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37 Weeks Pregnant

The main task for the fetus in the last month of pregnancy is growth and weight gain. The baby is now considered a fully mature and full-term organism. The child will be born healthy and hardy if childbirth occurs. The lungs will expand and begin to breathe, the digestive and excretory systems will work.

A woman in position at the 37th week is already completely immersed in the pleasant chores of preparing for the upcoming meeting with the baby. Sometimes there is a hormonally justified excitement. Pregnant women become more housekeeping, they begin to clean up a lot, cook and put things in order in the cabinets. This effect is called “nesting syndrome”.

37 Weeks Baby Development

The closer to childbirth, the larger the baby becomes. Now he is fulfilling his main task – to grow up and gain weight. There is also a growth of subcutaneous fat, which will help reduce heat loss. The skeleton becomes stronger and ossification nuclei appear. The future newborn no longer has enough space in the womb. He becomes strong but less active.

It's The Size of Pineapple

Baby at 37 weeks is about the size of a pineapple. He already took his prenatal position upside down.

The fetus does not move so diversely, mainly resting against the walls of the uterus with its feet or hands.


How Heavy is it? 6.25 Lb or 2.8 Kg

The body weight of the fetus has increased by 8 percent compared to the previous week. Now the weight of the baby is 2.8 kg or 6.25 pounds.

This is already a fairly viable indicator. Such data are the norm with a moderate diet of the mother and her proper lifestyle.

test image 3

Your Baby is 19 inch or 48 cm

The height of the newborn ranges from 50 to 55 cm or jsut over 20 inches. The baby at the 37th week has a body length of 48 cm or 19 inches.

It is measured from the crown of the head to the heels and grows steadily by 1% – 2% every week.

Lenght week 37

The fetus is completely ready for life outside the mother’s womb with a successful pregnancy at the 37th week. All parts of the body are well developed and functioning. The proportions of the body are respected. There is a symmetrical growth and a stable weight gain.

The baby is now in his position, which will be before the birth. It should normally be head down. Sometimes a breech or transverse presentation occurs. In such cases, a C-section is most often prescribed.

Now the development of all systems is completed. There is only the improvement of the nervous system and the preparatory work of the digestive and respiratory systems. The kid externally completely took the form of a baby. All of his facial features are visible. There is hair on the head, and fingers and toes are covered with nail plates.

Detailed moments of fetal development at the 37th week:

Nervous systemIts development is now in its final stages. The nerves are covered with a protective sheath. This process will continue after the birth of the child. The coordination of the movements of the newborn will improve every month.

Lungs – Now enough surfactant has accumulated so that the lungs expand and the baby can breathe on its own. The process of accumulation of this active substance continues while the baby is in the womb. Breathing exercises are underway. The muscles of the respiratory system are preparing for work in the external environment.

CartilageCartilage is being transformed. The cartilaginous bases of the nose and ears become firmer and more elastic. The ear shells will already return to their original place when bent.

GI tractMeconium accumulates in the intestines – the original feces. It should normally come out after the birth of the child. The peristalsis of the lower intestine begins its active work. Villi form in the gastrointestinal mucosa, which will begin to absorb nutrients after birth.

BrainThe volume of the brain has increased. There is a process of improvement of all structures and centers responsible for controlling breathing, movement, and the work of the heart.

LiverIron accumulates actively in the liver. This microelement in the liver in a child will be five times more than in an adult in the last weeks before childbirth. Such a supply of a newborn is enough for the first six months of life.

37 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The most noticeable non-physiological symptom of pregnancy at 37 weeks is the “nesting syndrome”. A woman may want to make a small repair, wash all the curtains, she will constantly wash the floors, collect things in piles, etc.

Often there is such a symptom as anxiety and nervousness before childbirth. The degree of excitement is growing and the woman is more and more worried about what lies ahead for her. The set of physiological symptoms before childbirth will depend on how well the gestation is going.

Stretch marks Breaks in the layers of the skin can occur with a very sharp increase in body weight and size of the abdomen. Some scars are called stretch marks. They occur with strong tension on the skin. Such scars are localized in the chest, buttocks, and abdomen.

