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5 Weeks Pregnant

If the expectant mother does not inform others about her situation, then at the 5th week no one will notice that she is pregnant. The woman has long experienced symptoms that are unambiguous and specific to her condition.

Rarely does anyone miss the signs of pregnancy at this time. There is a significant delay in menstruation, the chest swells, weakness, and nausea appear. The habitual way of life is changing because in the morning the woman feels unwell.

The 5th embryonic week of pregnancy corresponds to the 7th obstetric week. It is worth distinguishing these terms because many confuse them. Gynecologists often use the countdown from the start of the last menstruation and so they keep a preliminary forecast of the date of birth.

5 Weeks Baby Development

It is at this time that the unborn child is officially recognized as an embryo. He is still very small and details on the ultrasound will not be able to see. There are scientific data that can be used to assess the level of development of the embryo at 5 weeks.

Growth rates do not decrease and further, the rate of embryonic maturation will become even higher. Soon the future baby will be called a fetus.

Data on the parameters of a 5-week-old embryo are relative. It is not yet possible to accurately measure them.

What Size is it?

The embryo of this period is the size of a sesame seed.

Only a small dot on the ultrasound will be visible so it is difficult to determine any additional information.

Sesame seed

How Heavy is it?

The weight of a human embryo at 5 weeks does not even reach 1 gram.

It will be possible to determine a more accurate weight a little later. While these indicators are very relative and not accurate.

test image 3

Your Baby is
Super Tiny

The total length of the embryo at 5 weeks does not exceed 1–2 mm. Growth is continuous, constantly changing every week.

3 week of pregnancy lenght

The embryo has the beginnings of the development of some internal organs and limbs. The formation of the main vital systems of the body continues: digestive, respiratory, circulatory, and excretory. The heart makes its first contractions. The nervous and cardiovascular systems are developing.

Parts of the body of the unborn child are formed and designated. The head is more pronounced, there are elongated rudiments of arms and legs. The embryo has a tail, so outwardly it still looks like the embryo of most mammals.

The umbilical cord is well-formed and already functioning. The placenta is maturing, which serves as the main protective layer for the unborn child.

BrainThe size of the head has increased slightly. There is active growth and development of the brain. It is divided into 3 sections. The hemispheres will continue to form as the embryo develops into a fetus.

HeartThere is a development of the cardiovascular system. The heart is already three-chambered due to the formation of the interatrial septum. The first heartbeats are visible.

LimbsThe body of the future baby in the embryonic form has a definite structure. The neck area is well distinguished, and elbow and knee bends are visible. The arms and legs gradually lengthen, aiming for a more human appearance.

Neural tubeThe active development of the CNS continues. The neural tube is formed. Be sure to take folic acid during this period. It contributes to the proper development of the nervous system and the formation of the neural tube.

Other organs and systemsThere is a confident formation of the digestive organs: the pancreas, liver, intestines, etc. The lungs, trachea, larynx, and even the thyroid gland develop. The reproductive system is developing: the rudiments of eggs are laid in girls and spermatozoa in boys.

HeadPlaces for the formation of eyes on the head are clearly outlined. Places for future ears, nose, and mouth are marked noticeably. Jaws and lips are formed.

5 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

A woman will not be able to miss her position being in the 5th week of pregnancy. The toxicosis is already beginning. His first symptoms were noticed as early as 4 weeks. A woman is often sick, she feels unwell in the morning, gets more and more tired, and complains about her well-being.

The restructuring of the body has a tremendous impact on the well-being of a woman. Life will not be the same in the next month and a half. Toxicosis begins with all its unpleasant symptoms.

Nausea The woman is increasingly sick. This is especially felt in the morning and when hungry. The malaise occurs immediately after waking up. The provoking factor of nausea and possible vomiting can be the smells and tastes of certain foods.

Women develop subjective olfactory intolerance. Many stop eating previously normally used foods. Most often it is fish, pickled foods, meat, and sausage. Everyone has their list of "forbidden" products for this period.

Excessive Saliva Ptyalism or profuse salivation is a clear symptom of early toxicosis. This phenomenon is very common among women in the first trimester of pregnancy. Frequent and strong salivation is accompanied by constant swallowing. This may stimulate the gag reflex.

You can try to reduce this process a little by drinking plenty of water and constantly using snacks.

Frequent Urination The uterus begins to intensively increase in size as the embryo grows and develops. There is a gradual displacement of the internal organs. There is a load on the bladder. A woman experiences a frequent urge to urinate. Going to the toilet becomes a routine during pregnancy.

Make sure that urination is not painful. There are risks of developing cystitis during the period of bearing a child.

Tender Breasts Women's breasts noticeably increase in size at the 5th week of pregnancy. The mammary glands are filled and become very painful. Preparations are underway for future lactation.

The sensitivity of the breast is extremely increased and the old underwear needs to be changed to a larger size. Prefer sports bras without foam rubber and metal inserts.

Headaches A frequent manifestation of symptoms at this time is headaches. Pregnant women complain that they become very weather dependent. The pains have a different character: aching, throbbing, pressing.

Headache has to be endured because of the limited number of permitted medicines. It is recommended to move more, walk more often in the fresh air and try to sleep during the day.

Nasal Congestion Rhinitis in pregnant women is manifested in 30% of women. This is swelling of the nasal mucosa not associated with viral diseases. It is based on hormonal changes in the body of a woman.

