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Adderall and Pregnancy

After a woman finds out about her pregnancy, she has a question about whether it is possible to continue taking previously prescribed medications. Many pharmacological agents are prohibited during the period of gestation. All this must be decided on an individual basis with your doctor.

It is difficult to delay taking life-saving medications. There are some medications that you can take during pregnancy. Aderrol can also be attributed to them.

What is Adderall?

Adderall is a combined drug that combines 4 salts of amphetamines. It is also called dextroamphetamine sulfate, dextroamphetamine sucrose, amphetamine sulfate, and amphetamine aspartate.

This medicine is used therapeutically to treat attention deficit disorder and narcolepsy. Often used as doping in sports. Widely recreational use of Adderall: for pleasure, euphoria, as an aphrodisiac in the modern world. Adderall helps to cope with symptoms such as difficulty concentrating, fatigue, poor mobility, and lack of energy. The drug is often prescribed to regulate impulsivity.

Adderall belongs to the category of drugs that affect the central nervous system. The work of the active substance is aimed at increasing the level of dopamine and norepinephrine. This causes an improvement in mood, a surge of energy, and increases concentration. Adderall helps people with ADHD learn. It reduces anxiety and increases productivity.

Is it acceptable to take Adderall during pregnancy?

It is better to stop taking Adderall if the symptoms of your illness are not so serious and it does not make life unmanageable. Continue your course of treatment after the baby is born.

Adderall is not safe for fetal development. This drug can cause various birth defects. The degree of risks for the child is little known and requires additional research, but it is better to abandon Adderall as soon as you know about your situation.

The FDA classifies this drug as category C. Classification in this category indicates that experiments have been conducted on animals. It has been proven that Adderall has a bad effect on the fetus, but there have not been and will not be experimenting on people. Category C drugs are best avoided during gestation. Their reduced dose is acceptable only in the case when the benefit greatly exceeds the likely harm.

How is Adderall dangerous for a woman in position?

Adderall is a drug with an extensive list of contraindications and side effects. If this can be corrected before pregnancy, then during the gestation period it is difficult to cope with some negativity. Consider the main dangerous aspects of taking Adderall:

Addictive – Adderall has a very strong effect on the nervous system. It is often addictive due to the increase in dopamine. Amphetamine abuse is a common form of addiction. Some consider this a harmless hobby, but addiction is quite strong and poorly treated.

Insomnia Long-term use of Adderall can lead to serious sleep disturbances up to complete insomnia. An excessive surge of energy and increased excitability deprive women of sleep. Lack of sleep entails a host of other problems: low levels of serotonin and depression.

Depression Large and prolonged doses of Adderall can provoke the development of depressive disorders. This is often expressed in a regular and consistently bad mood, lack of appetite, indifference to everything, and dissatisfaction.

Irritability – The cumulative effect of taking Adderall can increase a woman’s irritability. She becomes very abrupt, impulsive, short-tempered, and nervous. This is harmful to her and the fetus. These symptoms should be treated as soon as possible.

Headaches – Taking amphetamine-containing drugs often affects the blood vessels and the pressure inside them. This provokes the appearance of pain in the head. They are most often pulsating and sharp. Such pains are poorly eliminated and can be either episodic or permanent.

Palpitations and tremors – Women may experience an increase in heart rate when using Adderall. This puts an additional strain on the heart, which increases during pregnancy. The volume of circulating blood is almost doubled. The visual symptom is handshaking. It happens during stress and at rest.

Weight Loss – Taking Adderall greatly affects appetite and enjoyment of eating. Craving for food in a healthy woman increases during the period of gestation. The use of drugs with amphetamines can cause weight loss. This is dangerous for the woman and the development of the fetus.

More dire consequences – There are irreversible and more serious effects of Adderall in addition to a wide range of side effects. These include psychosis, stroke, and heart attack. Fatal outcomes are also possible: cardiac arrest and death. Fortunately, this is typically only when the drug is abused.

Can taking Adderall make it difficult to conceive?

Science is not aware of controlled studies of the effect of Adderall on female fertility. Animal studies show a decline in fertility in females when taking amphetamines and their analogs. The reporting of these studies is questionable and cannot be fully relied on.

There is no direct and accurate answer to the question of whether Adderall affects the likelihood of pregnancy. The symptoms of ADHD can influence this more forcefully. It is necessary to adequately assess the result of treatment with Adderall and the possible risks of its impact on the female body.

How dangerous is Adderall for the fetus?

Adderall may cause complications during childbirth. The drug is not safe for the fetus. It causes many congenital anomalies and malformations. Here is an example of the most common consequences of taking Adderall:

Gastroschisis – This is a congenital defect of the abdominal wall. It causes the intestines to develop outside the abdominal cavity. The child can be saved by making a timely operation if the intestines continue to function.

