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34 Weeks Pregnant

It is not long before the long-awaited meeting with the child. The baby has high viability at the 34th week. He is well developed, strong, and active. Almost all organs are developed to a high level that allows them to exist outside the mother’s body. The digestive and respiratory systems work in a preparatory mode.

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There are changes in the body of the expectant mother. The woman is under attack from the psyche at the 34th week, in addition to physiological transformations. The brain is already aware of the approach to childbirth and this is reflected in anxiety and excessive anxiety. A woman can become short-tempered, whiny, and irritable. The final stages of preparation for the birth of a child are underway.

34 Weeks Baby Development

The strengthening of the muscular frame and the growth of subcutaneous fat continue at 34 weeks. This leads to an increase in body weight. The fat layer is extremely important so that the child does not freeze outside the womb.

The uterus grows in size but can no longer increase much. The child becomes cramped inside and he performs mostly calm movements. Changes in all development parameters remain stable.

It's The Size of Cabbage

The size of the fetus is like white cabbage at 34 weeks. Its parameters allow you to fully control the mother’s stomach.

Sometimes it seems that there is nothing left inside the mother except the child.


How Heavy is it? 4.75 Lb or 2.2 Kg

Body weight gain is consistent. This week, an increase of almost 15% is noticeable. The total weight of the baby is 2.2 kg or 4.75 punds.

This parameter increases more than others. A child needs to accumulate subcutaneous fat before birth.

test image 3

Your Baby is 17.5 inch or 45 cm

The length of the baby is measured from the crown of the head to the heels.

The length of the body of the fetus by the 34th week increased by 3 %. Now it is 45 cm or 17.5 inches. It can reach 55 cm by the time of birth.

Lenght week 34

The third trimester is characterized by an increase in body weight and an increase in height. All the main organs and systems have long been formed and continue their work in the intrauterine rhythm.

The fetus visually completely repeats the appearance of the future newborn. It is proportionate and well built. The head has not been huge for a long time and is the correct shape. The limbs retain a slight tone but are quite mobile.

The baby’s heart beats, blood flows through the vessels, and the liver, kidneys, and pancreas work. The brain continues to develop. The organs of sight, hearing, and touch function. Digestion, excretion, and respiration organs are being trained. Soon the baby will be born into the world and the functional tasks of these organs will change for life support outside the womb.

Key fetal development at the 34th week:

Scull – The dimensions of the cranium increase as the body grows. The bones of the skull are still labile due to fontanels. They will close many months after the baby is born. There will be no fusion of bones yet because the child will have a difficult stage of passage through the birth canal.

Bones – Now there is an intensive process of strengthening bones. The baby takes a huge part of the calcium from the mother’s body. So it is important to eat more foods rich in this mineral.

GI TractBaby at 34 weeks swallows amniotic fluid. This stimulates the digestive organs. The baby will have to digest colostrum after birth and then milk. It is necessary to prepare all the organs of the gastrointestinal tract for this.

Skin – The subcutaneous layers continue to accumulate fat. The skin becomes more natural in color and ceases to be transparent. Vessels are not visible and small fluffy hair disappears. The body is smoothed and has a healthier appearance.

Hair and nailsDerivatives of the skin are already well developed: hair and nails. Sometimes babies are born with huge hair and sometimes almost bald. This is genetics and cannot be changed. Nails grow very intensively and at birth they are quite long.

Amniotic fluidThe amount of amniotic fluid at the time of birth is significantly reduced. They should normally be transparent. Meconium does not come out before birth if the fetus is developing properly and in good condition.

34 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

There should be no negative symptoms in the normal course of pregnancy. The general health of the woman remains stable. Sometimes there is excessive anxiety about the upcoming birth. These experiences are completely normal and justified.

Many of the likely symptoms can recur and then they do not cause much concern to the woman. Perhaps the appearance of late toxicosis. With it, vomiting or constant nausea will torment.