Most of all, stretch marks occur in those who are genetically predisposed to them and in multiple pregnancies. The best method of struggle is prevention. It is worth starting skin care long before the growth of the abdomen and weight gain. Lubricate the skin with special creams. Cocoa butter helps a lot.

Lots of baby kicking The child is very crowded inside the mother’s belly in the last month before childbirth. He cannot make diverse movements, so kicks and pushes intensify. The child weighs almost 3 kg. He is strong and his thrusts are more palpable.

Excessively active kicking can also indicate possible problems with oxygen access, discomfort, or other reasons. Sometimes the number of kicks is greatly reduced. This may be a harbinger of early birth or a sign of cord entanglement.

Nausea This symptom does not occur in everyone. This can most often be the result of a Rhesus conflict, multiple pregnancies, or the presence of other toxic causes.

Mild nausea may be present in the presence of a large belly that simply presses on the digestive organs. You should reduce the amount of food at one time. You need to eat fractionally and not pass before bedtime.

Pelvic pain There is an active production of the hormone relaxin in the last stages of pregnancy. It causes relaxation of the ligaments of the pubic articulation of the pelvic bones. This is necessary to expand the pelvis so that childbirth proceeds a little easier.

This weakness of the ligaments leads to an increase in the range of motion. The cause of pain in the pelvis may be an increase in the load on the musculoskeletal system.

Bloody show This symptom is ambiguous. It is possible to conclude their danger, depending on what intensity of secretions is observed. If the phenomenon is single and not abundant, then it can be considered the norm. The cause of such discharge may be broken capillaries inside the vagina or such a frequent occurrence as cervical erosion.

When the discharge is abundant, then we can talk about placental abruption, bleeding, and the threat of losing the baby. It is worth immediately calling an ambulance if this is accompanied by the release of amniotic fluid.

Abdominal pressure The uterus has now grown a lot and is on the verge of its capabilities. There is strong pressure on nearby organs. Such a load often creates a feeling of heaviness inside the abdomen. There may be pain similar to premenstrual pain.

A feeling of pressure inside the abdomen can also be a harbinger of childbirth. Make sure that these feelings are not constant and systematic. Then you should immediately go to the hospital. False contractions will not be long and frequent. They should not be accompanied by the opening of the cervix and the discharge of water.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

It is worth paying special attention to all the symptoms at the 37th week and monitoring their manifestation. Control pressure, discharge, and monitor well-being. Call an ambulance at the slightest suspicion.

Symptoms in the last month of pregnancy can be very different. Sometimes there are familiar sensations and sometimes completely new ones. Childbirth can begin at any time. Be aware that the second and subsequent births proceed more rapidly if this is not the first pregnancy. Sometimes you may not even have time to call an ambulance.

“Treat your well-being with special care. A meeting with a child can come at any moment when you are not ready for it.”

37 Weeks Pregnant 3D Image

An ultrasound on the 37th can be prescribed if suspicious symptoms appear: bleeding, lack of movement, severe pain if the woman has not yet been hospitalized. 3D ultrasound is offered to confirm or refute suspected pathologies. It can also make it possible to take a photo and videos in three-dimensional format.

Normal sizes of long bones

Femur 66-76mm,

Humerus 59-69mm,

Forearm bones 51-59mm,

The lower leg bones 59-67mm.

Wide range of diagnostic data

Three-dimensional ultrasound helps to identify markers of chromosomal abnormalities. Find possible anomalies of the central nervous system, face, or heart defects. 3D ultrasound allows you to examine in detail the bones, blood vessels, and eyes. Doctors take color photographs of the fetus and video is recorded using a 3D examination.

3D Image

All necessary examinations will be carried out already in the maternity hospital during the planned hospitalization in the last month of pregnancy.

It is not necessary to conduct an ultrasound without special need. Although this method of examination is safe, it must be used only reasonably.

37 week pregnancy ultrasound

Ultrasound data may not be confirmed after the baby is born. Do not panic in advance and worry about presumptive diagnoses. Modern medicine has great resources to help newborns. You are not alone and everything will be fine.

