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Scared of Dying While Giving Birth

The birth of a child is a happy event for the family, but the process itself is unpleasant for the woman in labor. A lot of physical strength is spent and psychological recovery takes a long period. Therefore, it is not surprising that many pregnant women experience a strong fear of childbirth.

Birth death statistics are maintained by the World Health Organization. According to various estimates, more than 800 women worldwide die every day during childbirth or from postpartum complications. The statistics of the countries of the African continent, where there is a high birth rate, and civilization is absent in more than half of the territory, greatly “shadow” the statistics.

“Birth is Natural and thousands of people are born every day.”

“But no one is safe from an accident” – such thoughts periodically arise in many women. Fears arise in those who have already given birth, and in those who have to bring their first child into the world. In this article, we will try to reassure expectant mothers.

How do we get an idea of dying at a child’s birth 

Being scared of dying while giving birth is quite natural. Those who have to give birth for the first time are afraid of the unknown, and those who have already gone through this remember the exhausting process. Anxiety does not let go even when everything is behind. During pregnancy, hormonal disruptions make themselves felt. This is expressed in frequent and sharp mood swings.

Various stories heard by a future woman in labor from friends or read on the Internet only increase fear. Even if the girl does not take them to heart, they are involuntarily imprinted in her memory and pop up at the moment of anxiety. Especially in the last weeks of pregnancy and when unexpected discomfort occurs.

In most cases, fears are groundless and are the result of hormonal disruptions.

Most often, women have fears for:

  • Child’s health, before and after childbirth
  • The ability of your body to endure childbirth
  • The emergence of hereditary diseases

Even those who have given birth more than once are subject to panic attacks, but often fears are groundless.

What are the chances of dying while giving birth?

In the United States, there have been 18.8 childbirth deaths per 100,000 over the past decade. The statistics also include deaths after unforeseen complications.

Death during childbirth is a rare occurrence with fairly serious prerequisites. Throughout pregnancy, a woman should consult a doctor, even for minor concerns. Often, preventive sessions allow you to identify problems that could lead to undesirable consequences in the future. Early detection contributes to the prompt resolution of the problem.

Scientists have compiled a “risk group” of women who may experience serious difficulties during childbirth. If you are scared of dying while giving birth you should get tested for these diseases.

Diseases that can complicate childbirth:

  • Metabolic disorders and metabolic diseases
  • Problems of the endocrine system of the body
  • Tumors of the respiratory organs, tuberculosis
  • Diseases of the circulatory system, diabetes

At least one of the above diagnoses is a serious obstacle. Therefore, think over and consult with your doctor more than once before deciding on pregnancy. But if the disease was discovered after conception, then it is necessary to continue to be under the close supervision of physicians. Consult with the doctor not only until the birth of the child but also for some time after.

Sometimes there are sad precedents even before birth. Sometimes deaths of the fair sex are recorded after an unsuccessful abortion. Also fatal are placental detachment, uterine rupture, or amniotic fluid embolism (a very rare pathology). A common case is an ectopic pregnancy.

But modern medicine is doing everything possible to minimize the risks. Pregnant women also have the opportunity to turn to qualified specialists for help at any moment. Even in villages, women can get advice online on any issue of interest. This, at least, helps to reduce the level of anxiety, not to feel lonely and defenseless.

Almost everywhere there is a trend towards a decrease in mortality during childbirth, even in third world countries. It will not be possible to reduce the statistics to zero, but in the foreseeable future, deaths will be isolated cases. This is stated by world scientists involved in medicine.

Lets Calm Down and control Ourselves

As you know, panic is the main enemy in a crisis. Many people are susceptible to this condition, and pregnant women are even more so, given their position and frequent mood swings. Nevertheless, it is necessary at an early stage to accustom yourself to calmness, to smoothly respond to what is happening. Women are advised to practice yoga so as not to be scared of dying while giving birth. This effective method helps to feel comfortable in any situation.

It is also very important to isolate yourself from negative news, especially stories about a difficult pregnancy. And it doesn’t matter what or who is the source of such information – a friend, a friend of a friend, a TV or an article in a magazine. Reject such information – listen only to doctors and follow their instructions.

Try to always find the positive in the environment. After all, a joyful event awaits you soon – the birth of a new life. A positive attitude will make it easier for you to endure the discomfort that has arisen. And constant anxiety and a feeling of depression, on the contrary, will negatively affect the development of the fetus. The best way to avoid depression is to spend more time with your loved ones.

Medicine Improves Every Year

In the 21st century, scientific and technological progress has long penetrated all areas of activity. Medicine in this aspect is no exception. A lot of inventions appear precisely to save a person’s life or restore his health. The time has long passed when a woman gave birth in an empty house without the help of doctors.

They try to prepare future women in labor as much as possible for the process itself. In special classes, pregnant women are taught to breathe correctly during contractions, to alternately push and relax. Such techniques allow not only to prepare physiologically for future stresses on the body but also to mentally prepare the woman in labor. Knowing the algorithm of actions in advance, she will feel calmer.

Doctors are also ready for force majeure if a woman in labor cannot give birth on her own. Many are afraid of the C-section, but it helps to save the life of both mother and child. Well, to reduce pain, the obstetrician always has a special set of painkillers at hand.

Are fathers as afraid as mothers?

But not only pregnant women are very worried at this stage of life. Future fathers are also excited about childbirth. They have to worry about two – both for the health of their wife and the safe birth of the baby. And sometimes waiting aside brings more moral torment than the participants in the process itself have to endure.

Now the mainstream is the presence of fathers during childbirth. And it’s not about finding new sensations. This approach allows the woman in labor to endure the process itself because she feels the support of the closest person at this difficult moment. True, there are times when fathers cannot stand the intensity of emotions and simply faint. So you can bet who has it harder during childbirth.

A man, if he loves his chosen one, worries about her health during pregnancy no less than her. And the fear of losing two of the closest people during childbirth sometimes also creeps into their hearts. But fathers are more emotionally stable, so they try do not to show that they are very worried. After all, if he panics, then how will the pregnant woman feel?

It’s our nature and every woman goes through it

It so happened in the process of evolution that the process of bearing offspring is entrusted to a fragile female body. In ancient times, in most cultures, this was the most important task for a woman.

It used to be common to give birth at a young age. Now, many girls and women decide for themselves when they have a baby. And they prepare for this stage of their lives in a thorough manner. Such moral preparation allows don’t be scared of dying while giving birth. 

Consultations with doctors allow you to minimize the risks of unexpected consequences, but you will have to endure the several-hour process of childbirth. Many go through this, it allows you to temper the character and strengthens the love for the child.

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