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Good Jobs for Pregnant Women

When deciding to have a child, many women sacrifice something, most often a career. After the decree, women either devote themselves entirely to raising children or change their occupations.

Pregnant women continue to work as long as the law allows. Sometimes such decisions are made not only with financial motivation. Nowadays, women often want to be independent of men. Self-realization, maintaining professional skills – this is what encourages pregnant women to return to work.

Top 12 Good Jobs for Pregnant Women

  • Professional advice
  • Copywriting
  • Text editor
  • Online translator
  • Online tutor/home tutor
  • SMM management
  • Graphic Designer
  • Programming
  • Start your blog
  • Online seller
  • Needlework
  • Confectionery on order


In this publication, we will tell you what vacancies are suitable for pregnant women first of all. Let us know if it helps selecting career path or temporary gig while being pregnant. Your suggestions for additional jobs are welcome in comments.

1. Professional advice

Working as a consultant is especially important for lawyers, accountants, doctors. Consultations can be carried out at home, but it is better online or by phone. It is always easier to find clients on the Internet, place your resume on several sites.

The main advantage is that you can work until the last weeks of pregnancy without harm to health. Earnings strongly depend on the number of clients. Also, the cost of one consultation varies for different fields of activity and your qualifications.

2. Copywriting

You can try to make money writing texts. There are a huge number of sites, and they need to be filled with information. You can find a vacancy where you need to write texts on topics close to you. Various copywriting exchanges will help you with this, where freelance writers are looking for work. Initially, novice copywriters can expect a rate of $20 – $40 per 1,000 words. As experience is gained, wages increase. Write more, get more.

3. Text editor

If you understand the correctness of writing texts and correcting errors, then you can get a job as an editor. Various media, online publications often recruit editors with remote access. The advantage will be the opportunity to work at a later date and the work will be stable.

Very high literacy is the main criterion by which they are selected for this position. The rate depends on the level of publication and the complexity of the work, it can be $20 – $60 per hour.

4. Online translator

Do you speak various languages at a high level? If so, chances of finding good jobs for pregnant women increase significantly. Translation agencies, marriage agencies, or Internet resources constantly need this knowledge. For such employers, the main thing is your knowledge and sociability.

5. Online tutor/home tutor

Work is also most related to foreign languages, but not always. It’s just that it’s much easier to conduct classes on language topics via video link, and it’s also easier to find a clientele. If you are a specialist in a complex school subject, you can accept students at home. You determine the time of the lessons yourself – this is a plus. Earnings depend on the audience that you can attract to your lectures.

6. SMM management

The occupation is very extensive, specific tasks depend on the employing company. You may be offered to develop content plans and concepts, moderate social networks, supervise a team of copywriters/designers. If you have organizational inclinations, you need to try them. Salary depends on the workload and complexity of the tasks.

7. Graphic Designer

The vacancy provides for skills in Photoshop, less often in other programs. Having given two weeks, you can already learn how to make finished products for entry-level tasks. These are banners, signs, and covers for various publications and posters on social networks.

Starting small and gradually increasing the level, you can significantly increase earnings. You can work on a schedule that suits you. This refers to the number of hours per day and what time of day to complete assigned tasks.

8. Programming

It is a difficult job, but with great potential. During pregnancy, you can enroll in programming courses. The standard course of study lasts approximately 3 months. The education you receive will be useful to you in the future if you feel that it is yours.  You will be able to work as a freelancer after giving birth or get a job in an IT company. Experienced IT specialists receive from $35 per hour.

9. Start your blog

Most blogs start “for the soul”, but then you can start making a profit. The simplest topic is pregnancy. Tell other expectant mothers about the stages of pregnancy, about upcoming problems, and ways to solve them.

If you have active hobbies, it is fashionable to dedicate a blog to them. For example, cooking – share tips and recipes, or painting – tell others about the technique of using a brush. There are a lot of options, earnings mainly depend on advertising, so you need to have a large audience first.

10. Online seller

The work is in cooperation with a trading company. They provide you with a telephone database of potential customers, and you must be able to sell the company’s product to them.

You don’t need any special skills: high communication skills, stress resistance, and the ability to convince. The main advantage is that you can conduct activities without getting up from the couch and take a break of your own free will. Revenue is usually calculated as a percentage of sales made.

11. Needlework

During pregnancy, there is a lot of free time, especially in the last months. So why not spend it with self-interest. Learn to knit, embroider towels or create beautiful beaded trinkets.

This will not only keep you occupied but can be beneficial. Now such man-made products can be sold expensively on the Internet in various forums. The sales price depends on the size, quality, and uniqueness of the products.

12. Confectionery on order

A baking addiction can be turned from a hobby into an additional income. If you know how to create confectionery masterpieces, do it more thoroughly. You can create colorful wedding cakes or original pastries for children’s parties. The fancier the product, the more expensive it can be sold. By the way, it is not necessary to limit yourself to pastries – you can sell ready-made meals for small events.

How Pregnant Women Select Jobs

Not every woman, having learned about pregnancy, immediately quits her job and begins to prepare for raising a baby. Women go on maternity leave when their health no longer allows them to work in their old place. After a little rest, thoughts appear that it would be nice to do something, and at the same time improve the financial situation a little.

Many online resources offer work from home. These include freelance exchanges, sites with ads, special services for finding work. A lot of advertising of various vacancies is found on social networks. If you are afraid of falling for scammers, you can contact specialized employment agencies. If you plan to sell your products, be sure to inform your friends as much as possible. They may become your first customers.

Usually, pregnant women do not set themselves a priority to get a job with a huge salary. A large salary implies a large amount of work, and this is time and effort. In this position, you need to rest a lot and devote only a couple of hours a day to work. Choose what is closest to your liking, and what you understand best. Perhaps, after the decree, you will want to continue this type of activity, so the experience gained will still be useful to you.

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