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6 Weeks Pregnant

The 6th embryonic week of pregnancy has come. It corresponds to the 8th obstetric week. The woman does not experience serious changes in general condition and well-being. Outwardly, too, its position is still imperceptible. The expectant mother has long been aware of the pregnancy.

The 6th week of pregnancy is not much different from the 5th. The growth and development of the embryo in the womb do not stop even for a second. The future baby is constantly growing and reaching new levels in its development even when the mother is sleeping.

Now it is extremely important for a woman in a position to endure a period of toxicosis and do everything to save the baby. Observations with a doctor should be regular and mandatory.

6 Weeks Baby Development

The growth of the embryo is very intensive, even though the belly of the expectant mother is not yet noticeable to others. The uterus gradually increases in size creating space for the development of the unborn baby. The incessant division of cells and their reorganization are aimed at the formation of all vital organs and systems of the child.

The embryo will be called a fetus very soon. Parents will be able to observe a full-fledged person with the help of ultrasound, but for now, its dimensions are very small.

It's The Size of Rice

The size of an embryo at 6 weeks pregnant is the size of a grain of rice. It is still very small, but a truly brilliant process of the birth of a new life is raging inside.

It is extremely complex and very intense.

6 Week size

How Heavy is it?

The weight of the embryo, according to estimated estimates at this time it remains under 1 gram.

These indicators are different for everyone and are common for understanding the parameters.

test image 3

Your Baby is 0.5 CM or 0.25 Inch

The total length of a 6-week-old embryo is no more than 0.5 cm.

It is still curved and resembles a tadpole. Growth is at a steady pace in compliance with the proportions of the body.

Length week 6

The embryo bears little resemblance to a human at a given period of its development. He has quite clearly demarcated areas of the head, body, and limbs. There is still a tail and therefore the embryo resembles a tadpole.

Now the nervous system continues to develop and the brain is being formed. Furrows and convolutions appear, and the cranium is strengthened. The rudiments of the arms and legs are elongated, visibly transforming into more human forms.

There is an intensive development of the cartilaginous system and the future skeleton. The embryo is still very small, but in terms of the complexity of its organization, it has gone far ahead.

The first reflex reactions can be observed at 6 weeks. The nervous system is still maturing and needs to be supported by taking folic acid.

The development of the embryo does not stop. The main achievements in development:

FaceThe appearance of the embryo is far from human, but the eye sockets are already indicated. Nasal fossae and lips are outlined on the face. It is believed that at this stage the jaw is already developing and the rudiments of teeth are formed. There is a noticeable visualization of the inner ear.

Respiratory systemThere is a complete preparation of the body for the absorption of oxygen, although there is no need for respiratory organs yet. The trachea and bronchi are actively developing. The lungs continue to develop. The bronchi are forming.

The cardiovascular systemThere is a development of blood vessels: arteries, and veins. The lymphatic system also began to form. An interventricular septum forms in the heart. There are heartbeats.

Head – The head is still quite large and slightly lowered to the body. The neck fold is sharply curved. The cranium and brain develop.

LimbsThe embryo is in its typical position. The rudiments of future arms and legs are elongated and they are grouped close to the body. Elbow and knee bends are noticeable. The tail is still present.

The immune system – The first stage of the formation of the immune system is underway. The thymus gland is laid. It will produce T-lymphocytes that protect against viruses, bacteria, and infections.

6 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

A woman fully feels all the delights of toxic manifestations in addition to the main symptoms of pregnancy. It becomes more difficult to hide pregnancy even if the stomach is not visible, especially if the woman is working. Constant nausea and possible vomiting increase the frequency of visiting the toilet.

Each woman has her symptoms despite toxicosis. Much more calmly experience this period.

Food Cravings or Aversion 6 weeks is the period when a woman has previously uncharacteristic taste preferences. This is either a very strong craving for certain foods or a previously uncharacteristic disgust.

A woman cannot even see some products, as they cause her gag reflexes. It can be explained by lack of certain nutrients and body craves related products for body to function as it was previously.

Excessive Saliva Abundant salivation is one of the most common symptoms of early toxicosis. Often women consider it a harbinger of vomiting and this is doubly unpleasant. Ptyalism is not always accompanied by vomiting.

Doctors recommend drinking plenty of fluids if this symptom is observed. It will help reduce reflex swallowing and slightly alleviate the position of the woman.

Mood Swings A woman in a position always feels irritated. She reacts sharply to any uncomfortable situations. It becomes difficult to control yourself. Emotions run high and it is already difficult to keep yourself in a state of peace.

There are mood swings from tearfulness to sincere joy. All this can change several times during the day.

Heartburn and Indigestion A feeling of discomfort and burning behind the sternum is experienced by almost all women in positions. Heartburn is most often observed at the beginning and end of pregnancy. The muscle sphincter contracts under the action of the hormone progesterone and this unpleasant side effect occur.

Heartburn in the later stages often appears due to an increase in the uterus, which presses on all internal organs, including the stomach. The best and most harmless help during heartburn is milk.

Tender Breasts The breast at the beginning of pregnancy is noticeably enlarged. The mammary glands are filled and become very painful. This causes a lot of discomfort for a woman. Previously worn underwear becomes uncomfortable.

This symptom is associated with the preparation of the mammary glands for future lactation.
It is recommended to wear comfortable cotton underwear. It should support the chest well.

Nausea The early manifestation of toxicosis is marked by constant nausea, especially in the morning. Sometimes this symptom ends with vomiting. Vomiting is most often observed a little later after 12 weeks. Such a symptom is quite possible if early toxicosis occurs.