Fatigue The woman gained weight and significantly increased her stomach to the 34th week. The body works for wear and tear, spending enormous resources. A woman needs good rest and proper nutrition to make up for energy costs.

Increased fatigue can also occur with hormonal imbalance, which often occurs in the third trimester. Practice daytime sleep. It significantly restores strength and helps to stay awake for the rest of the day.

Blurry vision The structure of the eyes may change as a result of the restructuring of the hormonal, metabolic, hemodynamic, and immune systems of the body. This will cut into the elongation of the eyeball. Such phenomena are accompanied by visual impairment and poor focusing.

Everything will be restored after childbirth if previously the woman had no vision problems and there is no genetic predisposition to eye diseases.

Hemorrhoids There can be many reasons for the appearance of hemorrhoids. First of all, it is a hormonal imbalance. Estrogen levels rise. This significantly weakens the tone of the vascular wall.

Another reason is an increase in the size of the uterus, which increases venous pressure and provokes hemorrhoids. Heredity is another significant reason for this symptom. The most common factor is the low mobility of a woman during the gestation period.

Swollen ankles and feet Edema appears due to a strong stagnation of fluid in the body of a pregnant woman. Swelling of the legs in the ankles and feet. Swelling of the face and hands is less common.

Excess fluid in the mother’s body is common. Puffiness is complicated by large body weight and circulatory disorders. For example, if shoes or clothes are small in size. Limbs most often swell after long walks or prolonged static positions.

Dizziness Loss of balance during the gestation period can be observed in various situations:
A sudden change in body position; long stay in a stuffy room; low blood sugar; the presence of problems with blood vessels; panic attacks; Anemia, etc.

There are many reasons for dizziness. It is worth being careful during pregnancy, especially in the last months.

Itchy belly A symptom such as itching can occur at 34 weeks. It spreads to the abdomen. Sometimes, it seems that just the skin is itchy. This itching does not go away even if you scratch the surface of the skin. It spreads in deeper layers and is not accessible from the outside.

The reason may be a strong tension of the skin with the growth of the abdomen. Perhaps these symptoms are harbingers of future stretch marks.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

All likely symptoms are not a mandatory norm for a given gestation period. They may not be. Everything is very individual and due to many reasons.

The younger the woman, the fewer problems she has in bearing. Risks during pregnancy are higher after age 35 and symptoms are much worse. This is not a reason to refuse the birth of a child. You can and should give birth if your health allows and you have a great desire.

“There will never be a perfect time to have a baby. Do not get hung up on everyday life, the economic situation, or other reasons. Give birth while there is a desire.”

34 Weeks Pregnant 3D Image

Ultrasound at 34 weeks may be prescribed for suspected cord entanglement, delayed development, and any health problems for the mother or fetus.

3D ultrasound is recommended in rare cases. 3D ultrasound is most often voluntary and is done for photography or video.

Sizes of long bones

Femur 60–70 mm,

Humerus 55–65 mm,

Forearm bones 48–56 mm,

The lower leg bones 55–63 mm.

Diagnosis of congenital defects and anomalies

3D ultrasound allows you to monitor the work of the heart in real-time and at all stages. This eliminates misdiagnosis. Facial anomalies are well defined.

3D Image

It is better to resort to a 3D ultrasound if a controversial situation arises in the diagnosis. It is highly rated by medical equipment experts.

The diagnostic value of this method far exceeds the usual examination. The accuracy of the received data is 30% higher than that of other instruments.

34 week pregnancy ultrasound

A big plus of a three-dimensional examination is that its results do not depend so much on the qualifications of a specialist. The work of 3D ultrasound is such that the doctor only needs to press the necessary buttons. The resulting visual image will be almost undeniable.

Your Body

The appearance of a woman who is at 34 weeks is typical for a pregnant woman. The belly is large, the gait is waddling, the cheeks are round, and the lips are plump. The body undergoes significant stress. The legs and spine are especially affected. The vertebrae in the back bend under the weight of the growing uterus. This often causes back pain.