Umbilical hernia – This defect is called an omphalocele. The internal organs of the abdominal cavity are formed from the outside in a separate pouch in this case. This defect is also called a navel cyst or embryonic hernia. The defect is treated surgically, but the operation is quite time-consuming and complicated.

Transverse limb insufficiency – This is another congenital defect that, unfortunately, cannot be corrected. Its essence is that there is an incomplete development of one or even several limbs of the child due to the long-term priming of Adderall.

Low birth weight – Studies have shown that dextroamphetamine, which is a component of Adderall, has a bad effect on fetal weight gain. The baby is born small and does not even reach five pounds eight ounces. A weak baby at birth requires additional care and examination.

Withdrawal syndrome – The newborn may experience a complex of symptoms associated with addiction to the drug and interruption of its priming. The baby uses amphetamines with her through the blood while inside the mother. More harmless manifestations: severe headache, anxiety, shortness of breath, and heart rhythm disturbance.

Reduced blood flow to the fetus Insufficient blood flow to the fetus can cause complications of varying degrees. This may be underdevelopment of internal organs or limbs, and termination of pregnancy. Low blood flow reduces the supply of oxygen and nutrients.

Other problems – Often there are defects in the development of the lungs, shortness of breath, and the development of jaundice in non-borns. Long-term use of Adderall is also bad for the child’s immunity. Reduced protective function directly affects the health of the baby. It is more difficult for him to adapt and fight viruses and bacteria.

How to get away from taking Adderall?

If you have been taking this drug for a long time as prescribed by a doctor and a certain recipe, then in no case should you stop it abruptly. Highly qualified specialists recommend and always practice a gradual reduction in the dose of Adderall. So the body adapts better to the new dose and gets out of the dependent trap.

Adderall refers to drugs with a high risk of addiction. Abruptly stopping use can cause severe withdrawal symptoms. A systematic decrease in the dose and reaching the zero level guarantees the maximum elimination of the risks of complications.

The pronounced reinforcing effects of the drug often cause narcotic symptoms. This happens at high doses from which it takes longer and more difficult to get out. However, the sooner you start tapering the dose, the sooner you can stop taking the drug during pregnancy.

What should women with ADHD do during pregnancy?

It is better to stop taking drugs with amphetamines, including Adderall, Ritalin, and others if possible. The most optimal and painless option would be the use of psychotherapy and other safe non-drug methods. Consider the most effective of the Adderall treatment alternatives:

Conversational psychotherapy

This is a simple method that takes you out of a state of low concentration and apathy through various psychotherapist techniques. Visits to the doctor should become regular. The session is at least 1 hour. The doctor should be suitable for you and ensure complete comfort.

It is better to let you become addicted to psychotherapy sessions than to drugs with amphetamines. A therapist will teach you ADHD symptom management and self-help skills.


This is another great alternative to dealing with attention deficit symptoms. Meditation practices help to deeply analyze yourself, and your emotions, and control internal psychological processes. Meditation reduces anxiety and improves concentration. Constant meditation practices help to cope with emotional instability and improve executive functions.

Physical activity

Maintaining regular physical activity helps improve concentration, regulate dopamine levels, and regulate women with ADHD. One can opt for long walks, swimming, and gymnastics during pregnancy.

Yoga is a very useful type of physical activity that is not contraindicated during pregnancy. It teaches self-control, calmness, and mastering one’s emotions. Yoga promotes relaxation, self-discovery, and the development of anxiety-elimination skills.

Medical alternative

It is possible to find alternative treatment with drugs that are considered safer than Adderall if the symptoms of ADHD are too severe. These include antidepressants. They can stimulate the production of norepinephrine in the brain. Many types of antidepressants are compatible with pregnancy. It is better to resort to treatment if the symptoms of ADHD interfere with a normal life.

Is it safe to take Adderall at any stage of pregnancy?

Taking Adderall before you know you are pregnant does not pose a serious threat to the development of the fetus. The baby’s umbilical cord has not yet formed during the few days of delayed menstruation. This means that there is no common circulatory system and the embryo does not receive a dose of medicine.

If you take Adderall for more than 5 weeks after conception, you should inform your doctor. He will prescribe all the necessary additional examinations to exclude the likely risks of affecting the pregnancy. Most likely the child will be fine. It is best to stop taking this drug as soon as you know about your condition.

There is no exact safe gestational age for taking Adderall. This is a matter of chance. This drug will harm someone and leave someone without consequences. It is better not to take risks and exclude the use of the medicine immediately after the delay.

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