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Pregnancy Transformation

From the moment of conception, a woman’s body undergoes numerous changes. They are not always obvious and noticeable even for experienced mothers. These changes are essential for a successful pregnancy.

The whole organism of the expectant mother goes through the stages of hormonal adjustment. It is enough to recall toxicosis, from which a woman’s well-being worsens.

“Don’t forget to take weekly pictures of yourself”

During pregnancy, the work of all organs and systems is transformed. These processes are aimed at preparing a woman for bearing a baby. Changes affect the physical and psycho-emotional state of the mother.

A woman’s reaction to a sudden change in lifestyle and well-being can be unpredictable. Much depends on the initial state of her health, including mental.

Under ideal conditions, an expectant mother should approach the birth of a child consciously. The stage of preparation for pregnancy and childbirth includes the delivery of tests and a consultation with a gynecologist. During this period, strong moral stamina, understanding, and acceptance of all subsequent changes are necessary.

Body and Mind Transformation During Pregnancy

In addition to lifestyle changes, the expectant mother will have to put up with external transformations. Gaining excess weight, losing a figure, changing the condition of the skin, hair, teeth are inevitable companions of bearing a child.

Women have to buy clothes and shoes that are a size or two larger than before. This affects the well-being of the expectant mother. Changes in appearance seem to many women irreversible and unpleasant.

Carrying a child radically changes a woman externally and internally.

It is not uncommon to hear from women who have already given birth that they have forgotten about many health problems. Pregnancy seems to heal and regenerate the female body. The same applies to personal transformations. Mothers begin to look at many things from a different angle and perceive the world differently.

The transformation of the body and mind of a pregnant woman proceeds according to an individual scenario. There are only general characteristics of these stages.

Week 1 – Week 8

This is one of the brightest and most exciting periods in pregnancy. There are no strong bodily changes yet, but internal transformations have already begun. Many transformations are already noticeable for the female body.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the belly is not visible. You can only feel that it has become a little more solid. The size of the uterus by the end of the 4th week reaches the size of a chicken egg. By the 8th week, the uterus is slightly larger but does not reach the pubic symphysis.

No other visual changes in the woman’s body are yet noticeable. Some observe swelling of the mammary glands, but this usually occurs at a later date.

The weight of the pregnant woman during this period is stable. There is no obvious toxicosis yet, the appetite is slightly increased and taste preferences change. But this does not break the lifestyle of the expectant mother.

Vivid changes in the psychological state are not observed for the time being. Sometimes women complain of increased tearfulness. The hormonal background is not stable, so this condition is fully justified. If the pregnancy is planned, then such a change will be readily accepted.

Week 9 – Week 16

During this period, there is active growth of the uterus. By the end of the 12th week of pregnancy, the bottom of the uterus begins to rise above the womb. The woman notices how the stomach rises a little and becomes denser.

External changes in the body are not obvious and are visible only to the woman herself. Sometimes mild swelling of the extremities is observed. The restructuring of the internal organs and the pressure in the uterus leads to a slight expansion of the pelvis.

The weight of a pregnant woman during this period may decrease slightly due to toxicosis. The woman may eat very little due to nausea and possible vomiting. Pregnant women have an aversion to many foods. As a result, appetite decreases, there is a slight decrease in body weight.

Visual changes will be evident in thin women. Because a rounded belly and weight loss will be immediately noticeable.

The psychological state of a pregnant woman at this time is often not very stable. Tearfulness increases, weakness appears. Constant nausea is annoying and exhausting. A pregnant woman can react to many previously familiar things with brighter outbursts of emotions. This is due to hormonal changes.

Week 17 – Week 26

Starting from the 17th week of pregnancy, a woman increasingly experiences a feeling of lack of air. There is a restructuring of the circulatory system, active work of the heart, an increase in the load on the entire body. The shortness of breath will continue for some more period. At the moment, it is so obvious that it causes discomfort to the pregnant woman.

