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8 Weeks Pregnant

The eighth week completes two months of pregnancy. The most active phase of growth and development of the embryo will begin from this period. The woman’s belly is not visible, but the uterus is rapidly increasing in size.

All the previous time there was hard work on the laying of important organs and systems. Now they will continue to develop, and many will already function and provide the future baby with vital resources.

A woman in the 8th week does not cease to be in the phase of toxicosis. It is just beginning to show up in some pregnant women. The timing of this state is extremely individual as is the duration. 8 weeks is a very good embryonic period. Increased confidence in the safety of pregnancy.

8 Weeks Baby Development

This is the last week when the unborn child is called an embryo. It is officially recognized as a fetus from the 9th week. The 8th embryonic week of pregnancy corresponds to the 10th obstetric. While there is no need to prescribe an ultrasound if the symptoms do not require it.

The growth and development of the embryo can be traced based on scientific data. The embryo is already a full-fledged living organism.

It's The Size of Raspberry

The parameters of the embryo at the 8th week are compared with the raspberry fruit.

This suggests that from the moment of conception, the embryo has increased in size by tens of thousands of times.

8 Week size

How Heavy is it? 0.05 oz ~ 1 gr

The estimated weight of the embryo is 1 gram. Sometimes a little more. The data will differ on a case-by-case basis.

Each woman has her own nutrition and genetic characteristics.

test image 3

Your Baby is 0.65 inch or 1.6 cm

Height is measured from head to toe. It moves at a steady pace.

The total length of the embryo at the 8th week does not exceed 20 mm. Most often this parameter is 16 mm or just above half inch.

Lenght week 8

A living organism in the womb at this time completes its embryonic stage of development. Next will be the process of fetal formation. The main and most significant systems of the body are already fully developed. Many even work.

The embryo at the moment is still a little different from other mammals. He has a tail and limbs that have not yet acquired a fully human form. They stretched out and continue their transformation. Active work is underway to form and improve the main organs.

The appearance is becoming more and more recognizable: a nose, eyes, mouth, and ears appear. It will be possible to see the tiny person at the first mandatory ultrasound.

FaceThe face undergoes significant humanization. Small eyelashes appear on the eyelids. The nose starts to come forward. The upper lip is prominent. The chin and forehead are drawn.

BrainThe brain continues its development in the 8th week. The cerebellum is formed. He will help the unborn child to coordinate their movements. Soon the baby will begin to move actively.

HeartThe heart beats well at this embryonic age. It performs its function of pumping blood. The heart is already four-chambered, but the opening between the atria is still preserved. Functioning pulmonary valve.

Respiratory systemThe lungs continue to form. The bronchi grow rapidly and the diaphragm appears. The respiratory system lays everything necessary for the further absorption of oxygen.

AbdomenThere is a significant expansion of the abdominal cavity of the embryo. This is necessary to properly accommodate and take their permanent place all the internal organs.

LimbsThe embryo still has a tail. It has significantly decreased in size and will soon disappear completely. The arms and legs take on a more human shape. The hand and phalanges of the fingers gradually form.

Receptors and nervesOlfactory receptors in the nose begin to emerge at the 8th week of pregnancy. Taste buds appear on the tongue. The optic nerve is developing. The fetus will be able to react to light for 2 months.

8 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The appearance of pregnancy symptoms is a very subjective indicator. The main signs of toxicosis in every woman manifest themselves at different stages of embryo development. Many begin to feel bad only from the 14th week.

Early toxicosis is always a little brighter. Symptoms appear almost immediately and last a little longer than usual. A woman will feel weak in the presence of toxicosis at the 8th embryonic week.

The main symptoms of the 8th week of pregnancy:

Pregnancy Dreams Often there are dreams about pregnancy for 2 months. Often they are very anxious and this is normal. The psyche of a woman and her nervous system as a whole must also get used to their current position.

Expectant mothers dream of already-born children. They can be tormented by nightmares with the most terrible scenarios. Mothers see how they feed their children, swaddle, care for them, and so on. The nature and negativity of the dreams of pregnant women depend on the internal fears of the expectant mother.

Constipation There are various digestive disorders during pregnancy. The most common is constipation. The cause of constipation in the first weeks may be increased production of progesterone. The most obvious reason is poor nutrition and non-compliance with the drinking regimen.

Try to drink more water and eat fiber-rich foods. This will help the peristalsis work. The intestines will begin to work more harmoniously and harmoniously.

Fatigue The woman’s body goes through a stage of colossal restructuring in the early stages of pregnancy. There is an active production of hormones. The heart is under double stress. The body spends a lot of energy that does not always have time to be replenished. This results in increased fatigue.

Pregnant women often want to sleep during the day. It is worth listening to the body and not denying it a rest.

Heightened sense of smell A woman with early toxicosis perceives all smells very sharply. Sometimes she feels something that an ordinary person cannot feel: the smell of objects, metal, money, paper, plaster, foliage, etc. Most of the strong odors are disgusting in pregnant women and can provoke vomiting.

It is recommended to walk outdoors as often as possible, preferably in nature. This will ease the condition a little and help you relax from the abundance of smells.

Bloating and gas Many pregnant women experience significant deterioration in indigestion. There is bloating increased gas formation and belching. There is a restructuring of the body and preparation for gestation. The hormonal background affects peristalsis.

A woman’s taste preferences change and she begins to consume completely unhealthy foods. Many are drawn to salty, spicy, and sour. This significantly burdens the digestive tract.

Vaginal discharge Sometimes there may be an increase in vaginal discharge. Their nature and specificity should be discussed with the doctor. Strange and unusual discharge should cause you anxiety and immediate medical attention. Especially when it comes to bleeding.

