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Tips for First Time Moms

A newborn baby is the greatest value for a mother. She takes care of him around the clock, puts his needs before her own. Being a mother is very exhausting and tiring process. The main task of relatives is to provide a woman with maximum peace so that she can relax, sleep, and take time to take care of herself.

You can make life easier for mom by using modern technology and services. It is more appropriate to spend time on vacation or spend it with a child. Go for a walk with him, bathe and get a massage. It’s great if dad joins in taking care of the baby. Motherhood will be a joy if you properly allocate your time. Let’s take a look at some tips for first time moms.

Tip #1 – Use a sling

A child under one year old is in dire need of tactile contact with his mother. The baby feels safe and cries less. When a mother picks up a baby, the hormone of happiness – oxytocin is produced. Use a sling to make your baby feel your love and warmth.

This tip for first time moms will come in handy at home, on a walk or while going to the store. The sling will keep your hands free. If there is a need to feed the baby on the street, this can be done unnoticed by others.

Tip #2 – Buy a rocking chair

New chores associated with the birth of a child do not relieve a woman from household worries. Cooking dinner, cleaning with a baby in her arms is very tiring. To make your life easier and get a rocking chair for children from 0 years old.

The rocking chair is lightweight, you can set it up in the room where you are and devote time to household chores. Most models are equipped with vibration melodies, which help the crumbs fall asleep. The allowable time for the baby to stay in the rocking chair is 40 minutes.

Tip #3 – Bathe baby every day

Washing and bathing are two different procedures. Washing is necessary for maintaining body hygiene. Bathing provides the physical activity of the child and hardens him. When the baby’s umbilical wound has healed, it can be bathed in a large bath.

When bathing, do not use baby soap and shampoo. Recommended water temperature is around 37 ° C. Supporting the baby with your fingers under the head, gently move him in the tub. While bathing in a large bath use floatable toys to allow the baby hold on and move independently in the water.

Tip #4 – Use a syringe for baby medicine

Pediatricians prescribe a suspension for colic babies and those with mild health issues. It is inconvenient to give babies medicine from a spoon and experienced mothers use a syringe for this. This method allows you to properly dose the drug. Violating recommended doses, when treating a baby, is very dangerous. Follow guided by the scale printed on the syringe.

Tip #5 – Freeze Breast Milk

If you need to leave your baby with a nanny or if your lactation has suddenly decreased, frozen milk will come in handy. Special bags are used to store milk. Milk is poured into them after pumping, hermetically sealed and placed in the freezer.

An alternative to bags is reusable containers. Frozen breast milk retains its properties for up to 12 months. Stocks must be stored in a separate section in the refrigerator.

Tip #6 – Use Stroller Shoe Covers

In order not to wash the wheels of the stroller after each walk shoe covers are used. Dirt does not enter the house and the time freed from washing can be spent with the baby. Wheel covers can be purchased on sale and sometimes are included in the package of new stroller. They can be used, but the wheel covers also need periodic washing. Much easier to use disposable shoe covers.

Tip #7 – Skip Ironing

Ironing baby linens and clothes takes a lot of time. Newly mothers can spend precious time elsewhere. If ironing things does not please you, give up this activity. To kill all germs it is enough to wash children’s clothes at a temperature of 60-90 ° C. The recommended washing temperature is indicated on the labels. Children’s underwear and bed linen can be washed in hot water.

Tip #8 – Use Delivery Services

If before the birth of the baby you did not have time to purchase everything you need from the store – place an order online. Shopping in malls with a newborn is uncomfortable and dangerous. The immune system of the baby is not strong and young children get sick very easily. The courier service will come to the rescue if you run out of raw food, diapers, or did not have time to cook dinner.

Tip #9 – Use home appliances

Nowadays technology has flooded the whole house simplifying our lives. Washing machine, robot vacuum cleaner, multicooker, allow you to avoid many household chores. When you become a parent it makes sense to purchase a baby food warmer and an electric breast pump. All these devices will greatly simplify your life and free up a lot of time.

Tip #10 – Get enough sleep

Some mothers do household chores while the newborn is sleeping. At night the baby wakes up for feeding and you will definitely need to be awake. Getting lack of sleep can increase irritation with even smallest daily problems that parents face throughout the day.

The mood of the mother is transmitted to the baby. Anxious and tired mothers will more likely notice crying and irritation in their newborns. In order not to lead to such a situation, sleep when the child sleeps, including during the day.

The main thing for the mother of a newborn is to avoid emotional burnout. The first weeks for a woman who has only recently become a mother is difficult to cope with the duties assigned to her. Hormonal changes take place in her body, which often changes her mood.

This is the time when a young mother needs the support of loved ones. It makes sense to delegate some tasks to the husband. He can cope with bathing the baby, taking a walk with him until the woman rests and recuperates.

Being Parents is a New Life – Don’t Be Scared

The appearance of a small child in the family is accompanied by chores. Newly-made parents do not know how to handle the baby and are afraid of difficulties. To prepare for motherhood, educate yourself as much as possible. Read Raising Tot articles and watch videos that clearly show how to care for a baby. The information obtained will be very useful in the most unexpected situations.

The birth of a child changes the life of the whole family. Lifestyle completely changes and new responsibilities appear out of nowhere.

Each crisis is an impetus a transition to a new level of relations. Prepare yourself for trouble and support each other to maintain a tender relationship. Don’t forget to spend time together with a spouse. Simple walks together and occasional tiny gifts will make a big difference.

Some mothers make a mistake – they begin to demand from their husband that he takes care of the child on an equal basis with them. Men do not know how to handle and care for babies.

If a mother wants her partner to help with the child, it better happen. Explain how to properly hold the baby and feed with the bottle. It will be helpful to read together with the literature on caring for newborns.

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