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Signs You Are Having A Girl

Many parents want to know the gender of their baby in advance. Someone wants to immediately call the baby by name, while others tend to start preparing for his birth early. Exact sex determination is possible only at the 20th week of pregnancy. This is done with an ultrasound. Doctors sometimes make mistakes and the birth of a baby becomes a surprise with this method.

It is difficult to determine gender without an ultrasound examination using scientific methods. There are no experimentally confirmed signs that can be considered reliable. There are a lot of naturally noticed features of gestation that are considered conditional markers of the sex of the child.

Why do parents need to know they have a girl?

Expecting a baby is a very exciting time. Knowing the sex of the baby is extremely important for some mothers. They want to plan their purchases, organize a nursery, dream, buy toys and communicate with a child. The birth of a girl is always surrounded by a little more scenery than the birth of a boy.

Mothers strive to make a princess out of their daughters. They decorate her room and buy beautiful canopies, bedding, and a girlish stroller. This is all part of the moral preparation for motherhood and the beginning of great parental love. Knowing that you have a girl means already planning the features of her upbringing.

Mothers of future princesses try to make their first appearance as bright and memorable as possible. Many dresses are bought and trips to the store are never left without various trifles: jewelry, bows, tulle skirts.

Are there other scientific methods for determining the sex of a child?

The sex of a child in modern medicine is determined by ultrasound. There is also a DNA test, but not everyone does it because of its high cost and lack of an emergency.

DNA is taken from a blood test. The results reveal whether there is a Y chromosome in the DNA of the fetus found in the mother’s blood. There will be a girl if this chromosome is absent. This advanced technology is more accurate than ultrasound diagnostics.

Pregnancy through IVF can be prearranged and parents will know the sex of their child. Many couples resort to this procedure and some of them want to get a specific result from such an expensive procedure. There are urine tests that have the potential to determine the presumed sex of a baby. The test contains a special reagent. Manufacturers claim that this method is 90% effective.

The most common signs that you are having a girl

The method of long-term observations revealed several signs of the sex of the unborn child that can be determined without examinations. These signs do not have exact scientific evidence. They are only a generally accepted conclusion according to regular coincidences. Here are examples of the most common:

Persistent nausea

It has long been noted that if a pregnant woman in the early stages experiences severe nausea without vomiting, then she will have a girl. This can theoretically be justified by an increase in the number of female hormones, which enhances the symptoms of toxicosis. It is also believed that the female fetus produces the hCG pregnancy hormone more than the male.

Rashes on the skin

A sign that you have a girl may be a worsening skin condition. Women notice that they have acne. There are many of them, they cover the cheeks, chin, and forehead. Pimples have the appearance of a rash and this has not been observed in women before. It has not been scientifically proven, but it is assumed that this may also be due to increased levels of female hormones.

Sudden mood swings

There is an assumption that women become more capricious, emotionally unstable, and whiny when carrying girls. Science would link this to elevated estrogen levels. Although it is believed that the hormonal system of the child at such an early date is not yet mature.

The shape of the belly

The researchers noticed that most of the women who were pregnant with girls had rounded bellies. It expanded at the waist. The bellies grew more forward and upward in women pregnant with boys. Such a sign is not decisive for doctors.

Heart rate

It is generally accepted that girls have a more frequent heartbeat. If it is 140 strokes or more, then it means that there is a girl inside you. The boys’ heart rate should be below 140 beats. This is just a theory and has not been proven to be true.

Eating habits

Women who are pregnant with girls have been observed to experience strong cravings for sweets. They constantly want to eat confectionery and sweets, and drink sugary drinks. There are no theoretical and practical justifications for this feature.

Pre-pregnancy stress levels

High levels of cortisol in expectant mothers cause the birth of girls. A woman is more likely to give birth to a girl if she often experienced severe stress before conception. This is practically confirmed by studies conducted in 2013. Male births dropped significantly after the earthquake on the Greek island of Zakynthos.

Dull hair and oily skin

Such a sign of pregnancy as a girl is also not scientifically substantiated. It only theoretically hints at the fact that the hormonal background of the mother is changing because she is carrying a female child. The condition of the hair and skin can also be due to a change in nutrition.

Breech presentation

A study conducted among pregnant women in Hungary from 1996 to 2011 showed that children with breech presentation are more often girls. The reasons for such regularities cannot be named. All this is determined by nature, but the fact of numerous coincidences is fixed.

