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33 Weeks Pregnant

Already passed most of the way to bear a child. The 33rd week of the embryonic term is still considered insufficient for a baby to be born full-term. Nothing bad will happen if there is premature birth. Some devices and drugs support the life of such babies.

All stages of growth and development in the 33rd week are going at a steady pace. Everything is geared towards preparing for birth. Organs and systems function and improve for life outside the womb. The child grows stronger and gains a subcutaneous layer of fat. The mother’s body is also actively preparing for the upcoming birth.

33 Weeks Baby Development

The change in the parameters of the fetus is stable and with an interval exposure. Body weight and length increase every week by the same number of indicators. There is already very little space in the uterus. The fetus cannot fully spread its legs and arms. It rests against the walls of the uterus and repels them. Sometimes it is very clearly visible from the outside.

It's The Size of Cantaloupe

The fetus at 33 weeks is about the size of a cantaloupe. This is unreal growth progress since conception.

A large, viable organism has grown from a small, barely noticeable cell.


How Heavy is it? 4.25 Lb or 1.9 Kg

Continues stable weight gain. Adding 10-15% weight every week. The weight of the baby at this time is 1.9 kg or 4.25 punds.

The volume of the woman’s belly has grown markedly.

test image 3

Your Baby is 17 inch or 43 cm

The length of the baby this week is 43 cm or 17 inches. The increase in the length of the fetal body is proceeding at an even pace.

The height of the child at birth will be about 50-55 cm.

Lenght week 33

The fetus at the 33rd week takes its prenatal position. The child should normally be positioned head down. Sometimes there is a breech presentation. The chances that the baby will change its position every week are less and less.

All parts of the child’s body grow harmoniously. Proportions, dynamics, and regularity of growth and development are observed. The baby is already completely similar to the future newborn. There is hair on the head and nails on the fingers.

There is a process of maturation of the placenta. She is now the main organ of protection and nutrition for the baby. The umbilical cord is closely intertwined with vessels in the intestines of the fetus. The bond with the mother is still very strong. The fetus will be able to live independently of the mother’s womb starting from the 36th week. Now is no the time to think of beauty and medical spa centers, but rather staying healthy.

The final processes of preparation of all organs and systems for life in the external environment are underway.

Detailed fetal development at 33 weeks:

Eyes – The optic nerve is well developed. The baby can be sensitive to light. He can focus his vision. The eyes are covered with eyelids that periodically open. The fetus increasingly spends a period of wakefulness with open eyes.

Skin – The subcutaneous layer of fat is still growing. Skin color becomes lighter and more natural. It is no longer transparent and the vascular network is not visible. Fluffy hair is coming through. The original lubrication is preserved.

Heart – The mass of the heart at the 33rd-week increases. The organ moves a much larger volume of blood. The pubic window is kept open. The heart is four-chambered.

Lungs – The respiratory organ accumulates surfactant. It lines the alveolar surface of the lungs to further support their work. There must be enough surfactant so that the lungs can function in an oxygen environment.

Liver – The liver is quite developed by the 33rd week. This organ is already beginning to perform the function of purifying the blood. There is an active production of bile. The liver is divided into lobes.

Brain and CNSThere is a structural improvement in the brain. The cerebellum and pituitary gland work. The nervous system develops. Neural connections are being established. The fetus begins to better navigate in space and maintain balance.

33 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The closer to childbirth, the stronger the anxiety of the expectant mother grows. This is the main symptom of the 33rd week. The set of signs and manifestations of the situation is stable. Many symptoms no longer cause discomfort because the woman is used to them.

It is not at all necessary that you will have the likely symptoms. You may not feel a single negative manifestation in the 33rd week at all. Everything is very individual and depends on many factors.

Leaky breasts The breast is already well prepared for future lactation. There may be colostrum release at 33 weeks. This is a liquid that will nourish the baby in the first days after birth. Milk follows colostrum. Isolation of colostrum in anticipation of childbirth is an infrequent phenomenon. This fluid mostly appears immediately after childbirth.