There may also be a strong stoop due to a shift in the center of gravity. The limbs swell and increase in size. Significantly increases the volume of the hips and buttocks. A woman by the 34th week can gain over 10-15 kg of weight.

There are changes in the derivatives of the skin: nails and hair. They grow more rapidly and become of better quality, but without a lack of vitamin D and calcium. Pigmentation spots may appear on the face. Stretch marks often form on the body, localized in the abdomen, buttocks, and chest.

Belly size & Health Conditions

The size of the belly depends on the initial complexion of the woman and her diet. An important factor is the observance of a mobile lifestyle. The circumference of the abdomen can reach 92–95 cm by the 34th week. Everything is determined by the initial input data.

The abdomen may be small and neat. Sometimes it rises strongly under the ribs, significantly hindering the mobility of the mother. A woman practically cannot move for such a period in some cases of multiple pregnancy.

The general well-being of a pregnant woman at 34 weeks should be good. Some harbingers of childbirth may already be disturbing. Sometimes training contractions appear, the stomach may sink, and nausea occurs. A woman’s health during pregnancy is always directly related to how it was before. The pregnancy will be safe if everything was well.

34 Weeks is How Many Months?

34 weeks have passed since the day of the alleged conception. This is 8 months and 2 weeks pregnant. This period is called embryonic.

There is also an obstetric period. According to his calculations, it is already the 36th week of pregnancy. It is counted from the date of the last menstruation. Already 9 months pregnant by obstetric term. The doctor sets the date of birth according to obstetric terms.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

Most of the advice and guidance in the 34th week will be related to preparing for the upcoming birth and postpartum period.

The most important thing to remember is never to compare someone else’s situation with yours. If someone had everything in a certain way, this does not mean that it will be the same for you.

Actively prepare for childbirthGo to childbirth preparation classes. Study information from reliable sources. Go into the details and ask your doctor in detail. It is important to assess all risks and possible complications and be prepared for anesthesia or stimulation.

Learn about breastfeedingBreastfeeding is not as easy as it seems. Many problems may arise. Do you need to express? How to keep order? Is it possible to feed at a temperature? All this is worth finding out in advance from breastfeeding specialists.

Take a Newborn Care CourseThis can be done online. Such a choice would be even better than not attending mass events. Caring for a born child is an extremely reverent and nuanced process. Study the information and write it down in your notebook. This will make it easier for both you and your baby.

Visit the poolNow it is very important to maintain muscle tone. Swimming in the pool and water aerobics for pregnant women will help keep your back healthy and prepare your body for childbirth. Don’t focus on keeping calm. This applies only to the nervous system.

Have sex without contraceptionThe benefit of unprotected intercourse before childbirth has long been known. The seminal fluid of a man stimulates the cervix well. It is easier to open and childbirth is easier.

Have a hospital bag readyThe bag to the hospital should already be ready. Let it stand somewhere in the hallway or the wardrobe. You just need to quickly grab it with you in an ambulance in an emergency. This will significantly reduce the degree of prenatal anxiety of the pregnant woman.


Do not forget about proper nutrition in addition to the above tips and recommendations. It is important until the birth. Sometimes a woman’s appetite weakens before childbirth. Follow a moderate diet by splitting meals into 5-6 parts. Don’t pass before bed especially now. Most births begin at night. The stomach and intestines should be clean by this point.

Important Checklist

  • Prepare for childbirth in advance
  • Pack a bag for the hospital
  • Sleep with a pregnancy pillow
  • Have unprotected sex
  • Watch your diet and lifestyle
  • Do not stay alone for a long time
  • Prepare your birth partner

Set yourself up positively even if you have a C-section. This is a modern method of surgery that is sometimes much safer than natural childbirth. Does not panic ahead of time, this excitement can be transmitted to the child. Everything will be fine if you are confident in yourself.

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