Now the body of a woman is extremely vulnerable due to a decrease in immunity. Any infections and viruses can easily enter the body. Stay vigilant.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

It is worth sharing the symptoms of toxicosis and the pregnancy itself. They differ in the degree of their negativity. Manifestations of toxicosis are always more unpleasant. While the usual signs of pregnancy are neutral.

The standard symptoms of pregnancy include drowsiness, fatigue, laziness, emotional instability, increased appetite, and shortness of breath.

“It is necessary to consider yourself a mother not from the moment the child is born, but from the moment of his conception. The sooner you understand this, the better mother you will become!”

8 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Ultrasound is optional in the 8th week of pregnancy. It is prescribed in case of suspicion of a missed pregnancy, the development of pathology, or other reasons.

There is no need for an ultrasound if everything is going well. Ultrasound can also be prescribed in the presence of diabetes mellitus or other chronic diseases.


Confirmation of normal uterine pregnancy – The embryo must be in the uterine cavity. Immediate action is required if its location is abnormal.

Multiple pregnancy – An ultrasound at 8 weeks will clearly show the fetal egg. It may not be one.

The tone of the uterus and its conditionThe doctor evaluates the size of the uterus, its tone, epithelium, and the correct location of the embryo.

8 week pregnancy ultrasound

Ultrasound is mandatorily assigned at 12 or 14 weeks of pregnancy. You will have a schedule of doctor visits and necessary examinations.

You should not insist on an ultrasound examination of early pregnancy if you have no reason to. More informative ultrasound will be in the later stages of pregnancy. Watch closely for concomitant symptoms and consult your doctor.

Your Body

Strongly noticeable changes in the first trimester in the body of a pregnant woman are not observed. The abdomen is not yet visible, its slight compaction is planned. People around will be able to understand the position of a woman because of the possible symptoms of toxicosis.

Inside the woman’s body undergoes tremendous changes, the reorganization of the work of all organs, and hormonal changes. Some internal transformations also affect external ones. For example, an increase in the number of hormones can cause an abundant hairline. There may be skin problems in the form of acne or pigmentation.

Often there are problems with swelling of the extremities in early pregnancy. This is due to high levels of progesterone and increased fluid in the body. Severe swelling can form due to problems with the thyroid gland.

Suppose a small weight gain at the beginning of pregnancy. There will be a noticeable decrease in total body weight in the first months if toxicosis is severe.

Belly size & Health Conditions

Even if your stomach has not changed in any way outwardly, it will already be measured at the gynecologist’s appointment. The same goes for measuring the weight of a pregnant woman. These procedures are mandatory for the control and management of pregnancy.

The belly at the 8th week can be very slightly noticeable only in an initially very thin woman. There is some tightness in the lower abdomen. He becomes stronger. A specific line is visually drawn from the navel in the direction of the pubis. The abdomen may bulge with severe bloating. It will be difficult to wear trousers with a belt.

It is worth taking care of the condition of the skin of the abdomen and body, reducing the risk of stretch marks. Nourish the skin with special products recommended by the doctor. This will help to significantly reduce the risk of skin tears and scarring.

8 Weeks is How Many Months?

Now the woman is at the 8th embryonic or 10th obstetric week of pregnancy. This is 2 months from conception. The first trimester of pregnancy will soon come to an end and you can be sure of the safety of the fetus. It is the first trimester that is most vulnerable and unsafe and forbearing.

Obstetric terms will help predict the date of future births and you will already begin to prepare for a meeting with the baby.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

Modern mothers have a huge number of resources that can be used to obtain information. This includes paper literature in stores and online articles. Prepared and conscious motherhood is always better than sudden.

A huge number of advisers will surround the pregnant woman and recommend ways to deal with toxicosis.

We propose to consider a list of specially selected tips for the 8th week of pregnancy:

Balance your dietYou must remember that 60% of your diet is now required to be vegetables and fruits. The diet should be rich in high-quality proteins, vegetable fats, omega acids, and vitamins.

Take vitaminsTake prenatal vitamins if your doctor has prescribed them. Their composition is specially designed based on the needs of the body of pregnant women. Doses are increased there and they cover all energy costs.

Avoid stressIt is necessary to remain calm and keep yourself in emotional well-being in the first trimester. Avoid stress, anxiety, and tense situations. The future baby subtly feels all your emotional reactions.

Do not abuse drugsTry to immediately consult a doctor if you feel sick at the 8th week of pregnancy. Only he can prescribe a treatment that will not harm the pregnancy. Medicines during this period can adversely affect the development of the fetus.

Wash your hands oftenThe presence of parasites is bad for pregnancy. Wash your hands especially if you have pets. They spread toxoplasmosis and are carriers of other parasites that are dangerous to humans.

Sleep during the dayNow you will be very tired. One night’s sleep will not be enough to rest. The body is heavily overloaded. Enter daytime sleep if possible, preferably with an open window for oxygen access.

All advice for the first trimester of pregnancy should pass your subjective filtering. Look for other ways if something does not suit you. Don’t use things that don’t apply to your position. We are all different and there is something for everyone.

A woman in a position becomes extremely vulnerable and there must be a lot of care and good communication around her. This will help to overcome the period of toxicosis and feel better.

Important Checklist

  • Start calling yourself mom
  • Ask for help and care from loved ones
  • Eat right and balanced
  • Walk outdoors more often
  • Listen to soothing music
  • Avoid mass events
  • Schedule ultrasound in few weeks

Not every woman is given to become a mother. Many have dreamed about this for years. Try to get the most out of it if you are lucky enough to feel the joy of motherhood. Some women are deprived of this forever. Breeding is a magical process!

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