It is not recommended to treat this phenomenon. The symptom is temporary and should pass soon. Vasoconstrictor drugs during pregnancy are contraindicated and there is no possibility to provide emergency assistance.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

There are many other symptoms of the 5th week of pregnancy. Among them: are weakness, drowsiness, fatigue, shortness of breath, possible vomiting, back, and pelvic pain, etc. Remember that the presence of such signs is within the normal range.

It is necessary to notice the presence of abnormal symptoms and immediately seek medical help. There is a risk of developing viral diseases. Women’s immunity decreases during this period.

“Toxicosis is not the worst thing that could happen in your life. Treat him positively. This is a sign that your baby is developing and growing. “

Although ultrasound at the 5th week of pregnancy is not yet prescribed, you can already consider a lot of things. If earlier this survey was almost meaningless, now it can be fully justified. Especially if there are any concerns of the mother regarding her well-being.

You can get the following information on ultrasound at 5 embryonic weeks of pregnancy:


Determine the state of the body of the uterusThe body of the uterus at 5 weeks is significantly enlarged. The parameters of the uterus will average 91×68 mm. The tone of the uterus is determined.

The fertilized egg is well visualizedThe diameter of the fetal egg can reach up to 24 mm. The yolk sac is 4.5 mm in diameter. An embryo will be visible inside it.

5 week pregnancy ultrasound

Ultrasound is not very informative yet. You will be able to see your child in all its glory in the future. You will notice how the baby sucks his thumb, consider his arms, legs, eyes, and lips. The embryo will have a human appearance by the 12th week of pregnancy. It is during this period that a mandatory scan is assigned.

Further ultrasound examinations will go according to plan, and visiting a doctor will become your usual pastime. Your doctor will be able to tell you the gender of your unborn baby at one of your future checkups.

Your Body

The body of a woman during the period of gestation undergoes strong changes. Now, this process is just beginning. The uterus gradually grows, creating space for the development of the fetus. The belly will gradually round and you will be able to fix its growth in months.

it is difficult to determine the pregnancy of a woman at 5 months in appearance. She notices many changes. Pigmented spots appear on the face. A specific strip is drawn from the navel to the pubis. This is a very significant sign of pregnancy.

The breast increases in size and the nipples change their color and become a little rougher than usual. The usual size of underwear will be uncomfortable to wear.

Sometimes you can observe a slight weight loss due to toxicosis. A woman can lose from 1 to 3 kg of weight during this period with severe symptoms. Often there is a deterioration in the condition of the skin. Acne appears, caused by hormonal surges.

Belly size & Health Conditions

There is no visual difference between the belly of a pregnant woman for 5 weeks and a non-pregnant woman. This is an individual score. A woman is likely to notice a slight tightening of the abdomen in the lower part of it if she was initially very thin.

The general state of health is complicated only by the symptoms of toxicosis. This is normal and should not cause much concern for the expectant mother.

General fatigue, weakness, drowsiness, and shortness of breath are quite normal for this period of pregnancy. Now it is more important to ensure that no other symptoms appear outside the norm: severe and sharp pains, blood discharge, or heavy bleeding. It is recommended to immediately seek medical help if such alarming symptoms appear.

5 Weeks is How Many Month?

The fifth embryonic week of pregnancy is 1 month and 1 week. There is a beginning of the 2nd month of your interesting situation. This period is 7 obstetric weeks or 1 month and 3 weeks.

Obstetrician-gynecologists more often use the report of terms since the last menstruation. This is how they calculate the time of the alleged birth.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

If toxicosis does not greatly complicate the life of the expectant mother, then most likely she will continue to work during this period. It is worth taking care of yourself especially reverently in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Watch your diet and lifestyle. The development and health of your unborn child depend on this.

Taking a multivitamin – Getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals from ordinary food is very difficult. Support your body with a complex of prenatal vitamins. Better if they are organic.

Avoid stress – Put yourself in a protective “shell” of calmness. Do not get into arguments, stay away from scandals and overly emotional people. Maintain neutrality in all relationships.

Sleep during the day – It is better to take time off from work with severe toxicosis. Take care of yourself and your child. Enter daytime sleep. It will help you gain strength and feel much better.

Fresh air – Keep the window always open if it is not possible to walk daily and for a long time. Oxygen is necessary for you and the development of the unborn baby.

Try to chew all the time – Avoid feeling hungry if you feel sick often. Keep a rescue cookie, cracker, nuts, or hard candy handy. Chewing helps to reduce bouts of nausea.

Beware of viruses – Try to limit your contact with potentially contagious people who attend public events. Tell us about your situation, because it is dangerous for you to get sick now. Relatives should understand that this is temporary.

Remember – everything you do now can affect the development of your baby. Conditionally – you should not ride a horse if you have done it before. Avoid active sports and unsafe pastimes. Now you need to think not only about yourself.

If you don’t smoke, try not to be near those who do. Passive smoking is much more dangerous than active smoking.

Important Checklist

  • Accept all the symptoms of toxicosis as calmly as possible
  • Do not neglect self-help and the help of others
  • Slow down a bit at work
  • Allow yourself to rest more often than before
  • Carefully monitor your well-being
  • Warn loved ones about your situation

Now a new life is developing within you. Its quality and safety depend solely on you. Treat this with full responsibility and patience. Unforgettable moments await ahead: the first meeting with the baby on ultrasound, the first heartbeat, sex determination, and the birth of a child.

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