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9 Weeks Pregnant

The third month of pregnancy begins. The level of hormones in a woman’s blood reaches its maximum. Then it will be a little easier. The expectant mother is already accustomed to her position, and others do not notice the external signs of pregnancy. Few people will guess about the current state of the expectant mother if there are no clear manifestations of toxicosis.

The most difficult stage is already over. Just a little more and the woman will become completely confident in the safety of her baby. The first trimester is always very significant. It is possible to judge the well-being of the course of pregnancy by its expiration.

The development of the unborn child continues at its own pace. There was a laying of the internal organs and some of them are already functioning. The most powerful work on the formation of a new life has already taken place.

9 Weeks Baby Development

The organism that develops inside a woman starting from the 9th week is officially considered a fetus. This is already a more perfect being continuing its path of development.

The 9th embryonic week corresponds to the 11th obstetric. A significant jump in fetal growth will be observed after this period. Its parameters will increase thousands of times and the woman’s belly will grow noticeably soon.

Scientific data speaks of changes in the growth and development of the unborn baby.

It's The Size of Blackberry

The external parameters of the fetus at this time are comparable to blackberries. The future baby has grown significantly from the moment of conception.

The body is enlarged in proportion. Constant rates of growth and development are maintained.

9 Week size

How Heavy is it? 0.07 oz or 2 gr

The total weight of the fetus at 9 weeks reaches approximately 2 grams.

This is still very little, but it is a significant leap forward compared to the past weeks of development.

test image 3

Your Baby is 1 inch or 2.5 cm

The growth of the unborn child depends on the genetics and lifestyle of the mother. The fetus at the 9th week can reach 2.5 cm in length or at 1 inch mark.

This suggests that the uterus is also growing and soon the belly of the pregnant woman will be noticeable.

Lenght week 9

The uteroplacental blood flow increases at the 9th week of pregnancy. He is responsible for the normal development of the fetus.

Now all parts of the body of the unborn child are more clearly distinguished. The head, limbs, and torso are decorated. During this period, the tail completely disappears. The image of the fetus becomes more and more human.

The main systems of the body are practically developed. The final work on the development of the circulatory, excretory, reproductive, and other systems is underway. The spinal cord and brain continue to develop. The digestive system improves, and the volume of the chest and abdominal cavity increases. All organs should have enough space for their permanent position.

BrainThe volume of the head is slightly increased. The development of the brain continues: the cerebellum is finally formed and the pituitary gland begins to appear. It is very important for the hormonal system, proper growth, and functioning of the reproductive system.

Upper and lower limbsThe arms and legs take on a human form. Fingers are visible, and bends in the elbows and knees are visible. The limbs are still pressed to the body. Seals appear on the fingers – future nails.

FaceThe fetus at 9 weeks already looks like a baby, although it is still quite small. Eyes have formed, they are covered with eyelids with small cilia. You can clearly distinguish the nose, earlobes, and mouth.

KidneysThe excretory system continues to develop. Complete their formation of the kidney. The preparation of their functioning outside the mother’s womb starts. Adrenal glands and ureters develop.

Nervous systemThe first trimester is extremely important for the development of the nervous system. There is a formation of spinal and cranial nerves at the 9th week. Nerve nodes and endings are formed.

HeartWell-developed heart. It has four chambers. The frequency of contractions can be perceptible on ultrasound. The heart no longer sticks out and plunges inward as the chest cavity expands.

9 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The set of symptoms for each woman is individual. Many have not yet felt all the “charms” of toxicosis and they have all the trouble. Those who are already familiar with this difficult period have long been accustomed to both morning sickness and increased olfactory sensitivity.

Women experience this period in different ways and may hardly feel unwell. This is rare and it is worth checking whether everything is in order with the pregnancy. The complete absence of symptoms should alert the expectant mother.

Frequent Urination The uterus continues to grow. Its size reaches a large orange. This significantly puts pressure on nearby organs, in particular on the bladder. It can no longer be filled, so the woman has to empty herself often.