There may be traces of leakage in the form of yellowish spots on the bra. The intensity of the discharge increases when you press the nipple.

Pregnancy brain The amount of gray matter in women decreases during gestation. The brain begins to reduce its mental activity. Everything is aimed only at physiological transformations.

That is why during pregnancy a woman does not remember information well. Becomes more distracted and less assiduous. It is especially difficult for those who have to study during this period.

Varicose veins The load on the legs during the gestation period increases. All existing problems with blood vessels are aggravated even more. The veins dilate and a large number of nodules appear. The circulation is disturbed. The effect of ice legs may appear.

Varicose veins do not respond well to conventional treatments. It is difficult to improve the situation during the gestation period. Treatment will have to be postponed until the postpartum period.

Braxton Hick’s contractions This is a preparatory type of fight. They differ in short duration and short duration. Such contractions are not accompanied by the opening of the cervix and the discharge of water. Braxton Hicks contractions should not cause severe pain or bleeding.

Such contractions can appear as early as 20 weeks. They are not mandatory symptoms. Many women don’t have practice contractions.

Overheating Sometimes a woman’s temperature in the last months of pregnancy can increase significantly. The thermometer can reach 39 degrees Celsius. This can be very dangerous for the fetus.

Overheating is sometimes not accompanied by the usual symptoms of fever. This is the main insidiousness of this problem. A woman may not immediately notice an active increase in body temperature.

Forgetfulness Everyone knows this state when you enter a room and forget why you came here. This happens with a lack of sleep or overwork. This symptom in pregnant women is present almost constantly.

Forgetfulness, loss of concentration, and intelligence are the result of hormonal changes. The brain does not work as actively and cognitive functions decrease.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

The number and duration of symptoms during the gestation period are very subjective characteristics. The well-being of a woman will largely depend on her age, readiness for bearing, and health. Pregnant women practically do not face negative symptoms at a younger age.

Whatever the likely symptoms are, it shouldn’t break you. Continue living your normal life. Go to meetings with friends and walks in the park.

“Don’t forget for a moment that you are not alone. Inside you is a living person who feels, hears, moves.”

33 Weeks Pregnant 3D Image

The appointment of an ultrasound scan in the 33rd week is possible if there is a delay in the examination schedule. This will be the third and final mandatory screening. Women at such times are often offered a 3D ultrasound. It is more informative and allows you to take a photo and video of the baby.

Sizes of long bones

Femur 58–68 mm,

Humerus 53–63 mm,

Forearm bones 46–54 mm,

The lower leg bones 54–62 mm.

Diagnostics of deviations

Facial structures are well-identified in superficial reconstruction. This easily identifies facial developmental defects. Skeletal reconstruction determines the details of the bones: structure, symmetry, and condition of the carpal bones.

3D Image

3D diagnostics is optional. Sometimes it can be prescribed if there are questions about the development of the fetus. But this doesn’t happen often.

Three-dimensional ultrasound is offered as a variable method. Most women choose it to get a portrait of their unborn child in the womb.

how baby looks in 3d during 33rd week of pregnancy

They often make videos. This is a great opportunity to capture the movements of the baby inside you. You can see how he rubs his eyes, squints, grimace, or yawns. The video is saved and remains in the family archive.

Your Body

A pregnant woman is particularly attractive. A pleasant roundness of all parts of the body appears. Plump arms, legs, cheeks – it’s charming. Every person next to such a woman immediately turns on the instinct to provide help and support.

The baby grew at the 33rd week, and hence the belly of the pregnant woman. The uterus enlarges and presses on the internal organs. This leads to displacement of the spine. It flexes slightly at the waist. Such a change leads to a “duck” gait and a slight stoop of a woman.

The center of gravity shifts. It is already difficult for a woman to put on shoes or socks herself. She easily loses her balance. The legs become more and more swollen and become wider. Trousers and jeans also do not sit on the hips for a long time.

