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35 Weeks Pregnant

There is very little time left before the birth. This could happen in a few weeks or now. The 35th week of pregnancy in terms of the embryonic term corresponds to the 37th week in obstetric terms. Babies born at 37 weeks are considered full term.

A woman in an ideal scenario carries a child to 39-40 weeks. Now there is a persistent preparation of her body for the upcoming birth. There is a softening and shortening of the cervix. It increases in diameter. Ligaments are relaxed under the influence of relaxin. This will allow the pelvic bones to be more mobile during childbirth.

The baby is already fully prepared for life outside the womb. All organs are finally formed and can function in the external environment.

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35 Weeks Baby Development

The weight gain of the mother from the 35th week slows down slightly. There is a stable weight gain baby. It grows at the usual unchanging pace without sharp jumps and decelerations. All parameters of the fetus are distributed harmoniously allowing it to maintain proportionality.

The woman’s belly is now reaching its maximum size, but the baby is still cramped inside. He moves less actively but regularly. The shocks are much stronger.

It's The Size of Squash

A baby at 35 weeks is about the size of a squash. The fetus is now noticeably rounded and stronger. Everything is ready to leave the mother.

There is plenty of strength and health. Its dimensions allow you to cope with the passage of the birth canal.


How Heavy is it? 5 Lb or 2.3 Kg

This week there is a slight increase in body weight. The baby added only 5% weight at 35 weeks. Now his weight is 2 kg 300 grams or 5 pounds.

It is already possible to be born with such a weight. The viability of the fetus is quite high.

test image 3

Your Baby is 18 inch or 46 cm

The length of the fetus steadily increases by 2% every week. She will be 46 cm at the moment or close to 18 inches.

Body length from crown to heel at birth will be 50 to 55 cm if these growth rates are observed.

Lenght week 35

The fetus should be head down by 35 weeks. An alternative C-section may be considered.

All parts of the baby’s body have long been formed. Now they are only getting stronger and growing in size. The arms are getting stronger and the legs are still a little weaker. This is due to the peculiarities of blood circulation in which the upper body is better supplied with oxygen.

The lungs have accumulated a sufficient amount of surfactant. Now they are ready to absorb oxygen and function normally in the external environment.

A baby at 35 weeks looks like a full-fledged baby. It is advisable to gain some weight and then on the way to meet my mother. The body is proportional, the head is of the correct size, and it is covered with a thick layer of hair.

The main points of fetal development at the 35th week:

Intestines – The intestines are already quite developed. It accumulates meconium – the original feces. It should come out a few hours after the baby is born. Meconium is made up of digested epithelial cells, mucus, and amniotic fluid.

Placenta – The placenta begins to fully mature at 35 weeks, moving into the aging stage. This indicates an imminent delivery. The placenta has already fulfilled the main functions of protection and nutrition. Now it’s finishing work.

Skin – The skin is light, not transparent, and denser. No hairline or wrinkles. If the baby is born now, he will not have enough subcutaneous fat for full thermoregulation. It is better to stay in the womb for now and gain a fatty layer.

Lungs – The respiratory organs continue to work in training mode. The lungs are developed but not yet functional. There are movements of contraction aimed at preparing for future breathing. The surfactant continues to accumulate, although it is already quite enough for birth.

Bones – The skeleton is getting stronger. There is an active accumulation of calcium. The ossification nuclei will be visible on ultrasound. They are also called the Beklar Kernels.

Presentation – The position of the fetus is very important for proper delivery. Now the baby should already take a position with his head down. Not every doctor will agree to take a natural birth with a breech presentation. The chances that the baby will turn are already small.

35 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The general well-being of a woman at the 35th week can be complicated by the harbingers of childbirth. These include false contractions, prolapse of the abdomen, bad mood, and irritability.

The woman feels well enough. The baby will signal the mother’s orgasm that he is ready to be born. The mucous plug may come off and prenatal contractions will appear. Now everything is stable and calm.

The set of symptoms may vary. Mostly they start to repeat. Many women are now completely immersed in plans for meeting with a child, so the background symptoms no longer bother them.