Constant visits to the toilet will accompany the pregnant woman for the entire gestation period. This is inevitable as the uterus will continue to grow and increase in size.

Fatigue The burden on a woman’s body during pregnancy is very high. The blood flow increases, the work of the heart is activated, and the metabolism is accelerated. A lot of strength and energy is spent on the development of the fetus. The fatigue is overwhelming.

Often a woman can fall asleep in transport on the way to work. She always wants to lie down and relax. Habitual activities become very tiring. Pregnant women get tired quickly and recover for a long time.

Nausea and vomiting Severe nausea occurs in the morning. A woman also experiences this feeling during the day and it intensifies during hunger. Sometimes nausea ends with vomiting. This doesn’t happen to everyone.

Those women who suffer from vomiting report some relief after it. Constant nausea is a much more unpleasant phenomenon.

Bloating and gas There is an active release of hormones during the formation of the fetus. Their huge amount in the body disrupts the work of peristalsis. The work of the intestines worsens and bloating appears.

An increased gas formation can cause mild pain inside the abdomen and also cause a lot of inconveniences. You can use harmless medicines or drink special decoctions to reduce gas levels. This is especially necessary before an ultrasound examination.

Heartburn A woman may still suffer from heartburn in the first trimester. This is a very unpleasant burning sensation in the sternum which is provoked by the release of hormones. It is worth reviewing your diet: eat less dry food, and do not skip meals. Reduce the amount of sour and spicy.

Milk helps a lot if you are against the use of drugs. It quenches acidity and significantly reduces the unpleasant symptoms of heartburn.

Shortness of breath Significantly increases the load on the cardiovascular system of the mother. Women notice that when walking it becomes difficult for them to breathe. There is a feeling of lack of oxygen. This symptom is temporary.

Then it will pass as soon as the body of the expectant mother fully adapts to her position. It is necessary to slow down, stop and rest if you are short of breath.

All Pregnancy Symptoms     

The first trimester of pregnancy is always marked by the characteristic symptoms of toxicosis. In addition to the unbearable sensations of nausea and vomiting. A woman has other more neutral signs. These include: irritability, drowsiness, increased or decreased appetite, tearfulness, and change of tastes.

All manifestations of pregnancy at the 9th week are individual. It is impossible to accurately predict what kind of symptoms you will have. Genetics and the readiness of the body for bearing are important.

“The fetus already completely looks like a person. This should be a weighty argument in deciding whether to keep the pregnancy.”

9 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound


A planned ultrasound is scheduled at the 12th week of pregnancy and further according to the schedule or need.

This examination will not be informative enough at 9 weeks and can only be used if there is a reason for it. For example, if a woman suffers from diabetes or viral diseases.

9 week pregnancy ultrasound

Precise ultrasonic details


The fetal heartbeat is already well traced. A heart rate of 170-190 beats per minute is considered normal.

Location of the fetus

The fetus must be in the uterine cavity. The doctor immediately takes the necessary measures if the fetus is located abnormally.

Multiple pregnancy

An ultrasound will clearly show how many fetal eggs and how they are developed.

First movements and appearance

Ultrasound will give a general idea of ​​how the fetus looks and fix its first movements.

Ultrasound examination does not threaten the pregnant woman and the fetus during the examination. This is a fact recognized by world medicine, but you should not abuse it. The appointment of ultrasound in the early stages should be justified.

An examination may be ordered if there is a threat to the development of the fetus, a possible injury, or a suspected miscarriage. An ultrasound is also prescribed if there is bleeding or severe pain in the abdomen. The results may show the presence of tone in the uterus, which is well removed by the prescribed drugs.

Your Body

The body of a pregnant woman at 9 weeks is changing, although this is still unnoticed by others. The woman already notes some external transformations.

Some rounding and thickening of the abdomen will be noticeable in women of a thin physique. It is easier for them to assess changes in the body because the fat layer is thin and the increase in the uterus will be determined earlier.