Is it possible to conceive a girl?

Some parents dream that the child was born of a certain gender. Parents often resort to the services of reproductive clinics dealing with childbearing problems for this. Adding the desired embryo to the modern realities of progressive medicine does not present strong problems. Don’t do it without a good reason.

There is a Chinese calendar that helps to calculate the period of conception so that a child of a certain gender is born. There is a theory that has not been confirmed in scientific works, according to which the period of ovulation determines sex. If the child was conceived on the day of ovulation or after it, there will be a boy, and if earlier, a girl.

Much depends on the man. Some men are physiologically capable of conceiving only girls or boys. There is a theory that future fathers with a sedentary lifestyle are prone to conceiving girls. This may be due to low sperm activity.

Sex determination errors

The traditional method of determining the sex of a child in the form of ultrasound is often erroneous. Why do doctors sometimes confuse a girl with a boy and vice versa? Consider the main reasons for such situations:

Short gestation period

Sex determination before 19-20 weeks is not considered accurate. A period of 11–12 weeks, which is often speculated by some private clinics, cannot always show the exact gender of the child. Girls’ external genitalia may swell early in pregnancy. Doctors can confuse this condition and notify parents that they will have a boy.

The behavior of the fetus

The fetus is quite active at the 25th week of pregnancy and it uses the entire space of the uterus at its disposal. The baby can roll over, bend, and curl up. The most typical mistake of doctors is not to recognize the genitals or confuse them with a limb, umbilical cord, or other parts of the body.

Fetus size

A stereotypical opinion substantiated by statistical data often confuses ultrasound doctors. They are sure that a large fetus can only be male. This is a priori not true. The length of the body and its mass is determined by much broader reasons: genetics, nutrition, brain anomalies, and maternal mobility.

A large child in the womb occupies the entire space as much as possible and it is extremely difficult to consider its external sexual characteristics.

Equipment Quality

The most obvious and banal reason for the error in determining the fetus is an insufficiently high-quality ultrasound machine. Obsolete versions of ultrasound are not able to clearly show the results of the examination. Use the services of only modern clinics with advanced equipment.

Doctor’s experience

Whether you have a girl or a boy can only be determined by an experienced doctor. Only after several ultrasounds can one accurately say the intended sex, and even this probability is not 100%. A doctor without the proper experience is often mistaken and can put forward new options each time.

The main myths about the gender of the unborn child

It is impossible to predict what gender your child will be in the natural conditions of conception. Some experts believe that the number of females in a family is determined genetically. This confirms the regularly repeated birth of only girls or only boys in a certain genus.

Scientists from Sweden have proven that the genes of the parents do not affect the sex of the unborn child. Whether a boy or a girl is born is purely random, like a “lottery”.

It is not known which of the chromosomes will prevail X or Y at conception. Scientists conducted a study by analyzing more than 3.5 million parents and their families. Patterns and systems of sex selection have not been identified. Theories have been debunked that if a boy is born first, then a girl will be second. The myth that more prosperous and wealthy families have more girls is not justified.

Does the bearing of a girl affect the condition of the mother?

Many symptoms during pregnancy can be justified by the sex of the child. There is no concrete scientific evidence for this, but in theory, the evidence is quite justified.

There are some behavioral changes. A symptom such as “pregnancy of the brain” is more often seen in mothers carrying girls. This is indeed a common occurrence among pregnant women. Women with girls inside are more scattered and less concentrated, some are lost in space, and they can constantly forget everything.

The level of anxiety, nervousness, and low-stress resistance in women who were pregnant with girls is much higher. This may be due to hormonal changes.

Everything is very individual when it comes to the manifestations of toxicosis. Women most often do not experience vomiting during pregnancy with girls, but they are constantly overcome by severe morning sickness. Much easier for those who can vomit. Mothers who already have a child immediately understand who they are pregnant with.

Is it worth focusing on the signs of the sex of the unborn child?

It is better to wait for an ultrasound if you want to know what gender your unborn baby will be. You can do a blood test or urine test if necessary. All these methods are more expensive and not justified.

It is not worth waiting for a reliable result from scientifically unapproved signs of the sex of the unborn child. All these methods are only the result of a noticed set of coinciding features. There is no vital need for sex determination. This is always a whim of parents from which it is easy to get rid.

The baby has already determined both gender and character, all genetic information is laid down after conception: eye color, hair, and body structure. You won’t be able to change anything. Using the signs of gender is more of entertainment.

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