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When To Shop for Baby Stuff

The last weeks before giving birth are the most exciting. And it’s not so much about the upcoming procedure, but about the turmoil around this event. Much preparation is needed, and the parents-to-be are constantly in a hurry.

Some couples do not buy things for the unborn child in advance due to strange prejudices. So when should I start shopping for baby stuff? In this publication, we will tell you what things are better to stock up in advance, and the acquisition of which can wait.

Furniture – 2-3 Month Before Birth – Setting up all furniture and moving it around to find perfect positioning will take some time. No mother wants to do such things during last month of pregnancy

First Baby Clothes – Weeks Before Birth – Expect lots of newborn clothes as gifts during baby shower and as regular gifts just before child birth. Then if you need extra just purchase it within weeks of birth.

Appliances and Essentials -1-2 Month Before Birth – Try them out before baby is born and make sure they all work properly. You will not have time to understand it and daily routine will be on autopilot.

Car Seats/stroller/Carriers -1-2 Month Before Birth – It takes lots of space, but needs to arrive before child is born. As always we suggest completing hard tasks before baby arrives to give it full attention.

Diapers – Closer to Baby Birth – Don’t need to stack easily available items like diapers and tissues. Parents go through packs of them every month. Subscribing to weekly and monthly delivery helps.

Winter/Summer Clothes – During Season Change – As it gets colder start buying winter coats, hats and boots. Summer season is easier and getting shirts can be on monthly shopping list.

Regular Clothes and Shoes – As They Grow – Every child grows differently and parents cannot guess sizes of clothes ahead of time. Watch them grow and buy clothes as necessary.

Don’t Rush Into Buying Baby Stuff

It is advisable to make a list of the most necessary things in advance and mark what has already been bought. But you don’t have to rush to the shops right away. Firstly, this list may change several times. Some things will be added to the list, and some will not be so necessary.

It is better to initially divide the list into two parts. In the first part, put in what 100% needs to be prepared before the birth of the newborn. The second part will be made up of items that can be purchased after discharge from the hospital. Do not litter the house with a bunch of things.

Friends Can Help With Baby Stuff

Do not buy a lot of items of clothing in advance, without knowing the exact height and weight of the child. You will likely have a lot of different hats, blouses, and other things during the birth of a child. If you have good friends with slightly older children, this is a plus. Surely they will have something with which their child has already grown up, and yours will be just in time.

Clothes and children’s shoes are given away for free. This is because babies grow quickly. Therefore, many things remain almost unworn. They also offer toys for the little ones. Sometimes they accumulate a lot, and most of them the baby simply ignores.

Acquaintances offer some things for half the price or a small amount. This applies to really expensive accessories. For example, strollers, cribs, bicycles. Pay attention to the serviceability of the offered goods – the safety of the child depends on this.

Parents Against Used Things

Sometimes parents are categorically against things that they have already used. In this case, the state of things does not matter. The argument is that we can allow our children everything new. But even in this case, you should not clog the baby’s wardrobe with things in advance.

There is a chance that you will later find a more remarkable blouse from another brand. You may not be satisfied with the quality of the product already purchased. It is possible to find a good thing at a huge discount. It is especially practical to look for discounted goods on the eve of great holidays.

Buying Things for Baby Room Setup – 1-2 months ahead

At about 7-8 months of pregnancy, the expectant mother is most concerned about how to equip the nursery. Physical activity is contraindicated for her, so there is a lot of time to think everything over. What should be taken care of 1 – 2 months before childbirth?

Necessary furniture

Definitely need to buy a crib. It should be comfortable for both the baby and the parents – you will constantly have to bend over it. Do not take synthetic furniture, give preference to wood.

Not all families buy a swaddling table, limiting themselves to improvised products. But it will undoubtedly simplify the swaddling procedure. Especially if it is additionally equipped with a shelf for sanitary products.

It is better to choose a chest of drawers where you can fold clothes and toys at the same time. This list of elements of furniture for the nursery can be completed.  Additionally, you can put on a rocking chair – this is for mom.

Electrical appliances

Pay close attention to this aspect. Things such as a night light, a humidifier are needed, it is advisable to hang a thermometer. Among the optional, but useful accessories, it is worth highlighting the baby monitor. Nowadays, there are options for a device with video communication.