A pregnant woman can gain at least 10-13 kg of weight by the 33rd week according to generally accepted standards. These figures are relative and very subjective.

Belly size & Health Conditions

The circumference of the abdomen of a pregnant woman at the 33rd week can be 85–90 cm. These data refer to the initial standard woman’s build. The growth and increase in the parameters of the abdomen can differ significantly in each pregnant woman.

The shape of the abdomen also varies: from round and neat to large and oval. The abdomen during multiple pregnancy will be with a large number of scars, a strongly drinking navel, and a noticeable vascular network.

The state of health in the 33rd week should be good. The woman is full of strength, and calm and feels great. Sometimes there are some negative symptoms. Late toxicosis occurs with Rh conflicts or multiple pregnancies. It may present with severe nausea or vomiting. The emotional state of a pregnant woman is sometimes expressed in some prenatal anxiety.

33 Weeks is How Many Months?

Now is the 33rd week from the date of the alleged conception. This is 8 months and 1 week pregnant. This period is called embryonic. It is rarely used by doctors due to low accuracy. According to obstetrical calculations, the 33rd week from the moment of conception is equal to the 35th week from the first day of the last menstruation. It’s already 8 months and 3 weeks pregnant.

You will have a couple of due dates. They may vary by several days. Ultrasound results often correct the doctor’s calculations.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

A woman plans all stages of gestation with a conscious approach to future motherhood. She is already aware of the likely symptoms and can find ways to deal with them. A pregnant woman knows how to eat right and what not to do.

Basic tips and recommendations for the 33rd week of pregnancy:

Try to stay activeIt is worth maintaining the tone of the body, even though the stomach is already large. The best way is the pool. It will make exercising much easier. Water helps to get big loads without serious effort.

Wear a brace if necessaryWearing a corset will help support your back. Sometimes a bandage is prescribed for early prolapse of the abdomen or with its significant increase. Wearing a bandage can reduce the risk of preterm labor and the appearance of stretch marks.

Prepare a bag for the hospitalNo one knows exactly when your baby will be asked to go outside. Get ready for it now. A bag for the maternity hospital is collected based on how many children you are expecting, what gender, and where and how you will give birth.

Train yourself to not eat at nightThis will reduce the risk of heartburn or stomach pain. Overeating at night is a very bad habit that should be eliminated immediately. It carries many negative consequences, including an extra set of body weight.

Watch your bellyIt should remain elastic, high, and dense. The movements of the baby must be regular at least 10 activities per day. Seek immediate medical attention if you notice a significant increase or decrease in activity.

Do pleasant choresPrepare the room for the baby’s move from the hospital. Decorate the crib, buy a stroller, and everything you need to comfort and care for your newborn. This will allow you to relax and mentally prepare for the meeting with the child.

Learn about breastfeedingBreastfeeding has many nuances that it is better to get acquainted with in advance. The process of lactation should be established from the very first day. All possible problems are solved either with a doctor or with specialists in breastfeeding. Lack of milk or its excess, pain, stagnation, improper feeding – all this should not scare you.


Be prepared for the fact that your life will change dramatically after the birth of a child. All tips during the gestation period will be useful even after childbirth. It is worth sticking to a moderate diet while breastfeeding. Follow the right lifestyle and take care of your health.

Your attention after childbirth will be completely switched to the baby. You will have very little time left for yourself. Do what you can’t do after giving birth while you can.

Important Checklist

  • Take care of the skin of the body
  • Wear a bandage in the absence of contraindications
  • Sleep with a pregnancy pillow
  • Don’t take extra medication
  • Keep your body toned with sports and swimming
  • Eat fractionally, without overeating at night
  • Have fun preparing for the birth of your baby

There will be a new family member in your house soon. He will demand more attention. It is better if you have baby care assistants. They will be especially relevant in the first months after childbirth. It will be very difficult. The nights will become sleepless and the days too busy. It’s hard to do without help.

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