The breast of a pregnant woman at 9 weeks is significantly enlarged. The mammary glands become engorged and heavy. The chest is sore and very sensitive to the slightest touch. The nipples become a little rough and the halos darken.

Hormonal acne may appear on the face. Sometimes there is the appearance of pigmentation. Fine hairline thickens slightly. Some note an increase in the lips and the presence of blush on the cheeks. A woman becomes more attractive, a shine appears in her eyes, and her hair is elastic and smooth.

Belly size & Health Conditions

The volume of the waist and hips has not changed much yet. The parameters of the expectant mother may change if there is an increased appetite. The belly is mostly invisible. There is a slight swelling that is easily removed with the help of special medicines and decoctions.

The size of the abdomen will increase significantly after 12-14 weeks of pregnancy. You can continue to hide your position from prying eyes.

The state of health of the mother is complicated by possible symptoms of toxicosis. A woman can constantly feel sick. She reacts sharply to all smells and does not tolerate many products.

General health should be good if you do not take into account the symptoms of toxicosis. Immunity is reduced and there is a risk of contracting viral diseases. Mass events and close contact with small children should be avoided.

9 Weeks is How Many Months?

Now the woman is at the 9th embryonic week of conception, which corresponds to the 11th obstetric week. The embryonic period is counted from the moment of conception, and the obstetric period is counted from the date of the last menstruation. It is believed that the obstetric term is more accurate and it is from it that they are repelled in determining the date of birth.

9th week is 2 months and 1 week of pregnancy. The first trimester will soon end and you can breathe a sigh of relief because this is the most difficult period of gestation.

Future Mom Tips and Highlights

Experienced mothers already know how to behave during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. They understand that toxicosis is temporary and have a wealth of techniques to combat nausea.

Those who have experienced pregnancy for the first time may perceive the symptoms with apprehension, and be very worried and anxious for no reason.

We have selected several basic tips for expectant mothers:

Prepare your body for gestationEveryone’s skin elasticity is different. It is necessary to prevent the appearance of possible stretch marks in advance with massages, scrubs, and other means. Use cocoa and coconut oils or creams containing them.

Watch your dietMore protein, vegetable fats, and vitamins. The diet should be rich in trace elements and amino acids. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Reduce the amount of sugar and junk food.

Vitamin complexes and folic acidFolic acid is required. Doctors prescribe it in the first trimester. Prenatal vitamins will give the strongest support to the immune system and the whole body. The fetus will be provided with all the necessary components for its development.

Remove all bad habitsNo smoking and even passive. Avoid people who smoke and stuffy rooms. Alcohol is unacceptable at any gestation period. Forget about fast food and cut back on sugary, smoky, fatty, and non-organic foods.

Use doctor’s suggestionsMilk helps with heartburn. Consistent healthy snacks help with nausea. Drinking plenty of water will help with salivation. Daytime sleep will save you from fatigue and severe fatigue.

Start changing your wardrobeThe first thing to start with is shoes. Remove heels and narrow and patent leather shoes until better times. Impaired circulation will increase pain in the legs during pregnancy. Wear sneakers or soft leather shoes with low heels.

Start with your feelings in any questions about pregnancy. Someone else’s advice will not always work for you. Learn to distinguish between normal and abnormal symptoms in time. Keep in touch with your gynecologist. He must be aware of all new symptoms.

Any manifestations of pregnancy should be kept under your control. Now you are responsible not only for your life but also for the life of your unborn child.

Important Checklist

  • Take a complex of vitamins
  • Eat properly and fully
  • Take more walks in the fresh air
  • Sleep during the day if possible
  • Always be in touch with your doctor
  • Change shoes for more comfortable ones
  • Start planning your wardrobe

Now you are on the verge of completing the first trimester. The most difficult path is almost over. A little more and you will remember with a smile the lawsuits of toxic days. Enjoy your condition because you are a future mother!

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