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Benefits of Natural Birth

The birth of a child is a special day in the life of every woman. And even if this is not the first child, this process still causes special sensations. After all, each child has its character and history.

A woman wants the birth to go as naturally as possible, without the intervention of medical personnel. It is very important that she feels comfortable, safe, and relaxed. This is the key to a successful birth process and the birth of a healthy baby.

“Analyze pros and cons of childbirth before making final decision.”

Much can be said about the benefits of natural birth. But the main thing is that a child passing through the birth canal is born already prepared for existence in a new environment. And for the baby to adapt, stress hormones produce – adrenaline, norepinephrine, adrenal hormones.

7 Benefits of Natural Birth of Child

  • Faster Recovery after Child Birth
  • No Need for Epidurals and No Side Effects
  • Provides Empowerment for Mothers
  • Partner can be Present During Child Birth
  • Immediate Bonding with Child and Breastfeeding
  • Shorter Time of Labor
  • Low Risk of Interventions/Surgery

If for medical reasons, a C-section had to be performed, it adds additional stress for the child. Often he needs medical support and additional supervision of a pediatrician.

What is Natural Birth?

Natural birth is childbirth through the natural birth canal; they are also called physiological or vaginal. It takes place with minimal medical intervention in a safe and comfortable atmosphere for the woman.

During childbirth, the size of the pelvis and genital tract expands. Thanks to this, the child passes through the birth canal. This process is physiological, and the mother’s body is fully adapted to it.

1 – Faster Recovery after Child Birth

After natural childbirth, a woman can almost immediately take care of the baby – take it in her arms. The child is left near the mother, she can feed him. The postpartum period passes quite easily, with virtually no significant restrictions.

Recovery after a C-section is much slower. You can’t get up during the day, and for some time you can’t lift weights over 3 kg. All this complicates the process of caring for a baby, affects the psychological state of a woman.

Severe pain after surgery disappears for 2-4 weeks after childbirth, however, discomfort in the suture area may bother you for a long time. In addition, after the operation, there may be various disorders of the intestines: gases, spasmodic pain.

Another nuance – if you are planning the next pregnancy, then after a cesarean section, plan to wait at least 3 years for the body to fully recover. After natural childbirth, this term is significantly less.

2 – No Need for Epidurals and No Side Effects

Natural childbirth is not a painless process, but this process is laid down by nature itself. And during contractions, the body secretes hormones that are to a certain extent responsible for pain relief. The pain is sharp, but it passes quickly.

Many women claim that the pain during childbirth is very quickly forgotten.  One of the benefits of natural birth is you don’t need to use epidural anesthesia.

Although doctors say that this is a safe procedure, there is still a risk of side effects. In particular, it is a headache, nerve damage, decreased pressure, itching at the injection site. Many women complain of back pain at the injection site and migraines.

During childbirth, it is very important for a woman to listen to herself, her body, her feelings, and also be able to relax. This is the key to a successful birth process and the birth of a healthy baby.

3 – Immediate Bonding with Child and Breastfeeding

The birth process is a real stress for the baby. Immediately after natural childbirth, the baby is placed on the chest. Tactile contact is very important and helps the child to adapt to new conditions.

Mother can immediately breastfeed the baby – the smell of colostrum is familiar to him from the womb. After the birth, the baby is left near the mother, and she can take care of it on her own. This is the benefit of natural childbirth over a C-section.

In the case of a C-section, after the operation, the woman is transferred to intensive care, and the child is transferred to the children’s department. Such separation from mother can be a real stress for baby, it can be feeling worst and sleep badly.

The same applies to breastfeeding: in the case of a C-section, the child is fed with a formula, and the first breastfeeding occurs at least a day after the operation. Therefore, it may be difficult to establish breastfeeding, the child may not eat well, it is wrong to take the breast.

It is very difficult for a mother to take care of a baby in the first days because the stitches hurt.

4 – Partner can be Present During Child Birth

Today, partnerships are very popular. According to various studies, the presence of a man allows a woman to feel calmer, more confident, safer. The husband supports his wife during contractions, can massage her back.

Men who were present during the birth of children especially appreciate their wives, they understand what they had to go through. And the very process of the birth of their crumbs is remembered with special tenderness and love.

In the first minutes of a child’s life, mom and dad are nearby – these emotions are difficult to describe, but they are remembered for a lifetime. That is why many couples claim that the experience of childbirth helped them understand each other better and made family relationships warmer. This is undoubtedly one of the benefits of natural birth.

In the case of a cesarean section, a man is allowed into the operating room only with local anesthesia. In such cases, they allow the baby to be placed on the father’s chest, and they are immediately taken to the children’s department.

5 – Provides Empowerment for Mothers

The psychological state of a woman is very important during childbirth. And women remember the feelings after the birth of a child for the rest of their lives. At that moment, they forget the pain and discomfort that they had to go through.

Women who give birth by C-section often face various psychological problems. And some even after the birth of a baby suffer from postpartum depression, they cannot get rid of guilt.

Some women admit that they cannot overcome the feeling for a long time, as they say, I have the impression that I did not give birth to my child. After the birth of a child, they are forced to be in intensive care from anesthesia. This can lead to depression in the mother. Cause a feeling of anxiety, anxiety, depressed mood.

This is especially true if the woman was set for natural childbirth. Something could go wrong and she would have to give birth by C-section.

6 – Shorter Time of Labor

Natural childbirth takes place in several stages. The birth process is as comfortable as possible for both mother and baby. The duration of labor depends on many factors. In general, the process lasts from 6-8 hours to 12 hours.

Second and all subsequent births can be even faster. There are also quick births, when the whole process happens very quickly, even rapidly. But these are rarer cases.

Doctors say that at least 6 hours pass from the beginning of contractions to delivery. During this time, a woman can have time to get to the hospital. Contractions that repeat every 5-10 minutes indicate the onset of labor, at this time call the doctor who will tell you the algorithm of actions further.

In the case of a C-section, additional tests are done, sometimes an ultrasound. Preparation process itself is longer. The recovery of a woman after a C-section can take months.

7 – Low Risk of Interventions/Surgery

The birth process is completely natural, so it needs minimal medical intervention. It is feasible provided that the child has no pathologies, he is in the correct position, and the mother has no health problems. The muscles of the pelvic floor expand, they form a kind of tube through which the child moves.

After birth, the muscles gradually return to their original position. Often in childbirth, tears occur, and there is a need for stitches. However, they heal much faster than with a C-section.

In addition, in the case of a C-section, pain medications are used, which can have consequences for both mother and child. There may be an individual reaction to anesthesia, such as a sudden drop in blood pressure or other complications. A large loss of blood is possible, and there is also a risk of infection of the pelvic organs. And in some cases, general anesthesia can lead to pneumonia.

Educating Mother about Natural Birth Benefits

Many women consider C-section as an alternative to natural childbirth. In reality, this is not the case. It is very important during pregnancy to learn the benefits of natural birth for both mother and child.

The necessary information can be obtained from a gynecologist, in which the pregnant woman is registered in the antenatal clinic.

Read the stories of women who have gone through natural childbirth. This will give confidence and optimism to the expectant mother, help get rid of various fears, and debunk many myths associated with natural childbirth.

Statistics on Choosing Natural Birth

As for the statistics of natural childbirth in the United States, experts say that 68.3% of pregnant women choose them. Approximately the same percentage is observed in all developed countries of the world.

These statistics show that in the absence of negative aspects, women are advised to choose natural childbirth.4

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