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Should I Have a Baby?

It is difficult to decide replenishment in the family. Especially if you are still young and not experienced enough. Motherhood, and fatherhood, should be conscious, but usually, everything is different.

Sometimes there is no time to think, as the choice is made for you by chance. And here you already have to put up with a situation devoid of choice.

Opinions about whether to have a baby now or ever can change due to various factors. This often leads to confusion.

To understand this issue, you need to evaluate all the possible arguments “for” and “against”.

Should I Have a Baby Right Now?

Before making such an important decision in your life, answer yourself a few important questions:

  • Am I mentally prepared for the birth of a child?
  • What is the state of my health?
  • Is there a loved one nearby in whom I am 100% sure?
  • Am I fulfilled enough?
  • Do I have housing?
  • Right now I have financial wealth for the birth of a child?
  • Am I ready to sacrifice time and freedom for the sake of having a baby?
  • Is there someone nearby who can help with the baby?
  • Am I able to provide a child with a good upbringing and a bright future?
  • Am I ready to completely change my life and social circle?

Understand what you will be getting to before its too late. There is no turning back on a baby and prepare to be fully committed to raise a family for many years ahead.

15 Reasons to Have a Baby

Every woman has her reasons for having a baby. Everyone should choose the time for his birth on their own. It doesn’t matter if this desire comes from an internal impulse or social pressure. The main thing is to understand the full degree of responsibility for taking this step.

There are several main reasons why you should give birth to a child:

1. Natural

This is the most common reason to give birth. That is when a woman experiences a very strong inner, instinctive desire to have children, and every year it intensifies.

The natural desire to give birth is not shameful, it should not be resisted. Especially if there are all conditions for the birth of a baby.

2. The time has come

Most often, age is a significant reason to give birth. The female brain is prone to constant reflection and deliberation. And now, if you are already over 30, and there is no child yet, the thought arises that it is the time! Perhaps this is true because the resources of the female body are limited.

3. Give new life

The realization that two people can give life is like magic. You can extend your life, make it immortal by passing on your genes. Your life seems to continue in your baby. You repeat yourself in it, you see your features, habits, manners.

4. Feel what it’s like to be pregnant

The condition of a woman during pregnancy is not comparable to any other condition. It cannot be expressed in words and cannot be described by any allegories.

Being in this position, a woman is completely reborn, becomes more beautiful, kinder, more tender. The work of the entire hormonal system is completely rebuilt for motherhood.

5. Love

When two people love each other very much, they always want to somehow reinforce their feelings even more. Living together is conducive to having a child. After all, it will be a symbol of your love, a significant event in the development of relations.

Love is limitless! And if you are full of this feeling, then why not share it with someone else. May your love multiply and be embodied in the life of another person.

6. The best cure for loneliness

Already during pregnancy, you will understand that you are not alone anymore. The child is near, he will be with you for many years and will never betray you.

Children are a great cure for loneliness. When you become a mother, it is impossible to be lonely. You always have the most beloved person nearby, the one for whom you are the only one in the world.

7. This is happiness

The birth of a child in a family is happy! When you first meet your baby’s eyes, you realize that you have never felt so happy. And the first touch cannot be compared with any other tactile feelings. This is a whole Universe, a boundless space of emotions and impressions.

8. Return to childhood

Children allow you to once again plunge into a carefree and fun time. This is the time for games, entertainment, and little pranks.

Childhood is the most memorable and important period in the life of every person. As we get older, we stop enjoying simple things. It is the birth of a child that makes us look at this world in a new way. We again feel the joy of the first snow, the first flowers, rejoice in the sun, and have fun on the slightest occasion. It is doubly pleasant to return to childhood, being already in adulthood.

9. Correct your parents’ mistakes

There are not many people in the world who can boast that their parents did not make mistakes in their upbringing. There are very few adults who were not traumatized as children. Modern parents strive to correct the mistakes of their fathers and mothers. Your child is a clean slate, a new life, a new stage.

10. Big incentive

With the advent of a child in the family, worries and expenses increase, and priorities change. This is a good reason to rethink your life.

The birth of a child stimulates the setting of new goals and their achievement. Parents are increasingly striving for development, obtaining new knowledge, mastering new professions. For a child, the mother is ready for anything, even completely changing her life.

The incentive to live better, earn more, take care of your health, plan for the future – all this will certainly come with the birth of a child.