Clumsiness This manifestation of the 35th week will persist until delivery. The abdomen has reached its maximum size. A woman is not able to put on shoes, socks, or pants on her own. It is difficult for her to do household chores. She moves slowly and steadily.

Pain in the lumbar region or the legs can complicate the situation. The rounded belly protrudes strongly forward, so a woman cannot take her usual postures during rest.

Braxton Hicks contractions These are false contractions that should not be accompanied by a discharge of the mucous plug, cervical dilation, or bleeding. Braxton-Hicks contractions are less intense, brief, and painless. They appear and last up to 60 seconds. The next one may appear in 5 hours.

If contractions occur every 15-20 minutes, these are not training contractions. Strong pulling pains in the lower abdomen throughout the day are also not training contractions.

Frequent urination The urge to urinate becomes more frequent from the first month of pregnancy. Now they may become even more permanent as the uterus reaches its maximum size and puts a lot of pressure on the bladder.

It cannot be filled, so it gives a signal to empty. The urge to urinate cannot be tolerated. Empty your bladder on time.

Hip pain The body of a woman during the period of gestation produces hormones that relax and soften the connective tissue. The joints and ligaments between the bones in the pelvis are weakened. There may be pain that gets worse when walking or doing certain exercises.

This symptom occurs infrequently and sometimes may be completely absent. It is difficult to deal with such pains because painkillers are not recommended during pregnancy.

Boredom This specific symptom can occur against the background of chronic fatigue from bearing. Some women want to give birth as soon as possible because it is hard for them. Most of the household chores are no longer subject to execution. It remains only to eat, watch movies, and sleep.

Boredom can be an alarming symptom if it accompanies a woman in a position for a long time. It is not uncommon for pregnant women to develop depression. It is worth seeking help from a psychotherapist in this case.

Headaches Headaches may appear in the last stages of pregnancy. They are caused by a strong blood flow to the brain and poor circulation. Pain can be different. They are aching, pressing, pulsating, and fettering.

The pain becomes simply unbearable and constant with increased pressure. Any position of the body can aggravate the strength of pain. It is better to resort to simple methods to help you sleep, and take a warm shower. Sometimes walking outside helps.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

The closer to childbirth, the more closely you should monitor your condition and possible symptoms. Many of them can talk about the beginning of the delivery process. Inexperienced moms can miss important signals that the baby wants out.

Those who have already given birth know that the second and subsequent births proceed more rapidly and even an ambulance may not have time to arrive. There are many causes of a child being born in a car or at home.

“Be prepared for the fact that at any moment childbirth can begin. Collect the bag in the maternity hospital and put it in an accessible place.”

35 Weeks Pregnant 3D Image

You may be referred for an ultrasound if the doctor does not like something at the gynecologist’s appointment. For example, when the stomach is strongly lowered or the doctor cannot feel the baby’s head. Sometimes it is advised to do a 3D ultrasound because it gives more reliable data in an accelerated mode.

Sizes of long bones

Femur 62-72mm,

Humerus 55-65mm,

Forearm bones 48-56mm,

The lower leg bones 55-63mm.

Additional features of 3D ultrasound

3D ultrasound allows future parents to see their baby in a three-dimensional projection. You can take a good photo or video. It will show how the baby sucks his finger, wrinkles his forehead, squints, or blinks.

3D Image

Any preliminary diagnosis by ultrasound cannot be considered final. Be careful with the conclusions after the examination. Do not panic and worry.

It is possible that after childbirth everything will work out. Only pathologies that have been confirmed many times by several methods can be considered accurate.

35 week pregnancy ultrasound

Be calm in every situation. Remember that the baby feels everything that you do. You must be strong. Soon a defenseless creature will be born that will not be able to live without your help.

Your Body

There is an active preparation of the woman’s body for the upcoming birth. There is a softening of the pubic joint. Its cartilaginous part should be more flexible for the expansion of the pelvis when the baby comes out.