Your Body

The appearance of a woman in the 37th week is already quite changed. The belly is large, the body weight has reached its maximum, and the load on the internal organs is growing. The spine bends under the weight of the abdomen. There is a risk of lordosis. The general posture of a woman is changing. There is a stoop, clumsiness of movements, and a “duck” gait.

The hips are enlarged in size as the body weight has increased and the pelvic bones have expanded. The volume of the buttocks and arms also increased. The whole body is visibly rounded. Cheeks, plump lips, and blush appeared.

Hair and nails grow as quickly as possible. They look much healthier than before pregnancy. This is due to the increase in the amount of estrogen. The legs often swell and enlarge around the feet and ankles. Sometimes fingers swell. The vascular network on the skin of the legs becomes more noticeable and varicose veins appear.

Belly size & Health Conditions

Abdominal prolapse may be observed at 37 weeks. The doctor in this case may recommend wearing a bandage. The load on the lower abdomen increases, but breathing becomes easier.

The circumference of the abdomen at this time can reach up to 95–98 cm. Everyone will have their data. The growth parameters of the abdomen are approximately the same and correspond to the indicated norm with a standard build. The circumference of the abdomen by the 37th week will be much larger if the woman is of a larger build.

You can talk about good health if there are no chronic diseases that can worsen in the third trimester. Immunity is greatly reduced in the 9th month and the risk of viral and infectious diseases is high. The most common diseases may appear as conjunctivitis, thrush, sinusitis, or influenza. Try to avoid crowded places.

37 Weeks is How Many Months?

37 embryonic weeks have passed since the alleged conception. This is 9 months and 1 week. Now is the 39th week of pregnancy according to obstetric terms. This is 9 months and 3 weeks from the date of the first day of the last period. A similar miscalculation is carried out by a gynecologist. Although it is considered more accurate, many modern experts are skeptical about it.

You will have a couple of due dates. Focus on the period with the highest probability of delivery and not on a specific day.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

All possible recommendations at the 37th week of pregnancy come down to active preparation for childbirth. A woman experiences a nesting syndrome that is difficult to deal with. It is like an instinct aimed at creating the most favorable environment for the baby.

Do not ignore the basic rules of a healthy lifestyle. They must be observed constantly and regardless of the gestational age.

Key Tips:

Control nesting syndromeUnderstand that the fact that you were impatient to re-paste all the wallpapers is not a necessity, but the influence of a syndrome. Try to slightly reduce the degree of manifestation of this effect. Limit yourself to a room for a newborn and collect things for the hospital.

Prepare your family  – Try to mentally prepare for the upcoming changes in the lives of older children. Explain to relatives that visit will be limited in the first month. Prepare your husband for sleepless nights and a lot of trouble.

Stock up on diapersYou already know how much your baby weighs. These data are obtained from an ultrasound examination. You can stock up on diapers and be sure to grab a couple of dozen pieces to the hospital. The first months of diapers will require a lot. It is better to choose hypoallergenic and high-quality brands.

Don’t Forget the Nipple CreamThe first days of breastfeeding are extremely painful. Nipples can become very irritated, cracked, and sore. You need to buy a special cream for nipple cracks. Keep your breasts open for a while by anointing them with cream. This will enhance the effect of the active substance.

Breast pumpNot every hospital has a breast pump. It will be needed in the first days after the birth of the baby. A strong rush of milk can provoke a fever. This is a very painful process that is better to express. This device may not be useful in the future.

Learn your diet while breastfeedingIt is worth looking into diet information if you plan to breastfeed. Moderate and picky eating should be maintained even if you do not plan to follow any diets.


Be prepared for your baby to have colic shortly after birth. Their intensity is always purely individual. The duration of the manifestation of this symptom is the same for everyone. After about 4 months after birth, it will be possible to rest a little, as the colic subsides. Any difficulties should be perceived by you calmly.

Important Checklist

  • Be ready for childbirth at any time
  • Do not stay alone for a long time
  • Keep your bag ready
  • Fill a full tank in the car
  • Eat well but in moderation
  • Remain calm and positive

The moment of meeting with the baby is getting closer. You must have a huge supply of strength and energy to raise and educate your child. Be patient with whatever happens. This is great happiness and great work.

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