11. Discipline and responsibility

Free life relaxes, makes you a little lazy and irresponsible. Having a baby is life-changing. Attachment to the daily routine, numerous worries, additional problems – all these tempers parents and makes them stronger. After the birth of a child, you become more disciplined, punctual, collected, and responsible. After all, the life of a person depends on you now.

A very motivating reason to have a baby is to change yourself!

12. Health

Many women observe that after the birth of a child, their health improves. This fact is confirmed by the observations of doctors. The hormonal background is changing, and with it, some health problems that previously bothered go away.

Women who have given birth especially notice an improvement in the functioning of the genitourinary system and general improvement. Some even cease to be bothered by chronic symptoms. Many notice that after childbirth they are less sick with colds and viruses.

In addition, young mothers observe that their skin condition improves. Those who often suffer from acne forget about this problem after childbirth.

13. Personal transformations

You must always work on yourself. After the birth of a child, the personal growth of women greatly increases. Young mothers begin to read a lot, understand mental problems, and engage in self-development.

Pregnancy and childbirth are a serious leap forward. When raising a child, it is worth remembering who is an adult and controlling yourself. After all, this is colossal work that requires a lot of strength and energy.

After the birth of a child, there is ongoing work on oneself. It often leads to positive personal transformations that radically change lives. This is an improvement in self-esteem, a change in attitude to the world, and positive thinking.

Self-transformation is limitless and depends on the desire to change for the better by working on problems. This will directly affect the life of your child.

14. Meaning of life

For people who have achieved a lot in life, there is a feeling of the meaninglessness of everything. Especially if by this time they have no children.

The complexity of our existence lies in the eternal search for the meaning of life. A child is a very specific solution to this problem. There is nothing more important than living to be happy and to make the people you love happy.

15. Think about old age

All of us are not eternal and our health is unpredictable. How the future will turn out is unknown. No matter how it sounds, it is worth thinking about your old age. Children can take care of you in the future. After all, there is no one in the world dearer than your child.

9 Reasons NOT To Have a Baby

There are plenty of excuses not to have children now, or not to have them at all. It can be both health problems and personal beliefs of a woman. Many people live their entire lives without children without feeling deficient in doing so.

Let’s highlight the most common reasons that contribute to the decision not to have children:

1. Freedom

After the birth of a child, your freedom of action, decision, and movement will disappear. Living with children limits you in many ways. Freedom is something that few can sacrifice. Therefore, before having children, it is worth considering whether you are ready for these restrictions.

2. Financial expenses

Based on the realities of our time, we can say with confidence that the birth of a child is a costly business. Education and development is an even bigger blow to the budget.

If there is no good financial cushion and sufficient income, then a child can ruin your budget extremely. You can look at the prices of children’s products in stores and pharmacies to make sure of this.

3. Change in relationship with husband

A very common reason for divorce is the birth of a child. The relationship between a man and a woman changes dramatically with the advent of children. Previously loving people no longer fully belong to each other. A third person appears, on whom all the time is spent.

4. Sleep loss

At first, you will not sleep because you need to constantly change diapers and feed your baby for days and nights. Then the teeth will come, then the kindergarten, and a lot of fears that prevent the child and you from sleeping at night. Further hassle at school, transitional age, then an adult, and dangerous life. Peaceful sleep is not to be seen for a long time.

5. Lack of implementation

Many mothers with the birth of a child are completely immersed in caring for the house, life, and baby. It is very difficult to get out of the decree. There is no time for anything, there is not enough energy either. If a woman was not realized before childbirth, then it is very difficult to return to a normal rhythm.

6. High risk of depression

Postpartum depression is very common. Especially if a woman does not have the opportunity to use the help of relatives. In the first years, you are almost constantly in a confined space, experiencing stress and a lack of normal sleep. And this is a direct path to depression.

7. Fear of childbirth

The process of giving birth to a child is painful, not only for the baby but also for the mother. And sometimes it can lead to serious injury. You should always evaluate the condition and readiness of your body for such a strong load.

8. Weight gain

Pregnancy and childbirth lead to a strong increase in body weight. And the worst thing is that this weight is extremely hard to go away. It is caused not only by a poor diet and a change in tastes but also by hormonal changes. Women suffer greatly from extra pounds that do not disappear.

9. Changes in the body

In addition to mass gain, other changes occur with the female body. The figure changes – the hips become wider, the fingers and toes thicken. The shape of the breast deteriorates significantly, as long-term breastfeeding changes the soft tissues. Deterioration of woman posture and gait.

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