The pelvic muscles become more elastic. There is a softening and shortening of the cervix. Women’s weight gain is slowing down a bit. Now a pregnant woman can gain a little more than 10 kg. This is a very relative indicator that can be more or less than the specified norm.

A large volume of the abdomen leads to a strong curvature of the spine in the lumbar region. The posture and gait of a woman are changing. There is a certain slowness and clumsiness. Leaning forward is no longer possible. Most of the housework falls on the shoulders of the husband.

Hair and nails grow well. The condition of the skin is changing. Age spots, stretch marks, and varicose veins may appear on the body. Expansion of veins is the main problem of women after 35 years. Often there is swelling of the ankles and feet, and the face and fingers are filled with water.

Belly size & Health Conditions

The circumference of the abdomen at the 35th week can reach 95 cm. This is very subjective data based on averages. The belly will not grow much if the woman was initially very thin.

The gynecologist regularly monitors the size of the abdomen. It should be big enough by 35 weeks. The shape may be different. It depends on the constitution of the body of a woman of her height and the structure of the skeleton.

The state of health of a pregnant woman at 35 weeks is good according to the norms. There are no negative symptoms and reasons for concern with a successful pregnancy.

It is worth remembering that a woman’s immunity begins to weaken from the 35th week. This is necessary for childbirth. You should not attend mass events and other crowded places for 35 weeks. The risk of viral diseases remains high. They can cause premature birth or other problems.

35 Weeks is How Many Months?

You are currently at the 35th fetal week of pregnancy. It’s 8 months and 3 weeks. This period is counted from the moment of the alleged conception.

Now it is already the 37th week of pregnancy according to the obstetric term, or 9 months and 1 week. This countdown is from the date of the first day of the last menstruation.

The average duration of gestation is 268 days from the moment of conception. The doctor will calculate the future date of birth according to the obstetric term.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

Now the most important thing is to actively prepare for childbirth and the appearance of the baby. Most of the advice and recommendations will be directed in this direction. Try to mentally prepare for the fact that your life will change dramatically and will never be the same.

Tips from Raising Tot:

Prepare the room for the birth of the babyThis is a very pleasant activity that will help to distract from experiences and unload the psyche. Buy a crib, a canopy, pillows, bedding, and everything you need. Do not believe in superstitions and prohibitions to cook something in advance.

Learn about childbirthStudy in detail all the points of postoperative rehabilitation if you have a C-section. Gather a package of birthing medications and consult your doctor. Natural childbirth has no less number of nuances with which the doctor and obstetrician must prepare you.

Take a course on breastfeedingBreastfeeding is not as easy as it seems. Be prepared for possible problems. There is stagnation of milk or its lack. Questions may arise with hygiene during lactation, the frequency of feeding, and their duration.

Arrange for a private roomArrange for a separate room after childbirth if possible. This will help you get through the first days of your hormone surge more calmly. A husband or other assistant will be admitted to a separate room. You will need it very much.

Give preference to partner birthsIt’s great if the husband agrees to the partnership. You can ask your mother, sister or a good friend. The main thing is that a person who is persistent and reliable will cope with all the tasks provided.

Pay close attention to symptomsThere should be no regular and painful contractions. This is a sign of the onset of labor. Unacceptable bleeding and severe pain. Make sure that the pressure and pulse do not jump. Be careful and at the first suspicion of childbirth immediately call an ambulance.


Focus most of your energy on preparing for the birth of your baby. Take care of the choice of wardrobe at the time of birth and the subsequent stay of the child in the hospital. Gather clothes according to the season and according to the rules of three layers for the street.

Buy everything you need for the hygienic care of a newborn. Your bag to the hospital should already be ready and waiting for the moment.

Important Checklist

  • Pack a bag for the hospital
  • Prepare a room for the baby
  • Study all the necessary information in more detail
  • Do not overwork, accumulate strength
  • Eat less before bed
  • Walk more in the fresh air
  • Have unprotected sex

Motherhood is a magical opportunity to gain new status and experience. Being a mom is always hard, especially if you have multiple children. Always be prepared for your priorities to shift a little to the background. In any case, this will be the case for the first few years.

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