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Can You Deliver a Breech Baby?

During the later stages of pregnancy, after undergoing an ultrasound scan, expectant mothers can hear the diagnosis – breech presentation. This feature is not common. According to statistics, no more than 3-5% of pregnant women have it. However, during such a period, any incomprehensible medical term can cause fear and apprehension.

“With current knowledge and technology delivering a breech baby is possible wihout major complications.”

The situation is not entirely unambiguous. Some patients manage to eliminate presentation without medical intervention, in a painless way.

Much depends on the type of pathology. Correct solution would be to understand the peculiarities of the current situation. Then to choose the most proper course of action for yourself and baby.

What is a breech baby?

Breech Baby is one of the pathologies, which consists of the incorrect location of the fetus. During normal childbirth, the child is born – head first. This position is more natural and is dominant for pregnancies. If the baby’s pelvis is located in the direction of the mother’s pelvis, that is a breech presentation.

Natural Delivery of Breech Baby

Can you deliver a breech baby under normal circumstances? A significant part of the births in which women encountered this pathology ends with a C-section. But what about the second half of patients who give birth naturally?

Some women manage to achieve the return of the fetus to its natural position. It is necessary to start performing exercises on time from a certain medical complex. There is time to solve this problem without consequences for the woman and the child.

After consulting with experts, you can find many ways to normalize the position of the fetus. In addition to the usual complexes that are combined with water procedures, a woman may be offered to turn the fetus over manually. Such intervention may be necessary, but it may have negative consequences for infant.

It happens that a woman cannot achieve the return of the child to its original position. In this case, she begins to wonder if she can deliver a breech baby naturally. Giving birth in this position can harm both participants. A lot depends on the specific situation from the position of the child in breech presentation.

Problems and Complications Delivering Breech Baby

Childbirth under breech circumstances can have a significant number of problems. Probability of fetal death is several times higher than other potential deaths during child birth. It can mostly occur in the time interval from the 20th week of pregnancy to several months of life.

Breach baby means that position of the child is not natural and he may develop certain pathologies. Shells that are responsible for the withdrawal of water may be damaged. Patient may “breakwater” before delivery and it can lead to baby being delivered prematurely.

Position of the baby in fetus can lead to oxygen starvation. Body is forced to switch to a more “economical” mode of oxygen consumption, which is accompanied by a slowdown in many developmental processes.

Another type of complication is when baby begins to stretch out arms during childbirth. That leads to head getting stuck inside of the mother’s body. It is quite difficult to remove the child without damaging the cervical vertebrae and the arms of the newborn.

Number of contractions required to expel the fetus may not be sufficient. Mother in labor is not able to get rid of the contents on its own and the intervention of doctors becomes necessary.

Vaginal vs C-section Delivery

After explaining that delivering breech baby is definitely possible we need to discuss weather natural birth is better than C-section in this scenario. Doctors can proceed from the opinion of the patient, but will suggest what makes sense from their point of view. If the doctor allows you to make a choice yourself, all risks and benefits have to be evaluated.

Vaginal Delivery

Decision on type of delivery may depend on the breech baby position. Experts classify them in different ways, but the main differences are in the position of the infant’s legs.

The most common situation is when child tightly presses straightened legs to himself, during which natural childbirth is safer.

Pay attention to the general condition of the baby, its size, body proportions, as well as the health and chronic diseases of the woman in labor. If a woman has already given birth, then it is necessary to remember how the previous births proceeded.


When the patient has twins, and one of the children is found to be in breech presentation natural childbirth is practically impossible. Doctors have to intervene with operation.

Women with respiratory failure are also not recommended to give birth naturally. Difficult process of childbirth can lead to fatal consequences for mother. Diseases that are not compatible with natural childbirth are cirrhosis of the liver and heart failure.

Women with epilepsy will find it almost impossible to perform childbirth without the presence of pathologies. Do not neglect the history of your illnesses before such an important decision. An equally important factor may be the condition of the patient throughout the entire period of pregnancy.

Weight and age of the woman in labor plays a big role. Young (under 19 years old) or mature women (over 50 years old) are at greater risk.

Cases, where doctors do not give specific recommendations, are very rare. If the doctor allows you to choose, then he is confident in the success of natural childbirth.

What do Doctors suggest?

During pregnancy, it is advisable not to neglect the frequency of examinations to identify this pathology in time. If the breech presentation has already been detected, then it is necessary to proceed to the above exercises. They should be carried out under the supervision of experts if there are no contraindications to them.

When exercises do not give a result, then opinions of doctors may differ. Some believe that natural childbirth can only be done if the entire list of requirements is met. It includes the position of the pelvis and conditions of woman in labor. If any contraindications are identified, it is necessary to resort to childbirth through surgical intervention.

Other experts believe that it is best to turn the fetus with the help of obstetric intervention. The longer he is in this position the greater the likelihood of developing various deviations. Experts agree that natural childbirth in this case may not be recommended.

Most Common Questions from Parents about Breed baby Delivery

When pregnant women face diagnosis of breech baby they have tons of questions. The most important of course being – can you deliver a breech baby. Below we will try to answer the most common questions related to this pathology.

Q. Why is the baby in the breech position?

A. There are many reasons due to which this pathology occurs. It mainly occurs during pregnancy with twins or triplets, as well as when the uterus is closed by the placenta.

Q. What diseases can be contraindications to natural childbirth in the breech presentation?

A. Epilepsy, respiratory diseases, problems with high blood pressure, heart and kidney diseases, blood diseases, pronounced thrombosis, vision problems.

Q. When can breech baby be diagnosed?

A. The child often changes his position and will take the final position after 20 weeks or more. Until that time, position of a child is not important and yet to be finalized.

Q. Why is childbirth more difficult with breech baby?

A. The very position of the child already creates certain difficulties. It is not uncommon for one leg to get stuck. During the exit of the legs, obstetricians often have to pull the baby by the limbs, which can lead to injuries. Doctors have to choose between injuring the baby or leaving him without oxygen for short period of time.

Q. How would you know that child turned upside down?

A. It is impossible to determine it without an ultrasound. According to many women in labor, most of them did not feel discomfort or irregularity while being diagnosed with breech baby.

Q. Can a baby die after a breech birth?

A. This may occur due to mechanical injuries caused by the actions of obstetricians. Also, the cause may be developed with neck incarceration and limited access to oxygen. Brain vessels become inoperative, which leads to its gradual death.

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