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7 Weeks Pregnant

The woman is already accustomed to her position at the 7th embryonic week of pregnancy. She is constantly accompanied by symptoms of early toxicosis and other signs of pregnancy.

The embryo will soon be called a fetus. Its growth and development are not slowing down. The uterus enlarges and by the 7th week is the size of an orange. Visually, the stomach is not yet noticeable. The people around still do not know about the position of the woman.

The most important thing at the moment is to monitor your well-being and seek the help of doctors in time. The first trimester is extremely important for the full adaptation of the body of the mother and child to each other. Additional tests and monitoring of pregnancy are needed if the expectant mother is Rh-negative.

7 Weeks Baby Development

Every week there is certain progress in the development of the embryo. It is laid down by nature in such a way that the full maturation of the organs and systems of the unborn child has its terms. All running processes are aimed at the gradual formation of a viable organism. He must be strong enough to face the outside world.

The embryo will be called a fetus as soon as it becomes a little more similar to a person in appearance. Now it is a small embryo rapidly growing and developing at its own pace.

It's The Size of a Cranberry

Now the embryo is commensurate with cranberries in its parameters. It has increased in size ten thousand times since conception, and this is just the beginning of growth.

7 Week size

How Heavy is it?

The weight of a 7-week-old embryo according to available data is getting close to 1 gram but not there yet.

It all depends on the characteristics of the mother’s body, genetics, and nutrition.

test image 3

Your Baby is 0.5 inch or 1.3 cm

The total length of the embryo at week 7 is 1.3 cm and normally doesn’t surpass 1/2 inch.

This is a significant increase in growth compared to last week.

Lenght week 7

The 7th week of pregnancy is an important stage in the development of the embryo. Significant morphogenetic processes are taking place now. The laying of future organs proceeds in a strict sequence.

The reproductive system of the future baby is being laid. It is not yet possible to determine the sex, but sex cells are already being formed: spermatozoa and eggs. The embryo is actively developing. All organs and tissues are gradually improved. The lymphatic system continues to mature. The brain is still developing: the cerebellum and the pituitary gland appear.

Continues its formation of the liver, kidneys, and other important organs. The internal systems of the body are improved: circulatory, excretory, digestive, and others. The limbs continue to develop and facial features are gradually visualized.

The main stages of development for 7 weeks:

HeartThere are important stages in the development of the heart. Partitions are formed and the heart becomes four-chambered. It actively pumps blood. The heartbeats are more clearly audible. The size of the heart gradually increases.

SkeletonThe bone tissue of the fetus is actively growing at 7 weeks. Gradually the skeleton becomes more solid. The skull is getting stronger, the jaws are being formed, and the laying of future teeth continues.

EyesPlaces for future eyes have long been marked on the head. Formed eyelids float and close the eyes. The embryo is getting closer to the human form.

Arms and legsThe rudiments of future limbs are increasingly drawn out. The arms are ahead of the legs in development. The feet and hands begin to form. The appearance of the limbs is still more like flippers. The tail shrinks and will soon disappear altogether.

BrainThere is an active process of brain formation. It is divided into two hemispheres. Its volumes are increasing. The first convolutions appear and the rudiment of the cerebellum is formed.

Other organs and systemsBile ducts appear in the liver. The endocrine system with glands develops. The lymphatic and vascular systems continue to develop. The organs of respiration and digestion are being formed.

7 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The active growth of the child can increase the symptoms of pregnancy. A woman’s appetite may increase. Do not restrict yourself in nutrition during bouts of nausea. This causes discomfort.

Each woman has her own set of symptoms, as well as the duration of toxicosis. Many pregnant women endure this stage quite calmly without much discomfort.

The main symptoms of the 7th week of pregnancy:

Food Cravings or Aversion A woman in the 7th week already knows exactly what makes her sick. She may be comfortable with foods she hasn’t eaten before and react badly to foods she once loved. The diet of a pregnant woman is significantly narrowed because of this.

It happens that a woman may begin to eat foods that she previously did not like: olives, smoked meats, pickles, garlic, etc.

Excessive Saliva Increased salivation in the first weeks of pregnancy is associated with hormonal changes in a woman’s body. The salivary glands work more actively. Such a manifestation of toxicosis as nausea provokes the secretion of saliva.

More fluids and snacks are recommended. This will help reduce the symptoms a little. Ptyalism is not dangerous for pregnancy and the fetus.

Mood Swings Highly sensitive pregnant women may sob at the opera, touching music, or at the sight of a small defenseless cat. On the same day, they can stay in a good mood. The intervals between these states are extremely small. Mood swings are associated with hormonal surges.

It is difficult for a woman to cope with such symptoms, and in the eyes of others, she begins to become hysterical, especially if they do not know about her situation.

Heartburn and Indigestion There is no big belly yet, so the cause of heartburn is hormonal changes. Provokes a symptom of malnutrition, the use of dry and acidic foods.

An upset stomach is associated with a restructuring of the work of all organs and systems. Various digestive problems can arise due to non-standard combinations and previously unused foods. Follow the diet.

Tender Breasts The mammary glands fill up and increase in size. The chest becomes sensitive and changes in appearance. Soreness of the chest causes severe discomfort. You can’t go in for sports anymore, the clothes are tight, and every careless movement causes pain.

Breast changes are associated with preparation for feeding the baby with milk. Hormonal restructuring of the body and a change in the structure of the mammary glands can continue throughout pregnancy. Most often this takes place in the first trimester.

Nausea Nausea is not necessarily triggered by unpleasant odors or tastes. Most of the time it doesn’t have a good reason. The woman is already experiencing nausea when she wakes up in the morning. Sometimes it turns into vomiting.

