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Boredom in Pregnancy

Women in positions often experience negative emotions. The period of a negatively colored mood and a passive mental state is called boredom. This symptom accompanies pregnant women when they have to be alone for a long time.

Boredom in its normal manifestation does not drag the psyche into a depressive state. A woman simply does not know what to do and entertain herself with. She loses her former interest in the previously pleasant pastime, which ceases to satisfy her. This discomfort does not affect the course of pregnancy. It is associated with hormonal changes and global lifestyle changes.

When Does Boredom Start in Pregnancy?

The feeling of boredom comes to a pregnant woman most often in the third trimester. This begins due to low mobility, narrowing the circle of communication, and limited actions. The expectant mother is deprived of many activities that she could previously do. The abdomen at this time is quite large and this prevents a variety of activities.


Boredom may appear before the 3rd trimester according to the observation of doctors. For example, if a woman prefers to leave work or radically change her usual rhythm of life due to pregnancy.

Signs of decreased mood may come at week 16. Strong complaints of boredom are noted during the 35th week of pregnancy.

Boredom pregnancy weeks

When will it end?

Boredom in its normal manifestation as a symptom of pregnancy should disappear after the 35th week. A woman has a lot of worries about the upcoming birth. These chores do not let her get bored. The symptom passes quickly enough if there is no chronically neglected state of apathy and indifference.

How Does it Feel?

Negatively colored emotions can be felt by a woman especially sensitively or weakly. Many pregnant women complain about the indifference to any activity that has appeared, about the lack of incentive and desire to do something. A woman falls into the trap of her laziness and fatigue. She locks herself in her position for a while and does not see the positive aspects.

Feelings during a period of boredom can be acute and mild.


Expressed in a brightly negative mood, depression, and lack of activity. A woman may become overly irritable and restless. She often conflicts with loved ones and blames someone for her condition.


Boredom in this form is felt as a passive mental state with a slight indifference to any activity. There is dissatisfaction with one’s position and negativism. It is easy to get out of this state through a change of scenery and the emergence of new worries.

Do not confuse boredom with the manifestation of depressive disorders, which can have irreversible consequences.

Prevention methods

You need to think in advance about how you can distract yourself to prevent the appearance of boredom during the gestation period as much as possible. Your life is completely in your hands. Try to keep it under control and not fall into depressive pits. It is better to consult a specialist if a feeling of melancholy and boredom overtakes you even before pregnancy. Ways to prevent boredom:

Learn to communicate with yourself

It is necessary to practice the skills of finding the positive in solitude. You shouldn’t be bored with yourself. This feature is ideally brought up in childhood. Train it now if you failed to acquire it in childhood. Try to analyze the causes of boredom, remember what amused you and gave you pleasant positive emotions. Dive inside yourself and love yourself again.

Hormonal balance

Get checked for hormones. Very often they provoke emotional instability. See if you have exacerbated premenstrual syndrome. It is better to do this before conception and undergo therapy if necessary. Often there is a reduced mood, irascibility, or passivity with significant jumps in female hormones.

Stable employment

It is better not to leave work early if you notice a particular tendency to get bored and fall into a passive state. You can switch to remote employment, leaving time for a good rest. Always look for something to fill the space in the schedule of the day. Stable employment guarantees the absence of unnecessary thoughts and eliminates the appearance of boredom.

Why Boredom Occurs in Pregnancy?

The feeling of boredom during pregnancy can be based on hormonal imbalances. Excess progesterone causes apathetic feelings, passivity, depression, and fatigue. A lack of dopamine often provokes bouts of boredom, laziness, and lack of motivation. If longing overtakes a woman even in the presence of a large number of contacts with the outside world, then hormones are the cause.

Boredom can be caused by sudden changes in lifestyle. The psyche of a woman, accustomed to constant positive emotional nourishment, suddenly finds herself in conditions of monotonous work, the expectation of childbirth, and lack of communication.

Sometimes the effect of sensory deprivation during gestation is artificially created. A pregnant woman experiences a deficit of emotions and a limited effect on the senses in such a situation. She closes herself in her position, believing that she simply cannot afford much.


It is necessary to find out for what reason boredom appears to protect your psyche. You can choose a more effective remedy by defining it. Hormonal imbalances are harder to deal with. It is much easier to change the influence of external factors: change jobs, circle of friends, diversify leisure. Let’s take a closer look at the remedies for boredom during pregnancy:

Keep a diary of emotions

This method is recommended by many psychologists. It helps to understand yourself and establish connections with your inner feelings. Keeping a diary should be regular. Write down all your experiences. Don’t limit yourself to the negative and add positive experiences as well. Transferring feelings into something material helps to get rid of negativity, melancholy, and despondency.

Leisure planning

Be sure to plan your weekends and weekdays. Do not leave gaps in the schedule of the day. Fill yourself with positive emotions every day. Go to a long-awaited performance, concert, or favorite band. Make a list of books you should read during your pregnancy. Leisure should be as diverse as possible with an emphasis on physical activity and mental nourishment.

New social circle

It is more difficult for a woman in a position to maintain former friendships. Try to find new ones. Sign up for courses for expectant mothers. Meet other pregnant women on a walk in the park, in the store, or in line at the doctor’s. Start a casual conversation and look for common ground on common exciting topics. Your social circle during the gestation period should expand. Otherwise, boredom will come very quickly.


Boredom is often confused with depression. Approximately 1 in 10 expectant mothers show signs of depressive disorders. Consult a doctor if you notice a consistently constant feeling of melancholy, depression, indifference, or loss of stimulus.

Consultation with a psychotherapist is needed if boredom is accompanied by sleep disorders. Consult a doctor if you have difficulty performing basic tasks: make your bed, wash your face, brush your teeth.

What Not to Do

Boredom is a completely normal symptom of pregnancy. Do not succumb to the influence of your feelings and become their hostage when it appears. Pull yourself together and do not lose optimism. Dealing with boredom is much easier than dealing with subsequent emotional disturbances. Consider what exactly should not be done when bored:

Drink antidepressants

These drugs are very powerful. You cannot use them without a doctor’s prescription. They are permissible only in extreme cases during the gestation period.

Be alone

It is better not to be alone with yourself during periods of depression. Try to plan your day in a way that minimizes your loneliness. This will save you from the acute manifestation of boredom.

Fall into extremes

Suppressed emotions should not be aroused by energy drinks, nightclubs, or extreme sports. Dopamine stores can be replenished in more conservative ways.

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