Frequent outdoor walks are recommended. Get plenty of rest and do not neglect daytime sleep. The belly of a pregnant woman is already becoming noticeable to others, especially if this period falls in the summertime. The uterus grows upward, constricting neighboring organs. The whole body is transformed. An enlarged uterus leads to frequent urination.

In the period from 17 to 26 weeks, the pregnant woman noticeably gains weight. These indicators are very individual, but in general, there is a plus of 2-4 kg to the total body weight.

Already by the 20th week, a pregnant woman outwardly changes a lot. Most of these changes are noticeable only to her. The appearance of the abdomen changes the gait. Sometimes the legs and fingers are very swollen.

Many women experience abundant hair growth. They become thicker and shinier. The hips are getting wider and the usual clothes are already difficult to wear.

The psychological state until the 26th week stabilizes a little. A woman is accustomed to hormonal surges, is less and less nervous, and tries to stabilize her condition.

Week 27 – Week 34

Starting from the 28th week, the uterus is located above the navel. This is very noticeable and the woman acquires her pregnant charm.

The girth of the abdomen during this period is approximately 80 to 92 cm. The dimensions are individual and depend on the initial bodyweight of the woman.

Changes in the body of a pregnant woman are associated with the active growth of the uterus. It presses on nearby organs: the bladder, stomach, and intestines. As a result, these organs occupy an uncomfortable position for themselves and malfunction.

The bladder is increasingly disturbed by the constant urge to urinate. The stomach ejects acidic contents into the esophagus and creates discomfort.

At the 30th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother greatly increases her breasts. The mammary glands become more sensitive and engorged. During this period, colostrum appears. Sometimes colostrum appears only after the immediate birth of the child.

A woman at this time gains weight, an average of 6-8 kg.

27-34 weeks of pregnancy is a relatively calm period emotionally. Women at this time become more balanced, humble, and thoughtful. Should not be bright mood swings.

Week 35 – Week 41

Starting from the 35th week of pregnancy, the belly is already very large. In diameter, it can range from 92 cm to 100 cm. Sometimes the sizes are larger, especially if it is multiple pregnancies. Sometimes less if the woman was originally very low weight.

During this period, the navel changes its shape. It increases in size and begins to protrude from the abdomen. The legs swell quite strongly and women cannot wear their old shoes. The fingers on the hands increase in girth. The pelvis becomes wider, the gait is swaying.

By week 40, very often women gain weight up to 14.5 kg. Some women can gain as much as 20kg. The child is already fully formed and in some cases even born before 39 weeks.

In the last two weeks of pregnancy, the woman’s body is actively preparing for childbirth. This is evidenced by external and internal transformations.

During this period, training bouts are frequent. Do not be afraid and confuse them with real contractions. In case of regular pain, it is better to consult a doctor.

The psychological state of the expectant mother during this period of pregnancy directly depends on her physiological well-being. If there is no late toxicosis, pain, tests are normal, then the woman is calm and ready for childbirth.

Recording And taking Pictures of Pregnancy Transformation

In this age of new technologies, no one misses the opportunity to capture pleasant moments. Pregnancy is a bright and very exciting event. You can’t just live it without leaving a memory of all the stages passed.

There are the most accurate ultrasound machines that can provide pictures of the child. 3D photos are very popular, as well as video filming of the future newborn. Parents can view their child before he is born and create an album for him almost from the moment of conception.

The process of taking pictures of the baby is completely safe for mom and baby. It does not take much time and gives instant results. This is useful for the emotional state of the mother, who, seeing the child, understands that everything is fine with him.

Pregnancy photos are gaining popularity. This allows you to trace the transformation of the woman’s body. This is a very interesting and fun process.

Pregnant photo shoots have no limits for fantasy. Studio shooting and outdoor shooting are very common. The transformation of pregnancy in the 21st century must be recorded.

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