Some pregnant women emphasize that after vomiting they feel better. It is much worse to experience only nausea without vomiting because nausea does not stop during the day.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

Remember: negative symptoms during pregnancy are observed only during the period of toxicosis. The more mature the fetus, the faster the body of the mother and child will find common ground and common existence.

All strong symptoms of the mother are manifested due to the unpreparedness of the body for bearing. Everything will be over as soon as mom adapts.

“Any difficulties in bearing and raising a child are reborn into a strong feeling of love. Accept your state with a positive, and it will return to you in double size.”

7 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound or 3d

Ultrasound is not prescribed without reason at such an early date. This examination is mandatory at 12-14 weeks. Now it can be prescribed only with the threat of miscarriage, or the presence of chronic or viral diseases. The reason for this appointment can also be bleeding or pain.


Exclusion of ectopic pregnancy – Now the ultrasound will show where the embryo is located and thereby exclude or confirm the proposed diagnosis.

Crowding definition – Early toxicosis may indicate an ectopic or multiple pregnancy. An ultrasound will determine where the fetal egg is located and whether it is one or many.

7 week pregnancy ultrasound

Evaluation of the condition of the uterus

Ultrasound allows you to assess the condition of the epithelium, the size of the uterus, and its parameters. It will immediately be seen whether the uterus is in good shape. It will be clear where the embryo was implanted and what is its approximate size.

You should not insist on an ultrasound at such an early stage of pregnancy if you feel well. The appointment of any examination must be strictly justified. Time will pass quickly and very soon there will be a mandatory screening. You will be able to see your baby already in a more human form.

Ultrasound is considered harmless for both mother and baby. You don’t need to manipulate it. There is no need for extra intervention. Give your baby some time and he will please you with jerks and heartbeats. This first contact will make an unforgettable impression.

Your Body

The bodily changes are not so obvious in early pregnancy. There is no growth of the belly yet, although the woman is already beginning to gently stroke it. Visually do not distinguish a woman in position from any other.

The body undergoes strong external changes at later gestation periods. While you can fit into your favorite jeans and put on a tight dress. Some mothers have swelling of the extremities. Most often they are observed after long walks.

Skin deterioration was also noticed: acne and pigmentation. These symptoms are not that common. It may also improve the condition of the skin. The most noticeable modifications occur in the chest area. It is enlarged and noticeable to others. The nipples become a little rougher, and the halo around the nipple darkens noticeably.

Many women may notice an increase in fine body hair. This symptom is very individual but not uncommon.

Belly size & Health Conditions

Sometimes women in the 7th week notice that it has become difficult for them to fasten their trousers on their stomach. This will be more likely due to increased gas formation.

The abdomen is still not visible. The size of the uterus has reached the volume of an orange, but outwardly this has not yet been determined. Some pregnant women have almost no manifestations of toxicosis.

The state of health should be normal. A woman can get sick due to reduced immunity. Sometimes there is rhinitis in pregnant women not associated with viral diseases.

Be sure to keep an eye on your health. There should be no bleeding, severe pain, or poor tests for viruses or STDs. You should go to the hospital for preservation in case of any threat to the embryo.

7 Weeks is How Many Months?

Now the 7th week from the moment of conception is about half of the first trimester of pregnancy. This is 49 days or 1 month and 3 weeks. The same period from the moment of the last menstruation is 9 obstetric weeks or 2 months and 1 week.

You can create a pregnancy calendar yourself or use special applications on your phone. They will help you to predict the due date and follow the growth stages of your baby.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

The main advice at 7 weeks is to endure and wait for the end of toxicosis. You cannot influence its duration and intensity.

The rest of the recommendations and advice will be generally suitable for almost every pregnant woman. You can slightly ease your well-being and mood by using them:

Fight heartburnAnalyze your diet if such a symptom appears. Eliminate foods that trigger heartburn. Use milk for first aid. It gently relieves symptoms.

Stock up on snacksConstant chewing relieves nausea and calms it a little. Carry crackers, nuts, and dried fruits with you. Full-fledged receptions are sometimes very poorly tolerated. Snacks will come to the rescue.

MeditationIt is worth trying meditation or just meditative music for emotional stability. This will calm and harmonize the inner world.

Light exerciseYou should not strive for strong activity and sports achievements during pregnancy. Walk more, do stretching, and allowed yoga exercises. It is useful for blood circulation and maintaining tone.

Don’t skip doctor’s appointmentsKeep an appointment diary so you don’t forget your appointment with the gynecologist. Be sure to take tests and pass the necessary examinations. Everything should be aimed at preserving the pregnancy.

No bad habitsThis applies not only to alcohol and smoking. We are talking about the thoughtless absorption of chips, soda, sweets, sugar, salt, and other things. Forget about fast food, hookah, and other nasty things. Do not spend time lying on the couch, give preference to walks in the fresh air.

Don’t chase achievements at workIt is worth slowing down the pace at work if before pregnancy you were an active employee of a good company. Now the health of your unborn child is more important. You can take a small sick leave for the period of toxicosis, rest, and relax a little.

For each woman, certain tips for the gestation period will be relevant. They are aimed at reducing toxic symptoms at 7 weeks. There are times when it is the psychological state of a woman that requires immediate intervention.

You can turn to a psychologist if you cannot cope with the emotional “swing”, constantly crying, hysteria or irritability.

Important Checklist

  • Start keeping a pregnancy diary
  • Use the help of loved ones
  • Monitor the condition of the teeth
  • Visit the gynecologist on time
  • Avoid stress and overwork
  • More fresh air and vitamins

Now all your strength should be directed to the preservation of pregnancy. Avoid crowded places to avoid catching the virus. Maintain hygiene and be careful with pets.

Everything is in your strong maternal hands. Remember that you have become a mother from the moment you conceive a child!

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