Important Things to Consider Buying Before Baby Birth

First of all, you need to buy things that you will need in the hospital. These include clothing and hygiene products. Clothes should be selected according to the season, it is better to take more warm clothes. Do not forget to prepare a special envelope for discharge from the hospital – it’s a holiday!

The clothes on the baby should also be dressy because you want to capture this moment in a photo. The blanket that the baby will be wrapped in should also be colorful. Do not forget to take a few pairs of diapers, wet wipes, antiseptics.

If you plan to pick up a newborn in your car, you need to properly prepare it. Buying a child car seat is essential for the safety of your baby.

At home, a ready-made room should be waiting for the baby. The interior should be filled with a crib, a changing table, a wardrobe. Buy 2-3 pairs of bodysuits, undershirts, and a few pairs of socks. Outerwear should be taken according to the season, so you should not buy more than two overalls.

Necessary things for hygiene and feeding the child

It is always necessary to have a set of hygiene products on hand. Diapers in sufficient quantities, because you will have to change them often. Next on the list are wet wipes, disposable diapers, antiseptic (or soap). Cotton swabs, body creams, ointments for treating the navel, bathing products can be called second necessities.

Newborns need fresh air, so you won’t be able to sit out in an apartment. Therefore, you need a stroller. Try to get it as early as possible. Choose the most convenient and practical.

After returning from a walk, you need to feed the baby. At home, a breast pump should be available if the baby has problems with natural feeding. Don’t forget the bottle sterilizer, because the newborn’s immune system is much weakened.

Prepare a bottle with a pacifier for nutrition. Stock up on a few pacifiers – children drop them very often. After eating, will follow the next stage – sleep. Newborns spend more than half of the day for sleep. The crib should be equipped with a comfortable orthopedic mattress.

Buy Things as Baby Grows

Newborns grow quickly and their needs change as well. So get ready for private shopping. You need to take clothes a little “for growth” because in a spacious one it will be more convenient for a baby than in a cramped one. And pay less attention to fashion trends – be guided by practicality. Your baby’s comfort and safety should come first.

Every month, the weather outside the window will change, so it is necessary to equip the baby according to the season. In cold periods, you must have at least 2 sets of outerwear for a walk.

Summer clothes are a little easier – they are cheaper, but you have to change them more often. Give preference to natural materials, because synthetics will harm the delicate skin of the baby. Make sure that the shoes do not rub the legs. You need to monitor this constantly because the legs quickly increase in size.

Not only clothes need to be purchased as the child grows up. This is also true for hygiene products, food products. Especially watch the size of diapers, update pacifiers on time, stock up on the right medicines. Periodically update the toys, because the old ones get bored very quickly for children.

What does most parent run out of?

Child care is needed constantly 24/7, to feed, lull, swaddle, the latter is especially troublesome. Sometimes mountains of dirty diapers are stored. But the biggest nightmare for parents is the following situation. It is necessary to change the diaper, but the last one is already on the baby.

The availability of diapers should be closely monitored and replenished regularly. Worst of all, when they end at night and you have to go to the nearest supermarket or pharmacy. Along with diapers, wet wipes are used up very quickly, but replacing them with improvised means is much easier.

Stocks of infant formula are also rapidly depleted. Proper nutrition should be at the forefront of infant care. Replenish your food supply regularly. At the same time, carefully monitor the expiration date and other parameters.

Very often lost and become unusable pacifiers. A practical solution would be to buy a set right away and give them to your baby gradually.

There is no shortage of baby stuff

Raising a baby is a big responsibility and a lot of trouble. This is strongly felt by the severity and volume of packages taken out of the supermarket, the frequency of visits to children’s stores and pharmacies.

There is no need to turn the apartment into a storage room for all kinds of children’s goods. Keep at home only what you need.

Nowadays, supermarkets are just chock-full of goods for children. Finding the item you want shouldn’t be difficult. Even in small towns, children’s stores always have a good assortment.

You can also place orders remotely. Online stores offer a much wider range of goods. A few seconds – and the smartphone display will show you a lot of goods with the possibility of home delivery.

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