Severe nausea appears in the morning and when a woman is hungry. It is recommended to constantly chew something and drink plenty of water to combat this symptom.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

A woman begins the most difficult path of pregnancy at 6 weeks. Early toxicosis greatly overshadows the excellent situation and seems completely unbearable. A woman experiences many accompanying symptoms in addition to manifestations of toxicosis. These include weakness, drowsiness, chronic fatigue, shortness of breath, and abdominal pain.

All manifestations of pregnancy are temporary. It is worth being patient and not forgetting that this will pass soon.

“The appearance of changes in the body of a pregnant woman is inevitable and necessary for the development of the child. Accept this as the gift of creating new life!”

6 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Ultrasound is not prescribed if the pregnancy is proceeding well and there are no disturbing symptoms. This period is still very short to consider specific data. An embryo the size of a grain of rice and an ultrasound scan is irrational without good reason.


The number of embryos is determinedA fertilized egg is visible at 6 weeks. If it is not one, then we are talking about a multiple pregnancy. Each fertilized egg will have a yolk sac with an embryo in it.

Exclude ectopic pregnancyIt is visible where exactly the implantation of the embryo occurred at this time. Medical measures taken immediately if it is outside the uterus or close to the cervix.

6 week pregnancy ultrasound

The heart is already well developed and is making its first contractions.

The first months of pregnancy are very vulnerable. A good gynecologist will try once again not to interfere with any procedures in this process. Inspection on a gynecological chair is carried out in extreme cases. Ultrasound is prescribed only if there are reasons for that: severe pain, bleeding, or unpleasant discharge.

Any early intervention must be justified. All risks should be considered in advance, based on the importance of the data obtained during the survey. There is nothing more important than saving the life of a little person. Everyone tries to treat the situation as carefully as possible.

Your Body

The female body at the beginning of pregnancy undergoes a huge number of transformations. There is a complete preparation forbearing and feeding the unborn child. Hormonal changes are manifested in a large number of unpleasant symptoms. These are all internal processes.

The woman begins to gradually change outwardly. There is no belly yet, but some signs of pregnancy are already visualized. The most notable is breast augmentation. It swells and rounds. The mammary glands increase in size and prepare for future lactation. Nipples darken and rough.

A specific strip appears on the abdomen directed from the navel to the pubis. This is such an iconic and very common external sign of an interesting position. Pigmentation and acne may appear. This is due to the increased production of progesterone and estrogen.

Some notice a slight blush on the woman’s cheeks, swelling of the lips, and a sparkle in the eyes. Hair becomes thicker and more elastic.

Belly size & Health Conditions

The uterus at the 6th week of pregnancy is slightly enlarged so that it is noticeable from the outside. Outwardly, no one will ever understand that a woman is in a position. Some thickening of the abdomen can only be noticed by the pregnant woman herself. Often women confuse this fact with increased gas formation caused by impaired bowel function.

The state of health of a woman at the 6th week of pregnancy should be satisfactory. Early toxicosis does not give the right to say that the state of health is good. The symptoms of this phenomenon are not the most pleasant. Nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, fatigue, pulling pains in the lower abdomen, and much more are normal manifestations of pregnancy.

Any other out-of-tolerance symptoms should immediately cause concern. You should keep in constant contact with the doctor and immediately report suspicious manifestations during the gestation period.

6 Weeks is How Many Months?

Recall that there are two different stages of pregnancy: obstetric and embryonic. The first is considered from the moment of the last menstruation and the second – is from the moment of conception. We are now in our 6th embryonic week. This is 1 month and 2 weeks pregnant. The obstetric period is slightly longer and is 8 weeks. It’s already 2 months pregnant.

Gynecologists most often use obstetric terms and count the date of the expected birth from the moment of the last menstruation.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

A lot of advice will immediately start up as soon as everyone around learns about your situation. Each accomplished mother will consider it her duty to share her experience in bearing, nutrition, and the fight against toxicosis.

The good intentions of women can be easily understood. It’s easy for an inexperienced mom-to-be to get confused by these tips.

We have selected a few basic recommendations for 6 weeks:

SnacksCarry nuts, seeds, and mints in your pocket to reduce the feeling of nausea. Use only those products that do not cause you disgust and gag reflexes.

Plentiful drinkA bottle of water should be your constant companion during the period of bearing a baby. Dry mouth or increased salivation is very unpleasant symptoms. They need to be eliminated to feel better.

Avoid x-raysAn x-ray is a very dangerous examination, unlike an ultrasound. It is prescribed in very extreme cases. Avoid this method and take care of yourself during pregnancy.

Don’t take medication unnecessarilyYou should not run to the pharmacy for medicines even if you have a cold. Many substances can significantly affect the development of the embryo in the early stages.

Limit activitiesDo not attend mass events. There is a risk of virus infection. They are most dangerous in the early and last months of pregnancy due to weakened immunity.

Prenatal vitaminsTaking special vitamins will help the proper development of the fetus. The complex for pregnant women is specially selected based on the increased needs of the body. It is always better to choose prenatal vitamins of organic origin.

Any advice received from a mother, mother-in-law, girlfriend, or neighbor can be listened to. This is not a reason to immediately apply them. Always take into account your well-being. If you are advised to eat lemon for toxicosis and you have heartburn, then such advice is not suitable.

Be vigilant, read articles, consult with experts and focus on your feelings. How best to act in a given situation is up to you.

Important Checklist

  • Accept toxicosis if it is
  • Take more walks in nature
  • Sleep during the day if possible
  • Change shoes for more comfortable ones
  • Start planning your new wardrobe

The position of a woman promises many pleasant worries and fussy preparations. Use this time to have fun. Organize your leisure time for the benefit of yourself and your future baby. This will help you get distracted and more likely to survive toxicosis.

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