is necessary to eliminate any bad habits. It’s not just about smoking. Forget about fast food places, carbonated and sugary drinks, pastries, and fatty foods.

Recommendations from Raising Tot:

Wear a braceIt will help with the early lowering of the abdomen, back pain, and stretch marks. If the abdomen has grown significantly, then it is better to use the bandage regularly if there are no contraindications.

Sleep with a pregnancy pillowThis is especially true with a very large belly, such as when pregnant with twins. The stomach will not interfere with the husband, and it will help you unload the spine and muscles during sleep. Lie on your side and hug the pillow with your arms and legs.

Move slowlyYour movements should always be smooth and measured. Do not stand up or sit down abruptly. Don’t walk fast. Slow down because your safety depends on it. This is especially true in the slushy or winter period.

Keep taking care of your skinThe body is currently undergoing major changes. The mass grows and the skin stretches. This is especially noticeable on the stomach and chest. Regularly lubricate the skin with coconut and cocoa oils or special creams.

Attend Pregnancy CoursesGain experience, and listen to lectures about childbirth and newborn care. Keep records of all information received. It will be very useful to you after the birth of the baby.

Eliminate any unpleasant symptomsTreat hemorrhoids, heartburn, constipation, or thrush immediately. This is important for keeping the baby healthy. Thrush is especially dangerous and can infect a child during childbirth. Remember that you should carefully study the drugs that you are prescribed.


All the advice and recommendations of a pregnant woman in the 32nd week come down to observing the right lifestyle. It is also important to control your well-being and general condition. There is a high risk of preterm labor in the third trimester, so any strange symptoms should arouse suspicion.

Always focus on your attitude to the existing problem. It may be easier for you to ignore it, but never turn off your vigilance. What harms you can directly harm the baby.

Important Checklist

  • Use a pregnancy pillow
  • Follow all the rules of a healthy lifestyle
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits
  • Visit your doctor regularly
  • Pack a bag for the hospital
  • Accumulate information about newborn care

If you don’t know where you will give birth yet, it’s time to decide. It is important to get in touch with the doctor who will take care of the birth. You must understand each other and be on the same wavelength. Think about a separate room and the presence of a husband in the postpartum period.

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